My Kaiju battles

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My Kaiju battles

Postby TheRealSpinoRex » Thu Mar 07, 2019 10:18 am

Battle 1-

Godzilla (2019) vs Biollante (Part 1)

Another day in Tokyo. Godzilla had just finished a rain of fire upon a MUTO. These attacks had become common, and humanity's only defense was Godzilla. The Tokyo Institute of Technology and Science had been destroyed, and one of the employee's daughters had been killed. The scientist combined her cells with those of a rose. He later added G-Cells. The night the G-Cells were added, Tokyo had mysteriously went up in flames. Giant plant roots were everywhere, and in only a few months most of tokyo was a jungle. Godzilla's attacks had stopped for a while, and higher-ups at the The Tokyo Institute of Technology and Science decided to investigate.

Godzilla's Temple
About a month lather, Marine 5 was constructed. It was armed with weapons that would wake up godzilla if he happened to be unconscious. The submarine was deployed, and it dove down to Godzilla's undersea temple. It was a majestic sight. The pillars, statues and shrines were expertly constructed, architecture fit for the King Of The Monsters. The submarine stopped. Something quickly swam past. The sub tried to shine its lights, but the "thing" was too fast. The submarine's lights went out. The power had gone out. But only for the lights.

A Titan Attacks
The lights shined back on, and a gigantic fish had been revealed. Angoras (This thing, btw ttps:// ... -499581835) It waas a grotesque thing, and had a gigantic maw, easily capable of swallowing Marine 5 whole. The behemoth was slow, and the submarine managed to escape. The titanic fish gave chase, and Marine 5's cameras showed a sleeping Godzilla about to stir...

The King Of The Monsters Fries A Fish
The grotesque monster swam towards Godzilla before he could react, and bit on his arm. The King shook the fish off, and grabbed it by the fin. He threw it to the floor, and let out his Atomic Breath. After the water became clear again, chunks of flesh were visible, littered around the floor.

Part 2 coming... when I feel like writing one.

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