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Star Wars: Balance of the Force Announcement and Sign-Up

Posted: Tue Dec 20, 2016 11:22 am
by Godzilla The King
A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away…


WAR! The galaxy has erupted into a state of chaos and turmoil. Never before has the line of good and evil been so blurred.

The evils of the rising GALACTIC EMPIRE have been revealed shortly after the end of the CLONE WARS. Warriors once loyal to the DARK LORD OF THE SITH have found themselves betrayed, and now form an uneasy alliance with the collapsing REPUBLIC. No longer is this a case of the SEPARATISTS against the REPUBLIC, but the ancient machinations of the SITH have arisen to devour the entire galaxy!

As the new face of war settles in, the REPUBLIC and its allies have gathered news of a new super weapon the EMPIRE is constructing, a weapon with no equal in the cosmos…

Yes, I am trying my hand at a Star Wars story in the fanfiction section and if some of you are old-timers you might recognize this as an old concept. The title comes from Vatarian's RPG and the concept is from our very own FF mod, GvJ with his story that never got off the ground. I also had help from Gira, who helped me with that great opening crawl!

Some rules before y'all sign-up

1. Make sure the names fit within the universe, yes real names exist but they aren't just "Bobby Bob"
2. Made up races are allowed within reason, no crazy powers or things that'd break the set tone of this universe. Canon (or Legends) races are recommended unless they are crazy too.
3. No trying to one-up each other please, every character will get their moment to shine.

Abilities: (be reasonable here! Make sure it all makes sense!)

Hope you enjoy!

List of Canon Characters
Republic/CIS :
General Grievous
Shaak Ti
Obi-Wan Kenobi
Plo Koon
Aayla Secura
Captain Rex
Saw Gerrera
Wat Tambor and other Separatist Leaders
Ahsoka Tano
Others pending

Darth Vader
Galen Erso (Unwillingly)
Commander Cody
Barriss Offee

Re: Star Wars: Balance of the Force Announcement and Sign-Up

Posted: Tue Dec 20, 2016 11:35 am
by Giratina93
Name: Rel Vaaum

Gender: Female

Allegiance: Seperatist Remnants

Position/rank: Advisor/ Assassin

Weapons onhand: Blaster, Sniper Rifle, Assassin Droid, Amphistaff

Species: Human

Appearance: A girl of 23 years of age, Rel has long brown hair that reaches to the shoulders and jaded white eyes. She is 5ft 6, and has a sweet, almost pleasant appearance to her. Her clothes are actually specialized armor, similar to those of other assassins on the Clone Wars era like Zam Wesell.Her skin is light and not tanned at all, but there are scars running down her arms and face, scars of a very rough childhood.

Personality: Rel is a callous, yet very collected and professional woman with a crude sense of humor. When needed, she can be very polite, and almost pleasant, but that hides a broken, bitter woman. She is most at ease not around other organic beings, but the dumb droids Grievous orders around, since they make her feel smarter than she is, though she is plenty smart herself. When on the hunt, however, she is nothing but serious, and her allegiance is only to the Seperatist cause, even with Palpatine no longer heading the Seperatist cause.

History: Rel was born on a planet located beyond the outer rim, her mother a slave to a species known as the Yuuzhan Vong. Raised among this violent, fanatical aliens, she took in their culture, their ways and mannerisms, acting as a vassal to the ruling class. However, they also trained her into an expert warrior, teaching her the ways of their greatest fighters. But when the Seperatist armies came in greater hordes than the Yuuzhan forces did a few years ago, they left her behind to be taken captive by the CIS. Within the past few years, her bitterness over the cowardous Yuuzhan for leaving her behind has meant she worked hard to ascend the ranks of the CIS, to becoming the chief assassin of their forces, ready to kill both rebel, Empire, and anything else standing between the CIS and victory. With the uneasy alliance between most of the Seperatist forces and the Republic, she has found herself being forced to accept them as her new allies, and now focuses solely on those who oppose the Seperatist cause, with a warning for the future: "Once the Empire is destroyed, this alliance is over, and all of you rebels will either accept Separatist supremacy, or die by my hands."

Skills/powers: She is highly athletic and strong, but still within the realm of human plausibility. What IS highly unique about her, is that like her Yuuzhan raisers, she is immune to most aspects of the Force except for indirect contact and force lightning. This has made her a truly terrifying assassin, since if she can't be sensed, she can line up an easy kill.

Re: Star Wars: Balance of the Force Announcement and Sign-Up

Posted: Tue Dec 20, 2016 12:30 pm
by GodzillavsZilla
Name: Ko Tai

Gender: Male

Race: Neimodian

Allegiance: Jedi/Republic

Appearance: 5 ft 9', wears a brown robe and brown boots, and has a robot hand. Like many of his species, he has green skin with orange eyes. Has a blue lightsaber.

