Mhidra vs Ketsu-Jin

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Mhidra vs Ketsu-Jin

Postby miguelnuva » Fri Mar 09, 2012 6:12 pm

Mhidra vs. Ketsu-Jin

Chapter 1: Mistake

A young man was walking through a forest a night, normal people would have not chosen to do this but the young man was not a normal person. The man was a Japanese man with spiky, black hair in his early '20s. Yuro walked into an ancient temple that was not know to man currently and chuckled to himself. Yuro walked a shot path into a room and then kneeled on one knee.

“I have returned my masters.” said Yuro.

“Excellent, how has your report gone?”

“Mhidra has been gone a month and anyone else who could have stopped us is gone.”

“Then the time for you to reclaim your body is now, due what must be done, do not hesitate, show no mercy and finish what we started all those years ago.”

“Where is my body master?”

“You will find what you’re looking for in Antarctica.”

February, 2012 Northern Tip of the Antarctic Peninsula

The sound of the Chopper blades was the only thing cutting through the cold silence of the Antarctic air, the silvery full moon beaming down through veils of icy clouds as the tiny craft neared the field of lights and concrete before it.
Cody Mercer bolted upright as the man beside him poked him in the arm, rousing him instantly from his sleep.
"Hunh?" He snorted, blinking at the shock of waking so suddenly.

"Seatbelt," His companion nodded to him, "Looks like we reached the end of the world."
Cody pulled the straps of the seatbelt over his body, covered in thick clothing to protect against the cold of the Antarctic. Though a physically fit man in his mid 30's, he still knew the dangers of the frozen continent. No solider in his right mind went out into the field without knowing what he was doing. As he fumbled, a small camera fell to the floor besides him.
"Sorry," Cody apologized as the man handed it to him, "Promised my daughter I'd bring back some snapshots."
The chopper descended, landing on the 'H' near the centre of the Military base that surrounded the huge crack splitting the frozen ground.
“Lieutenant Colonel Mercer," The Sergeant outside greeted him as he stepped down from his transport, "Sergeant Michaels, welcome aboard."

"Thanks," Cody nodded as he hauled the cases of clothing and equipment, "I was hoping we could go over the situation one more time?"
"Not a problem," Michaels nodded as he led the professor toward the elevated platform that hung over the edge of the crevice, "As you know, a nuclear submarine was recently sunk in this area, without giving us any idea of why it decided to explode." The platform started moving down, past the edge of the crack and moving down sheer walls of ice. Then we get in touch with the eggheads… sorry, scientists… and we found that there was geological activity about two days before. We set up here, and before long we found the 'sample'."

"Sample?" Cody parroted as the platform stopped. The area before him was filled with soldiers and scientists going from one small research station to another. The chasm was truly vast, hundreds of feet in height and width, lit by the chains of lights evidently set up in a hurry.
Michaels turned, nodding toward something behind Cody.
"That sample."

To say the thing was 'big' would be an understatement. It reached up to an impossible height, frozen within a wall of ice.
While it was not hard to describe it was the size really. A giant samurai with black armor and grey skin is what Cody could describe it as.
"Sweet Mother of God…" Cody stared up with wide eyes, "What… what is it?"
"That's what we called you her for," Michaels explained, "We found the thing when we got here, and nobody's been able to pin it down to any known species. Something like that, anyway. Looks like we've got us one hell of a monster fossil."
"No," Cody shook his head, "That looks to human to be a monster. How big is it?"

"About 292 feet head-to-toe," Michaels recited, " and I think it's about 90 feet wide at the hips. Big, any way you slice it."
"Big doesn't cover this," Cody breathed, "There's never been a species of man or ape for that matter on this planet anywhere near that big."
On elevated platforms at the side of the gargantuan thing, groups of scientists started assembling and raising pieces of equipment, applying them to the ice.
"They're cutting it out," Cody realized. "It looks like it's in suspended animation. How long's it been in there?"
"About 57 years, according to the science boys."
"Only 57?" Cody visibly shook, "Good God… where the hell could that thing have come from?"
The industrial saws kept cutting, slicing clean through the ice around the still and unmoving leviathan.
"This is unbelievable," Cody turned over the page of the report, "There seems to have been no cellular degeneration whatsoever. It's perfectly preserved… hell, there's even a chance that the… the uh…"

"Ketsu-Jin," a man next to him finished for him.
"Ketsu-Jin?" Cody repeated
“Hello Lieutenant Colonel, it been a while.” said Yuro.
“Yuro how’s it been, wait what are you doing here?” asked Cody.
“Well I’d like to sit and chat with you but to get to the point I’m going to reclaim my body then kill you and conquered to world.” answered Yuro.
Before Cody could speak, Yuro turned and began staring at Ketsu-Jin.

And then, it happened.

On the ice covering the body of the great beast, a crack appeared.
Then another.
And another, until the sound of the splintering surface drew the attention of the people below.
Each one of them watched agape as a spider-web pattern of cracks spread out over the monster's form, the ice weakening with every passing second, until…
A blazing, red eye moved, its pupil dilating.
A chest covered in dark-grey armor rose and fell.
Finally, the ice smashed, the samurai's form swinging round as it broke free.

Yuro’s body completely disappeared leaving just his clothes and the samurai could be heard yelling.

The cavern filled with screams of shock and terror as the behemoth freed itself, immense feet slamming onto the icy ground.
With another ear-breaking laugh, the samurai pulled a long sword from his side and began slicing into the side of the chasm as the frozen floor cracked apart beneath it, falling into the abyss beneath.
Cody Mercer could only watch as the floor fell beneath him.
As he fell toward the abyss, feeling the rush of air slam into his body and falling with what had been his foothold, Cody Mercer profoundly understood that his life was over.
The Antarctic ground smashed open, the huge form of the leviathan bursting upwards as it hauled itself up into the air, roaring into the air in its freedom.

