'Criminal Minds: Force Kaiju': Chapter One:

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'Criminal Minds: Force Kaiju': Chapter One:

Postby Mauser c/96 » Thu Jan 19, 2012 10:43 am

In abject terror, the child huddled in his bedroom. Mommy, Daddy, Preacher, the psychiatrist... Nobody would understand him. Death was coming this night. The lightning and storminess did not
scare him.

Doxy, his miniature dacshund huddled next to Ralphy. He also could sense the approaching evil. Outside, Jason Vorhees approached the two story farmhouse. Despite the storm, Jason was also observed. Agent Gideon lowered his night vision binoculars. "Reid's profile was right. Jason Vorhees will attack this family tonight. Okay, let him loose."

A seven foot tall creature left a vehicle, he smiled grimly. 'Fight a real monster, demon'. he thought as he ran towards the house. Simultaneously, Agent Derek Morgan crouched alongside FBI SWAT team. "Baby Girl, can you phone this house and tell the family inside that we've about to do a dynamic entry?"

Penelope Garcia's fingers flew over a keyboard. A phone rang. Melvin Samples. answered. "Home invasion! Stay on the phone and an FBI rescue force will protect you. Stay where you are."
"Get up, Mary, get dressed." His wife awoke alongside him, they both got dressed."

CRASH! Jason Vorhees smashed through the wall. Ralphy was frozen in fright, his dog barked furiously. Suddenly, Jason himself froze. He slowly turned around. He now faced Heisei Godzilla.
"Abomination, you will no longer murder the innocent." Jason spun around, but his machete shattered against Godzilla's skin. Fear gripped Jason Vorhees as a reptilian arm dragged him outside and thew him to the ground.

Electricity danced on Godzilla's spines, a bluish glow. Then, Godzilla breathed, burning Jason Vorhees entirely to ashes, even his mask and clothing. The fragments of Jason's machete were removed by a HAZMAT team, they were going to a plasma disposer, nothing would remain of Jason Vorhees but myth.

Godzilla walked up to Derek Morgan, "Family safe?" "Yes, G-Man." "Good. I hope I can get Cajun fried and spicy cajun chicken, tater logs, and a peanut butter milkshake, too." Derek Morgan smiled. G-man liked puppies, heavy metal rock music, kittens, and videogames.

The scene was soon secured. The team returned to Quantico, Virginia.
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