Personality: basically a leader like Mace Windu, but is smarter and dispite his age of 73, he is stronger than most of the other members of the Jedi Council, unlike others of his species, who are cowardly. He is a great teacher thanks to his wisdom of the force and lightsaber combat, helping teach some of the best Jedi such as Obi-Wan Kenobi and Anakin Skywalker, however; sometimes he tends to almost abandon his own padawan to help teach another student or go on a mission without him, which makes other Jedi question if he is capable of training his padawan to knighthood. He's also curious of his surroundings and always interested in anything that doesn't try to kill him.

History: Ko Tai was born in 92 BBY, at the young age of 2, Ko Tai was founded by the Jedi on his homeworld: Cato Neimodia, he was then taken to the Jedi Temple where he was taken care of until he was the right age to be trained. Years after his Youngling days, he was trained as a Padawan by the same Jedi who had taken him to the temple. He was a fast learner and had learned everything that his master had taught him when he was 17. He became a Jedi Knight when he killed a Sith; who at the time he suspected to be a dark Jedi, though not before the assassin killed his master. He quickly rose to the rank of Jedi Master after serving in many battles, eventually getting a seat on the Jedi council.

He had trained two padawans. One had been for a brief time before he tried to kill him and the other had been with him since the Battle of Geonosis. He also helped train many of his friends' students while they were away. Eventually one day, he had lost his hand during a fight with General Grievous, which he was glad to get out of alive.

Abilities: Can do any Jedi force power, surprisingly agile for his age.

Re: Star Wars: Balance of the Force Announcement and Sign-Up

Posted: Tue Dec 20, 2016 1:23 pm
by Godzilla The King
Accepted both of ye!

Re: Star Wars: Balance of the Force Announcement and Sign-Up

Posted: Tue Dec 20, 2016 4:05 pm
by UltramanGoji
Perfect timing! I've been in a Star Wars-crazy mood ever since Rogue One!

Name: Darth Bálor (BAY-lore)

Gender: Male

Race: Weequay

Allegiance: Sith

Appearance: Bálor is of average height and is slightly stocky in his build. Tattoos litter his body, the most prominent being an enormous maw of teeth that spans from his upper lip down to the top of his chest. Others include red scar-like stripes running up his arms and red splotches around the maw. His skin coloration is a charcoal black and has a leathery feel to it. His hair is mostly shaved except for some red and black dreadlocks that hang from the back of his head. Bálor's outfit includes a black tattered cloak that's missing its hood, fingerless maroon gloves, and black boots.

Personality: Selfish, aggressive, deceptive, all perfect words to describe Bálor. If a rare alliance is made, he will focus primarily on how it can benefit him before anything else. Despite his ruthless nature, Bálor loves to read and his favorite tomes are ancient Sith legends. His biggest flaw stems from his abrasiveness. It's easy to distract him during a duel, taunting seems to be a particularly effective method.

History: Some say he is a former Jedi master who was banished for his ruthlessness. Others claim he is a demon, the physical embodiment of the Dark side itself. Whatever his origin, Darth Bálor was not always the evil barbarian he is today. In his mind are fragments, memories of a peaceful past shattered by an inconvenient awakening. Bálor learned of the Dark side through ancient scriptures which told the legends and ways of the Sith. His mind racing at the potential these teachings could give him, Bálor began training himself rigorously. Bálor's sights are set on the acclimation of power through fear. He will stop at nothing to make sure the galaxy is kept in check, even if it means taking down any of his fellow Sith with him.

Abilities: Due to his self-taught ways, Bálor's force abilities are unbalanced. Lifting objects bigger than a man require intense concentration and anything more than that could potentially kill him. Bálor's expertise lies primarily in lightsaber combat, in which he wields a red curved-hilt lightsaber. The curved-hilt allows him greater finesse and more precise control with his blade. Bálor's force sensitivity is very limited and he cannot sense emotions or predict moves with it. He relies primarily on non-Jedi combat training to gain the upper hand.

Reading through this, I hope I didn't make him too overpowered or generic. I can fix anything that needs to be fixed. :)

Excited to see how this turns out!

Re: Star Wars: Balance of the Force Announcement and Sign-Up

Posted: Tue Dec 20, 2016 4:31 pm
by Godzilla The King
That might be fun!

Re: Star Wars: Balance of the Force Announcement and Sign-Up

Posted: Wed Dec 21, 2016 9:54 am
by Godzilla The King
Name: Korrith Ton-Arr

Gender: Male

Race: Human

Allegiance: Jedi/Republic

Appearance: He looks to be a man in his late 20’s with long black messy hair hair and bright green eyes along with a slightly long nose. On his somewhat tall and lanky body, he wears a traditional Jedi robe along with with a more casual white outfit than most Jedi. On him, he carries a white lightsaber with a black hilt that he created himself, as most Jedi do. Next to the saber lies a blaster, which is uncommon among Jedi.

Personality: Many would call Korrith a good person but a terrible Jedi, to which he would agree greatly. Sarcasm, skepticism and resourcefulness would be the only thing that has kept him alive this long but yet there is this desire in him to do the right thing when things go down. And although he often argues with the other Jedi about their role in the battle between the Light Side and the Dark, he is devoted to the Order. He’s willing to go against tradition if he must but also listens to the wisdom of Master Yoda.