Sergeant Michaels looked up in utter amazement at the freed creature, watching its sword cut into the night air. Even a man such as he, trained and disciplined and commanding, could not help but be awestruck at the sight of the great sword master.
He managed to shout only a single word, at the top of his lungs, before the monster's foot descended upon him.
The swordsmen shot forward faster than anyone could expect, its foot slamming into the middle of the base as the soldiers scrambled beneath it. One man raised his assault rifle and squeezed the trigger, the impact utterly unnoticed by the huge creature.
Its sword swung to the side, striking the guard tower with earth-shattering force as the tons of man made material descended through the air, those who dived out of its way able only to watch powerlessly as the monster stormed toward the shore.

A beam of light streamed through the air behind it, the beast's red eyes turning as the flying masses of metal rose. The guns and missiles of the three Apache attack choppers trained on the mountain of armor before them.
The foremost chopper fired, a pair of missiles illuminating the night sky before exploding in spheres of flame on the swordsmen’s chest.

Ketsu-Jin's sword snapped forward, catching one chopper, the machine exploding into a shower of burning metal as the creature turned to the second craft. Even as it fired, the great beast's sword smashed into it, the machine smashing to pieces in one fell swoop.

With one last, deafening laugh, Ketsu-Jin turned, diving down into the water, the immense splash subsiding as it shot away through the water.

Ketsu-Jin was awake.
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Re: Mhidra vs Ketsu-Jin

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Chapter 2: Way of the Samurai

The Next couple of weeks had been a horrible time for Major Layla Mercer and her daughter sage. A funereal was put together but their was no body found for Lieutenant Colonel Cody Mercer. Layla wanted to put blame on something but all monsters were on Monster World during the attack. That meant one of two things, either Cody’s death was an accident or their was a new monster on the loose and for once Layla hoped it was the latter choice.

Sage was doing worse, while her mother used anger and the thoughts of revenge to get her through Cody’s death, Sage was left with sadness and grief.

Sage and stopped talking to not only her mother and friend Jack, she didn’t talk with her friends Jesse and Stephanie on the other side of the world in Japan. Sage didn’t want anyone to try and talk her through her father’s death and tell her to move on and thus she didn’t talk to anyone.

USGDF HQ, New York

Layla sat at her desk typing in reports for the day when she had a visitor. Layla looked up a noticed the young man who had helped get rid of Mhidra, Yuro.

“Yuro what are you doing here?” asked Layla.

“Major Mercer, it’s nice to see you again I’ll get to the point so I don’t take up too much of your time.” said Yuro.

“Okay, Yuro but I’m very busy so what is it you want to talk about?”

“I wanted to tell you that the thing that killed your husband is here.”

“Excuse me?”
“The kaiju that killed Cody, his name is Ketsu-Jin and he’s going to destroy the world starting with right here in New York.”

“Wait how do you know he’s going to attack and when is the attack?” asked Layla.

“Well the attack is going to start in a couple of seconds a couple miles north of here and I know this because Ketsu-Jin and I are one in the same, he’s me.” said Yuro.

Before Layla could react Yuro disappeared and then the call came in.

“Major Mercer, this is Mike and we got a problem a new monster just appeared down town from here.”

“Get the units ready Mike, I’ll meet you and Jack in the command center.”

New York City

It was a peaceful day for the people of new your, or so they thought.

Ketsu-Jin soon appeared slicing everything in sight with his sword. The sword moved in a path of destruction and none were safe. Ketsu-Jin decided to speak.


He looked over the human's attempts to stop him, an armada of ships assisted by helicopters and ground artillery.
To a human it may have been an imposing force but to Ketsu-Jin, it was no more frightening than an ant is to a human.
Ketsu-Jin waited, he wanted to see if the humans had changed their tactics in the years he'd been gone. The humans as well waiting in fearful suspense.

The stand off held for a few minutes before a brave soul on one of the ships opened fire, the ships and copters joined in.
Ketsu-Jin's armor was pelted by missile after missile but he didn't even flinch. The barrage stopped Ketsu-Jin wonder if the humans had realized that they were doomed. He heard a familiar sound, the preparation for the firing of D-3s. He remembered those accursed weapons well, these weapons had ultimately led to the defeat of Mhidra, he wouldn't give them the chance. He swung his sword and vaporized the D-3’s in mid air and the sword continued. It slammed into the center of the armada, blowing three ships apart.
Ketsu-Jin marched towards the stunned ships, they had no idea that Ketsu-Jin was smart enough to do that. They opened fire on him but had no effect, they had no time to load more D-3s. Ketsu-Jin sank his sword into the first ship he encounters, ripping into it until and explosion engulfs both.

During the commotion, Ketsu-Jin uses the smoke to dive underwater, coming up under a boat and over turning it. Ketsu-Jin then toke out a squad of copters with his sword This one was sent across the remaining ships, sending many of their number to the ocean's depths. The remaining ships charge forwards, they knew they were going to die and their weapons were useless so they were going to ram Ketsu-Jin.
Ketsu-Jin doesn't let them get close enough as another heat beam eliminates them. Ketsu-Jin turns his attention back to the city and prepares to march forwards, only to be struck in the back by more missiles. He turns to see a squadron of jets fly overhead.
He quickly moved the sword again, only heating air as the nimble machines roll out of the way and fire more missiles. Ketsu-Jin continues to swing his sword, catching one jet in the right wing, sending it crashing into the water. The bottom of the jets open and bombs are dropped, some strike Ketsu-Jin, causing a giant explosion but the rest explode on the water, setting its surface ablaze. As Ketsu-Jin's form is engulfed in flames, the pilots cheer a premature victory, only for all of them to be obliterated by his long sword from the flames.

