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R and I Dept.

Postby edgaguirus » Fri Sep 27, 2019 12:36 pm

" I'm Sarah Fuller. I have an appointment," Sara said the guard at the gate. The guard silently checked her ID and the appointment notice, and handed them back to her. The gate was opened. Sarah drove up to a spot before a very nondescript building. It was like a gray rectangle with an upper story on the left side. It didn't look like the right place, but the address was the same on the notice.

Sarah went in and spoke to the man at the front desk. He directed her to office number 7. She knocked on the door and was invited in.

" Sarah Fuller," asked David Tolls.

" Yes."

" Sit down." She did. " Before we get to why I asked you here, I must ask two quentions. First, can you give me your account of what happened on your cruise on the Ocean Princess?"

The first image that came to Sarah's mind was of the blue gray back sliding across the top of the water. It was long and had long ridges. " The ship went down two days after setting sail. I was on deck when the accident in the engine room happened, and was tossed out of my chair. We were rushed to the life boats as the ship took on water and listed to one side. I told the coast guard I saw an animal near the ship, and they told me it was likely a whale."

" Do you believe it was a whale? The coast guard report says you were skeptical."

" My personal opinion?" David nodded. " It wasn't a whale. I've been on other cruises and seen whales. This was something else. I don't know what, but it was no whale."

" My second question; Can you be trusted? What I have to tell you can not be shared with anyone, not even your family. Can you be trusted?"

Sarah was a bit surprised at this turn of the conversation. she thought she was here for a job offer, but this was sounding like something much bigger. " What am I getting into here?"

" First, can I trust you?"

" Yes. I can be trusted." David put a piece of paper before her, a non disclosure agreement. she was again surprised, but signed it.

" Come with me." David led her down the hall to the elevator. Once the door shut, David put his security card into the slot and pressed for level B1. " I can tell you that it was not a whale you saw. The Ocean Princess had a run in with an animal called a kaiju."

As an expert in language and folklore, she knew the word. It was the Japanese word for strange animal, but was generally applied to giant monsters in movies and books. " Kaiju are real?"

David nodded. " I lead a team that tracks and studies these kaiju. We are a relatively new branch of the military, and are tasked with keeping these kaiju from doing major damage."

" My expertise is hardly useful for that. I know the legends of monsters from various cultures, but how does that help?"

The elevator door opened. " Dr. Tyler will tell you that." The pair stepped into a large room that did not fit her image of the structure above. It was a computer center with several consoles, screens, and above them, reached by a staircase, was a higher floor with big windows. She could see more computers and equipement in them.

A man approached David and saluted. " Coln. Tolls."

" At ease. What is it?"

" Outpost 3 reports confirmed sonar contacts 3 miles from Florida."

" Let me show Ms. Fuller to the R and I department, and then give me the details."

" Yes, sir."

" R and I," asked Sarah.

" Research and identification." The went up the stairs, and down the hall. David's card opened up the door.

A man with short black hair and a tanned face turned to the open door and walked towards them. " Hello Coln. Tolls."

" Dr. Royce Tyler, this is Sarah Fuller."

Royce shook Sarah's hand. Sarah was a woman of medium height, with long red hair tied back in a ponytail. " Welcome to G Force, as some of us here call it. You're the folklorist I was told about?"

" Yes. I have many questions."

" I'll answer them and introduce you to the team." David left them, and Royce ushered her to follow him. " I'm the head of the research and identification department and a biologist. Our job is to study the kaiju, find ways to keep them quiet, and name them. You will help us with that last one."

" I'm here to name giant monsters?"

" It makes it easier for the miliary to give these creatures monikers rather than call them kaiju 1 or kaiju b." Sarah agreed it was. They moved to a room where two people were at work. Royce cleared his throat, and they stood up. One was a woman of middle age with graying hair, but sharp eyes. The other looked like he had just gotten out of college. He was tall and had long hair and glasses. " The lady is Prof. Jill Standler, a chemist. The kid is Frank Bilson. He's our IT and handyman."

" Who is she," Frank asked.

" Sarah Fuller. Language and folklore expert."

" It's a pleasure to have you with us," Jill said. " We needed another woman in this department."

Royce took Sarah from her new friends to another corner of their space. She first saw his bald head, with headphones over his ears. Royce tapped his shoulder. As the man rose, she saw a lean and fit body. " This is Dr. Tim Hill. He's our marine biologist. He's addicted to work, so you may not see him that much."

" I'm studious," Tim corrected. " Royce, I've been going over the recordings from outpost 2, and we may have something."

" Outpost 2....That would be Glaucus. What is he up to?"

" I have an idea, but I need more data to be sure."

" I'll see what I can do."

Royce and Sarah stopped at a desk. It was less science and more office looking. " This is your area. Down the right hall is the breakroom, and the bathroom is right across the hall. Anything else before I introduce you to our rogues gallery?"

There were 6 known kaiju. The previously mentioned Glaucus was a huge mutated sea slug. It was of the species Glaucus Atlanticus, blue and silver in color, with projecting cerata that ended in deadly stings. However, this kaiju was a bottom dweller and had never threatened human life. The next sea dweller was not so harmless. Leviathan, as they named it, was turtle like. Its back was covered by a hard, bony carapace studded with sharp ridges. It had hit ships on occasion while following migrating whales, its favorite meal. Leviathan's head was short and the lower jaw projected like a barracuda. It had a powerful tail and 2 strong flippers.