History: Much of his attitude is from his upbringing, unlike most Jedi he lived on the streets for most of his life. Laetai, a small trading planet at first glance but infamous for its criminal activities and generally unpleasant attitude. It was here where he called home for the first 10 years of his life and where he was rescued by the Jedi. He met the Jedi that would soon be his master, who saved his life after a band of crooks were about to kill him for robbing them. Once his Force sensitivity was found, he was taken in and trained to be a Jedi, though he often got into debates with the Council. He served in the Clone Wars as a great soldier and led his own group of Clones. Due to interference, Order 66 was not sent out to his clones but they still had to fight their way out of the planet. He still serves as a Jedi…

Abilities: His connection to the Force is weaker than most Jedi, barely able to push someone back and he struggles with lifting things larger than himself but he makes up for it with sheer skill in lightsaber combat, his style involves overwhelming his opponents with swings and distracting them. His blaster skills are very impressive as well as he’s able to shoot his opponents from far distances.

Re: Star Wars: Balance of the Force Announcement and Sign-Up

Posted: Wed Dec 21, 2016 5:48 pm
by DinoMaster
Name: Fal Kolor
Gender: Female
Race: Zabrak
Allegiance: Neutral, but leaning more Republic with the aggressive advances of the Empire.
Appearance: Similar at a basic level to that of a human, Fal's skin is a light red similar to that of Savage Opress. Her horns are in a line across the crown of her head, with two sticking out above the rest. Thin tattoos, similar to this cover her face and parts of her body, a feature seen in all Zabraks. She normally wears pilot gear, and isn't seen too far without a wrench and a blaster secured to her belt.
Personality: Fal is a more level headed being, normally looking at situations and making the most logical decisions of them all. When in contact with other sentient beings, she tends to be more aloof and distant, preferring to focus on the job and maintaining her ship than making friends with anyone. For the few that she has gotten close to however, they find a steadfast and loyal friend, and a good ally in terms of combat prowess, knowledgeable skills, and one of the best mechanics/pilots around(A fact she takes pride in).
History: Born in the middle of a space flight, Fal Kolor grew up with her father and mother on their long journeys as smugglers and ship freighters. She grew up in the hull as her home, learning more about other planets, races, and how things were in the universe than someone close to her age. Friends were far between each other, but she found time to learn, grow, and become an adult among a world slowly descending into war. She found that she greatly enjoyed working and steering the ship, and when she was old enough and had saved up enough, she purchased her own freighter (a modified C-ROC Gozanti-class cruiser) and did her own business with a Chiss copilot she had met years beforehand.

But as things drew to a climax with the Clone Wars, times were getting tough. More jobs kept ending in quick getaways, the blasters were out more, and people were far less friendly than they had been beforehand. Assuming it was just a rough spot, she and her Chiss copilot continued to do their work right up after the reveal of the Galactic Empire to challenge the Republic. From there, life on the Outer Rim became a harsh one. Planets that had once been free were now underneath the thumbs of a ruling class that wanted little more to see them dead. Work became quick ins and out, with smuggling overtaking more of the usual freight shipping that she had gotten accustomed to. On one of her latest one, they were discovered by the Empire, and were forced to run for the ship. Fal made it aboard without issue, turning around in time to see her copilot be shot and gunned down. Using his sacrifice, she navigated away from the Outer Rim and Imperial territory, and into Republic spacelanes. On the hunt for a new copilot and some work that doesn't involve getting killed, she roams from planet to planet.

Abilities: While not possessing much in Force abilities, her knowledge of ships, space travels, and fighting are quite excellent, having learned the martial art of Zavat in her time traveling.

Re: Star Wars: Balance of the Force Announcement and Sign-Up

Posted: Fri Dec 23, 2016 4:32 am
by Godzilla The King
Accepted and minor announcement, you can have up to 3 characters but I'd really recommend two since...well, let's not make things too hard on us.

Re: Star Wars: Balance of the Force Announcement and Sign-Up

Posted: Tue Dec 27, 2016 12:11 am
by GodzillavsJason
I finally have my character and here it is.

Name: Edrea Katima

Gender: Female

Race: Human

Allegiance: Galactic Empire

Rank: Admiral

Appearance: A woman of twenty-seven years old with brown hair which is usually seen in a ponytail, but goes down a little past her shoulders if she removes during leisure hours. She stands at 5'6 feet with white colored skin and on duty is seen with the Imperial Admiral attire. On her off duty hours, such as shore leave, she is seen in casual clothing, but still dresses in a respectable matter. She also dresses in Stormtrooper armor with yellow markings if she decides to go down to a planet for combat reasons or if she and her inner circle deems it necessary.

She is also usually accompanied by two Shock troopers with one of them being a clone trooper known as Boil and the other named Sierra, a member of the Chiss species who was raised by humans.