As the remains of the jets fall into the sea below, Ketsu-Jin marches out of the fire, looking like a demon walking from the underworld. The land units open fire are the titan, having similar effect to the previous weapons, none.
Ketsu-Jin swings his sword, destroying a sizeable amount of the defensive line. The remaining units move to allow the maser tanks to move into position.
Ketsu-Jin looked them over, these new weapons intrigued him. They looked like the dishes he had seen on the human's buildings but those were clearly not weapons so what were these things? Energy collected in the dish before a beam of energy surges forth and impacts Ketsu-Jin's shoulder. Ketsu-Jin staggers back, more from surprise than injury.
The other masers open fire taking Ketsu-Jin off guard. Ketsu-Jin moves back a bit before regaining his balance and becoming infuriated. He let out a monstrous roar before swinging his sword again on all the forces before him and a sizable part of coastline. When he stops, New York was suddenly defenseless as Ketsu-Jin marched onwards.


Ketsu-Jin then just disappeared leaving Layla to ponder her next move.

USGDF HQ, New York

“Do we have anything we can throw at him?” asked Major Layla Mercer.
“He destroyed anything we could throw at him, anything else we have would end up the same.” answered Mike
“its irony all right.” said Jack
“What is?” asked Layla.
“The guy that helps us get rid of the greatest threat America has had since Jouger, Dreyceal and he’s now destroying us left and right.” said Jack
“Well there is one way we could defeat him.”
Everyone in the room turned and noticed Sage how now appeared at the doorway.

“Sage what are you doing here?” asked Layla.
“I know it’s impossible but one thing could make Yuro pay for killing Dad.” said Sage.
‘What, what do you think can stop him honey?” asked Layla.


Was all the girl said as everyone began looking around the room not wanting to think of Ketsu-Jin’s ultimatum

Space between Neptune and Pluto.

Asteroids didn’t have to be careful out in the middle of space, but today they should have been. An Asteroid was currently traveling in a path when it collided with something and exploded.
The explosion cleared up and in the vacuum of space stood a Blue and Orange Phoenix.

Mhidra had been set free from his entrapment inside of the dome. Mhidra began searching and found the way he wanted to go. Mhidra began glowing almost in a pure energy form and took of back to Earth at his top speed at half the speed of light.
They would pay, they would all pay for trapping him in that ship.

Mhidra the Untouchable would soon return to the Earth.

What he didn’t yet know was a battle with Ketsu-Jin was waiting.
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Re: Mhidra vs Ketsu-Jin

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Chapter 3: The Return

USGDF HQ, New York

Layla, Mike, Jack and Sage all sat in the USGDF command center not knowing what to do. 21 hours had come gone and still no new weapons had been discovered to destroy Ketsu-Jin.

“I just figured it out!” yelled Mike.

“What is it?” asked Layla.

“It's his armor, Ketsu-Jin is able to block are attacks because of his armor what we need is a way to destroy the armor and then we can kill him.” said Mike.

“One problem with that idea Mikey, how do we destroy the armor.” answered Jack.

“Well we have 3 hours to figure out how to destroy it so began working on it.” said Layla. The USGDF then began work on a way to destroy Ketsu-Jin armor. Meanwhile Yuro and his masters had began discussion their conquest of the Earth.

“They have yet to surrender to you Ketsu-Jin.”

“I did give them 24 hours it is a large planet to get everyone to agree on surrender.” said Yuro.

“It's been 22 hours, began the attack 2 hours ahead of schedule.”

Yuro transformed into his monster from and appeared in downtown Manhattan.


Several tanks that had made it into position began attacking Ketsu-Jin.

A wave of missiles shot forth with deafening noise, arcing up through the air as Ketsu-Jin descended, swinging his mighty sword through the air even as some of the missiles exploded in burning fireballs against his armor. A pair of D-3's latched onto his armor the drills whirring to life. Evidently surprised, Ketsu-Jin turned its head to snap at the projectiles, only for them to explode, the blasts of the explosions mingling with Ketsu-Jin's roar of fury, before it finally slammed down into the river, its sword stretching outwards as it bellowed its fury at the rows of tanks…
Only for its roar to be almost drowned out by another, a thunderous noise of unfathomable rage of power that turned every head, including Ketsu-Jin, to its source.

Much to everyone's shock a large Orange and Blue Bird like creature began flying through the city and toward Ketsu-Jin. Mhidra had returned to the site of his greatest downfall to find an old foe thought long dead.
He remembered this creature… the one that had torn apart his world, his pack, his young, the creature that had robbed him of his world. Its look was slightly different, but the scent… this was it. The same reek of evil and death.

"Oh my Lord he's back?" Jack asked from the command center
"And I think he recognizes Ketsu-Jin," Sage answered. "I think their going to fight."

Ketsu-Jin gave an deep, rumbling snarl, hunching back and glaring up at his old sparing partner. He didn't care how Mhidra had returned it was only a minor problem his masters would not be denied.
Mhidra gave another growl, stepping forward in clear challenge.
With a single flap of its wings, Mhidra shot upward, the shock wave of its momentum sending cars cascading in all directions as it slammed into Ketsu-Jin with insurmountable force, the impact knocking Ketsu-Jin backwards as he snarled furiously, digging his heels into the street below.

