Zilla vs. Gryphon (Rough Draft No. 1)

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Zilla vs. Gryphon (Rough Draft No. 1)

Postby SonOfGorgo » Sat May 27, 2017 2:22 am

Zilla vs. Gryphon (Rough Draft No. 1)

In Autumn 2000 (Set after the events of both Godzilla: the Series and the cancelled Godzilla '98 sequel), somewhere in the icy waters off Siberia, a salvaged ship is retrieving reactor cores dumped there by the Soviet Union during the Cold War. Something goes wrong and a mammoth explosion destroys the ship. On shore, the snow catches fire and a crevice opens up, oozing out steaming piles of what appears to be blood. The HEAT team (Niko Tatopoulos, Audrey Timmonds, Mendel Craven, Elsie Chapman, Philippe Roaché, Monique Dupre, Anna Charlton, Randy Hernandez and "Animal") are flown to the site to investigate the incident, as their friends Zilla Junior, Komodithrax and their offspring (The Runt) sense something as well.

Soldiers led by Anthony Hicks carry off entire barrels of the 'blood', which upon examination resembles nothing more than amniotic fluid. Upon arriving, Team HEAT and a few other scientists discover a giant bird-like creature in the caverns, where the 'blood' was oozing off from. The monster awakens, unintentionally kills some of Hicks's troops and gets attacked by Zilla Junior and Komodithrax before fleeing. The flying monster then attacks the Odo islands. A surviving fisherman calls the monster "Rodan", after recognising it from an ancient Japanese legend.

In 2002, two years later, Philippe, Monique and Anna sneak into a mental hospital in Japan to interview the fisherman, and the fisherman shows them pictures he drew of Rodan locked in battle with another monster. The military police then arrive and apprehend the three.

Somewhere in Washington, a meteor crashes into a large lake. In California, the US military has established the St. George Project, a top-secret project to find Rodan. Anthony Hicks is the project's director. HEAT are brought on board to help find Rodan, despite that Hicks doesn't approve of the idea. Meanwhile, back in Siberia, another military base was constructed where Rodan was first found. Then, a strange light was seen illuminating from a previously undiscovered cave, branching off from Rodan's cells.

Back in Washington, the strange bio-metallic meteor begins to stir, flowing through the sediment like a mass of liquid metal. The probe enters a cave and absorbs a whole colony of bats, creating 24-foot wingspan creatures called Probe Bats. HEAT fly to the facility in Siberia where the amniotic fluid has begun to flow again in the cavern. Nick then insists this was the proper time for Rodan to be reawakened, but the salvaged ship disrupted things and released them early. The side cave is lined with strange organic structures, remnants of an ancient society with advanced bio-technology. No one sees a small creature strike Anna and bury into her ear, even she doesn't feel such. Events progress in Washington, as strange events occur as Cameron Winter discovers the ever-morphing probe and ends up assimilated.

In the Pacific, Rodan is reported flying towards Hawaii, where Zilla Junior and Komodithrax are swimming towards as well. The HEAT team soon arrive but Anna becomes ill and is rushed to a hospital. The navy and air force are the dispatched to counter Rodan. After a crushing defeat, the military consider using a small nuclear device to destroy the monster, but Nick advises against it. He feels that Nick further postulates that the amniotic fluid wasn't food as previously supposed, but a tranquiliser to keep Rodan asleep. The fluid is hastily stored in gas bombs to subdue the flying kaiju. Rodan is soon knocked down with help from Zilla Junior and Komodithrax.

The military secure the unconscious Rodan and airlifts him back to the base in California, where he is housed in a huge hangar. Upon studying, Nick and crew conclude that not only is Rodan a living nuclear reactor like Godzilla, and that what the monster breathes might have to do with the chemical gas Radon, hence the name. However, they also speculate that Rodan may not be a mutant nor a natural creature. At an army hospital, the strange infection Anna has grows worse, consuming her internal organs and leaving her face lifeless and with eyes pitch black. Before she dies, Anna tells the rest of HEAT that she has been taken over by an ancient force. The force has told them of its history and the threat that has come to Earth: an alien civilisation that deploys probes to aid its colonisation of the universe. These probes consume the native life of the target world and create a doomsday beast from the genetic material. By the time the aliens arrive, the probe would have wiped out all the life on Earth. An ancient Earth civilisation (possibly Atlantis or Mu) warded off these probes by crafting Rodan from the pterosaur genes. Rodan would awaken when the probes arrived and destroyed them before they could reproduce.

In Washington, the probe bats continue to absorb animals, returning to the cave with their genetic collections to deliver to the main mass of the probe, which is slowly starting to take on a definitive form. Team HEAT, upon hearing Anna's story, conclude that Rodan was headed for the location of the meteor crash. HEAT travel their way to the lake, don scuba gear and dive into the water. They discover a tunnel leading upwards from the bottom of the lake that leads them into a series of caves. They're terrified when they spot a giant paw. The paw is attached to the newly formed shape the probe has assumed. The monster has the body of a puma, the huge wings of a bat and a hydra-headed tongue composed of snakes. The probe has become The Gryphon, of the Japanese fisherman's drawings. Randy accidentally bangs his air tank against the cave wall. The sound then awakens the dormant Gryphon, and the team hastily retreat but the monster pursues them. As they surface, they seems safe. Suddenly the water churns and the Gryphon emerges into the air. The Gryphon breaks loose and flies away into the unknown.

The monster destroys a jet plane and a blast fuel storage tank with energy bullets, killing hundreds of people in the process. Despite the dip of amniotic fluid being given to him, Rodan awakens, destroying the hangar and slipping into the Atlantic sky. It is clear that he has sensed the Gryphon's awakening. It is later determined that the two monsters will run into each other in Tokyo, Japan. Zilla Junior, Komodithrax and the Runt pursue the flying behemoth and HEAT follow close behind eventually as they finally arrives, team up with Rodan and engage the Gryphon in battle. The Gryphon attacks Rodan in the sky, forcing the pterosaur back to the shore. Rodan loses at first because a tank filled with the amniotic fluid is still attached to his neck, but the HEAT team manage to destroy the tank as Zilla Junior and Komodithrax distract the Gryphon. After a lengthy battle, the united efforts of Zilla Junior, Rodan, Komodithrax and the Runt emerge victorious. Air force jets preape to fire at the monsters, but Nick calls them off and bids Zilla Junior farewell. The HEAT team watch from the shore as Rodan returns to the sky and Zilla and his family disappear into the ocean...

The End?

So that was my first draft. What do you think? Any advice or suggestions? Please feel to express your opinions and constructive criticism in the comments below. Thank you.
Still the best... 8-)

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