Personality: Edrea is an inspiring leader who is kind, compassionate and willing in a morally done way to get a mission finished. Meaning, she doesn't throw away lives or attack people and relish the idea of harming the innocent. She notices that other leaders of the Empire tend to user fear and disagrees with that notion as the ones who serve under you will haven no respect for you in the long run. She always makes her runs around the ship and gets to know her crew, which in turn causes them to have high morale and be honored to serve her. She has even heard that other soldiers, pilots, and other assorted crewmembers wish to join her, which always made her chuckle. Edrea is also known to recruit people regardless of what species they are and she treats them the same. She even allows rapidly aging clones to serve on her ship so long as they remove their inhibitor chips so they can have a mind of their own and not do anything outlandish like they did in Order 66. However, she refuses the assistance of droids or allow any troops outside of the norm, such as Krennic's preferred bodyguards known as Death Troopers. Due to the supposed rumors of their connections to Project Blackwing and their responsiblity of creating the zombie like troopers. She refuses to have any of his guard near her crew at any time as she does not want them infected even if no one knows if the rumors are true or not.

History: Edrea was born in 46 BBY on the planet of Naboo where she lived in a long line of military service from either the guard or part of the Republic's army. Edrea lived a relatively peaceful life with her family along exploring the beautiful city of Theed and it's outskirts. Unfortunately, when she was 14, the Invasion of Naboo began by the Trade Federation. Her, her family and so many others scrambled to hide and evacuate, but unfortunately a whole lot of them didn't make it. Her mother, uncle and older sister served as part of the guard and were trying to hold off the droids before she saw with her very own eyes the tragedy that took place. Her mother was slain by the overwhelming firepower of droids, her uncle crippled and her sister barely able to carry their uncle away to the safe zone. This left the family in depression as so many people they cared about are either dead or their fates unknown. They simply went into hiding until the crisis was dealt with.

Once, it was over she and her sister were reunited with their father, who was away with the Republic navy at Coruscant. The family decided it was best to leave Naboo and go straight for Coruscant to try and escape the terrible memories. However, this effort prove to be fruitless as months later, her uncle committed suicide who was unable to live with being crippled. Then about a year later, her sister left without saying goodbye in any shape or form. All that was left in her life was her father who mostly away due to his role in the fleet.

These chain of events left her depressed and develop an everlasting hate of droids and Neimodians of all kind as they were responsible for essentially the death of her family. Through time with the help of some friends and observing interactions, she has come to tone down her hate on Neimodians except for the ones involved with the CIS. Edrea still has an intense hatred for all droids minus astromech and protocal droids to the point where she refuses having any other droids on board her ship, even if they are of Imperial design.

In the year 28BBY, she signed herself up into the Republic army and served faithfully on her father's ship as a crewmember and even a private. Then by the clone wars she was promoted to Sergeant-Major with Clone styled armored with the green insignia on it. Plus, she was happily obliged to serve wherever the Republic needed her and even volunteering to go the most harsh wars in the galaxy. She rose through the ranks through the three years of the Clone Wars all the way to Marshall Commander due to her selflessness, compassion for her fellow combatants (Clones, jedi, etc) and getting impressive results during each of her missions. Several of which has garnered attention from the Chancellor himself and has even awarded her with several medals.

Through her achievements in the war, she also experienced some questionable moments in her life such as demanding that all droids (Again, minus astromech and protocol) be destroyed. Regardless if they surrender or offer valuable information as the trauma she endured as a teen makes her thing that droids don't deserve any rights whatsoever. Along with the fact that she signs up on any mission that involves Nute Gunray and his associates from the Invasion, hoping to end them. Unfortunately for her, this was never the case during the war as they were always able to escape.

At the end of the Clone Wars she was stationed on Manaan to protect the supply of Kolto and its citizens from the CIS when the call came in. She along with some of her non clone squad saw her clone forces aiming at the jedi sent to aid them. She tried ordering the clones to stop but they ignored her orders and executed the jedi. Aftwards. Edrea asked them why they executed them as the clones answered that they were collaborating with the CIS in destroying the Kolto. She and the others didn't believe and refused to believe, even when the Palpatine who became Emperor announced it. Later on she saw proof of some jedi working together with the droids that even though it angered her and only motivated her in apprehending them to be put on trial, she wasn't willing to damn the whole order. If she found any jedi on their own then she'd simply let them go, provided they didn't harm the Empire in any shape or form.

Once the Empire really rose in terms of military power, she was called upon by the Emperor and other high ranking admirals. They all saw her potential and while they didn't necessarily agree with her kinder methods, they did know it got the job and to make the Empire look good so they gave her the slip. Thus, promoting her to Admiral as she was assigned to locate and engage the newly formed alliance between the Republic remnants and the CIS. She was also given the freedom to recruit people she deemed worthy such as the clone trooper, Boil and her friend, Sierra who is essentially her closest friend since she moved to Coruscant. Plus, others that served with her during the Clone Wars such as the combat medic, Hacksaw (Selkath) who she gave him the nickname due to him carrying one and always threatening to saw off a limb if they talked about to him during routine checkups. She always knew he was joking, or at least she thought she did. Others include the former Trandoshan mercenary, Skaar, who she saved on a mission in the clone wars and provided intel on CIS movements in the Outer Rim. Jenna/Greaser (Twilek), her chief engineer who is always found to be covered in grease and dirt in doing her duties. Then her last inner circle companion is known as Merril (Human) an Imperial captain and comm specialist who is also Edrea's advisor.