Mhidra's reaction was instantaneous. Grabbing Ketsu-Jin by the shoulders with his talons, he spun round, kicking up a spray of surf and, shifting his weight, hurled Ketsu-Jin across him into the sea around Manhattan with an enormous splash of water and foam, Ketsu-Jin snarling furiously, raising his sword to slice at Mhidra's chest, cutting through the feathers and skin and leaving thick, red trails.
Mhidra gave a snarl more of rage an anger. His enemy had drawn first blood.
As Ketsu-Jin rolled over, pushing itself up, Mhidra raised one talon, pointed the bottom of it at Ketsu-Jin and kicked forward, slamming his talon into the side of Ketsu-Jin's head. The samurai demon snarled savagely, spinning round on one leg to leap up in a spray of water like a bullet. Even as it leapt up, Mhidra spun to the side, dodging the attack before charging forward, spearing Ketsu-Jin down into the water as the two beasts snarled viciously.
Even to the trained Military men, the sight of the two great behemoths locked in savage battle was nothing short of awe-inspiring. For that reason, all were silent as the two beasts unleashed their brutal fury.
Ketsu-Jin leapt up, his sword stabbing into Mhidra's wing as Mhidra gave a snarl of pain and anger. Heaving himself forward, Mhidra lunged down, the swing of his wing carrying Ketsu-Jin clean over him through the air with impossible force and momentum, crashing into the side of the river in clouds of water and debris, growling angrily as the samurai shook his head.

Never before had its strength been matched by a single foe! He had underestimated just how powerful Mhidra had become, allowing himself to be taken by surprise by Mhidra's strength.
Leaning down, Mhidra grabbed onto one of Ketsu-Jin's arms, sank his teeth into the limb and, with a single twist of his hips, pulled it away with a clean sickening, crunching tearing noise, Ketsu-Jin howling in pain as the arm was torn messily from its body, gleaming, silver blood oozing from the ripped edge. The wave of energy shot into Mhidra's eyes and, drowning out Ketsu-Jin's painful screech, a stream of orange fire erupted from his mouth, the arm bursting into flames as the blast carried into the air.

Falling back, Ketsu-Jin's screech turned into an angry snarl. From the jagged, bleeding, gaping wound where the shoulder met his arm a black-silver sprout suddenly jutted out, forking out into the structure of a arm as the membrane stretched out across it. In seconds, a newly formed arm had taken shape, fas Ketsu-Jin snarled viciously, Mhidra stepping around the beast tentatively.


Ketsu-Jin's sword began glowing a silver and purple color.
Ketsu-Jin spun round, his sword swinging to strike Mhidra around the face, pulling back to jut forward and jab its pointed end into Mhidra's stomach. Mhidra suddenly howled in pain, stepping backwards and doubling over, his jaws snapping at empty air.

"What the hell was that?" Layla shouted.
"Must be some kind of poison," Mike answered.

Shaking his head, Mhidra reared up, his eyes flashing blue before stream of ice surged forward, just as Ketsu-Jin turned to face him. The frost shot into Ketsu-Jin's face, the demon howling furiously as the attack froze at its face.
Above the roars of the two warring beasts, from the command center Layla's voice suddenly shouted to the new unit that had joined the battle:

"Open Fire!"
A hail of missiles shot forth from the MRLS launchers, striking the sides of the monsters as they bellowed furiously.

"Mom!" Sage shouted, darting forward past the blockade (most of whom, fortunately, were still agape watching the battling monsters). "No!"
"Sage, get the hell back!" Layla shouted, "What's wrong with…"
"Stop!" Sage screamed as a pair of soldiers held her back, "We need him, Mhidra's not the enemy!"

Ketsu-Jin suddenly turned, sniffing at the air even through the fire and smoke. This scent, the scent of this tiny being, there was something familiar…
Hunching back, Ketsu-Jin caught sight of Sage, leaping forward as all eyes turned towards the snarling beast.
In the midst of its momentum, however, Ketsu-Jin was yanked back as Mhidra grabbed his leg with his beak, slamming it back down into the water.

As Mhidra turned towards his attackers, Ketsu-Jin fell back, and began to retreat.
Mhidra was clearly a powerful one. He would need to regroup, be sure it was at his strongest, talk to his masters. Continuing this fight could serve no further purpose, he decided. And anyway, perhaps these humans would weaken Mhidra sufficiently…
With that, Ketsu-Jin ran at top speed through Manhattan and started to pass out of sight.

"Don't look now, but Ketsu-Jin or whatever the hell it is just made a break for it!" Mike shouted.
"Then concentrate on Mhidra!" Layla ordered.
"No!" Sage yelled, "Will you listen…"
Before she could finish, Mhidra suddenly stampeded forward with a furious snarl.

In the midst of the confusion, Mhidra spun round, snapping his beak down and smashing rows of military machinery to pieces in his grip. Spinning round, a burst of flame shot from his mouth, consuming another assembly of tanks and launchers, before he turned and, lifting his talon, dropped it into the side of the NT-10.
As one of the tanks fell through the air, a smaller shape leapt out of its way, skidding across the ground.
With one more angry bellow, Mhidra turned his gaze upwards, sniffing at the air, before leaping back into the river in a spray of surf, instantly transforming into his turtle form, a dark shape moving away down the river.

“Sage why did you try to stop the team from destroying Mhidra?” asked Layla.

“Mhidra can avenge Dad, that's why.”
“Your father wouldn't want that thing to avenge him Sage.”
“He wouldn't, or your just made Mhidra will be able to do what you won't be bale to!” yelled Sage as the girl turned to leave the command center.
“Find Mhidra and Ketsu-Jin and destroy them on sight!” yelled Layla as she left the command center.

Jack and Mike turned to each other and began trying to find either beast hoping they could find at least one lead.

Yuro appeared in the temple of his masters. “I used the poison but the beast just kept coming.” said Yuro.
“Much more powerful then expected this Mhidra has become but I don't see how he can defeat you if you attack him with your real weapon.”
“Return to you your sword that slayed a thousand Mhidra's in the past we are doing now.”
“Thank you my masters and with this Mhidra will fall.” said Yuro now holding and black blade with a silver handle.

