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The Nightwriters

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New York, The Bronx

A swift kick landed in the face of a mugger as he crashed to the ground with a streak blood coming out of his mouth. The crook got to his hands and knees only to turn around to another kick in the face. The crook lied on his back as he groaned while seeing the newly famous Crimson Hood standing over him with those blank emotionless eyes staring back him.

"Word of the wise. People like you need to stop this bag and tag them mugging poop. It doesn't make you cool and it certainly won't impress any of the ladies," The Crimson Hood said annoyed as she then pulled out one of her buzzsaws.

The mugger raised his hands in defense and said "Please! Don't kill me! I have a wife and three kids!"

The blind woman chuckled at the man's pathetic plea "Like I haven't heard that one and don't worry that's not my gimmick. I'll just cut off a limb or two for not only annoying me, but injuring one of the people you mugged."

"No! NO!!!!!!!" The mugger screamed out as The Crimson Hood brought down her buzz saw on the petty criminal and slashed at his arms.

The Nightwriters
Chapter 1
The Start

Kaiju and Kaijin Bar and Grill

Evelyn rested her legs on the table booth while she leaned back on the cushioning of the booth. Her head was almost to the lower half of the booth as she downed the usual, which was a huge bottle of whiskey, five shots of tequila and six bottles of hard liquor. How she could afford all of this when she worked at a convenience store was beyond anyone even to her. Though, she would have more money on her if it didn't take as much alcohol to make her forget. Not after what Yogini had done to her and one of the many parting gifts that skreeonks with her life was making her have a high tolerance to alcohol. Thus causing her to have a harder time getting drunk to make her forget all about it and even then her drunkenness only lasted for a short while.

To everyone else in the bar the woman was just simply that quiet drunk who kept to the shadows and couldn't even see her. She was wearing a gray hoodie which covered her head and a good portion of her face along with wearing black jeans. Then there's just how the light was greatly dimmed over her.

Evelyn took one last swig of whiskey from the bottle and decided that she was close as she was going to be to getting drunk. The hooded woman got up from her booth only to bump into a group of surfer looking buff guys. The woman groaned in annoyance as she already knew what they want.

"Hey babe, we've seen you around this little watering hole for quite a while. You want to you know go for a swim with us...... maybe take some articles of clothing off," The one who appeared to be the leader with spiky hair and a muscular build says while trying to brush up on Evelyn's long black hair.

Evelyn groaned at the comments and tried to walk past them when they prevented her from getting through. "So, what do you say, purple stuff? Since your hair has some purple on it like the sign outside," Another member of the group said with a lighter voice, causing the other members of the gang to groan.

"Shut the skreeonk up, Palomo," The leader of the group responded, making the one to drop his shoulders and soon enough he turned back to Evelyn "So what do you say?"

"You know that sounds great, but I'm not drunk enough for your poop, so maybe you should do what you told your little friend there. Shut the skreeonk up," Evelyn said as she then finally got past them only to feel herself pulled back by the shoulder and was turned around to face the leader yet again.

"You got a mouth on you babe! I'll enjoy playing with it," The man said while he tried to push Evelyn to meet his lips when all of a sudden she slammed her fist into his open mouth. Thus causing the surfer looking dude to let go of his grip on her and clutch to his now bleeding mouth and a few teeth fell to the floor.

"skreeonking female dog," The man regained his composure while still clutching to his mouth as the others tried to restrain her when Evelyn backhanded one of the members, causing the inflicted man to be sent behind the bar and into bottles.

Evelyn saw another one of her attackers rushing at her with a bar stool when she nonchalantly grabbed the bar stool and slammed it across his body. The impact caused the man to be sent flying head first in a wall with gaining a hole from the crash.

The final lackey faced Evelyn with nervousness on his face and said "So....... what do you say Purple Stuff?"

The hooded woman rolled her eyes, grabbed the lackey and threw him out the window. Shortly after, Evelyn turned over to face the leader of the group still thriving in pain from the punch. She walked over towards him and held him way above her head with her hands.

"Normally I would say something as a finishing move, but I'm not too drunk for this poop," Evelyn said as she then slammed him onto the table leaving him with a bloody face as he lied on the ruined table.

Evelyn looked at the rest of the patrons with them having a mixture of a horrified and nervous reaction. Soon enough, they turned away from her while the hooded woman looked at the drinks that belonged to the group and looked back at her injured assaulters.

"As payment for your ass-kicking. I'm taking your beer," Evelyn said while she grabbed the assortment of alcohol and left the bar through the front door.

Moments later a loud burst through the silver grill bar that led into the bar from a very loud woman. "Hey Tony, we don't have Mike's Hard Lemonade, but we have Mike's Soft Lemonde......" The very loud woman who had black colored skin with long black hair and brown eyes announced. She was seen having a blue t-shirt and black shorts and a very humorous personality.

"What happened here?" The woman asked with surprise in her voice as she observed that the bar was a mess with part of the bar smashed, a table destroyed and the front window shattered.

One of the patrons looked at the bar owner and said "One of the main patrons flew off the handle and decided to take it out on those four guys."

The bar owner set the case of alcohol on the bar counter, placed her hands on her hips and said "Huh. I guess you can say that conversation flew out the window or should I say the Windu."

Everyone in the bar groaned at the woman's pun as one of them then yelled out "Goddammit Lucy!"

Park Slope

Lie Su looked up while the Plot shuttle departed into the brisk night sky as the young woman took a look at the city of her childhood. How it's been over a year since she's been there. Lie took a deep breath and began walking with her baggage past the brightly lit streets and past the many streets and buildings that surrounded her. Lie always admired how beautiful and peaceful Park Slope was. Part of the reason why she lived here as a child was so her parents could give her a good life while being able to focus on their respective jobs.

Unfortunately, it seemed she traded having a great childhood for having a horrible beginning adulthood. A few days after the Scholarite invasion, Lie lost her parents to The Cryptics who believed her parents were going too far to change the world and just like that, she lost them. Her world was gone and even when she was rescued by her newly found friends she was still lost. As explained by her newly acquired friend, Santa Claws that she must acquire the power of the Thunder Birds. Days and days of traveling she found the Thunder Bird and a lengthy battle took place with only her wit to guide her. Eventually, she won and gained its power thus becoming a more powerful person even onto the level of her friend, Sal.

Lie even developed more of a humorous side to her from her friends and even discovered a new purpose in life. A purpose to write and protect people from it though she did her job proudly when she worked with Plot. Even though she wasn't an official agent of the organization more of an ally. Eventually, Lie decided that others shouldn't share the same fate as she did so she told Plot of wanting to help make a difference, but do it on her own terms. Thus leading her back to her home where she can defend her fellow civilians without having to be harmed by overzealous writers or people who wish to harm one.

Lie arrived at the front of her house and looked at it with a smile on her face. She looked at the house with its two-story green structure along with an attic on the top and with a black fence in front of it. And between the fence and house it had a nice, lush green lawn to it. The woman walked up to the gate, opened it with her key and began to walk up the yellow steps to the front door of her house.

The woman walked into her house, sat her stuff on the ground and turned on the lights to see everything was still as it was when they went on their trip. Albeit, things were covered in dust and the air was a bit stale. Fortunately for her, her parents paid their bills in two years advance so they wouldn't have to worry about any payments. Lie continued to look at the living room of her house with the a huge green couch with a black rug underneath and a dark brown wooden floor with it. The couch faced a flat screen tv and to the corner of it was a huge black shelf filled with tons of books even her parents' old books for their respective professions.

Lie sighed to herself as she walked up the green colored stairs with yellow colored walls across from it. The tan woman with her yellow pea coat and black slacks walked up to the hallway of the second floor. She saw the door to her parents' room was opened and walked towards it. Right when she got to it, Lie stopped as her mind raced back to the memories of her parents all the way to their death. Her mind stopped racing and returned to the present and despite all this time that had flown by she wasn't ready to move on from it. So she closed the door and walked into her room that was a green door with a yellow colored thunderbolt painted onto it.

Lie walked into her room as she remembered it from her childhood. Green painted walls with a black wooden floor along with posters hung up with her favorite bands. The bed was underneath the window with the dresser on one side of the room and the closet on the other side. Then finally, her small tv along with her xbox was sitting across from her bed as her video games still lied where they were in a messy fashion. Lie looked at her games before leaving, but not before she grabbed some of her clothes from her bags and hopped into the shower.

Despite the harmful lesson she learned from Carol Ina she undid her black colored ponytail into the long hair that she was known for. Since she was in the safety of her own house and no one would be attacking her at the moment, Lie stepped into the shower as she turned on the shower and felt the warm water running down upon her. Within moments she broke down in laughter from a mixture of memories and began to speak to herself in a bubbly voice.

An Abandon Warehouse

A man who had the appearance of being bald along with a blue turtleneck sweater and brown jeans raced through out the whole building terrified. He looked behind him at the shadows looming towards him and saw a figure in the darkness. The man quickly spot a door and raced towards it, thus opening it and locking it upon entry. The terrified person pulled out his knife as he watched the door handle as he then saw the doorknob jiggling and gasped.

Soon enough, the door stopped jiggling and the man breathed a sigh of relief when all of a sudden he saw an axe smashing through part of the door. The figure held the axe removed it from the door and peaked through the hole and held a sadistic grin.

The man with his green eyes looked over to his left to see the man terrified for his very life and immediately yelled out "Here's Johnny!"

The horrified man let out an extremely loud scream and stabbed the attacker's hand who was now reaching to unlock the door. The attacker let out an anger cry of pain as he pulled out his hand with blood spilling out.

For a moment the man breathed a sigh of relief as he heard nothing when all of a sudden he heard a loud crash and saw the door in pieces right beside him. The man looked up to see the very tall, bulky figure with a black hood connected with a long cape of the same color with white underneath. On his chest, which looked to be a white armor like appearance had a silver colored cross on it. Then finally, underneath the hood was his eyes covered in darkness, but a mouth clearly shown with anger.

The man panicked and ran as fast as he can, but the hooded man removed the knife from his hand with a slight groan of pain and threw it at his shoulder. This caused the man to drop down onto the ground, thriving in pain as he yelled out.

The hooded figure walked towards him slowly like a slasher in a horror movie and said right when stood before him "On this day of your crime committing, it is the Executioner who must do his duty, so make peace as my blade takes you to the next life."


"I may not be forgiving of the crime of you leaving a woman and her child for dead from the stab, so may god have mercy on your soul."

"God? What the skreeonk does......" The man tried to say angrily, but was met with an axe slamming down on top of the man's head with blood beginning to pour out. The figure pulled his axe out of the man's head and let his body drop.

"I have done your work, my lord and I hope I have done a job well done. I, your humble servant the Bible-Thumper will always be in your service when you so call upon me," The hooded man said as he left to head out of the building before he turned around one last time at the body and looked up and said "Amen."


Lucy opened her door loudly as she usually did even though it was the middle of the night. The African-American woman yelled at the top of her lungs drunkenly "Blakey,I 'm home!"

The loud woman closed the door and stumbled over to her brown colored couch where she then dropped onto it. Lucy opened her eyes and looked up to see her black cat staring down at her with a grouchy look as she had a book next to her. The woman gave her cat a big grin as she reached over and grabbed her.

"Awh did I interrupt you from book time?" Lucy said while cuddling up with her cat as it meowed in annoyance.

"Well, let me read you the book," The owner said while she tried multiple times until she finally got it.

"Okay, let's see here," Lucy said while she focused on trying to read the book "Here we go! The man begins to caress his lover as she then grabs a hold of hi..... Woah Blakey! Where'd you get this type of smut from?"

The cat hissed in response, swiped her owner across the face, causing Lucy to yell out in response as the feline jumped down. Lucy sat up for a moment and rubbed her face to feel the scar only for it to be nonexistent. No thanks to her being able to absorb any attack whatsoever and thus make her slightly more alert, though not all that much.

Lucy was still hammered and said slurring her words "I knew....... I should have fixed up the bar...... instead of agreeing to that drinking contest. Oh well..... maybe tomorrow, so nighty night for me......"

Right away the woman passed out on the couch and began to snore.


Brownsville was what one wouldn't call a paradise or even a decent place to live. No, it was far from that as one of the most dangerous areas in New York in general despite some decreases in crime all around the area. Unfortunately, it still was not a safe zone to be in as crime of all sorts along with poverty were still high in this neighborhood, compared to the rest of Brooklyn where everywhere else was actually decent.

The Crimson Hood jumped from roof to roof as she could still remember what this whole neighborhood looked like. Horrifying, run down and dangerous where you'll hear or see some sort of trouble just about every corner you turn to. Olivia hated living here along with others who constantly had to suffer here. The woman jumped onto the final roof as it was a small two story house. Olivia felt her way around the roof until she found the chimney and felt it as it was cold giving her the okay to slide down in it. She did this to prevent waking her mother up and not having to go through an argument of her "wandering" around the city alone.

Olivia slid down the chimney and landed as quietly as she could and crawled out to her living room. The Crimson Hood reached out, grabbed a hold of the two seat blue couch and sat herself down on the couch as she leaned back. Olivia had an exhausting night then having to write up the rest of that paper Alex assigned a week ago.

The Crimson hood removed her hood and sighed "Why do I procrastinate so much?"

"Olivia, is that you?" Olivia heard her mother from upstairs as she walked down the stairs.

"poop," Olivia muttered quietly as she hid her hood and whatever weapons she had on her under the couch.

"Yeah, it's just me mom. I couldn't get some sleep so I decided to do some.... exercises and work more on my paper."

"Do you need any help on your paper or need me to make you something?" Her mother called out.

"No, I'm fine. I'm going to head off to bed soon, but thank you," Olivia answered.

"Alright then, goodnight."

"Night, mom," Olivia said as she heard her mom heading back up the stairs as she then took a deep breath.

Ever since she got blinded, her mom has been more nurturing and protective. Even to the point where she would always ask questions and try to accompanying her to wherever she went. Olivia didn't mind at first since it was a mother's right to care about her child when she had just recently got blinded. Eventually, she got a bit annoyed by it that it took a lot of convincing on her part that she was able to handle herself. Hence all the self-defense classes she took. Even then her mother did worry greatly about her and in a sense Olivia couldn't blame her.