From then on she was given her very own Venator cruiser (The Paladin) flying Imperial colors (Later on the story, she can be given a Star Destroyer) along with Accalmators and Tarton patrol cruisers on call if she were to ever need their services. As she mainly prefers having her flagship with her at all times as it causes less tension with the other races and helps bring out the element of surprise.

She is formidable ally of the Empire who may not agree with all of their beliefs such as xenophilia and treatment of people, but she does view at as a force that protects the galaxy. And she will do her part to make sure there is balance in the galaxy.

Gear: Is armed with a standard E-11 blaster, Bryar pistol as her sidearm, jet pack, thermal detonators and a pulse cannon (Sniper rifle).

Note: I was mainly going off on a Battlefront 2015 loadout.

I hope you like my character and if there's anything you want to me to change, let me know.


Imperial Shock Trooper:


Death Trooper:

Project Blackwing:

Re: Star Wars: Balance of the Force Announcement and Sign-Up

Posted: Tue Dec 27, 2016 5:51 pm
by Godzilla The King
Accepted and added a list of canon characters to the main list

Re: Star Wars: Balance of the Force Announcement and Sign-Up

Posted: Wed Dec 28, 2016 10:32 am
by Godzilla The King
Name: Marius Tordahn

Gender: Male

Race: Human

Allegiance: Empire

Appearance: Marius is what everyone thinks when they hear the words “Galactic Empire”, with his imposing figure but also relatively proper stance. He looks to be in his mid 30’s and stands over 6ft tall with short blond hair and piercing blue eyes, below his right eye lies a scar that goes down to his jaw. He wears a black armored Imperial uniform with red accents at all times, bearing his family crest as well and a black cape to show off his superiority. Marius holds a set of lean muscle that he keeps in check by putting himself through training.

Personality:Cold, callous and bloodthirsty are some of the best words to describe General Tordahn, as he displays these traits often. Loyal to the Empire, he aims to make sure their flag flies all across the galaxy and is willing to do anything to achieve that goal, even wiping out entire planets on foot. There is only one thing Marius respects: combat, he respects great soldiers. Yet, he also holds the belief of human superiority and enslaves non-human races, a practice that has gained him notoriety. He holds a grudging respect for Darth Vader but often refers to him by his real name, irritating the Sith Lord to no end. As stated before, he is loyal to the Emperor but he knows he’s expendable and could be replaced at any moment.

History: Born on Coruscant to a rich family, Marius lived a good life under the protection of the Republic for most of his life. Yet, he went to be a soldier, he wanted to fight for them and trained all his life to be soldier. As he grew older, he started to listen to Chancellor Palpatine and agreed with his views, he saw the man as the only one speaking sense in a idiotic Republic. When the Clone Wars happened he was affected on a trip to a planet, attacked by Separatist battle droids. Grabbing a weapon he held them off long enough until the Clones had arrived to take them out, earning his now infamous scar in the process. After the war ended, he saw confirmation of his beliefs when the Jedi supposedly attacked Palpatine and left him disfigured, then driven out of his own Empire shortly afterwards. He then joined forces with the Emperor, making up for the loss of Clones through his training, earning him the position of General. In his first victories against the Republic he left no survivors, earning him the title of the “Butcher”.

Skills: Skilled in hand-to-hand combat, expert marksman, good speaker and great tactician.

Re: Star Wars: Balance of the Force Announcement and Sign-Up

Posted: Mon Jan 02, 2017 9:02 pm
by GodzillavsZilla
Name: CC-24847/Commander Winters

Gender: Male

Race: Human (clone)

Allegiance: Galactic Empire

Appearance: Like many of his fellow Clone Troopers, he has dark skin with brown hair and brown eyes. Also like his fellow clones, he wears his Phase 2 Clone Trooper armor, his has purple stripes going down his armor as well as his arms and legs, and purple shoulder pads, though it has gotten dirty and worn out over time. His helmet has a purple visor improver, com-link antenna, and two purple J like markings going from the top of his helmet down to the side with his visor overlapping it (one looking like a normal J and the other looking like a backwards one). He carries around a Vibroblade with a few straps on his back, he also normally carries a DC-15A blaster rifle.

Personality: Winters is a dedicated trooper, always wanting his job done and will always follow orders. He's also open to anything said to him be it criticism or friendly remarks. Commander Winters is one of the perfect examples of a Clone Trooper. However; one of the things that sets him apart from other troopers is his fascination with lightsaber combat.