Yuro transformed now on his way to find Mhidra for the real final battle.
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Re: Mhidra vs Ketsu-Jin

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Chapter 4: The Darkness in the light

New York

All voices were hushed in the command center of USGDF HQ, all eyes turned toward the large central screen.
Finally, the massive, dark shape came into view, swooping across the city.

"Target sighted!" A USGDF technician shouted, "Ready to fire!"

Ketsu-Jin snarled down at the gatherings tanks in the streets below, circling around the highest point he could find- the Empire State Building. Jumping to the top, he gave a vicious roar.


"Open fire!" Layla ordered, "Take that thing down!"
Three F-18s swooped forward, the missiles falling from their wings and flaring to life, blasting forwards to strike Ketsu-Jin in the face, the creature snarling furiously.

Leaping downwards, Ketsu-Jin swung his new sword , the glass surfaces atop the world's most magnificent skyscraper exploding into showers of shimmering shards as Ketsu-Jin rose up, his sword lashing out at once to smash one of the planes to pieces, sending the other veering away across the skies until it fell, crashing into the street below in a burning explosion.
Even as the third craft fired a pair of missiles, Ketsu-Jin jumped up at it, one missile striking as the other arced through the air, slamming into the side of the Empire State Building in a burst of flame as, with a swing of his sword, Ketsu-Jin smashed the F-18 to burning pieces.

"That was the goddamn Empire State Building," Layla breathed. "Jesus Christ…"

Ketsu-Jin shot downward, its claws hung down as it aimed right for the USGDF forces.
A hail of missiles shot forth, D-3s colliding with armor and digging in, the drills spinning as the other missiles burst into flame, Ketsu-Jin snarling furiously as he hovered to a stop, a gust of wind from his sword sending a cluster of tanks flying back through the air, crashing into other rows of machinery even as the shells and missiles of the other weapons shot forth, exploding against his armor and consuming Ketsu-Jin in fire.
The snarling demon fell to the ground, swinging his sword round to knock another cluster of attackers away.

A D-3 shot into his helmet, whirring to life as Ketsu-Jin turned with a rumbling roar, exploding as Ketsu-Jin leapt forward, crushing the launcher underfoot.

Two Apache Choppers descended behind it, waves of missile shooting forth as Ketsu-Jin flapped its huge wings, shooting up and smashing the choppers to pieces in its jaws, rising up with a satisfied snarl before it took off down the street, his sword extended. The sword sliced clear through the sides of buildings as Ketsu-Jin flew forwards through explosions and showers of debris, roaring in glee before it ascended, two more F-18s behind him.

Ketsu-Jin jumped far above the rooftops of New York, the tiny-looking island city extending in all directions around him, before he shot down, his sword smashing clean through the two pursuing jets.
Landing on the rooftops, Ketsu-Jin allowed feet to hang down, smashing through rooftops as he ran forward, buildings crumbling into showers of mortar and steel or bursting into flames, glass and cement raining down into the streets as Ketsu-Jin descended, turning sideways so that his wing cut into the streets below, the street bursting into flame as the sword sliced through a gas main.

With a wave of shells, a company of tanks approached from behind it, their efforts doing no more than annoying the beast. Leaping forth, Ketsu-Jin was upon them, all of them crushed underfoot as, effortlessly, it jumped through the air once again.
As another hail of missiles shot at it from behind, Ketsu-Jin flew straight forward, blasting into Times Square before he hit the ground, whirling around as his sword smashed clean through the Flat Iron Building, the monument crumbling as Ketsu-Jin's sword cut a clear path through it, even as the missiles collided with it.
Suddenly, waves of firepower assailed it from all directions, Ketsu-Jin howling furiously amidst the attack. MRLS launchers closed in from four different directions, Ketsu-Jin swatting angrily at the attacking missiles.

"We've got it pinned in Times Square," a technician reported, "Harriers are closing in…"

Ketsu-Jin suddenly jumped up, the missiles bypassing it and colliding with two of the vehicles, consuming them in fire as Ketsu-Jin dropped down, his sword flicking its third attacker away effortlessly, before swinging and cutting \ the fourth, easily destryoing it.
Jumping on the rooftops, Ketsu-Jin arced over the rooftops, turning its attention suddenly, downwards, sniffing at the air as it stopped, hovering in midair for a moment, before changing its direction.

"It's heading right here," A technician yelled, "…Mach 0.7!"
"Evacuate the building!" Layla ordered, "Now!"
The alarms blared to life, red light and deafening sirens filling the entire building.
"It's coming here," Jack realized. "No way in hell he's that smart."
"It's me," Sage realized, Jack stopping and standing still at the words. "Yuro came before looking for me. He's here for me."
"Can we skip the noble-hero-sacrifice stuff?" Jack asked hurriedly.

As the personnel poured out of the USMCF HQ Building, Ketsu-Jin suddenly dropped down out of the sky, crashing down into the street, folding out his arms as it hunched down with a low snarl.
Before anyone could react, Ketsu-Jin swiped them aside with his hand, their terrified screams mixing with its savage roars as it advanced on the building, and its prey.
"And," Jack breathed as he, Layla, Mike and Sage reached the entrance, "We… are… screwed."
Turning its eyes down, Ketsu-Jin's eyes lit up with murderous glee…

Before, at the end of the street, the ground suddenly bulged, shaking to the sides as the street splintered, falling away as the massive shape rose up beneath it, the mountain of earth falling to the ground as that thunderous, echoing roar sounded, full of power and unimaginable rage.

Mhidra's orange eyes blazed their fury as he stood to his full height, glaring up at Ketsu-Jin with a malevolent snarl.
"Mhidra," Sage whispered. "He's here."
Ketsu-Jin turned to Mhidra, snarling angrily as the earth-born monster took a step forward.
"Know what?" Jack spoke up, "Mortal danger aside: This is gonna be good!"
At the two ends of the long New York street, the two beasts glared their hatred.