Despite always reminding herself that it was never her fault, she couldn't help but feel guilty of herself choosing the path that led to her blindness. If she would have just said no to going out then maybe none of this would have happened. To where she wouldn't have to be this person of being blind and making her mother worry constantly.

Unfortunately, she made her choice to go out that night and it cost her greatly. Now all she could do was try to prevent anyone else from sharing the same fate while she grabbed her equipment and headed upstairs.

If only things were different.

Thunderdome Prison

The prison was quiet with the occasional insane banter regarding the very annoying Spoiler and Book Burner's screaming. All the while Yogini sat in a glass like container with only a very small hatch at the bottom of the door for food and a small vent no bigger than a mouse to breathe in. Plus, the staff putting on a collar around her neck shocking her every time she said a word.

Yogini sat with a bored expression on her face as she rested her head on her right palm while she sat on the bed with her orange prison suit. Her long black hair stayed still on her back as she continue to stare through the glass and be with her own thoughts.

'Unfortunate how unfair life can be. One minute you have the most powerful group in your hand and next you're stuck in prison. Even to the point where you can't even speak, I guess they're afraid. Afraid of what I can show and tell them. Good. That's the way it should be because when and I know I will get out of here. I will reign hell upon them.'

Until then, Yogini would have to settle for just being stuck in the cell. She continued watching her two guards standing where they stood. She could hear them, but they couldn't hear her even the lightest tap she made and they wouldn't even hear her.

Yogini then heard a slight rumble in the distance and expected the guards to react but neither of them did. Then one of them spoke "Hey."

"Yeah?" The other guard asked.

"You ever wonder why we're here?"

"You know I do wonder about that."


"I do wonder why the hell you aren't checking to see what that rumble was!"

"Well, why aren't you checking?"

"Because I'm the one who said you should!" The other guard said angered by his co-worker's question.

This caused the other to raise his arms in the air and say "Fine! I'll go check it out then!"

The guard then walked down the hallway while saying to himself "Dick."

The guard with his assault rifle continued his trek down the hallways around Yogini's cell when he saw nothing there. He decided to head back when all of a sudden he heard a calm piece of music coming from a violin. The guard turned around to see nothing but pitch black as the violin noise came closer to him.

Then like a street light turning on he saw a violin coming out along with some figure twirling around. The character did both in a synchronized format as the figure came closer to the guard.

From what the guard can see of the figure was that it had white cloth like clothing with some brown stripes on the pants. Then finally a mask with two glowing brown eyes and some sort of filter as the mouth piece.

Despite not raising his gun up even though he wanted, the guard felt entranced by the song that the figure was playing. Eventually, the person finally mustered his voice to say "Stop........ state who you are and what your business is."

The character with the violin stopped its tracks and looked right at him. The two stared at each other until the guard said "I'm only going to ask you one more time, or I have to detain you. State your busine....."

The character right away shoved the bow of the violin through the guard's mouth, impaling him to a wall. The smaller person of the two looked up at the guard who was now pinned at the wall and was now moving its head side to side admiring their kill.

"Goddamn it how long does it take you to patrol the halls for a slight noise going on?" The remaining guard asked, causing Yogini to smirk at the guard's frustration.

All of a sudden the two see the other guard's footsteps coming out of the shadows. The guard then said "There you are! What have been doing, playing skreeonking Night crawlers, or something?"

The other guard didn't respond as he stayed in the same spot, causing the other guard to get annoyed "Fine, don't answer me, but get your ass over here! It's bad enough I have to guard Linda Blair, but I'm not doing it alone."

The guard in the shadows started coming out, with the other one saying "skreeonking A! Finally you..... wait...... what the skreeonk!"

The guard stepped out, with him bleeding all over with the bow still stuck in his mouth while the small assailant leapt over his shoulders. The assailant grabbed their bow back as the guard opened fire while Yogini smiled devilishly behind her cell.

The smaller person dodged the bullets with ease and ran towards the remaining guard while the assailant then pulled out two cowbells. The masked person hopped onto the guard's shoulders, pointed the cowbells at his head and all of sudden his head exploded.

If she could, Yogini would be bawling in laughter at seeing one of her captor's head explodes, but unfortunately the collar was still on her neck. Yogini looked at the masked figure outside of the cell. The assailant grabbed the keys from the dead guard and looked at the control pad when the person smirks behind their mask.

The unidentified rescuer pulled out the bow of the violin and cut open part of the glass in the shape of a door. Yogini got up from her bed with a smile and walked over to her rescuer as she then pointed to the collar. The masked assailant nodded, pulled out a harmonica and sliced the collar off of her.

Yogini them smiled, placed a hand on the unidentified savior and said "I am very glad you didn't forget about little ol' me, Musician. I wish I could do more, but I'm afraid I don't know my way around this place. You think you can help me out?"

The character looked up at the taller woman and nodded as the person then led her out. The two are fortunate enough that they didn't have deal with anymore resistance as the savior guided Yogini through the shaft that assailant went through.

Soon enough the two were outside and once Yogini got out, her face turned to surprise. "Well, well. I certainly didn't expect this much out here," Yogini said as she looked down to see multiple mutilated bodies of the prison staff on the outdoor premises of Thunderdome. The Musician turned around and looked at Yogini admiring the work, so to speak and motioned for her to get a move on.

Yogini looked at the small savior and said calmly "Even though I can't see your face, I can still read what you're expressing even behind that mask. But alright if you insist."

The Mindfucker followed her associate through the dark tunnels and alleyways of New York until they arrived at their secret hideout. One that Yogini remembered so fondly of as it was a basic looking brown colored two story house. The two stepped inside the house as Yogini found some of her clothes laying on the end table by the door.

The woman looked at her associate and gave them an admired reaction"You left out my clothes! I'm so thankful for your services! You are the best, you know that?"

The Musician merely nodded before heading off into the kitchen while Yogini headed into the bathroom and changed out of her prison clothes. After a few minutes, The Mindfucker walked out into the living room with her brown t-shirt and gray sweatpants. She saw the Musician putting down two plates of steak and mashed potatoes as her associate took a seat on the chair across from the couch.

Yogini smiled and tooksa seat to eat when she still noticed her associate still having the mask on, albeit the eyes have now changed their color to pink. "Why is your mask still on? We're safe and hidden and we're certainly not going to be killing anyone for the rest of the night. So please make yourself at home since you live here after all."

The Musician looked at Yogini until she nodded her head as the ally then took off the mask. Yogini gave the person a smile as she can see the long brown hair with pink and white streaks in it. The Musician set the helmet down on the ground and looked up at Yogini with a small, round and all around cute face. Her eyes with one being blue and the other being green stared back at her.

"Aw, you look so cute! I am finally glad that I'm with you again, Velia, my baby sister. We're going to be doing great things together again at long last." Yogini said while Velia removed her innocent looking face and formed a sadistic looking grin.
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Re: The Nightwriters

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The Nightwriters
Chapter 2
I'm not even suppose to be here!


The room was a mess with clothes thrown all over, dressers on the ground and other items scattered, the blinds were all rattled up, and of course one Evelyn hanging from one side of the bed. All the while the bed wasn't in good condition as the blankets were wrapped around the woman like a mummy. Surprisingly Evelyn actually slept soundly for once despite the awkward position she was in. Unfortunately, the sleep wouldn't last forever as the phone then began to ring thus causing the long black haired woman to groan.

Of course her mummy like position came to be her undoing as she struggled to get out of the blankets, and to her misfortune fell head first on the floor. She eventually flipped over to where her feet slammed into the closet door, thus breaking through part of it. Evelyn nearly yelled in annoyance as she managed to get one arm out of the tunnel of blankets and yanked the phone.

"Hello," Evelyn answered with a mixture of tiredness and pain due to being plagued with headache.

The woman heard the voice coming from the phone and immediately had a confused reaction, "What are you talking about?"

Evelyn heard what the other person was saying over the phone while she got her other arm out of blankets and said tiredly, "You're mistaken. Rachel is the one working today, not me."

She continued to listen to her boss converse more and more on the phone as she listened with a great annoyance growing on her face.

"Plans? Yeah! I was given the whole damn day to do whatever I wanted not waste it at work!" Evelyn said harshly as the boss pleaded.

"Why don't you hire another person? You always complain about how you only have two employees," Evelyn retorted as she then heard her boss asking why she doesn't want to go to work today.

"Because I'm skreeonking hung over and might have to pay property damage over a skreeonking dispute and I closed the store late last night!" Evelyn yelled out with exhaustion and pain in her voice.

After hearing her boss explaining what's going on Evelyn finally gave a defeated sigh and asked "What time is it?".

Evelyn then nodded as the boss told her she can go at one pm and she then said, "One? You better be there by one and I better be getting a raise for this poop."

Evelyn then heard her boss comply with her demands and hung up the phone as she then said "Asshole." The messy woman gave a sigh as she tried to get her legs of the tunnel of blankets, but couldn't. She then began to crawl, grabbing whatever clothes she can reach and soon enough crawled towards her bathroom to make herself look decent.

New York University

Olivia strolled down the halls of the university using her usual stick as her guide to make it through. The blind woman was wearing a black dress that went down to her knees and a red coat over it as she continued to make her way towards her writing class. She arrived close to the class as she felt her stick hitting someone's foot.

"Excuse you?" A female student in front of the door asked before she realized that Olivia was blind and quickly apologized.

"Don't worry about it, I didn't know you were going in," Olivia assured her fellow student.

"I was, but seems like Professor Williams left a note on the door," The student said causing Olivia to be surprised.

"A note? What does it say?" Olivia asked as the student read it to her.

"Dear students, I am sorry that I had to cancel class on such short notice as you see I'm on big super duper secret with my super duper awesome friends to save some of their super duper friends in a super duper secret place. Though, you may cheer at not having to do any homework, I would like to suggest for the upcoming project you prepare yourselves by going to a few places that inspire you or make you happy. I'll see you next class, as it will be super duper awesome, but the project is a super duper secret," The student read, trying to imitate Alex's voice, which caused Olivia to laugh.

"That's not a bad impersonation of Williams' voice," Olivia complimented while laughing, which caused the other girl to laugh as well.

"Thanks, I do my best. You know, theatre major and all," The student said, obviously being flattered by Olivia's compliment.

"Impressive. I'm more or less going in something for writing," Olivia replied.

"A story teller, huh? Well, if you ever become a huge Broadway writer or even make a huge script for a movie, make sure you let me know," The student said.

Olivia chuckled, "Sure thing Miss..."

"Oh! Sorry, the name is Angela Philips and you are?"

"Olivia. Olivia Hawke. It's nice to meet you," Olivia answered as the two shake hands.

"Well Olivia, it's been a pleasure, but since class is not in session I better devote this time to study for the math exam. Damn G.E classes. Just there to waste your time and murder your bank account," Angela complained.

"I get you. I have to take a science class for pointless reasons."

"If you ever want to hang out, just let me know," Angela said, giving off a friendly vibe.

"Likewise and see you around class," Olivia waved at her newly found friend as she then turned around and began to walk away from the class. Since this was the only class she had for the day, she could do what Alex assigned and walk around the places that made her feel happy. Plus, she could always plan what to do when the night sky comes in and what areas to patrol in.

A lot of possibilities that are running around in Olivia's head. Just a matter of time to find out which unlucky bastard will get the short end of the stick.

Shop N' Rob

Evelyn stepped into one of the many places she hated. Her job. The woman with long black hair and purple highlights walked in to the basic looking convenience store. There are a few rows of shelves with food along with a freezer isle in the back, a few lottery ticket machines and some newspapers stands by the door and finally the checkout at the corner. No one is manning the checkout and Evelyn shook her head at how she's surprised that no one had stolen anything yet. Since the place usually got robbed about ten times a day and Evelyn honestly had no idea how she's still employed here due to loss of profits.

The employee arrived behind the cash register and immediately decided not to stand so she grabbed a chair that's sitting on the other side. She pulled it up and sat behind it as she then saw a customer walking in. Evelyn huffed in annoyance from getting a look at the customer she has already formed an opinion around. The guy had a shaggy looking appearance with messy long brown hair with a baseball cap on top,brown pants, worn out shoes and a t-shirt that said "SWAG because of YOLO".

The prick or at least how Evelyn viewed him picked up a bag of Doritos and a twelve pack of Mountain Dew. The man walked over with a smile of his face while Evelyn already got ready to scan the items. The customer set the two stuff and puts up a Monster Energy drink up from the rack in front of counter.

Evelyn rung all three items, "That'll be 13.37."

"Wow! 13.37! That's the call sign of hardcore gamers! I'm a hardcore one! Maybe this is a sign that I'll be an even better one like you can times that price by two and that's what I'll be! It'll be like... 2,674!"

Evelyn internally screamed as loud as she could from the guy being annoying as he seems to be taking forever to pay his due. What seemed to be an eternity the guy finally gave Evelyn the amount due as when the guy was about to head out towards the door, he turned around to her frustration.

"Hey, are you a gamer? What's your favorite game?" The guy asked causing Evelyn to groan in frustration.

"The one where there's red people on one side of the canyon and blue people with a sassy black lady on the other."

"Huh! I never heard of it. What's it called?"

"It's called Cockbite you dirty shizno!" Evelyn yelled out as she grabbed a can of an energy drink and threw it at the guy's head causing him to fly past the open door.

Evelyn let out a loud scream of frustration as it hasn't even been ten minutes and she already wanted to on a rampage.

"Wow, Eve. I'm in the back, stocking things and you went ballistic on a customer. Yet again," Rachel, Evelyn's best friend from childhood and opposite of Evelyn who was always cheerful and optimistic.

Evelyn turned to her shorter friend with short brown hair, "Well, you know me. Impatient as skreeonk."

"Eve I know this job is a pain in the ass, but at least try to calm down," Rachel comforted

"Calm down? I get called in when I'm hungover for no reason! Hell, I'm not even suppose to be here!" Evelyn said with a fit of rage.

"Hangovers? I thought you couldn't get those since you know who made it harder to get drunk."

"Well the female dog decided to keep that part of the drunk process, so yeah."