History: Like all of his fellow clones, CC-24847 was born in 32 BBY on Kamino and did all of his necessary training, although he wasn't present in the Battle of Geonosis, he heard stories of it which made him eager to get into battle. Days after the battle took place, he was assigned to be apart of a battalion led by Jedi Master Ko Tai, who visited Kamimo that day. The Jedi met him and decided to talk to him, giving him his nickname; Winters, because of his then white armor. During their chat, Ko Tai told him that he would appoint him to be his commander, Winters accepted it as did everyone else since that was what he was born to do. The two fought in several battles together during the Clone Wars, both of them gaining the other's trust more and more, the Jedi even let him train with him and his padawan when they weren't fighting the Separatists since he was interested in lightsaber combat, though he used a Vibroblade as opposed to a lightsaber.

Unfortunately, all the bonding he went through with his Jedi General couldn't stop Order 66 from happening. On the planet Mygeeto, him, Ko Tai, his padawan, and the other clones in the battalion had been fighting off droids, the order had gone through and Winters and the other clones opened fire on the Jedi, although Ko Tai made it out, his padawan didn't. As some sort of trophy, Winters took the Jedi's lightsaber, using it as his own.

Skills: Expert marksman, good at lightsaber combat, and good pilot.

Re: Star Wars: Balance of the Force Announcement and Sign-Up

Posted: Mon Jan 02, 2017 11:31 pm
by DinoMaster
Name: Unit 13, Ravager

Gender: N/A, considering it's metallic nature of a droid. Voice is masculine however

Race: BX Series Commando Droid

Allegiance: Empire

Appearance: Similar to that of the standard BX series, Unit 13 has had some post recovery modifications applied to him. The white eyes with lines through the middle have been replaced with simple cameras with red lights as the source (Think HAL9000), the fairly expansive brain being augmented to full AI, and the yellow green underlimbs and maroon armor of the standard model's being replaced by black underlimb coloration and white armor similar to that of a stormtrooper or a clone trooper.

Personality: While Commando Droids were never known for much personality in the first place, Unit 13 has a particularly cold and harsh one. Uncaring of enemy or ally's status, it is efficient and calculating. There are only a few that could really command the droid however, as it takes whatever it pleases to. This tends to upset the Clone Troopers, as it reminds them far too much of the galactic wide conflict that they had just finished. This suits Unit 13 well, as it will be inevitable before they will be terminated permanently.

History: Once one of the most elite units of droids available in the Separatist Alliance, Unit 13 was given an opportunity before the end of the first Galactic Conflict to a planet called Rishi, where they had attacked once before in the war. It was a fierce battle, with Unit 13 being one of the last survivors against a clone onslaught that fought fiercely to defend what was theirs. Recieving several blaster bolts to the face and torso region in an relentless bombardment, Unit 13 would have went down there and then, end of story.

But fate had other plans for the disabled and battered Commando droid.

With the birth of the Galactic Empire, one of the first places that was visited by Darth Vader was Rishi. As he arrived, he happened to pass the last of the droid bodies headed towards the compacter to be recycled. Something drew his attention to the fairly intact Unit 13, and called for the crew to stop. Perhaps he knew how useful the droid could be for more quiet things that needed to be hidden from the mainstream empire, or perhaps that a part of the Force resonated within the machine. . With his master already assembling an Inquistion group based off of the Sith training stolen from jedi and families alike, he knew that having a deadly killer at his command, and his command alone, would be extremely useful. He set the time aside to repair the droid, and give it a few upgrades to make it terrifying. When Unit 13 awoke, it knew more than it had before hand. The upgraded AI allowed it to feel emotions for the first time, to sense the world around it and realize that he would be needed again. Vader's surprisngly deft hands quickly allowed access to a few different forms of lightsaber dueling, more recent military equipment usage, and ways to hunt down Jedi for him. It did not long for Vader to dub the new droid Ravager, and put him on one of the most difficult tasks that anything had ever done before .

He was trained to kill Jedi.

Through eleven successful missions, and returning the lightsabera to Vader, rhe droid is almost always spoken in whisper, and avoided at all costs. The droid has done several other cases, and acts almost as good as a pilot like the clones were. while why this has happened is unknown, few want to accidental earn the wrath of Darth Vader

Abilities: Unit 13 has the standard capabilities of a commando droid still intact from the tampering such as advanced battle strategies, mutliple weapon use knowledge (Including vibroswords), and vehicle usage. Added in since his tampering/rebirth, Ravager can now pilot TIE fighters and more advanced vehicles and Imperial Weaponry, and has learned some lightsaber dueling skills for the inevitable clashes with Jedi to come.

Re: Star Wars: Balance of the Force Announcement and Sign-Up

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by GodzillavsJason
Name: Sierra Jervis
Gender: Female
Race: Chiss
Allegiance: Empire
Appearance: Blue skin with long black hair that's usually seen in a pony tail and red eyes. She stands at a tall height and with a skinny posture and is often seen in officer clothing except on the battlefield where she is seen in her Shock Trooper armor. However, in non-violent events she'll either wear a dress, or casual clothing, depending on what the situation calls for.