The land dwellers began with Surt, She recognized the name from Norse legend; A fire god or demon. It was a serpent with 4 eyes and poison breath. It had first been seen when a volcano errupted in Iceland, but had thankfully returned to its home fire. It had not been seen since. The next was Tusk. The kaiju was a huge pig, 70 ft long. It was small fry as most kaiju went, but was an active creature. They kept regular surveilance on that one. The last was Qeutzal. It was another serpent, but this one was a jungle dweller. It had large sails on the side of its body that when flapped could cause tornado force winds. It was a peaceful kaiju, though, and only bothered those who came too close to its territory.

The final kaiju was Nocturn. It resembled a whip scorpion, but possessed only six limbs and had wings. It was nocturnal, as the name suggested, and hunted at night. It had taken down some aircraft over the southwest united states until the area was made a no fly zone. Now only drones patroled that part of the sky, watching the flying hunter.

These were the 6 kaiju, but the R and I department was always watching for more.

To be continued
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Kaiju are just like people- giant, radioactive people.

Megalon went into a bar and saw Gigan. Megalon said, " Again? I thought you gave this up."
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Re: R and I Dept.

Postby edgaguirus » Fri Oct 18, 2019 12:44 pm

Helicopters flew overhead. The forest of Germany was a green carpet below them, and they soon saw activity up ahead. Increasing speed, they saw the giant pig running through the trees. Tusk's red eyes were visible above the tree line.

" Target spotted. Deploying agent." The helicopters sped on ahead of the fast moving Tusk, coming into a broad U formation. From nozzles on the bottom of the copters came a spray of purple powder. It grew thick in the air, descending to the trees and ground below. Tusk slowed as he approached the powder. His strong nose detected the repellant odor and he backed away. Tusk moved right, but the spraying continued all around him. Tusk turned left, and then right again, but he always ran into that awful stench.

The helicopter pilots heard Tusk scream in frustration, and wheel back. It ran back towards its designated area. " Target returning to territory. Are returning to base."

Sara Fuller was typing reports. Naming kaiju was just one part of the job; She also aided her colleges in cataloging and recording the information they collected. It helped her to learn more about these creatures. She read about Tusk's aversion to certain plants. She read about Nocturn's hunting strategies, and observations of Quetzal's natural behavior. It was fascinating reading.

" Don't you know it's lunchtime," said a voice. Frank was standing nearby, and he moved a bit closer.

" I'm trying to learn all I can about these kaiju," she answered. " There's a lot to go over."

" You can stop to eat. I know a good Chinese place not far from here."

Sara looked at Frank. " You're taking me to lunch?"

" Why not? I haven't had much chance to talk to you."

That was true, but she suspected more. Frank had looked at her a few times, and he was young. She was probably a better sight to him than Jill. " Ok. But just lunch. Got it?"

" I'm the perfect gentleman," he said with a smile.

They were on the way out when Royce stopped them. " There's been an update on the Andes situation. Come with me."

Dan Moore liked to take trains. They were comfortable and quiet, perfect for long distance travel. He was on the Andes Express line, and it was a cloudless day. The scenery was breath taking. He took out his phone to film it, and that's when he saw it. A plane was flying overhead, and then a green object appeared over a mountain peak. It headed straight at the plane. The plane tried to adjust course, but the green object dove swiftly at the plane. It hit the plane, and the plane lost a wing. This green object gripped the plane somehow, and then carried it away back over the peak.

Dan was paralyzed at the sight. He didn't believe in UFOs, especially ones that went after planes. What had he seen?

In the computer center Sara, her team members, and other staff gazed on the big screen. Coln. Tolls spoke. " This film was taken today at 11:45 am. It was posted to a site a few minutes later. That video has been removed as a precaution.

" Flight 164 had taken off at 11:30 am and was heading east when the pilot reported a UFO. It came straight at the plane, and then all contact was lost. This video provides a ground view of the attack." They all watched it, and Sara looked around at her fellow researchers. Tolls continued." This is the third unexplained accident in the Andes, but this time we have some information to work with. I want full surveillance on those mountains, and analysis of the video. Try to get some identification of that object."

The R and I department went straight to work. The video was poured over again and again. The image was magnified and altered by every possible filter, yet the image was still unclear. " The poster should have used a better phone," Frank said.

" I doubt a clear image could be achieved from the height of the object," Royce said. " It has a long shape, and appears to have some sort of wings, but that's all I can get."

" I gather we have people at the site where the wing fell," Jill asked.

" They're on the way," Royce answered. " This is all we have for now."

" Wait," said Tim. " Can you pause at 1 minutes and 8 seconds?"

The video was replayed and slowed. At the appointed time, it was paused. Tim looked at the screen closely. " See those things on the bottom of the green object. Play it slowly." They watched the slowly moving picture. Tim was right. At least four long objects extended towards the plane, wrapping around it like ropes and pulling it towards the body.

" That can't be mechanical," Sara said.

" It's not any machine arm," Tim agreed. " That has to be alive."

" Looks like we've got number 7," Frank said.

to be continued...
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Kaiju are just like people- giant, radioactive people.

Megalon went into a bar and saw Gigan. Megalon said, " Again? I thought you gave this up."
" What can I say," Gigan asked. " I'm hooked."

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