"At least you only have to be here for a few hours right?" Rachel asked, trying to keep Evelyn stay positive.

"Well, knowing our boss, he's going to be a dick about it and not show up," Evelyn said as she then put her hands over her face.

Rachel rubbed her friend's shoulder, "If it's any consolation, I can just plug in the tv and the Nntendo. That'll keep your mind off of work for a while."

"Fine, sure. Even though I'm still at this hell hole. What game are we going to play?"

"Castlevani......" Rachel tried to say, but Evelyn immediately yelled out "No!"

"Fine, fine. We'll play Super Mario Bros 3." Rachel laughed from teasing her friend.

The Valkyrie

A few hours passed as Olivia strolled around the places that she found influence and peace in. With her being able to get that part of the assignment done quickly and all of her "good" deeds she decided to treat herself. By going to a small time breakfast and lunch restaurant, The Valkyrie known for serving pancakes with every meal. Olivia always liked this place due to its cozy atmosphere and classic look with its wooden floor and walls along with classic movie posters all over it.

The blind woman took a step into the restaurant and searched around for a table all the while she could hear multiple conversations going on. Even particularly one that wasn't really a conversation more like a loud, fun loving and kind of crazy woman shouting in the whole restaurant.

Olivia was about to approach a stool to sit at when all of a sudden she felt something sticky land on her red dress coat. The woman felt the sticky syrup and groaned in frustration as her coat was ruined. Olivia then heard footsteps hurrying over to her and grabbed a hold of her.

"Oh my god! I am so sorry! I was enjoying eating and talking loudly with some old acquaintances and didn't even watch where I was flipping the syrup," The woman with her hair in a pony tail and wearing a green t-shirt and yellow shorts apologized.

"Yeah, you really need to watch where your spilling your liquids!" Olivia said agitated as she tried to find some napkins with the woman quickly assisting her.

"There we go! I think we got the stick, liquid mess off of you. There's just a stain on your coat now," The woman says trying to be friendly while Olivia still gives her a look of an anger.

"Look.... let me make this up to you. I'll pay for the type of cleaning you usually do for your clothes even to where it's brand new! And let me buy you a meal since I know you wouldn't have walked in here without getting some grub."

Olivia was taken back by how much this person was trying to do for her after the mistake she made so the blind calmed herself down for a bit. She then took a breath and relaxed her shoulders.

"Okay then. I'll have the grilled steak with a side order of fries." Olivia said.

"Gotcha! Get her what she said and a big plate of pancakes for the both of us!" The woman exclaimed happily.

The woman put her arm around Olivia's shoulder "Come on! I'll show you to my regular watering hole."

"I'm blind," Olivia corrected.

"Sorry, I'll guide you to my watering hole!" The woman said trying to be friendly as possible to the blind woman.

"Since I guess we'll be having lunch then, what's your name?"

"Lie Sue at your service."

Shop N' Rob

"Yep. This is the most boring job in the world," Evelyn said bored as she was still waiting for her shift to finish.

"Well you wouldn't be acting like this if you didn't throw the controller at the tv," Rachel said annoyed as she picked up the small tv.

"Yeah, because some moron wouldn't leave us the hell alone and was asking what the difference was between a one percent fat milk and two percent milk."

"You didn't need to throw the controller at the tv to vent your frustration!" Rachel argued back.

"Apparently you forgot what I did with the second controller."

"You threw it at the guy's eye making it welded shut!" Rachel yelled out.

"Please, the worse the guy's going to get is his eye being swollen for a few weeks. I made sure it's nothing permanent."

"That's reassuring. I know things have been tough on you for a while, but at least don't take it out on people. I mean you did save people before." Rachel pleased as she was worried about her best friend.

Evelyn rolled her and said "Well, that's not me anymore. I have to lay low."

"Laying low by constantly beating up people?"

"Apparently old habits die hard for me!"

"Except for doing it for the wrong reasons!" Rachel exclaimed

Evelyn growled in annoyance, "Look! Can we not talk about this at the moment? My head is still feeling like it's going to bust open, skreeonking people are asking the same goddamn questions and I'm not even suppose to be here today!"

"Fine! Have fun hanging out in your little world of misery," Rachel yelled back as she then walked into the backroom to stock more of the inventory leaving Evelyn alone.

Then as usual Evelyn began to feel guilt at yelling at her friend, her only friend. She knew Rachel was right, but yet can't accept it and all she did was yell. Evelyn then started to feel like poop as a lot of memories were flooding her mind. She was never like this before the woman who destroyed her life.

Evelyn was a noble hero with kindness, selflessness and even patient. Now all she was, was a mess. A mess who causes other messes with people such as harming and screaming at them. As Evelyn continued down her own sort of memory lane she heard a voice. A rather annoying voice coming from a customer.

The woman shook her head out of her thoughts as she saw a woman in a business suit holding two different energy drinks.

"Excuse me, mam do you know which is better to stay awake, I have a huge business and I really need to stay awake for it," The woman said causing Evelyn to already get frustrated.

Evelyn then remembered what her and Rachel talked about along with her thoughts and immediately took a deep breath. She looeds back at the business woman and smiled as best she could.

"Yeah, take the five hour energy. It works right when you take it and it'll keep you awake for all of your business meeting."

"Thanks, but I'll go with the other one," The woman said immediately causing Evelyn to frown as she then scanned the item. The woman gave Evelyn the money as she then took the energy drink and walked out.

Evelyn looked at the woman exiting with anger and annoyance in her eyes as she then muttered, "Asshole."

"Who's an asshole?" Rachel ased while walking out of the stockroom.

"Just a customer being an advicehole. I mean, I was trying to be nice for once and then she chooses the other energy drink."

"At least you tried," Rachel comforted her friend while she pat her on the shoulder.

"Wait, you're not pissed at me anymore?" Evelyn asked

"No and you tend to forget that every time we argue we always forgive each other and talk about discussions that don't make any sense."

"That's true," Evelyn said as the two smiled at each other as she then turned around to face the store.

"Say, which did you like more? Season 13 or the Freelancer saga of RVB?" Rachel asked.

"13," Evelyn answered while she grabbed a bottle of coke from one of the fridges and returned to the counter.

"How could you? Rachel asked shocked at her friend's answer.

"I mean Season 13 had the better ending. Church dies, our heroes are cornered to where they're uncertain about what the future holds and people die anti-climatically. It ends on such a downer and is depressing. That's what life is. A series of downers, disappointment and tells you that life is depressing. All the Freelancer saga had was a bunch of characters that had cameos in mini series that we didn't give a poop about and still don't give a poop about even to this day."

"Normally I would rebut and tell you how much bullshit you just spewed out about the saga, but there's something different I need to say."

"And that is?"

"There was something going on in the Freelancer saga, something that never got out of my mind on how much it bothered me. You know how Church in season 1 was talking about his adventures in Sidewinder?"


"Now as Church explains that he clearly remembers what happens during his time there like with Tex's ambush."

"She ripped a skull out of a dude while he was still screaming. Give credit to where credit is due." Evelyn said as she then took a drink.

"And Church blacked out."

"Complimented by Tex herself."

"Something just didn't seem right on how they played that part off at the end of the Freelancer saga and it never sat right with me. I just couldn't figure it out until a few minutes ago."

"And?" Evelyn asked with a bit of interest in her voice.

"Well, there could be a number of things like the implantation of false memories by the Director or they simply just forgot about it."

"Maybe Church just made it up to make Tucker and Caboose poop themselves on how badly they skreeonked up by bringing her into all of this."

"I doubt that would be the case, but it just makes me question on why they would leave that plot point so open ended or whatever. It just makes no sense in a continuity perspective aside from just establishing what a bad ass Tex is."

"Alright, so it's just a small continuity issue that doesn't affect the overall story. Why are you so upset about it?"

"All that explaining on several other things to get closure in the series and yet that one issue never got brought up. It's just strange that they somehow overlook it and not do anything about it."

"It's not that big of a deal. It's like you said, maybe the Director implanted false memories. Is it that much of a big deal?"

"All I'm saying is that it's just a glaring plot hole in the overall story. Something they really need to fix."

"Well maybe some questions are better left unanswered so we can have stupid conversations that go on forever."

"Questions like you ever wonder why we're here?" Rachel said causing Evelyn to spit out her drink.

"Did you seriously bring up that topic just to say that?" Evelyn asked causing Rachel to grin and soon enough started to laugh extremely hard.

"You, female dog!" Evelyn said while walking back to the stock room leaving her best friend still laughing at the setup she just pulled.

The Valkyrie

"You're joking!" Lie said out loud as she was laughing at the story Olivia was telling her.

"I'm not. He really is my professor," Olivia says as she then takes a bit out of her steak.

"An Emissary as a professor? That sounds like exciting! How I wish I went back to college."

"And apparently in today's letter he used super duper a lot."

Lie nearly choked on her pancakes as she started bawling in laughter "You know, I think we should be friends."

Olivia is taken back by the suggestion and said "We just met, you seem to be taking the friend thing quite fast."

"Hey, friendships are formed in vast crazy ways that are unexpected. Just like this one which involves syrup. Lot and lots of syrup. And I did promise that I would get your coat there cleaned just like new." Lie pointed out to the blind girl's coat.

"Well... you don't seem like a bad influence. Energetic at most and a little hyper."

"Hyper is sometimes the best way to go!"


"Hey, if it helps. I'll tell you how I know an Emissary of my very own."

"This I got to hear," Olivia smiled.

Lie grinned as she then yelled out "Waiter, more pancakes!"

Shop' Rob

"What?! Are you shitting me!" Evelyn yelled out in her phone as the caller was talking.

"Stay the whole day?!"

Evelyn continued listening to her boss talking on why she can't leave at the time she was promised. The woman felt her eyes were on fire at such news as she slammed her hand on the counter causing it form a small crater.

"This is such skreeonking bullshit!" Evelyn screamed out as she heard more unsettling news from her boss.

"Work the whole shift for the next three days! What the skreeonk?!" Evelyn yelled out as she then put her cell phone in her pocket and immediately began taking deep breaths. She then saw someone at the corner of her eye as she then turns out only to realize it was a customer.

"Ah poop. I'm so sorry to hear my little outburst little girl," Evelyn said to the small girl who had long brown hair with white and pink streaks in it along with her eyes being two separate colors. The girl is wearing a light brown colored hoodie and white pants.

The girl tilts her head to the side in a neutral tone as she set her items on the counter. Evelyn began to ring them up when she then saw the girl making some sign language gestures.

The cashier sighed,"I'm sorry, but I don't understand sign language. You can maybe write down what you're trying to say or point to whatever you want."

The girl tilted her head back up and pointed at the shelf behind Evelyn. The cashier turned around and saw the alcohol she's pointing to and turned back.

"Aren't you a bit too young to be drinking?" Evelyn asked causing the girl's head to shake her head side by side.

"You sure? Can I at least see some ID?" Evelyn asked as the girl was about to show her ID when all of a sudden voice is heard.

"Hey Eve, what's with the yelling, I..." Rachel came out from the back to see the small girl and immediately smiled, "Hey Velia! How have you been?"

Velia immediately waved at Rachel and smiled at her causing Evelyn to turn around to her friend. "Wait. You two know each other?"

"Vel and I known each other for the past couple of months. She'd stop in here once in a while and get her usual stuff and we'd just have small talk."

"How come I never seen her here before?" Evelyn asked.

"Probably because you're either getting hammered or sleeping in," Rachel answered as Velia hid her amusement behind her hands causing her friend to smile in response.

"Haha haha very funny," Evelyn said sarcastically.

"Sorry to take up your time Velia. You want the usual?" Rachel asked causing Velia to nod while smiling.

Rachel grabbed the few bottles of red wine and handed them over to Velia. Before she took her items, she signed at Rachel, "Thank you very much and have a great day."

"You too Velia and hope to see you soon," Rachel said as Velia walked out, but not before she smiled and waved.

Evelyn then turned around to her friend and asked "You know sign language?"

"Eve, I took two years of it during high school."

"Then how come I don't remember it?"

"Because you have shitty memory."

"Exactly." Evelyn laughed.

"Also why do we have alcohol behind the counter instead of around the store?" Evelyn asked.

"You forgot again didn't you?"

"Yep. Probably repressed it for some reason."

"Because people wouldn't stop throwing the bottles around the building and having sword fights in the rows with the broken bottles."

"Now I remember, unfortunately. Goddamn that was a headache to deal with."

"Tell me about it. Say, what were you getting pissed off at? Wasn't at Vel was it?"

"No, it wasn't the tiny girl who we just sold alcohol to."

"She's twenty-four."

"That little girl is twenty-four?!" Evelyn expressed in shock.

"Some people are just tiny Eve, so what got your riled up?"

"Well apparently I have to stay here for the whole day now because the boss is being a jackass yet again."

"Oh. That's horrible Eve. I'm sorry." Rachel comforted her friend.

"Yeah, I swear this day is getting shittier by the minute," Evelyn said causing Rachel's eyes to widen.

"Eve before I forget and I know this is probably the worst time to say it."

"Say what?" Evelyn muttered as she knew the worst was about to arrive.

"You've been summoned for Jury Duty," Rachel said as Evelyn's eyes grew wide and her jaw dropped.

"Ffffffffffffffffuck!!!" Evelyn screamed out as Rachel backed up a few feet from her.

"That's just great! How can this possibly get any worse?" Evelyn asked when the two then hear a door open up to reveal an African-American woman with long black hair as she jogged in with a yellow tank-top and black yoga pants. The woman did some quick stretches as she then took a look at Evelyn for a few moments until she realizes who she is.

The athletic woman walked up to the counter and said"Aren't you the lady who trashed my bar last night?"

Evelyn's right eye right began to twitch as she then yelled out "I'm not even suppose to be here today!"

Yogini's hideout

Velia opened the door to her house, put her items in the kitchen and turned around to see her older sister hanging by the entrance way. Yogini smiled at her little sister as she approached her in her black t-shirt and blue jeans.

"I see you got some your favorites Velia," Yogini commented as her sister happily nods.

"I'm glad you got yourself some treats, but what about the intel? Is she still working in that wretched place?" Yogini asked as Velia nodded.