The battle was on.

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Re: Mhidra vs Ketsu-Jin

Postby miguelnuva » Sun Mar 18, 2012 6:12 pm

Chapter 5: The Samurai's Sword

The two titans gave one more snarl, each one hunched back and tensed.
Finally, they each charged forward, thundering down the street towards each other as Mhidra let loose a thunderous roar. Once they cleared half the distance, Ketsu-Jin leapt forth sword first, snarling viciously.
Seconds before it would have impacted, Mhidra hunched down, crouching his legs, and leapt up to hit straight into Ketsu-Jin, pushing him back through the air before they both slammed down into the street, the tarmac below splintering before the force of the impact.

Mhidra rose instantly, Ketsu-Jin turning and instantly leaping up even as Mhidra spun to the side. As it passed, however, Ketsu-Jin flicked his sword sideways, slamming its side into Mhidra's shell as the mighty reptile gave a furious hiss.

"Do we have any units left?" Layla demanded inside the USMCF building, "Anything at all? I don't care if it's a private with a peashooter!"
"About one unit of tanks and there's an incomplete NT-10 in the subbasement levels." Mike answered.
"Then order them here!" Layla ordered, "Drive them away from this building, for God's sake!"
"Uh… Mom?" Sage spoke up, "That might be a little hard…"

Seconds earlier, Ketsu-Jin had spun round, slamming himself into Mhidra.
Just as Sage had spoken, Mhidra had staggered back, his shell stabbing into the side of the USMCF building. Shaking his head and snarling angrily, he charged forward just as Ketsu-Jin prepared for another jump, tackling him to the ground. The effect of this was that his sword sliced clear through one wall of the building.

"Everybody out!" Layla shouted, "Now!"

Mhidra pulled back one paw, swinging his clawed fingers in front of him to slice through the armor on Ketsu-Jin's stomach. Hissing furiously, Ketsu-Jin jabbed his sword upwards, stabbing into Mhidra's midsection shell as Mhidra snarled, before giving a painful rumble and falling back.

The poison in his system already healed, Mhidra leaned to the side, avoiding another stab from Ketsu-Jin's sword, before grabbing it with his teeth, shifting one foot back and heaving, hurling Ketsu-Jin over his shoulder to slam it into another building, the entire structure giving way and crumbling as Ketsu-Jin fell clear through it, reducing it to a pile of jagged rubble.

"Air strike," Mike reasoned, "Napalm the sucker."
"Napalm?" Layla snapped, "In the middle of New York? We'll trash the place!"
"Yeah, that's completely different from what they're doing," Sage replied sarcastically.
Ketsu-Jin spun round, and leap upwards, knocking Mhidra backwards before jumping in the air, shooting downwards and crashing into Mhidra's side, smashing him into the ground.
"Do it," Layla sighed. "We can't move out the NT-10; even if the computers are intact, they won't be online after that. Automated procedure."
"My specialty," Jack pulled a palmtop computer out of his jacket.
"It won't be connected. You're gonna hack the system?" Mike pointed out.
"Been doing it since I was 12. But we need the server online, or this thing's just an excessively expensive lump of metal."
Ketsu-Jin perched himself on top of Mhidra, snarling down directly into his face…

Before a stream of brilliant orange flame shot forth, striking Ketsu-Jin's face as he screeched in pain, howling furiously as it fell back to the ground with the flames burning at his face, Mhidra righting himself with a low growl.

"All available units move in," Layla ordered into her radio, "Fire on only Ketsu-Jin. Repeat: Fire on only Ketsu-Jin."
"Thanks," Sage whispered from beside her. “Your going to let Mhidra avenge Dad.”
"I hope that thing doesn't make me regret this."

Another wave of energy shot into Mhidra's eyes, blasting forth in a stream of ice that slammed into Ketsu-Jin's side, carrying it away into the side of a building before it slumped to the ground, cutting a deep gash into the structure.
As Ketsu-Jin snarled painfully, the deep, bleeding frostbite on his side began to shrivel and shrink, replaced with healthy, uninjured skin.

Nevertheless, Mhidra was powerful, and if these attacks continued, he would face destruction. Although this was not something for which he was wholly unprepared…
Mhidra stepped forward, giving another growl as his eyes flashed orange…
Ketsu-Jin suddenly leapt up, striking Mhidra and sinking his sword into his neck, the stream of fire shooting away into the air, colliding with the side of a tower in a burst of fire and rubble, as Mhidra stepped back with a painful snarl.
A disgusting, sucking noise started from Ketsu-Jin's sword, slurping greedily as Mhidra bellowed in pain and rage and the blood flowed from Mhidra's veins and into Ketsu-Jin's sword.

"Wait is the sword drinking his blood?" Sage gasped fearfully.
"No," Mike realized, even more worried, "It's assimilating it!"

Grabbing hold of Ketsu-Jin's back, Mhidra finally yanked the demon away, taking shreds of his own flesh with it. Mhidra dropped the creature, putting a hand to his neck as Ketsu-Jin rose to his feet and cracked a smile.

"He won't be able to heal as quickly if he's missing enough of his blood," Mike realized. "He's weakened."

Ketsu-Jin turned to the staggering Mhidra with a wicked glare in its evil eyes. With a slash of his sword, a blast of fire shot from the blade, striking Mhidra in the face and sending him falling into the side of an apartment building, cutting into the side as another blast struck him in the chest, knocking him the rest of the way down as the building crumbled.

"No!" Sage cried out, shaking with fear as Ketsu-Jin approached, turning sideways.

Ketsu-Jin's sword jabbed into Mhidra's stomach, pulling out and stabbing in another time, then finally a third, as Mhidra howled in pain; a massive dose of poison when he was weakened.
Pulling back its head, Ketsu-Jin jumped up into the air, shooting forth a stream of fire and bathing Mhidra in flame.