Personality: Smart, caring, brave, and persuasive as she is a very loyal friend to Edrea who she listens to on a regular basis due to their history. Such as Sierra being her oldest friend and the two going through a lot together in their teens and in the Clone Wars to where they'll do what the other tells them to do. She maintains a good relationship with Boil, Hacksaw and Jenna, but could get annoyed with some of Skaar's behaviors. Since she was adopted by humans, she has mainly has human customs instead of Chiss due to not being raised by them. Though, she has read some in book, but just keeps to human ones.

History: Her place of birth and biological parents are unknown as she was found in an alleyway as an infant when two humans found her. The two took it upon themselves to raise her and give her a normal life. She enjoyed her life as she developed a helpful, but a strict and orderly manner from her family. This causes her to be a capable servicewomen in the army in the future and in general, an outstanding citizen in the Republic. Soon enough she found the "broken" Edrea and paying it forward like her adoptive parents did to her. She helped her newfound friend causing her to think rationally and to sign up in the army of the Republic together. The two served together on many missions and always had each other's backs. Sierra wasn't much of a leader and preferred to serve and to stay loyal as she gladly handed the promotions to her friend. When the Clone Wars ended, she didn't hesitate in staying loyal to the new Empire and her friend to where the two continued to fight the good fight and to keep order in the galaxy.

Abilities:T-21 light repeating blaster, Smart rocket, Thermal Imploder, and Ion charges.

Name: Boil
Gender: Male
Race: Clone
Allegiance: Empire
Appearance: Still maintaining the average clone haircut and his beard and is usually seen in his Shock trooper armor, but will an officer's uniform for casual events.
History: After Order 66, Boil served the Empire like the by the book trooper he was, but Edrea, an old friend of his friend requested him to come join her team. Of course, she requested that he'd remove his inhibitor chip to make sure he thought for himself, even though in his perspective it was completely pointless. He followed through with the order and ever since then has felt the same. Despite it all, he still has a friendly relationship with Edrea and the rest of her inner circle and is happy to serve with them, though his loyalty to the Empire would sometimes disagree with her methods. Mainly, again, due to his by the book method.

Abilities: TL-50 Heavy Repeater, Smart Rocket, homing shot and explosive rounds.

Name: Hacksaw
Gender: Male
Race: Selkath
Allegiance: Empire
Appearance: Blue colored skin along with typically wearing modified Stormtrooper armor to the appearance of his very own species. The armor white with blue stripes and a medic plus symbol on his right shoulder. When aboard the Paladin or during casual events he is seen with light gray colored with tubes connecting throughout both the suit and skin. This is to have water flowing throughout his body to keep his skin moist.
Personality: Irritated, grumpy and hates it when people do reckless stuff are some of the things that describe Hacksaw. However, he is selfless as despite his friends not listening to them he does always get them patched up and enjoys it, even though he shows it by berating them. There are times where their recklessness caused them to be threatened by him sawing their limbs off, thus given the nickname, Hacksaw. He doesn't mind the nickname, but doesn't even bother going back to his original name due to them refusing to use as either some sort of humorous way or them getting back at him.

History: Born and raised on his home planet, Manaan he was born in a family of royalty who ran a big Kolto creation company. Despite knowing his family is doing good in making their natural healing herbs, he wanted to do more, to help people directly, hence him enrolling in one of their prestige medical schools where he became a brilliant doctor. For a time he joined a clinic in help and he enjoyed it, but it still wasn't enough for him, he wanted to do more, not just for his planet, but for the galaxy. He heard of the outbreak of the Clone Wars and knew his planet was neutral on it, but he sympathized with the Republic and decided to help. He soon found himself on many battlefields till he came across Edrea and the two became fast friends with them having the same ideals of saving as many lives as they can. At the end of the Clone Wars, when the Republic transitioned into the Empire, Hacksaw had some troubling thoughts on the newly formed Empire, but trusted his friend, Edrea in doing the right thing and stayed. Still focusing on his original mission of helping people and doing everything he can to help his friends.
Abilities: Bacta Bomb, Medical droid, personal shield, DL-18 Heavy Blaster Pistol and reserves of Kolto.

Name: Skaar
Gender: Male
Race: Trandoshan
Allegiance: Empire
Appearance: Green skin with red eyes and a huge scar on his face that runs past his left eye, hence how he got the nickname, Skaar. His body shape is lean which shows off due to his agile movements. His armor scheme is of a green and white spacesuit with pads of armor as he prefers mobility over armor, since he does have a slight healing factor that keeps him on the go. He refuses the Stormtrooper armor that Edrea generously offered, but stated that he would feel cramped inside.

Personality: Snarky, sarcastic and very humorous, someone who Edrea can always go to and have a good laugh along with a drink. He is always seen as the person to make the inner circle less on edge and giving them advice or telling them stories. However, he doesn't really care for either people as he wants them to mind their own business or on occasion, getting into fights and will even sign himself up to wrestle up some credits. He does all of this to avoid staying bored and constantly wants to be entertained.