"How unfortunate. Evelyn doesn't deserve to work at place that treats her so badly," Yogini said with a hint of sadness as Velia gave her a questioning look.

"I know I've done some cruel things to her, but I simply have plans for Evelyn and want to let's say make thing right. I just have to make sure I plan it well or else she may kill me on the spot. And neither of us want that," Yogini said as Velia nodded.

"Excellent. We're one step closer to achieving out goals," Yogini smiled.
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Re: The Nightwriters

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The Nightwriters
Chapter 3
The Punishing

Shop N' Rob

"I'm already dealing with enough headaches as it is so let's cut to the chase. How much do I owe for wrecking your bar last night?" Evelyn asked with a defeated sigh.

Lucy looked at the woman with purple highlights for a moment only to do the unbelievable. The athletic woman began to laugh, causing confused looks from both Evelyn and Rachel as they continued to watch her laugh.

"I don't know why anyone would be laughing at their bar getting trashed," Evelyn said confused.

"It's not so much the bar getting trashed, but the way you handled it. It was just awesome... from what I heard at least," Lucy said with excitement.

"So... just from what I'm getting from all this. You're not suing Evelyn for the damages to your bar?" Rachel with her short brown hair said while standing behind the counter.

"No! Of course if there is a PUNishment involved then she has to go get drinks with me at the bar!" Lucy laughed, causing Evelyn to groan quietly.

"Did, did you just make a pun?" Evelyn asked.

"Are you axing me that?" Lucy asked still with having a happy attitude to her as Evelyn continued to groan while Rachel chuckled.

"Hey, it's not that bad once you get to have drinks! On me!" The athletic woman cheerfully said.

"That's not actually a bad idea provided my friend Rachel comes along too."

"Hey, the more the merrier!" Lucy exclaimed happily.

"Evelyn, the store. We're still suppose to be here because boss is gone," Rachel said bringing up their situation involving their workplace.

"We'll just make some poop up. Asshole always does it anyway. Besides, it's not going to kill you. Who knows, maybe we'll see your friend there." Evelyn teased her friend, causing her to get flustered.

"I, fine! Let's get going then," Rachel admitted in defeated, but shortly after formed a smile.

"Splendid! Say who's this friend? Are we getting friendly with someone?" Lucy asked with interest.

"No!" Rachel yelled out defensively.

"Tell you what. However much you give us, we'll tell a certain amount of the story," Evelyn said with a smirk on her face.

"Evelyn...." Rachel said in a stern tone.

"How much are you willing to give us for the whole story?" Evelyn asked, causing Lucy to chuckle.

"Depends how juicy the story is at the bar and speaking of that. Make sure you when we get there, don't walk into the bar," Lucy said with another pun ,causing Evelyn to groan.

"I'm starting to regret this already," Evelyn said while she locked up the store as Rachel laughed at her friend getting annoyed.

"That's what you get," Rachel teased.

"I hate my life," Evelyn said with annoyance as the three walk made their trek towards the Kaiju and Kaijin bar.

Muhlenberg Library

Daniel Cartener stood there as he began shelving books into a shelf since that was part of his job. Being a librarian was actually a decent job for him as he was able to find some solace in his life ever since his wife was murdered and how he basically became a crazed vigilante. After all, this is really the one portion of his day where he's actually sane, or at least some of his time as a librarian. There were a few cases where other librarians and visitors have heard him say and do questionable things. Mainly having to do in his point of view, "The Lord's bidding". Aside from that, people did like Daniel a lot as they always viewed him as helpful and polite.

The slightly out of shape man turned around to the cart and began to push it back to the counter where books were turned in. Daniel pushed the cart back and stood as he noticed the clock turning to five. His shift was now over and he can relax before he went into the streets at night to protect the innocent and punish the wicked. Of course he never knew which personality will take over. That was a time for when the fighting would actually come as he grabbed his belongings, said his goodbyes to his fellow librarians and departed.

The man looked up at the sky turning a dark gray and soon felt raindrops making contact on him. He tugged his coat and stuck to being underneath the roofs of the buildings, making his way over to the bar of his choice. Kaiju and Kaijin.

Yogini's Hideout

"Perhaps I have been looking at this all wrong," Yogini said as she sat at her desk in the dimly lit study. The study had a darkish brown carpeting to it with red walls meeting it and a few other comfy lounge chairs in it. Then finally, the walls had bookshelves around the whole wall.

The Mindfucker turned around to Velia looking at her with a curiosity as the older sister smiled at her. "Like I said. I've been looking at this completely wrong. Enthralling powerful people into my thralls is very useful and fun, but didn't work out for me. Thanks to those damned Emissaries," Yogini said with venom in her voice from the word Emissaries.

"What are you talking about?" Velia signed.

"Recruiting people and doing some actual persuasion that doesn't involve them being one-sided minions. Perhaps a little green and other materials can catch their interest for my crusade."

"And how exactly are you going to accomplish that? You're a wanted woman," Velia signed with a worried look on her face.

"Of course. I think I can take a cue or so from one of your get ups and maybe talk to a certain few people to forget about the incident," Yogini said with a smirk on her face.

Velia chuckled at the thought of her older sister using one of her many get ups considering their sized difference. Her clothes would just be so small on her older sister's body.

"Very funny Velia, but I think I'll only need one of your wigs or so to make my goal tonight a success."

"What are you planning exactly?" The mute sister signed with curiosity.

"I'll being making a withdrawal and I may need your help with that."

"How can I help?" Velia signed with a sinister look on her face.

"By being the muscle in all of this and maybe take care of the guards," Yogini said with a smile on her face.

"It'll be my pleasure," Velia signed with a grin.

Kaiju and Kaijin Bar

The three girls sat in booth as they had a collection of drinks on the table. Some have been drank, some have been unopened and some have been knocked over by various means. Evelyn sat there while Lucy and Rachel were conversing with a small smile on her face.

"So you have super powers too?" Rachel asked with great interest.

"I do. Comes with its own perks like being able to have super strength and the more I get hurt the stronger I get," Lucy said proudly.

"Really? Care to name an example?" Rachel asked with enthusiasm in her voice.

"There was this one time where I was rammed by a truck," Lucy said, causing Rachel's mouth to open in shock as she continued. "And then when the guy who was trying to kill me got out, I punched him with the same force as when the truck hit me."

"You didn't kill him did you?" Rachel asked with worry for the person's well being.

"Nope, but all he did was scream 'My leg!' repeatedly," Lucy laughed out.

"I like your methods," Evelyn said giving Lucy a compliment as she then took a drink.

"Methods? What load of it!" A man from a booth behind them said out loud he got up and walked towards their booth.

"If it were up to me I would have split his head in two like a log so the lord may be more forgiving than me!" The aging tall man with graying hair said in a drunken stupor.

Evelyn immediately groaned in annoyance from another drunken idiot as Lucy replied "Jesus what now Daniel?"

"Hey! Don't you use... the son of our lord and savoir in vain," The man replied after hearing his one of his heroes being insulted.

"I'm missing something here aren't I?" Rachel asked.

"Only missing out on the story of our lord and savior!"

Evelyn was already having enough of this drunken jackass and said in a very irritated tone "The only savior for you is if you either sit back down in your watering hole drowning your sorrows, or you get your ass out of here."

Daniel turned his attention to Evelyn and replied "And who gave you the authority to boss me around? I'm God's chosen one to wipe the fear and the sinful nature from this world"

Evelyn rolled her eyes and wass about ready to punch him when Lucy pulled her arm back. The athletic woman turned to the muscular woman and asked "Why are you restraining me?"

"As much as I like punishing people," Lucy said, forcing Evelyn to groan as she continued. "He is a very high paying customer and I'd rather you didn't send him back to his lord."

"Well he's very much on his nerves. Can't you do anything about it?" Evelyn asked.

"If he harasses you then you may."

"He already is!"

"That's just called annoyance."


"If it helps, I'll do this," Lucy said as she turned her attention to Daniel. "If you drink a whole bottle of Everclear, I'll give you a month's worth of beer for free."

"You're on!" Daniel yelled out as he maked his way towards the bottle of Everclear.

"Wait! You didn't want Evelyn to kill him, but yet you're sending that man to his death?" Rachel asked with confusion worry for the poor drunken man.

Lucy let out a laugh and said "Don't worry! It won't kill him. He drank half of one once and he was able to stand for a whole three minutes before he passed out. And then he woke up and ran off saying something about some girl that was the Beacon of Hope or something."

"Well you just lost out of a high paying customer since he's near to downing the bottle," Evelyn said as the three turn to see Daniel still chugging the beer as some spilled out of his mouth.

"Nah! Smart fellow, but when he's drunk that's a whole another story! And it looks like he can't hold his liquor," Lucy said with excitement as more beer was spilling out of his mouth, making Evelyn scream mildly.

"Or I guess you can say that he's drowning his sorrows," Lucy pointed out as Daniel now collapsed to the ground and Evelyn let out a scream of annoyance as she chugged down a whole bottle of Sierra Nevada.

"And before you ask, Lucy, I'm not going to be passing out like him. I don't get drunk."

"And why is that?" Lucy asked in a humorous tone only for Rachel to motion for her to not to ask about it as Evelyn didn't look back at her. Instead drinking another beer.

"Oh. So, how's the business?" Lucy asked trying to keep the conversation going again.

"Business is alright. We had an eventful day at the store. Right Evelyn?" Rachel said as she tried to get best friend's attention who was looking at a news report.

"We bring the horrible news that yesterday the Mindfucker known as Yogini Manjit has broken out of the Thunderdome prison. In her escape she massacred fifty guards. As of right now we have no idea where this dangerous criminal is at so if you spot her, do not make contact with her and contact the authorities and the Emissaries," The news reporter said as Rachel's eyes go wide in immediate concern for her friend.

Without blinking the two girls saw Evelyn get up from the booth and bolt out of the door. Evelyn continued running as far as she could and to her it already felt like she's been running for hours at the immediate fear that her tormentor had broken out. The terrified woman continued running until she felt herself tripping and landed on her stomach.

Evelyn pressed her palms onto the cold hard concrete and lifts herself up a bit and starts breathing rapidly. The memories in her head start flooding back to her with the countless people she hurt or even killed, enjoying every word that Yogini said to her and doing everything she was commanded of.

The woman continued breathing some more as she then found herself vomiting violently. Evelyn got up to her knees as she began to shake and crawl up next to a brick wall and let out a pained scream. The woman continued to shake rapidly and started to cry loudly.

Capital One Bank, Williamsburg

The Capital One bank was a medium sized building going about to three stories with its beige painted walls and its small logo on the front. People inside the building were withdrawing their money or depositing while others were doing a variety things such as getting loans. All the while security guards were standing in their respective spots keeping the peace when all of a sudden they rubbed their necks in unison as it felt like a bug bit them. The guards went back to their duties failing to realize small punctures with small drops of blood dripping out.

Soon enough Yogini opened the doors with black clothing all around with a wig that was long, blonde and curly. She along with Velia who had her mask with the filter and two glowing brown eyes walked further, both holding their respective weapons. Velia held her two cowbells and Yogini holding a shotgun as they both had huge duffel bags wrapped around them.

The two shot their weapons up at the ceiling, forcing everyone to panic as the security guards raised their weapons at the two women. Yogini saw everyone giving her their attention as she then smiled.

"Excuse me everyone, but I would really like to make a withdrawal so if you all could. My associate and I would really love it if you would cooperate with us," Yogini said calmly.

The security guards had their weapons faced towards the women when all of a sudden they turned their weapons away from them. Yogini smiled as the civilians begin to panic seeing the guards turning their weapons on them.

"Let's get something straight here. I only want to get some cash and none of you wants to get hurt, so let's help each other out" Yogini announced as both her and Velia walked over to an attendant.

"My friend and I would really love it if you would give us full access," Yogini flirtedto the female attendant with long brown hair and freckles on her face along with brown eyes.

"I.... I'm sorry mam, I can't give you access, The attendant stammered out, causing Yogini to have a fake look of sadness.

"That's too bad, surely someone like yourself can help a beautiful woman like myself pull a few strings around here," Yogini said as her fingers walked on her hand, got right next to her and whispered in her ear.

Right away the woman's eyes widen as she immediately smiled. "Of course! Anything for you. Here's the keycard for what you need."

"Thank you, my dear," Yogini said as the attendant was still in awe from the Mindfucker's power while her and Velia walked towards one of the vaults.

Before the two go to retrieve the money Yogini turned to the mind controlled guards "If any of them try anything. Shoot the person responsible along with a few others as examples. We need the majority of them alive for our escape."

"As you wish mam," One of the guard said as the two sisters walk towards the vault.

"And have a few of them help load the cash up. Be a nice exchange in lets say insurance for their survival," Yogini added as a few of the guards motioned for a few of the hostages to go with the sisters.

The mind controlled guards continued watching over the hostages as one who was seated at his desk was looking very nervously at a button to alert the authorities. One of the guards saw the man looking at the button and aims his weapon at him. The hostage gulped in fear and quickly pressed it ,causing a ringing noise. The guard then riddled the man with bullets along with a few other hostages as the rest scream in terror.

"The police will be here any minute to interfere with her plans! Form a barrier and if they get too close make the hostages as examples," One of the guards commanded as they mobilized.

Williamsburg streets

The Crimson Hood stood on top of a roof observing the city as she saw no crime occurring. The woman took a moment to relax as she thought about her day on how it wasn't that bad. She got to talk to a classmate who seemed very nice along with having her lunch being paid for and her coat being cleaned. Plus, that Lie Su woman seemed to be a good friend to where surprisingly they exchanged numbers due to their love of writing. Perhaps accidents like someone throwing syrup on your clothes can be a good thing, perhaps it should happen more oft....

All of sudden the Crimson Hood's head jerked to the large ringing noise as she heared the Capital One building ringing. She knew exactly what was going on as trouble was brewing and Olivia felt that this was not a threat to be taken lightly. The Crimson hood jumped down to the next roof and began to run towards the crime in progress.