As the flames parted, Mhidra lay amongst the rubble, his chest rising and falling slowly and shakily.
"He's not dead," Layla desperately reassured his daughter, "Just knocked out…"
Ketsu-Jin turned, its gaze traveling down to regard the humans, focusing on Sage and the USGDF. A wave of energy shot up his sword…

Three streams of burning smoke suddenly shot through the air, striking the side of Ketsu-Jin's face. Taken by surprise, the creature spun round, the stream of fire shooting forward to consume the MRLS launcher as the tanks rolled forth behind it.
"Got it!" Jack shouted as he pushed another cable into the Modem, before opening the palmtop. "Come on now… Layla?" He spoke into the radio, "We're online. Call out the NT-10 at your leisure…" He turned to the window, seeing Ketsu-Jin advance on the firing tanks and launchers past the unconscious Mhidra. "…Though now might be a good time."

Ketsu-Jin pounced forwards, crushing the tanks beneath him before he closed his hands around the MRLS, a streak of blue fire shooting out his sword as the remains of the launcher fell to the street.

"Airstrike's on the way," Mike informed Layla, "ETA 15 minutes. The NT-10's rolling out right now."
"Fifteen minutes?" Layla shouted.
"The nearest air base used everything they have when that thing showed up here," Mike answered. "Nothing I can do about it; hell, the Pentagon wants all units to withdraw immediately!"

In the closed-off garage behind the USGDF building, a pneumatic lift rose from the subbasement, carrying with it the massive vehicle mounted with the shimmering mirror.
Turning on the spot, the NT-10 rolled out.

Ketsu-Jin broke into a run, shooting towards them, before a pair of missiles shot towards it.
The D-3s clamped onto Ketsu-Jin's chest, whirring to life before exploding, the beast turning as the NT-10 rolled forward.
The sword in Ketsu-Jin's hand flashed bright blue, the stream of fire shot forth…
And shot straight back, slamming into Ketsu-Jin even as the uncompleted mirror fractured.

Shaking its burned head even as the burn-marks healed, Ketsu-Jin snarled furiously, leaping forward and stabbing his sword clean through the NT-10, hurling it to the side and sending it crashing into the side of a building in a burst of fire.
Ketsu-Jin turned, advancing slowly upon them all.
Suddenly, from one side, behind Sage, Mike, Jack and Layla, there was a great rumbling, something rising through a layer of rubble.

In the middle of a cloud of dust, a row of spinal plates told them all they would need to know.
Pushing himself up on powerful arms, Mhidra gave a low rumble, standing amidst the wrecked building, surrounded by fire and smoke, his orange eyes burning through it all straight at Ketsu-Jin now in his Dragon form. The Final battle would begin.
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Re: Mhidra vs Ketsu-Jin

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Chapter 6: Mhidra's Revenge

Ketsu-Jin looked up to face him, the two smaller creatures instantly forgotten in the face of this, literally, much bigger prize.
For the first time in the fight Mhidra stood taller than the Samurai.
Ketsu-Jin was the first to charge, leaping into the air and extending his sword to swoop forward. Mhidra, however, was ready: He ducked under the approaching creature, his razor-sharp spinal plates slicing into its stomach, staining them with shining blood as Ketsu-Jin screeched in pain. Mhidra's tail flicked up, smacking into the samurai's lower jaw and sending it tumbling through the air, crashing down into the street.

Ketsu-Jin rose, turned and hunched down, his sword held forwards as he shot forth, the sword jabbing forwards towards Mhidra's neck. At the last second, however, Mhidra rose his clawed hands, grabbing onto the sword, swinging sideways to carry Ketsu-Jin, tearing clean through the buildings to the side as Ketsu-Jin crashed down to the ground, Mhidra bellowing his rage.

"Sage!" Layla's voice shouted over the radio, "Get back here now! That air strike's coming any second!"
Ketsu-Jin stood up, thrashing wildly in Mhidra's vice like grip. Holding the sword in his hands, Mhidra parted his jaws, clamped them on the end of the sword, and yanked his head up, slicing through the metal and ripping the blade in half.
Even as the blade began to fall to the ground, Ketsu-Jin turned and looked up, the half of sword still in his hand flashing bright blue before the streak of fire shot into Mhidra's face, knocking him back as he fell back, staggering to one side as Ketsu-Jin's broken sword flashed a second time.

But this time, Mhidra was ready. A wave of energy shot through his own body, blasting out of his mouth to strike the oncoming attack from Ketsu-Jin. The two blasts of fire and ice collided, Mhidra's blast shooting forth, consuming Ketsu-Jin's attack and blasting clear into his sword and arm, hurling Ketsu-Jin away and sending it slamming into the street.
"Wow," Sage breathed, "Dangerous, I know, but still… wow…"

As Ketsu-Jin rose, internal and external frost burns rapidly healing, wicked sadism flaring to life in its black soul.
Ketsu-Jin having lost his returned weapon pulled his second blade from the earlier attacks and swung forward, slicing through the side of the building next to it, Sage and Layla looking up in sudden horror.
In a split second, Mhidra recognized that scent. Like the other little creatures, but different somehow, he'd smelled it the first time he fought this thing, and again when… yes, it was her, the one who had awakened him…
Acting on pure instinct, Mhidra charged forward, ducking under Ketsu-Jin.
Then, a clawed, fiery and icy hand was holding the falling rubble as the two humans stared up, agape.

"My God…" Layla breathed.
"He saved us," Sage breathed. "Mhidra…" She looked up, Mhidra's blazing eyes turning down to regard her, "…Thank you…"
A second later, a mass of evil savagery stabbed into Mhidra, driving him into the side of the building with frenzied howls. Mhidra spun round, the building crumbling to fall atop the struggling beasts as he grabbed hold of Ketsu-Jin's outstretched arm.

