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Postby MorgansTShirt » Sat Apr 06, 2019 9:06 pm

I'm hardly a beginner to writing, having written at least twenty-something short fantasy stories in the span of three years, but in accordance to the rules, I'll be posting this passage in the beginners' circle.

It's the opening of a story I chose not to finish, but I thought it looked pretty okay by itself and figured others should be allowed to read and judge it on its own. Hope it's at least mildly amusing, if nothing else! Feel free to comment here, though I suppose there isn't much to comment on.

(this story was going to follow the Wandering Jew, who, out of simple curiosity (and slight weariness of immortality), sought an artificial simulation of the black oblivion of death.)

Edit: I've actually found use for this opening in a brand new short story, so I'll just delete this passage for now and pretend nothing was ever here!
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