Whoever these criminals are trying to hurt the innocents they will certainly be getting a punishment from her.
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Re: The Nightwriters

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The Nightwriters
Chapter 4

Near The Kaiju and Kaijin Bar

Evelyn sat there with her back on the brick wall as she continued to breathe deeply from the news as she then let out another pained scream. Shortly after Evelyn then began to bawl with tears pouring out as she thought to herself that Yogini was finally in prison where she belonged, but has now escaped.

The woman sunk lower to the ground as she continued to cry as she then heard a familiar voice yelling, "Evelyn!"

The woman didn't even bother to turn and instead looked straightforward as she continued to scream. "Evelyn you ran out on us. What's wrong?" Lucy asked with concern in her voice as her and Rachel knelt down next to Evelyn.

Evelyn briefly looked at them before turning away. "You saw on the skreeonking news! The source to all my problems is back! That's what's skreeonking wrong!" The woman then returned to bawling as Rachel embraced her best friend and tried to comfort her by silently whispering to her that it will be okay.

Lucy was taken back by Evelyn's response to her and saw it in her behavior as this was something that didn't only bother her, but terrified her. The athletic woman got closer and tried to comfort her newly found friend by using one hand to rub her shoulder. Of course Lucy wanted to make things better, or at least more comfortable and calm for her so an idea struck her mind.

Lucy leaned before she whispered to Rachel, "Do you want to bring her back to your place, so she can feel more comfortable and safe?"

Rachel looked at Lucy and replied, "It might be best to get her out of this area especially since she broke out."

The two girls turned to their upset friend with Rachel acting as an older sister trying to comfort a younger sibling, "Evelyn we're going to take you home where you can be safe and where you can rest."

Evelyn continued to breathe loudly with a mixture of crying as she quietly nodded and allowed for her two friends to help her up. Lucy and Rachel then began to walk her back to her home as they continued to try and comfort their bawling friend.

Capital One Bank

The Crimson Hood crawled through the air conditioning vents that headed towards the lobby of the building. Of course the blind woman could have headed straight for the perpetrators, but she knew that people needed help and that was more important. Olivia sensed that there are about seven guards holding hostages, so she had to get the guards to separate from each other.

Olivia dropped down through the air duct that led right next to the bathroom and immediately thought of the easiest thing to do: Act like a helpless victim in a bad horror movie who screams for help.

"Help! Help! I'm lost and I don't know my way around here. I sure hope no bad men try to come and get me, and then murder me with my eye candy sexuality!"

Immediately the guards look edat each other as the leading one then pointed down the hallway. "You three, go down and retrieve the hostage! I don't want to take any chances of having hostages unaccounted for!"

The three mind controlled guards nodded their heads and ran down towards the hallway only to find no one was there. They look at the two bathrooms and decide to split up with one of them going into the men's restaurant. The other two began to search the women's restroom with one of them pointing for the other to check the stalls.

One of the grunts kicked the first stall open and found nothing. The guard shook his head as he then kicked open the second door seeing the Crimson Hood hanging on one of the walls.

"It's a bit rude for you to kick the door open when you're disrupting a lady's time, don't you think?" The Crimson Hood asked in a joking way, as before the guard could even react she launched her foot at his throat, causing him to drop his gun. Olivia released another kick, but this time in his face, which sent him flying into a wall, knocking him unconscious.

The other guard walked around the corner seeing The Crimson Hood standing over his fallen ally and immediately raised his gun at her. The hooded figure turned around, reached in her belt and threw one of her buzz saws at the man's hand, instantly disarming him. The grunt grabbed his hand in pain as the next he saw was the blind woman's fist meeting his face and picked him up. She then turned towards the garbage and threw him in it, face first.

Olivia wiped her hands in satisfaction as there was still one guard to deal with as she exited out of the women's bathroom and headed into the men's restroom. The Crimson stopped herself before coming around the corner as she sensed the grunt checking the stalls as she then made her way towards him. The blind woman took out one of her nun chucks and smacked him on the back of the head, as to her surprise he didn't collapse. The guard turned around as Olivia groaned in annoyance.

The Crimson Hood then smacked the gun out of his hands and punched him in the middle of his face, making him spin in a one-eighty. She then grabbed the back of his shirt and his head as she dunked him into one of the toilets. The man instantly struggled with everything he had while Olivia continued to make the man veer towards unconscious. After what seemed to be hours of struggling the guard finally dropped, and Olivia pulled him out. She then threw him on the floor and walked out of the bathroom.

Olivia exited the hallway and ducked behind one of the office tables. She then began to formulate her plan. "Okay that's three down and only four more of them to go. If I can do this then I'm home free to taking down the mastermind behind all of th...."

The blind woman heard doors being open with people cheering and being happy. Confused by this, The Crimson Hood peaked in front of the office desk to see people running out as she then saw a woman with a black pony tail and her head being covered with a yellow bandana. The woman was also wearing a dark green, diagonally-buttoned, long-sleeved tailcoat with red on the inside and black and yellow trimming. And to Olivia's surprise she saw the colorful clothed woman standing over the remaining four guards who were all dog-piled as she stood with a smile on her face.

Whoever this woman was, she was obviously here for something, so Olivia decided to confront this woman. The Crimson Hood got out from behind the desk as she walked towards the colorful woman making herself known.

The colorful woman turned to Olivia with a smile on her face as she immediately spoke in a calm, but yet happy voice "Thank you, for taking out the other three. It made my job easier, but of course a little less fun."

"You're welcome?" The Crimson Hood asked confused by what the colorful costumed vigilante said.

"Oh! Nothing wrong with that, of course. Just made it less exciting is all, but I wouldn't doubt that once we fight the big bad of this operation," The colorful woman replied with a happy go lucky attitude.

"Here for the same thing, I presume."

"If you mean by breaking their legs like these chumps then you can bet!" The woman exclaimed in an all too eager tone.

"Right. Breaking their legs. So, you got a name I can refer to you by instead of saying Colorful happy go lucky lady?" Olivia asked as she could already see herself being tired of calling her that repeatedly.

"You can call me Thunderbird! Master Martial Artist and electricity fiend at your service," The woman happily introduced herself.

"Crimson Hood. An assortment of weapons if you need back up and extremely good with the other four senses," Olivia motioned towards her eyes.

"Won't be doubting your blindness so long as you can deliver a punishment to those who are responsible," Thunderbird teased.

"Oh, I won't, so long as you save a few legs for me to break," The Crimson Hood replied, causing Thunderbird to chuckle. "This will be quite fun!"

"Though we should be cautious. Whatever the culprit did to enthrall these men could be quite powerful, so we shouldn't take this villain lightly," The Crimson Hood pointed out.

"Of course, but I think we'll manage, and besides we're wasting time. We don't want our villain taking all of the money. We need to celebrate with it!" Thunderbird said out loud, making The Crimson Hood chuckle. "No we cannot,," The Crimson Hood said as the two heroines then ran towards where the villains were at.

Evelyn and Rachel's Apartment, Williamsburg

Rachel opened the door as she helped Lucy move their friend into the apartment. They walked into the living room as the two then set the still heavy breathing Evelyn onto the couch. They got ready to give her moral support when all of a sudden Evelyn got up from the couch and bolted towards her room.

"Evelyn, wait!" Rachel called out as the two chased after her. The two girls arrived at the door to see Evelyn packing her belongings into a big duffel bag.

"What are you doing!" Rachel exclaimed.

Evelyn looked at her friend and answered, "Leaving."

"Leaving?!" Lucy and Rachel exclaimed with shock in their voices.

"Yeah, I'm leaving because the moment she finds me she's going to try and find some way to make me her pet again," Evelyn replied.

"But she can't! There's no way she can do that at all. She can't do anything to hurt you, Eve," Rachel countered in to getting her friend to calm down.

"Can't hurt me," Evelyn said before taking a breath before she screamed out with fear building up in her voice "Even though she can't control me, she can still find her ways to hurt me just so she can have me do her bidding!"

"I... don't understand. What can she do exactly?" Lucy asked not knowing how Yogini's abilities worked, along with her tactics.

"Harm the lives of innocents just to drag me out here and more importantly... my friends. Rachel and since she most likely saw you, Lucy being around me or if she hasn't, she will soon. I can't let anyone get involved in my mess," Evelyn said defiantly.

"Evelyn. This isn't your mess. It never was and never will be," Rachel said as she placed her hand on her friend's shoulder who quickly brushed her off.

"Well it is. I should have been fast enough to dodge that crack-fic dealer's blade and maybe then I could have stopped Yogini before it was too late. Before I was forced to harm god knows how many when I was under her control!" Evelyn said as she packs more of her stuff except at a faster rate.

"And if you leave?" Rachel countered.

"If I leave! Maybe it'll throw her off of you both as she knows I'll be far gone from here! And don't even think about asking where I'm going to be running to!" Evelyn said while she grabbed the last of her stuff that she can carry.

"Eve.." Lucy tried to say before Evelyn cut her off. "I've said it before! I already made you a target just by talking to you. The sooner I leave, the better chance of safety the both of you will have."

Evelyn then tried to head out of her room when she felt herself being blocked by her two friends. The upset woman looked at the two and said angrily, "Move out of the way."

"We're not moving out of the way," Rachel said standing her ground.

"You're not breaking down this wall, but we're going to be breaking down your wall, because we care about you," Lucy said, forcing Rachel to give her a look of annoyance at the pun she made.

"Sorry. Force of habit," Lucy apologized as the two keep Evelyn from exiting.

"I said. Move out of the way! Now! I will knock you both out if I have to keep you safe!" Evelyn screamed out as more tears came out of her eyes.

"Evelyn. We're not moving out of the way," Rachel replied.

"Then I will make you!" Evelyn yelled out as she ran towards them readying to knock them out of the way. What she didn't anticipate was Lucy's ability to take on her super strength and being able to hold her own. Evelyn couldn't last long due to her mind being clouded by emotions and not being as muscular as Lucy. The woman tried to give another shove, but Lucy then grabbed a hold of her and pinned her to the ground.

Evelyn tried to get Lucy off of her as the African-American woman then said, "You are not leaving. We can handle ourselves."

Capital One Bank

The two heroines raced down the hallway on the second floor as they see one of the vault doors opened up along with hearing noises of authority being placed. The two briefly look at each other and acknowledge that they are both ready to go head on with the villain or villains responsible for this. What they didn't expect was seeing a small figure clad in clothing and a mask with both eyes glowing brown. The figure along with one of the controlled hostages stepped out with a few bags of money.

Both the Crimson Hood and Thunderbird met their eyes with the Musician as she quickly pulled out the bow to her violin and held it on point with the person's neck. The two not wanting the man to be killed quickly kept their distance while the smaller girl stood her ground. The musician then motioned with her free hand for them to back away as the two crime fighters looked at each for a moment before nodding.

The two then began to walk away as Thunderbird whispered, "Well, skinny mini here, has a hostage. Any idea on what to do?"

"It came to me that you love to talk, so why don't you put that up to the test."

"And after that?"

"We'll see about breaking some legs," The Crimson Hood said, causing Thunderbird to smile as she then turned her attention to the Musician.

"So... little man.... or lady. What are you planning to buy with all that cash?" Thunderbird asked happily, causing the Crimson Hood to internally face palm herself.

The Musician gave her a look of confusion as she honestly did not expect her to ask her that question. Regardless, the smaller woman didn't let up as she continued to keep her bow at bay with the man's neck. All the while the Crimson Hood noticed that the small villain was keeping their focus on her associate. The woman briefly smirked as she pulled one of her buzz saws from the back of her belt and slowly brough it up front while Thunderbird continued to talk.

Olivia noticed that the villain had left her bow holding hand open for her to disarm her and rescue the hostage. Within seconds, The Crimson Hood threw the buzz saw at the Musician as it instantly hit part of her hand. This caused Velia to clutch her hand in pain as she dropped both her bow and relinquishes her hold on the hostage. Blood started to seep out of her hand as the two heroines ran towards her.

The two got ready to throw in some punches when Velia pulled out a cowbell from her back with her remaining free hand. She aimed it at them and fired, causing them to get out of the way. This gave her time to pick up her bow and switch her cowbell to her injured hand.

The Crimson Hood then pulled out her small katana to meet the Musician's blade, all the while the villain gave out a devilish smile behind her mask. The two charged at each other with their blades locking as the Musician raised her cowbell to shoot Olivia in the stomach when all of a sudden a kick hit her across the face. The Musician stumbled back as she fired her cowbell off at the ceiling. She then looked up to see Thunderbird giving her a grin as she shook her head and saw the hooded heroine charging towards her. She heard the footsteps of the other enthralled hostages running as The Crimson Hood was forced to engage them instead of her. The Musician rolled her eyes as she still had to deal with the more excitable one.

Olivia put her katana in the place holder as she then pulled out her nun chucks at the five enthralled minions. The hostages charged at her when she slammed her nun chucks into two of them, knocking them down to the ground as she then let out a kick straight in the face, knocking that one out. She felt herself being punched in the back by one of the hostages, causing her to stumble before she turned around. The Crimson Hood then slammed both of her nun chucks onto the man's face, knocking him out.

The woman turned around and slammed her knee onto one of the still fallen hostage's face.The Crimson Hood sensed the two remaining hostages charging at her as she then rolled her eyes and stepped out of the way, thus knocking each other.

Olivia brushed her hands. "Two birds. One stone."

Meanwhile, Thunderbird let loose a few punches onto the Musician, causing her to stumble back as she retaliated with a kick to the stomach. Thunderbird collapsed onto the ground while Musician grinned behind her mask as she walked over to her fallen opponent. Velia grinned as she raised her bow readying to stab Thunderbird when all of a sudden a small surge of electricity ran through her body.

Thunderbird let out a big smile as she punched through the diving bow and then made contact with her stomach. Without anytime to react the Musician was sent flying into a wall as she then dropped to her stomach.

The Crimson Hood then turned to Thunderbird and asked, "Is that why you wanted me to wait for you while you plugged your finger in an outlet?"

"Of course! Always have to put effort in a finishing move! Everyone knows that," Thunderbird said playfully.

"If you say so," The Crimson Hood replied as the two then made their way to apprehend the small villain when the sound of a shotgun went off. The two turnned around to see a blonde woman in all black clothing firing off her shotgun again at them as the two try to evade.