Swinging round as the two humans fled, Mhidra hurled Ketsu-Jin to the ground, sank his claws into the flesh of its arm, and pulled with all his awesome strength. Ketsu-Jin howled in pain, and then, with a sickening, tearing, snapping sound, the entire arm was wrenched off, thrown into the street as Mhidra gave an echoing roar.
Ketsu-Jin rose on his legs, the ragged stump already growing outwards to form a new limb, the wave of energy shooting through it ready to strike…

Before Mhidra charged straight into it, carrying it down the street in thundering footsteps, smashing through buildings that parted in a sea of debris before their awesome momentum.
And then, the last of the buildings fell, the beasts smashing into an elevated street on the waterfront of New York, the entire structure giving way, falling to the side as Ketsu-Jin shifted its weight round, slamming Mhidra sideways, the disused warehouse beneath him crushed before the impact.
The two beasts rose, each bellowing their fury as they stared each other down, the skyline of New York behind them.
Ketsu-Jin shot forth slamming into Mhidra, carrying him backwards to smash through a mass of metal girders as Mhidra's head slammed down into the middle lanes of the George Washington Bridge.
Ketsu-Jin leapt up, slamming onto Mhidra as a wave of energy shot up its back once more…

Before a stream of fire erupted from Mhidra's maw, striking Ketsu-Jin's face and carrying it up into the air, the beast slamming into the ground as Mhidra rose, another stream of flame erupting to douse Ketsu-Jin in fire.
Leaning down, Mhidra grabbed the burning creature's shoulders with one hand and the back of its head with the other, claws digging into flesh as he invested all his strength in the single effort.
With its last breath, Ketsu-Jin howled with rage, and pain, and horror, knowing what was coming. The creature that had never once known fear had now discovered terror.


With a disgusting tear, Ketsu-Jin's head was ripped from its shoulders, shock and horror still frozen into its fading black eyes as Mhidra dropped it to the ground, a last burst of fire erupting to cover Ketsu-Jin's body, the entire corpse bursting into orange fire.

Pulling his head back, Mhidra dug his heels into the ground and gave a tremendous, earth-shaking roar of victory.
Mhidra stood at the end of the George Washington Bridge, surrounded by flames, smoke, the rubble of crushed buildings, twisted girders and the decapitated, flaming corpse of Ketsu-Jin.

He had won; his revenge was his, but it had not been easy. Even though he was beginning to heal already, the battle had been fierce, and his injuries had been great. He was weakened, and most of all, he was tired.
Sage and Layla ran through the streets behind Mhidra, across the rubble that remained in the middle of the buildings they had plowed through, arriving before the bridge as Mhidra transformed into turtle form and turned to the water.

"He did it," Sage gasped, relief and exhilaration starting to flow through her as she broke into a cheer, "Yes! He did it!"
"Sage!" Layla's voice interrupted them suddenly. Sage turned to see Layla running towards her, with Jack and Mike behind her. Instead of the shouting contest Sage had been expecting, Layla pulled her daughter into a hug so tight that she was sure it would give her back problems in later life. "Oh, thank God…"
"Guess you knew who won," Jack grinned as he saw Mhidra walking away from Ketsu-Jin's burning remains, "Man that's cool."
"The samurai?" Mike asked.
"No, him," Jack pointed to Mhidra, "He just fought the mother of all fights, trashed a huge chunk of New York- which the tax payers will probably have to pay for -and now he's just walking away like nothing even happened!"

The sound of three roaring engines suddenly sounded overhead, the three F-22 fighter craft equipped with their napalm warheads closing in on the weakened Mhidra.

"Now they show up," Mike grunted.
"Major," A voice crackled over Layla's radio, "You've been given command of the operation. Permission to fire?"
"You can't," Sage pleaded, "Mom, he saved me. Deliberately, and he left himself exposed doing it. He saved me, he saved everybody and he avenged Dad!"

Layla didn't answer, watching Mhidra as he continued to move away, now waist-deep in water. She lifted the radio to her ear and spoke:
"That's an order. Withdraw."
"Roger that," The pilot answered. "Alpha 2 and 3, withdraw."
The three craft changed direction in the air, turning away from Mhidra as he moved out into the water.
"Thank you," Sage smiled.
"Guess I owe him…" Layla bit her touch, "I owe him that much."
"Never though I'd see the day," Mike chuckled.
"Neither did I," Lay;a admitted, "I guess things like this put things in perspective. Make you consider things. Make you… move on, I suppose."

"What about him?" Jack asked, pointing to the wake forming where Mhidra was vanishing between the waves.
"Well," Layla smiled, "I suppose we can leave him be unless he decides to cause trouble again."
"Guess we'd better get started fixing the city," Layla offered up, the entire group turning away from the waterfront. Only Sage remained, taking another glance at the spot where Mhidra had been.
"'Sup?" Jack asked, turning back and walking over to her.
"Just thinking," Sage replied, "Wondering where he's going."
"Who knows? Some Island somewhere? Anyway," Jack admitted, "I don't think we've seen the last of him. Corny as that sounds. I'm hungry."
“And this time your paying I paid the last time Mhidra came and tore up a city.

They both turned back towards the damaged New York skyline, Sage taking one last glance at the water.
Even after all that, Mhidra was still somehow a mystery. What he was, how he worked, where he came from… had he saved her out of the goodness of his heart, or some innate sense of honor? Had he stopped Ketsu-Jin for himself, or for the Earth? Odds were, nobody would ever know.
And maybe, she thought, that wasn't such a bad thing.
All she knew was this: If this world was ever again in need of a protector… if he was needed…

Mhidra would be back.

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