Fan Fiction Box Office[Official Discussion and Updates]

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Fan Fiction Box Office[Official Discussion and Updates]

Postby ernesth100 » Wed May 23, 2018 6:13 pm

Welcome to the Fan Fiction Box Office!

The Link To The Chart Is Available For View Here: ... =186001220

"But Ernesth, why a Box Office?! This is dumb delete the thread please GvJ!"

Well actually, our friendly neighborhood moderator was kind enough to help me flush out and dust off this age old concept; and refurnish it for modern day usage. So honestly y'all must have questions naturally.

1. How Does It Work?
- Simple it's a basic system. Let's say for now simply first come first served with a slot and overall view calculation. But once the thread gets more attention and we actually have consistent people who would like to partake. it'll delve deeper into actual numbers and popularity over first come. As would an actual movie industry partake in.

2. Wait, huh? What's a View Calculation?
- Oh my bad, sorry. Well alright. Let's say you have a one-shot, series, or series of one-shots. Now based on how many views that the discussion thread and actual story thread have. You'll get what we behind the scenes call an "Overall Score". Let's give a quick demo. You have 500 views on your discussion and 6,000 views on the actual story that would total to about 6,500 Overall Score. Along with others that could be extremely low or extremely high. All depending on who applies to be entered and their numbers.

3. Alright So How Exactly Do I Enter?
- Inbox me your story link, I'll read the first part. If there are too many spelling errors off the bat, you will not be considered. If your story is old and hasn't been updated within the past month(2 months being negotiable via inbox); it will automatically not be considered. If your views are beneath 1,000 combined, you will also not be considered once the FFBO kicks into full operation. Once accepted you'll receive an inbox locking your position in the FFBO(obviously subject to change) along with your official score which will update everytime a new chapter is posted and more views come in.

4. Sounds like a clean idea? What's the catch?
- Your first born child...joking. Maybe, but in all professionalism. I will inform you once your story ends you are automatically removed. Or if another story that outranks your enters I may be forced to replace slots based on the numbers. So if anything the only catch is competition. That said, do try to keep it friendly folks.

This thread in itself is merely for discussion, news and sometimes review on the top titles. Good luck, and remember the pen is power....or in this case the keyboard.
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