Thunderbird was lucky to dodge the shot, but unfortunately for the hooded heroine, parts of the shell hit her in the shoulder, thus clutching it in pain. Olivia grabbed a few buzz saws from her belt and threw it at the villain, forcing her drop to her shotgun.

The Crimson Hood charged at the Mindfucker to throw a punch when the villain calmly said, "Stop."

The Crimson Hood with no control over herself, obeyed as Thunderbird watched in confusion at why her ally was stopping at the villain's command. Yogini smiled at the blind woman and placed a hand on her shoulder, making the blind woman cringe in pain.

"Hurts doesn't it? When you hurt an associate of mine, you often have to pay the price of it like that shoulder of yours. And it's also not nice to interrupt someone when they're busy," The Mindfucker calmly said, as she noticed her sister recovering while she began to collect what they came for.

"Of course. There is a way you can redeem yourself in my eyes. Do you want to know how?" Yogini offered.

Internally Olivia was trying to fight the mind controlling effect on her that ws being placed on her, but unfortunately she was not strong enough to fight it off. Thus, it pains her to say "Yes".

Yogini smiled. "Kill your loud mouth associate while my associate and I make our leave."

Thunderbird looked in surprise to see that Yogini had managed to persuade The Crimson Hood to try and kill her. The blind woman turned around and made her way towards Thunderbird as she then saw the two women walking off with their haul. Then, before The Crimson Hood threw in a punch she saw the blonde woman turning around.

"And after you kill her. Kill yourself and all will be forgiven," The Mindfucker ordered with a smile while she walked away.

Thunderbird backed away while the Crimson Hood made her way towards her as she began to reason "Crimson don't do this! You're a good person.... from the ten minutes I've know you for. Don't let her get the better of you!"

"I'm going to de-bone you like an actual bird piece by piece," The enthralled Olivia said with anger in her voice, while she pulled out a buzz saw and threw it at Thunderbird who dodged the projectile.

"Please! You're better than this! You can fight it!" Thunderbird continued to reason as The Crimson Hood made her way towards her.

"Killing you is what she wants and I will not disappoint her," The Crimson Hood said with the goal of pleasing her mistress while she pulled out her katana and swung it, causing Thunderbird to duck and throw a punch onto the blind woman's gut. This caused her to stumble back as Thunderbird began to approach her.

"Stand down or else! I don't want to hurt you," Thunderbird countered, trying to intimidate the Crimson Hood.

"Or what? You'll break my legs?" The enthralled Crimson Hood asked in a mocking manner, causing Thunderbird to giver her a look of anger.

"That's it! You stole my line! I'm going to knock the poop out of you!" Thunderbird announced in anger as she ducked another swing from her mind controlled ally. The colorful woman then let out a few more punches, making the Crimson Hood stumble back as the she then took a hold of her sword and threw it aside.

Olivia regained her footing in the fight and threw a couple of punches on Thunderbird's face, causing her to groan from the pain. Fortunately Thunderbird retaliated and sent a kick on the woman's chest. The colorful costumed hero then grabbed a hold of one of her nun chucks and smacked her across the face with them and began channeling the remaining bit of electricity left in her. Thunderbird then punched the Crimson Hood square in the face as electricity surged through out her body, sending her flying into a wall, knocking her out instantly.

Thunderbird walked over to the fallen ally and knelt down beside her. She then turned her over on her back. "I'm so sorry, but you left me no choice. I hope there won't be any hard feelings between us Crims..... Olivia?" The woman then expressed shock at the Crimson Hood's identity and quickly cradled her newly found friend.

"Olivia.. I had no idea. I need to get you out of her. I'm so sorry," Lie apologized as she grabbed a hold of her friend, but not before she covered her face up with her hood and collected her katana. Lie then made her way with Olivia in toll to the exit that the villains went out of.

Evelyn and Rachel's Apartment

"You don't know what you two are talking about! You're going to get a fate worse than death and I can't allow that to happen," Evelyn told her two friends as she laid on the floor while Lucy stood above her and Rachel kneeling next to her.

"This woman is dangerous, yes, but if the Emissaries were able to apprehend her then anyone can do it," Lucy said, trying to inspire hope for Evelyn.

"And how many do you think were placed under her control for the time being? How long did they have endure her torture before they miraculously were able to stop her?"

"I don't know! But we're stopping her for good and we're helping you," Rachel replied in a defiant manner.

"I know you want to help but the thought of you two..." Evelyn tried to say but was interrupted. "Is nothing compared to what will happen to the rest of the world if whatever plans she has come into full fruition," Lucy stated as Evelyn looked at her, noticing the serious tone in her voice.

"You and me are similar Evelyn. As heroes we probably had some sob story, got our powers, had kick ass moments during our adventures, lost our way and then had a crisis. Because no matter what hero you see on the big screen, real or fictional everyone is going to fall. Hell, even ask the Emissaries. I'm sure they'll give you an example when they fell down and that's what we do. We fall down and let me ask you this. Why do we fall?" Lucy asked ,causing Evelyn to give her a look of annoyance.

"Did you seriously just quote a Batman movie with that last part?" Evelyn asked, making Lucy shrug and roll her eyes at Evelyn refusing to listen.

"But...." Evelyn said before she took a big breath. "You're right. As much as I hate risking both of you to stop Yogini, it has to be done. We're heroes in our own sort of way and what you quoted is... I hate to say it. Heartfelt and in the right place. We have moments of crisis, but we need to get up. Otherwise," Evelyn then raised up from the ground and stood up "We just lay on the ground, waiting to die and not doing something to help make a difference."

Rachel and Lucy both smiled at her as they wrap her up in a big hug while Evelyn rolled her eyes, but accepts their gesture. "So that means you'll be letting us help you and you'll be staying?" Rachel asked with a smile on her face.

"I will, and we'll stop her," Evelyn replied.

"We'll do more than that! We'll silence her," Lucy said, trying to lighten up the mood, causing Evelyn to give her a look of annoyance.

"And way to ruin the moment," Evelyn said with announce, making Lucy to chuckle.

"Hey, we had to end this on a light hearted note."

"It already did," Rachel countered.

"Think of it as an after credits tease," Lucy suggested, forcing Evelyn roll her eyes again.

"I'm already regretting this," Evelyn said in a deadpan manner.

Park Slope, Lie Sue's Home

"Where am I?" Olivia jerked up from her lying form as she sat on the bed, sensing her surroundings such as the green walls with posters on them and the black wooden floor. Right away the woman's mind began to race with thoughts on that someone had finally found out her identity and it was only a matter of time before her identity would be revealed. And her mother and herself will be hunted by the people she not only put away, but others who will try to catch her off guard.

She had to get out of here and fast as she felt that she still had her gear on, even her weapons. Which surprised her greatly as why would any who found her out and keep her in their base would leave her with weapons. Olivia quickly pulled her hood over her face and prepared to walk out when she sensed someone arriving at the door and stopping her.

She turned at the exact direction and sensed the person who aided her at stopping the bank robbery. Thunder Bird. The colorful woman stood in her way as she was smiling with her arms crossed.

"If you're worried about me revealing your secret identity then there's no need. Your secret is safe with me, Olivia," Thunderbird said trying to inspire a friendly atmosphere between her and Olivia.

"But... why? Why would you go through all this trouble in keeping my identity a secret and even bring me to wherever we are?" Olivia asked.

"Because let's just say you feel sorry for not only having to lay a few punches on your newly acquired friend, but accidentally chucking syrup on her new coat." Thunderbird said, causing Olivia to drop her jaw in shock.

"Lie!?!" Olivia exclaimed, making Thunderbird smile as she removed her bandana, causing Olivia with her senses to see her face, in a sense.

"The one and only Queen of thwarting robberies.... or at least scaring villains away," Lie corrected herself with a smile on her face.

"I know this is a bit off topic for revealing identities, but what happened exactly? The last thing I remembered was the two of us fighting those girls and getting this cut which you apparently stitched up," Olivia said, pointing to her healing wound.

"That apparently the woman was somehow able to indoctrinate you into attack me, thus allowing her and her associate to escape. I didn't want to fight you, but unfortunately I was left with no choice and forced to knock you, causing me to find out your identity," Lie answered as Olivia took a few steps back as she was horrified on what she was just told.

"This is just.... I feel horrible for what I did. Letting a villain escape and trying to hurt you. That's just not right. I should have prepared for something like this," Olivia said, showing disappointment in her voice while Lie approached her and placed a hand on her shoulder.

"There was no way on knowing who is responsible for the robbery. It could have been some rock gorilla for all we know and you did your best in trying to stop them. We even forced them to retreat with them not getting all of money. And don't even say you're not a hero, because you stepping in like that to stop all of this makes you a hero maybe a little crazy, but a hero with respect," Lie said with a smile on her face as Olivia looked up at her.

"I know and what you say is true, but I still felt guilt in trying to hurt you... maybe I can at least try to return the favor," Olivia said in a friendly manner.

"No need. We're friends after all. Although, a round of pancakes would be a nice treat," Lie replied causing Olivia to chuckle.

"You know, I have to say and I know this may be a bit soon for you, but we work well together and I think maybe we should form a partnership." Lie said as Olivia gave her a thoughtful look as she continued. "I mean, think about it! Thunderbird and The Crimson Hood. You deliver the stealth strikes from the behind and I come in from the front, breaking legs!"

Olivia smiled at Lie's suggestion and said, "I would.... like that. Though, give me a few days to at least reflect on all this and take care of some other business alone. And then we'll see about breaking some legs."

"Perfect! Anyway, I have breakfast all set up if you want to catch some grub with me," Lie said with excitement in her voice.

"Also I have to ask. Why did you come in with your costume still on? You're in your own home," Olivia asked.

"Sometimes I just like to stay in character. For fun and all, but come on! Pancakes await us!" Lie said eagerly, causing Olivia to smile as she was still really glad that she threw syrup on her.

Credit goes to GTK for this last part

By the docks, there was a man standing. He was a tall African-American man with a cocky attitude about him, behind him were the guys working for him a bunch of goons dressed as the cast of Fresh Prince of Bel Air. And on the radio “It’s Not Unusual” was blaring and one was doing the Carlton dance. They were selling crack-fics, the worst crime that anyone could commit. And they were doing it with a smile, the boss especially.

“Careful with the fics, they’re flammable!” The boss started. “If we wanna get paid, we gotta make sure we ship them properly!”

One walked forward and said, “Sir, the telephone.”

“Now, this is a story about…” The leader started speaking into the phone before getting cut off. “Oh c’mon, I was just messin’ with ya!”

He turned away from his guys and started into the phone again. One of his guys just shrugged and walked away to take a piss, walking into a corner. He was met by a shadowy figuring pouncing on him with a scream echoing into the night. Another ran towards the noise and was answered with a kick to the jaw.

“Sweet dreams, princess,” A gruff voice spoke from the shadows.

The boss quickly turned around and hung up the phone. “Oh, HELL, no!”

“Oh, it’s Will Smith! Big fan!” The voice said, laughing as he jumped from storage crate to storage crate. “Loved you in Men in Black!”

“Nah, it’s your boy, Captain America!” Will Smith with a chuckle.

The shadow jumped down, revealing the Bible-Thumper. With a full of himself laugh, he walked towards Will Smith twirling his axe in a threatening fashion.

“Mind if I axe you a -” He started.

“I feel like, uh, a hundred different guys have already said that.” Will Smith said a bit annoyed.

“...Could you sign my axe?” Bible-Thumper said with a smile.


“WITH YOUR BLOOD! GOD DEMANDS IT!” Bible-Thumper shouted as he swung his axe at Will Smith.

Will blocked with two swords, dubbed “Jaden” and “Willow”, and slashed at the Bible-Thumper. He barely dodged and got a cut on the white shirt fabric of his costume before going forward and punching the actor in the crotch!

“THAT’S FOR JADEN!” The Bible-Thumper shouted before getting a kick to the face from Will Smith. Bible-Thumper swung his axe down, aiming to kill the MiB star, but he rolled out of the way. Will pulled out a pistol and fired at the Crusader with the Bible-Thumper blocking with the axe.

“How the hell did that work?” Will Smith shouted at him.

“It’s a little secret, something I call ‘skreeonk you!’” Bible-Thumper said as he jumped and kicked Will Smith in the face. Will Smith fell over and let out a pained screech. He reached into his pockets and put on sunglasses.

“Oh, great, I hate you more,” Bible-Thumper said with an eyeroll.

Will Smith pulled out his neuralyzer and with a quick motion activated it and ran away, leaving Bible-Thumper not remembering the last 5 minutes.

When he came to, he saw a guy still dancing to the Carlton and looked confused at what was going on.

“Whatever’s going on...I hate plot conveniences.”
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Re: The Nightwriters

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The Nightwriters
Chapter 5
The Groundwork
Written by GodzillavsJason and GTK

Park Slope

Olivia walked up to her friend, Lie Sue's green house which had a welcoming atmosphere to it. What she needed right now is to talk to her friend about the act of her revenge she had committed. Olivia didn't know how Lie Sue would react and, hell, she was nervous to talk to her about it, but she needed to tell someone about it and get some advice on the matter.

The blind woman rung the doorbell and within seconds, Lie opened up the door with a grin on her face. "Olivia! Where have you been? I've been trying to call you these past few days!"

Olivia let out a sigh and replied, "I've just been carried away with some stuff, and need to talk to you about it."

Lie saw that her friend was clearly troubled from the way she had her face directed to the ground, but kept her energetic personality and said, "Well, come on in!"

Olivia gave her friend a small smile as she made her way into the green and black colored living room. The blind woman took a seat on the green couch with Lie sitting on the black chair. Olivia remained quiet for a few minutes until Lie decided to break the silence.

"What's been bothering you, Olivia?" Lie asked with a warm smile.

"The stuff that I mentioned being carried away with is something I'm feeling very conflicted on whether it was justified or unjustified," Olivia said with regret in her voice, causing Lie to feel even more worried about her.

"What exactly happened these past few days?" Lie asked with worry growing in her voice.

