Godzilla Vs Atara: The Monster of the past

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Godzilla Vs Atara: The Monster of the past

Postby RollDaDice » Sat Aug 19, 2017 3:28 pm


My name can be anything you want. I never was good at formalities. As a matter of fact, its not a good idea to give away my identity given the consequences. I'm hoping nobody sends this to some fictional horror story site. What I'm about to address is not made up...

Five months ago, I was given a job to explore the Arctic. It was colder than I expected. I'm so used to the harsh heat of desserts and jungles.

I am a paleontologist, my folks should have known after my obsession for Jurassic Park. Something about childhood and dinosaurs go hand and hand.

I'm sorry for going off-topic, I tend to do that a lot. Typing out my thoughts is very therapeutic. My narcotic nature must of played a big role of my survival.

Like a Hollywood b-movie, I was grouped with the worst of the worst. No I mean it. These people were good at what they do but they the most terrible people I ever met. Although, I kind of wish they were still alive with their big guns and survival skills.

Let me tell you something, they are the most self loathing, jaded tools I've ever met in my entire existence. I rather be stuck with snotty professors thank you very much.

God, I'm bad at this. I was all "my name can be anything you want" at the beginning . I started off all mysterious and ominous. I can never be cool.

Look, you want me to get to the point? Alright, we found a mummified dinosaur beneath the Arctic. Turned out, it was mummified at all, it was in a cocoon like state. "whoops". A few of my "crew" was killed by this nightmare in flesh. All my hopes and dreams of becoming rich for discovering a dormant beast was shattered.

Later on after that massacre, turns out we were being hunted by these humanoids that came out of the creatures back.

Now get this... the humanoids resembled its victims... A.K.A the crew that it slaughtered. Only difference is that they were naked and pale.

They are reborn as this monster's apprentices and worshipers. I found this fascinating and also horrifying.

Oh my God, now I can't get the image of them being born out of the monster's back. Its not funny. They were pale and their voices were so monotone. Yes, I disliked these men but they didn't deserved this. A fate worst than death.

If this beast kills more humans, it can spawn more of those humanoids.

The only thing I can think of that can kill it is... Godzilla. The chances of these two monsters meeting is so slime.

Godzilla fought that-what's his name- Ghidrah? Ghidorah? Maybe he could the same for this monster...?

Maybe... It's like trying to get someone to fight a bully for you.

Now, I am dreaming up a possibility that will never happen. There's no way that brute will ever assist humanity...

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