Intrusion: a Doctor Who-Evangelion-Godzilla Crossover

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Intrusion: a Doctor Who-Evangelion-Godzilla Crossover

Postby Andrew the Gojifan » Mon Sep 10, 2018 11:41 am

Chapter 1

Golden energy flew through the console room of the time machine known as the TARDIS. This was Regeneration : the explosive process that a Time Lord went through in order to renew their body. Sparks flew across the room as the golden energy ceased to emerge out of the Time Lord's body; the regeneration finished. Hands too small for the sleeves of the suit worn reached towards the console room's monitor; shifting so the new body's reflection could be seen. The reflection revealed a golden haired woman with jaw length hair. Clearly the Time Lord had no problem with this as her next words were " Oh, brilliant!"

What was not so brilliant was that as soon as she pressed a button, the console room sparked. The monitor proclaimed a multiple system failure. The console room tilted as she tried to hold on to a piece of the console, only for that piece to combust, leaving her free-falling for the 10,000 feet separating her from the cold hard concrete below.

Naturally when one sees a glowing woman on the pavement they tend to be curious. Doubly curious was the fact that the city had gone into special emergency mode around that time. This was the strange string of happenings that had occurred to 14 year old Shinji Ikari. He had been sent here by his father, with whom he had not had contact for years. He was to wait here for a purple haired woman called Misato Katsuragi.

"Uh, hello?" a voice called in English, zoning him back in to reality. Unfortunately he didn't know that language
"Hello!" The voice repeated with a cheerful tone, this time in Japanese.
"Hello. Who are you?" Asked Shinji, clearly going out of his comfort zone.
"I'm the Doctor. How about you?" Asked the woman
"I'm Shinji Ikari." The boy said.
She walked into the telephone booth and tried dialing in a number
"All normal lines are out of order due to the state of special emergency." The phone automatically said. The doctor pointed a glowing object at it.
"The number you are calling is unavailable." The phone said. It was better than "All lines are unavailable." and made sense after what happened to the console.
"How did you do that?" The boy asked.
"Sonic Screwdriver." Said The Doctor.

Now she had to find out where she was. Judging by the boy's looks and knowledge(or lack thereof) of English , she was in Japan. But where in Japan? A sign a while away could hold the knowledge she seemed. She checked the road and crossed. Unfortunately she did not account for speedsters. A blue Renault Alpine sped through the curve nearby. It didn't have time to slow down upon noticing The Doctor. She dived but she was still hit.
Strewn across pavement for the second time, she began glowing yet again. Her pelvis, which had been hit badly, rearranged itself. She stood up and looked to her left where the speedster, a purple woman. Looked at her.
"You, with me, now."

Two hours later they were on the flooded coast of Japan.
"Abnormally large organism. Probably powered by that red core. I'd reckon it was killed by a larger predator." Said The Doctor, deducing what had happened
Another blonde doctor stood behind her. The other doctor cleared her throat:
"I'm Dr. Ritsuko Akagi. Who do you happen to be?" She said, unimpressed at this new person's deduction skills
"Call me The Doctor. I reckon you're a specialist in this field."
"You could say I am." Ritsuko said
"How about we do each other a favour: you find me somewhere to stay and I tell you what killed it." The Doctor offered
"Do please, if you happen to know." Said Ritsuko
"That thing" she pointed to a small jagged cliff about 20 meters in height. The cliff moved as a massive amount of volume was displaced resulting in the whole hill they were standing on tumbling back into the sea.
Barely holding on to what remained of the hill, they looked as the cliff was joined by other identical cliffs; they were but plates on a monster's back. It's skin was charcoal black and it's head was shaped in a reptilian way.
In the meantime, The Doctor discarded as many of her clothes as politely possible.
"What are you doing, woman?" Asks Ritsuko.
"There was a lot of radiation in the air. I absorbed it then concentrated it into my clothes."
"You. With me. Now."

Yet another few hours later a group of soldiers stood outside of a small home.
"Is this really necessary?" A man with glasses asked the captain as five soldiers entered the house with orders to kill the Doctor.
"Seriously captain. Five men with armour and guns against one woman."
The five soldiers tumble out of the window landing with a thud about 25 meters away.
"Good grief!"
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