"I... I want to tell you, but I'm... afraid you'll think of me as no better than the villains you hear about," Olivia stammered out.

Lie took a seat next to her friend, patted her on the shoulder, gave her a smile, and said, "You're a good person Olivia. Sure you're a bit less energetic then me, but you're still a hero in my eyes who's only trying to make things right. So, I'm sure you have your reasons."

Olivia gave a small chuckle, but reverted back to having regret. "I wish I had your optimism Lie, but I don't think you're going to like what I'm about to say."

"Try me," Lie said.

"Alright. Here it goes. These past few days..." Olivia said as she trails off into her story.

Yogini's Hideout

"A few days after the robbery at the Capital One bank, and authorities have had no luck in finding the remaining culprits. They were lucky enough to find the accomplices at the scene of the crime, but are providing no confessions on who the remaining culprits are. Officials will unfortunately have to limit their searches in favor of more recent crimes going on at the moment. This is Becki Valentine with NY1, Linda, Allen back to you."

Yogini smiled at the news report and said, "Now, that has been resolved, it's time to move to the new phase in my plan."

Velia walks into the living room with a white button up shirt with a black jacket and brown pants. "What is the next phase?"

"Remember when I said recruit a few people to our cause?" Yogini asked, causing Velia to nod.

"If you've heard around the streets by some interesting people or at least from the prisoners in Thunderdome in my case, then there is a potential ally that may be able to help us."

"And who would be willing to help us? Assuming they know who you are and won't try to mow you down the second you step foot on their territory," Velia signed with a sign of worry growing on her face.

Yogini let out a small chuckle and gave her a sister a small hug while smiling. "I'll just simply bring them a peace offering along with one hell of a deal to assist me."

"Are we going to be using all of the funds we just collected on whoever this is?"

"A good portion of it, yes, while some will go to me for my own uses and to you for whatever you want. Think of your share as you're the best little sister anyone can think of," Yogini said with a smile as Velia smiled brightly back at her and gave her a strong hug, forcing Yogini to cough.

"For a small thing you sure can squeeze the life out of someone," Yogini joked.

"I do my best to impress."

"Impress?" Yogini asked as she then begins to think for a moment before she grinned. "Who are you trying to impress Vel?"

Velia immediately blushed and tries to look away when Yogini let out a laugh. "Oh! This is so cute. You have a crush on someone. Who is the lucky man?"

Velia briefly looked back at her and signed, "You already know this person."

"Person? Any chance it can be a lucky lady? Surely it couldn't be my Eevee," Yogini teased in a big sister way, making Velia look back at her with annoyance.

"It's not your plaything and can we stop talking about this and get back to business?" Velia signed in her still embarrassed mood.

"Okay, there, little sis, though if you ever need any advice from your big sis just me know, but who could ever resist this little face," Yogini said in while she grabbed a hold of Velia's cheek, causing the smaller sister to express annoyance.

"Please stop." Velia signed.

"Well, you're no fun!" Yogini playfully pouted when she then continued. "To help calm you down. The person I'm setting my sights on is Will Smith who a little while ago turned to a life of crime. Particularly dealing with crack fics amongst and other racketeering operations."

"Will Smith? I haven't heard much about him aside from his few recent critical bombs. Why is he in the villain business?"

"His "Villain" origin is unknown nor important to our alliance. He can supply us with goods that are needed for us to continue the rest of the plan while we simply give him a budget. Simple trade off where he assists us we assist them."

"Let's hope he's all you expect him to be for your plans."

"Like I said before. His personal life doesn't matter to me, just as long as his gang can suit my needs. Of course, I may need you to come with me tonight when I meet him for security purposes and all."

"Just say the word," Velia signed with a smile.

"I don't think either of us will be disappointed in these upcoming events," Yogini smiled back.

Muhlenberg Library

"Anything yet?" Evelyn asked while she searches the current bookshelf isle she was in.

"So far nothing of value to us to help combat her powers," Rachel answered from the other side.

"Though, I did find something that can be entertaining," Lucy said with a smile as she pulled out a book to Evelyn.

"The story of how Frank Sinatra created video games," Evelyn read as she then grew a look of annoyance. "Why?"

"It looks like fun and maybe you should read it. You like books, right?"

Evelyn just sighed in annoyance while Lucy said, "You should really do some yoga since you've been getting stressed lately. I can help you out in fact, I insist you let me help you. Plus, it's super fun."

"I don't know if you remember, but the one who has ruined not only mine, but so many others' lives is walking around doing god knows what! I don't have time for any yoga!" Evelyn yelled out when a collective "Ssh!" was made.

"You won't be acting like that as soon as you do some yoga," Lucy said cheerfully, causing Rachel to walk around to the isle.

"She's right Evelyn. You do need something to help you relax even before you know who was imprisoned, you were always being a grouch."

"A grouch? Well, maybe I wouldn't be such a grouch if she's dead!" Evelyn then pointed to Lucy. "And if you would shut up about yoga and if we can find a single goddamn book!" Evelyn yelled out while she kicks the bookshelf, forcing it to wobble a bit rapidly.

"Hey! You break it, you better have deep pockets to donate because these books are expensive," A loud but hushed voice was heard behind the three girls, causing them to turn around as they expressed their shock on who it is.

"Ah, for skreeonk sakes! You again!" Evelyn yelled out in annoyance, followed by a collective "Ssh"

"Oh, it's you. The non believers," Daniel said in annoyance, with Lucy immediately trying to reduce the tension by approaching him.

"So..... did you drink that whole bottle of Everclear?"

"No, passed out before I can take my last drink of it."

"See, told you both that everything worked out just fine," Lucy said, back to her two friends with a smile and a thumbs up.

"Are you going to try and annoy us with your horrible ranting of how god is great?" Evelyn asked with anger in her voice.

"How dare you! God is great! You just don't know the power he can wield and how he wrote the greatest book of all time!"

"Oh, please no," Evelyn said in embarrassment on what the man was about to say.

"The Bible!"

"Why?" Rachel asked with her best friend's annoyance rubbing off on her.

"Because there's so many great stories giving us a clear message and leaving us with wonder since the lord works in mysterious ways."

"Didn't a lady turn into salt just by looking at the destruction? That didn't make any sense," Lucy said, causing Daniel's left eye to twitch.

"And besides, aren't these stories a bit outdated and even questionable like how a man can make an ocean split in half?" Rachel asked, making Daniel move his head rapidly.

"Rachel. Lucy. Stop it. You're triggering him," Evelyn whispered when Daniel let out a scream. "THE BIBLE IS MODERN!!!!"

"Sssh!" The whole library made after his outburst.

"The bible is filled with so many meaningful stories, that none of your big blockbuster films can never amount to or even so called great films like 2001: A Space Odyssey."

Rachel's left eye began to twitch when Evelyn noticed and immediately slaps her shoulder softly. "Rachel, it's not worth it. Let's just find the stupid mind control books and get out of here."

"Mind control? Oh, I can help you with that easily," Daniel said happily, confusing the three women.

"What? Why are you so happy all of the sudden?" Evelyn asked.

"I'm terribly sorry for all of this, but I have bi-polar and tend to be bit more vocal on religious beliefs on some days more than others," Daniel explained, hoping it would give them a better view of him.

"That explains that."

"Must resist urge to kill at him," Rachel said quietly.

"Now is not the time," Evelyn quietly said back.

"So you can help us find the books we're looking for?" Lucy asked.

"Absolutely! You're going to need books of logic, psychology, mythology, and autobiographies of politicians," Daniel answered.

"Fantastic," Evelyn muttered.

"Though, I have one question before we look for the books," Daniel said.

"And that is?" Evelyn asked, hoping he wouldn't try to ask why they need the books.

"Why is she holding onto the Frank Sinatra book?" Daniel asked.

"It looks like fun!" Lucy answered.

"It's a rather shady book from what I heard. I wouldn't trust a thing they say in that book. Seems like a bunch of mumble jumble to me."

"And yet the stories in the bible and pissing on 2001 isn't?" Rachel mutters in annoyance.

"And frankly, it'll be quite the read," Lucy said with a smile on her face, as her pun caused the three to groan.

"Let's just get the damn books," Evelyn said with annoyance, with the obvious intent on wanting to get out of the library.

Park Slope

"So, that's it. That's what's been bothering me these past few days," Olivia said depressed, while looking away from her friend and continued. "I guess you view me as a rampaging lunatic."

Lie was honestly taken back at Olivia's drive at revenge and how much it's bothering her at the same time. She didn't know what to exactly say to comfort her, or at least had to say it carefully to avoid making her friend feel even worse.

Lie placed her hand on Olivia's shoulder and said, "No, not at all. Under the hood, you're a person just like everyone else. You may be special with all your gadgets and strength, but you're human, and we're vulnerable. There's nothing wrong with you having a moment of conflict."

"But, that's the thing I'm not suppose to have this conflict or anything. I should be doing my duty to protect people, not going after other heroes who are at least trying to do some good."

"And I'm saying it's okay to be conflicted about it because yes, he is a hero, but he did blind you so you going after him was a bit of payback. Perhaps maybe it's best to confront him again and get his side of the story," Lie said, with Olivia turning her head to her friend as she continued with this time a smile on her face, "And while he explains his side of the story, we'll break his legs!"

Olivia chuckled and opened up a smile with Lie smiling back at her. "That's the spirit!"

Unfortunately, for the both of them Olivia's mind raced back to another thought and her smile faded away with Lie immediately noticing.

"What else is troubling you?" Lie asked with concern.

Olivia gave out a sigh. "It got even worse that night. One of the Emissaries almost found out my identity."

"Really? Which one? Was it Sal? He tends to figure out things quite quickly.... especially if it's bullshit related issues."

"No, and I don't think he was even there. It was..... well Alex.... the Billionaire and my teacher," Olivia answered with sadness in her voice, which Lie quickly caught onto.

"It's not about the identity thing, well it is, but mainly about Alex finding about who you are," Lie deduced as Olivia opened her mouth in a shock and immediately used her hands to cover up her mouth.

"What? No! That's impossible. It has nothing to do with the fa...." Olivia attempted to reply, when Lie interrupted her, "Alex," causing the blind woman to blush.

"Ah ha! Olivia has a crush! Olivia has a crush," Lie said, teasing her friend.

"You know I didn't ask for my friend to boast about a crush or anything," Olivia said annoyed, with a bit of a blush still on her face.

"Oh, come on! We're friends after all and I want to help you. And I promise I won't make anymore outbursts of joy or tease you on it," Lie smiled with Olivia taking another breath.

"As I was saying maybe it's not about Matt after all or, at least your feelings on the matter has changed."


"Meaning, if Alex were to ever find out who attacked his friend, he wouldn't want anything to do with you anymore, Thus, losing all approval from him. Am I right?"

"Yeah, I guess." Olivia sighed. "I just don't want him or anyone else to view me as a rampaging lunatic or a crack writer for that matter."

"And you won't be. With my help, we'll get a resolution with your beef with Matt and get you friendly with Mr. billionaire. You'll just be like one of Trump's young wives," Lie joked, forcing Olivia to grow a face of disgust.

"Are you trying to help me get a date with him or swear off rich people in general?" Olivia asked, causing Lie's face to open wide with happiness.

"Ah ha! Gotcha! You just admitted it!"

"What? No! I did no such thing! It slipped off the tongue. You're in complete denial you pancake loving..... lightning lady," Olivia said out aloud, causing Lie to fall off the couch laughing.

"Oh calm down. You.... just..... gotta have fun," Lie said between laughs when she then picked herself up. "Speaking of fun. We should go out and do something. Like, have dinner, see a movie and go break some legs!"

Olivia chuckled at her friend's catchphrase and said, "You're paying for making me suffer."

"Only since you brought on yourself," Lie teased.

"Just remember, I'll be making fun of you whenever you show signs of having a crush," Olivia teased back.

"Oh, I bet you will and besides, Sal told me plenty of fun stories about Alex when they were dealing with the Tenebra crisis," Lie said with a smirk, causing Olivia to blush. "This has just gotten a whole lot better," Lie continues while beginning to laugh.

Will Smith's Front

"I have to say," Yogini said, while her and Velia who is concealed in her outfit looked up at a fancy looking building that is labeled Bad Boys in black lights, "It's a lot nicer than I expected."

Velia nodded, as the two then entered the building to find out that it was a gun store with guns behind the counters ranging from pistols to semis. They also saw multiple rows filled with hunting gear, body armor and to their surprise multiple props of the aliens from Independence day.

Yogini picked up one of the aliens and looked at the tag "Welcome to Earth" and immediately threw it down on the ground in disgust. All the while, Velia turned around only to bump into a shelf of dvds, causing them to collapse. The mute woman picked up a few of the dvds to see movies like Independence day, Wild West, and the whole series of Fresh Prince.

"God, this place is deader than his career," Yogini said, as the two then made their way more into the store only to find a heavily sealed black door. The two looked at each with Velia shrugging her shoulders as Yogini then knocked.

All of a sudden, the song "It's not unusual" was heard coming from the other side of the door as it then opened up to reveal Alfonso Ribero dancing. The sisters looked at each other in confusion while he continued to dance in his very colorful choice of clothing as he kept a very large smile going on.

"Oh, you must be here to see cousin Will!" Alfonso said happily.

"Um.... yeah. He is here right?" Yogini asked, clearly disturbed at the way the man was acting.

"He's definitely here! Here, let me go see if I can go fetch him for you ladies," Alfonso said with a wink as he then closed the door and the song was now muffled.

The sisters looked at each other again as Velia signed,"You sure you still want to do this?"

Yogini let out a sigh. "Sort of regretting it, but he'll have his uses."

Alfonso opened up the door with a smile still on his face and said, "You can see cousin Will, but I should warn you; he's a bit cranky."

"Uh.... he's not your cousin. That was just for the show," Yogini responded.

"Oh, I know that! But in reality he really is my cousin," Alfonso replied happily, causing Yogini to roll her eyes. She had no time to deal with this idiot, so she decided to put him under her control to get rid of him. "Perhaps you should lie down for a little bit."

Alfonso looked at her and said, "Nah! I got a job to do. Here, follow me. I'll take you to him."