History: Like any Trandoshans, Skaar took up the life of bounty hunting as he went across the galaxy partaking in as many bounties as he could or whatever else entertained him. Such as exotic weapons (Taking bowcaster as trophy after killing a wookiee he had a bount on), hunting, craftsmanship, gamble and even parties thrown on places like Coruscant. When the Clone Wars broke out, he viewed as a huge money making opportunity and decided to work whoever paid the highest. Of course that plan never worked out as he found himself attacked by the battle droids before he could offer up a deal, but fortunately he rolled a high number and found rescue by Edrea. He was soon patched up and felt he was in debt to the woman and offered his services to her. Not only did he provide her a "discount" on his services, but he threw in potential mining locations and some CIS flight patterns free of charge. She brought up on board and even convinced the Republic to put him on their payroll due to his help in the war. He still remains loyal to the Empire mainly for his continued paycheck, but more so to Edra due to their strong brother and sister like relationship.

Gear: Adrenaline Stim, Dioxis Grenade, Relby V-10 rifle, and Bowcaster.
Abilities: Extraordinary jumper and Predator vision (Which allows him to run twice as fast and enhanced strength, but leaves him vulnerable to flash grenades).

Name: Jenna/Greaser
Gender: Female
Race: Twilek
Allegiance: Empire
Appearance: Skin color is blue with black lips and is fairly short for a Twilek, being only five feet. She is also seen in a white shirt with black overalls and grease or burn marks on her due to working on vehicles or the Paladin itself. She also has modified Scout Trooper armor that resembles her species.

Personality: Excitable, enthusiastic, kind, knowledge in the engineering/tech departments and even a little crazy. She loves being assigned to work on tech or just to have fun around the ship such as playing pranks on the crew and to be around her friends.

History: She was raised by her father and mother who were poor merchants who were trying to make ends meet on Ryloth. She had a bit of a rough, but still one where she could play with friends and the such until the CIS invaded. Forcing them into slave camps and they executed her parents right in front of her eyes when they were trying to escape. This broke as the only way she can really cope from all of this was severally altering her personality into one of cheerful craziness and not taking anything seriously aside from tech. She was soon along with the other prisoners by the Republic when Mace Windu and Edrea drove the CIS off of Ryloth. She trying to live her old life on Ryloth, but had no purpose as she tried to sign up for the Republic, but found her to be unstable. Luckily for her Edrea saw potential in her and had her repair some vehicles and engines causing them to run better than before. Soon enough Edrea brought her on her crew and has enjoyed her life since then. Edrea even views her as her little sister, albeit a crazy one that is.
Gear: Scattergun (Shotgun), Shock grenade, Disruption, DH-17 Blaster pistol and engineering/repair kit.

Name: Merrill Harrison
Gender: Female
Race: Human
Allegiance: Empire
Appearance: Black colored skin with short, neat black hair and is always seen in an officer's uniform or in formal attire if it's a ball or party. Other than that it's always an officer's uniform.

Personality: By the book, observant, judging, caring (mainly for actual imperial personal) and strategic. She appears to be cold, calculating and ruthless and not caring for her fellow inner circle members. The others think she's racist, but it has nothing to do with racism, more or less as viewing them as unprofessional, such as trusting a bounty hunter, a medic with a temper and a lunatic on the inner circle. She views Edrea as even more unprofessional because of and doesn't understand why the Empire would put her in charge of a fleet. Due to her loyalty to the Empire, she complies with Edrea's orders and maintains a professional level relationship with her. Edrea, however is willing to crack open that outer cold shell and find out more about her newest member of her inner circle.

History: Her history is surprisingly well classified as all it's really said about her is that she was born in a middle class family on Carida and that she attended it's academy. She served during the last year of the Clone Wars, but rose quickly to Captain due to her being a comm specialist and excelling at predicting CIS droid movements. Just after the Empire was born, she was given the assignment of being placed on the Paladin to assist Admiral Edrea to track down the CIS remanats along with Edrea's quest on keeping the galaxy stable by charity and safeguarding the other races. She didn't like the idea on being on a ship that's so vastly different in terms of customs than the rest of the Empire and even openly detests the idea, but due to her loyalty, she accepted it. To this day, she doesn't respect half of the inner circle (Jenna, Skaar and Hacksaw), and has a professional level of respect for Boil, Sierra and Edrea.

Gear: DT-29 Blaster pistol, Laser trip mines, scan pulse and a ion torpedo.

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by Godzilla The King
Accepted all those side characters and the newcomers too!

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by Godzilla The King
I have started writing, Chapter One should be out within the next week.

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Expect this first chapter to be coming out soon!

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And it's out!

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by DinoMaster
A definite good start, with some decent establishment of the characters. That cliff hanger has me excited for the next chapter, and it was nice to see a few of the faces from Rogue One in there.