Yogini expressed shock in her as her mind control seemed to had no affect on him. She brushed it off for now as the two then followed the dancing Alfonso through the hallways of the building. And to their surprise it was a nice looking mansion almost as it looked like the set of Fresh Prince. The two women saw one of his henchmen dressed in fancy clothing yelling at another who was dressed as a butler.

The two followed Alfonso up the stairs and arrived at a white door as the happy man turned to them and said, "Here's cousin Will's office, hope you all have a nice chat."

"Thank you," Yogini said while Alfonso danced down the stairs as the older sister opens door to a very sterile looking office almost like it was from Men in Black. A desk was shown facing them with a monitor placed on it.

The two sisters walked in as they then closed the door only to hear Will's voice from behind the monitor, "Can I help you!?"

"Yes, I'm here to make a deal with you," Yogini said calmly.

"Oh, a deal? Sorry if I already don't sound enthused, but I just lost a lot of crack fics that were highly flammable to a goddamn bible-thumper!"

"I am sorry about how south your operation went, but I think my associate and I can do better."

"Oh yeah! You think you can do better? I'm the star of my own picture. Me!" Will Smith declared angrily.

Yogini and Velia looked at each other in confusion with the smaller girl signing, "What is he on about?"

"I have no idea," Yogini said with annoyance and turned to Will Smith. "Oh, I believe this will suffice as better."

The Mindfucker then approached his desk with the duffel bags of cash and poured it all. This caused Will Smith to express an off the walls crazy attitude as he let out a laugh and said, "Ooh! Daddy is gonna buy himself a new car."

"Money really does buy happiness then," Yogini commented with a devilish smile as Will Smith looked back up."Okay what do you want then? I have a lot talent. But on one condition I get to be the star of it!"

"Uh.. we're not here for that. We're here for your other talents."

"Other talents? You mean killing people? Smuggling? Crack fics? Ah hell nah!" Will Smith yelled out while waving his hands.

Yogini and Velia started bagging up their cash as Will Smith looked at them with nervousness before he yelled out, "Wait! I'll do whatever you want me to do! But on one condition!"

"We're not here for a movie," Yogini said with annoyance.

"Not that! I get the little girl as my honor guard," Will Smith announced, causing Yogini to widen her eyes in surprise. "What? How did you know that my associate is a woman?"

"I just see things you know and besides I need a Darth Vader to my Palpatine."

"Nah... no! Wouldn't you be the Darth Vader to our Palpatine?" Yogini asked.

"Hey, if I'm the Darth Vader then I need a Darth Vader to my Darth Vader!" Will Smith yelled out, clearly not making any sense to the two sister.

"That doesn't make any sense!" Yogini yelled out.

"Still, I want the little girl as my bodyguard. She reminds me of my little girl, Jaden."

Velia expressed annoyance at Will Smith who turned his attention at the covered up woman, "So, what do you say little ice cream cone? You want to be my lackey?"

The mute girl flipped him the bird as Will Smith raised his hands in defense. "Alright! Alright! I was just trying to get you there. No hard feelings right? I mean you could be my second in commandment."

"Hey!" Alfonso yelled out jealously.

Velia shrugged at the offer when Will Smith then pulled something out of his desk and said, "How about a lolipop for this special little angel?"

"She's not twelve you know," Yogini corrected.

"Well, I can't tell!" Will Smith replied defensively.

"Yet you can figure out she's a girl."

"I can't see everything you know!"

"You're just contradicting yourself."

"Alright fine! I'll give you a CD of some of my music," Will Smith said while he grabbed the CD and brought it over to Velia who he then whispered to. This caused Velia to smile very wide, as she snagged the CD and shook his hand, causing him to laugh.

"Glad to see we're in an agreement. Now if I might ask what exactly are you having me and crew do here?"

"We'll be accomplishing many great things together," Yogini said, with a devilish smile, making Will Smith look at her. "Why are you smiling at me like that for? Something real ominous is going on here. I don't like it."

The Bronx

The lights of buildings along with the laughs coming from the civilians filled the streets with life as Olivia and Lie walked down, laughing at the day they just had. "I still can't believe he did that!" Olivia exclaimed with laughter.

"It's true, he used an ice cream cone to defend himself of all things," Lie said, while joining in on the laughter.

"This just keeps getting even better and better," Olivia said with joy. "Tell me another."

"Well...." Lie said when Olivia stopped her friend with a hand on her chest. "Do you see that?"

"See what?" Lie asked.

"Over there," Olivia said while she nudged to the side where Lie turns her head to the dark alleyway, but luckily was able to somewhat make out the images. From what she saw, she saw a bulky man carrying some sort of weapon which can't she figure out what it is. Then another figure following the other, but only this one was a lot more slim and seemed to be a lackey.

"Looks like trouble," Lie commented.

"Perhaps the police or maybe some crime fighters can end this before it truly begins."

"Only if we get to break their legs," Lie said with a smile.

"I wouldn't have it any other way," Olivia said. "Suit up."

The two women then ran into the shadows to change, all the while a figure watched them from the rooftops. The black cloaked figure stood there observing the two's banter and their actions as he simply nodded.

"They are doing the lord's work of keeping the peace, I will watch over them to make sure they do not become the Judas to this city's Jesus," Bible-Thumper said, right when he turned around a bullet flew past him, causing him to do a combat style roll to the right.

The Thumper looked up to see a disguised figure from a few rooftops away, aiming a sniper-rifle at him. "Shooting at an official of God, huh? That's a terrible offense, but right now, it's not my place to decide. It's the jury's," Bible-Thumper said, as he then rushed towards the shooter, readying himself for a fight.

NOTE: Be sure to read the DinoMaster's One-shot that takes place after this chapter.
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Re: The Nightwriters

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The Nightwriters
Chapter 6
From the Shadows


Bible-Thumper jumped from roof-top to roof-top as he chased after the shaded figure running away. The shooter was still managing to make a few stops to shoot at the vigilante. The Thumper dodged the bullets and continued to chase after the cloaked figure. The crazed religious man nearly catches up with his attacker, but the shaded figure jumped off the rooftop and onto another. All the while, the Thumper nearly botched his jump, but manages to regain his footing in order to make it.

The Bible-Thumper landed on the next roof, causing him to collapse on his knees and stayed there for a moment to compose himself. When all of a sudden a gun shot was heard from the shadows as the bullet then pierced Daniel's shoulder, forcing him to yell in pain, and to clutch his now bleeding shoulder.

Another bullet raced towards the Thumper's head when he managed to pull out his axe and split the bullet in half. The cloaked figure then stood up and quickly made a tourniquet with part of his cloak to cover up his wound. Then with his own eyes he saw the figure coming out of the shadows. Bible-Thumper couldn't see what the person looked like due to the armor he was wearing with it being primarily green and blue for the clothing underneath. His helmet had a single blue visor that was in the shape of a crosshair and the helmet was of a round shape.

The Bible-Thumper looked at the armored figure's weapon, seeing it as a sniper rifle, which to his surprise saw the weapon change. With the long, skinny barrel retreating into the main part and replacing it with a shorter barrel along with the crosshair fading away as well. Soon enough, the gun resembled a shotgun as the figure was now directly across from the Thumper.

"This charade has gone on long enough," The figure said with a deep, nasty sounding like voice.

"And what is that you speak of?" Bible-Thumper asked.

"You're ruining people's business and they've set out a bounty on your head. Which, I intend to collect, so you can either make this easy for the both of us, or you can make this difficult. Either way I'm getting my bounty."

"Working for the evildoers who are killing good people trying to make this city a better place and letting others get hurt by their products. I think the good lord has given me the okay to be the executioner. I just hope he has more mercy than I do," Bible-Thumper said as he lunged at the bounty hunter with his axe. The bounty hunter slid out of the way as he fired his shotgun at his bounty, who went underneath the shells and sent a fist onto the armored man's chest. This sends the figure stumbling back a bit as Bible-Thumper tried to slam his axe at the bounty who merely countered it with blades that came out of the armor's right arm.

Bible-Thumper's eyes grew wide in surprise at the bounty hunter's hidden gadget as the armored man then said, "I've got plenty more tricks up my sleeve."

The armored figure's elbow then opened up to reveal a grenade, as the bounty grabbed a hold of it and slammed it on the Thumper's chest. The bounty hunter leapt back while the Thumper saw the sticky grenade beginning to beep rapidly and tried to tear it off, but to no avail. Daniel only thought of one way that can possibly remove the explosive, but it was a hell of a try. He lifted his axe up and slammed it through his gear, causing the effected material to fall off.

Daniel saw the beeping go off even more as he ran away when he saw the entrance to the inside of the building. He raced inside to get some cover from the impending explosive when the grenade then detonated. Bible-Thumper busted through the door and braced himself onto the wall as the explosion occurred.

Meanwhile at Evelyn and Rachel's apartment in Williamsburg

"Okay, it says here that ear plugs are often a great way to hear not a single word of a person you dislike," Rachel said sitting on the couch and reading one of the books.

"Tried it and still heard everything that one douchebag who was telling me about his proposition on going to the dance with him," Evelyn answered.

"What are you talking about Evelyn? Dances are fun, meet new people, find some juicy gossip on people and even spike a few drinks." Lucy said in a positive manner.

Both Evelyn and Rachel look at their friend with confusion on the last one she mentioned when Lucy realized what she said and tried to take it back. "What I meant was put some interesting flavors in there."

"Nice try, Lucy," Rachel replied.

"Dammit! This is getting us no where!" Evelyn said annoyed, while she slammed the book closed. "Next they'll be telling us tinfoil hats will do the trick."

"Evelyn," Rachel said while she placed her hand on her friend's shoulder. "We'll find a way to stop her. You found a way to free yourself from her control and I know we'll find a way to stop her."

"That's the thing. I don't remember how I broke free so I wouldn't know what to do to stop her from mind controlling someone," Evelyn said with frustration in her voice when Lucy chimed in.

"What if we're doing this wrong," Rachel and Evelyn turned to Lucy with the former asking. "What are you on about?"

"Why try to find a way to stop her mind control when we can attack on her?" Lucy said, causing Rachel to respond. "How exactly would that work?"

"Evelyn I believe you stated that you're no longer under her control correct?" Lucy asked.

"I no longer hear her voice and have side affects indicating that it may so, but I don't want to do it outright."

"Then we get disguises. She won't have any idea who we are if we acted like ordinary people to her."

"Just letting you guys know I'm ordinary. You two are the ones with the weird super powers," Rachel corrected.

"Okay so the disguises aren't going to stop her so I really hope you have some sort of an actual plan."

"Well, we just have to make sure we do a hit and run tactic on her. Find some sort of to slow her down or have her go unconscious. Then after that we keep her in a secured area and interrogate her."

Right away Evelyn's eyes went wide at the last part and yelled out "Why the skreeonk would I want to keep her alive!?!"

Lucy was taken a bit back by Evelyn's outburst. "You said it yourself. Others were affected by her powers and she could have valuable information on what she did along with how much influence she has already spread."

"Yet, we don't know what would happen if we did kill her. We could end up reducing any enthralled innocents into mindless husks if we out right kill her," Rachel added, forcing Evelyn to groan.

Lucy then said with sympathy. "Look, I know you don't like it, but for now this may be our best choice on dealing with her. Justice for you and everyone else will come. We just have to be patient."

"Patience. Yeah, we'll be patient all the while she runs around controlling more people to do heinous acts," Evelyn said when an explosion then occurred on the rooftop of their building, causing the woman to groan yet again.

"What is it now?"

The women stood up with Evelyn then saying, "I'm checking it out, and whoever is responsible for this annoyance is getting their ass kicked."

"I'm all up for some entertainment, but shouldn't this wait? Considering how we're in the middle of an investigation."

"Nope, since Evelyn can't concentrate until the annoyance is dealt with. Should have seen her when she was trying to edit the school newspaper. There was a kid in there asking an authority if he can get tazed."

"Oh. Well, what happened?" Lucy asked.

"That is a good question for another time, Rachel answered.

"Well, since this is troubling you right now, I guess we can go check it out and get on top of this," Lucy said with a smile at one of her puns, causing Evelyn to groan as she then made her way to out of the apartment as Lucy followed.

"I'll just stay here doing normal human things like research on good ways to take out a person.... forget it! I'm weird like one of you guys," Rachel said as she opened up her laptop.

The Rooftop

Bible-Thumper matched a few punches with the bounty hunter as they repeatedly blocked each other's punches. The religious vigilante delivered a kick on the bounty hunter, sending him a few feet back. The armored figure landed on his stomach and got up to his knees only to find the Bible-Thumper charging at him with his axe. The bounty hunter pulled a knife from the gear on his shoulder and lodged the blade at the charging man. The blade pierced into the man's knee, causing him to collapse onto the ground and his axe sliding across the roof.

The religious vigilante clutched his knee in pain while he pulled the blade out. The bounty hunter got up on his feet and walked towards his bounty while pulling out his signature shotgun.

The armored figure placed the shotgun right at Thumper's head and said, "You continue to disappoint me. No wonder why people want you dead so much and perhaps your lord will be disappointed when you meet him in the next few moments."

The Bible-Thumper closed his eyes at the inevitable as he was powerless to counter the death sentence when all of a sudden he didn't hear the gun going off. Instead, what he saw was a fist sending the bounty hunter flying across the roof and turned around to see women before him. One with a happy demeanor and the other with a pissed off attitude.

Daniel upon closer inspection noticed that they've met before, as they were the ones in the bar and in the library. He smiled at them and approached them as he then saw the more angry one with purple highlights in her black hair approaching him with his axe.

"You've just interrupted something very important to me all because you couldn't learn how to shut the skreeonk up. Now I'm going to give you two choices: I can either A; give you this axe back and you can learn to be quiet or B; shove this up your ass," Evelyn said very irritated at the situation she had to get involved with.

The Bible-Thumper was taken back by what the woman said when the other woman came up and said, "Don't worry about her, she's just a little bit angry is all. We're doing something important."

"It's no bother and I deeply apologize for interrupting your business, but I'm trying to protect this city for our lord and savior," The Bible-Thumper announced, causing Evelyn to mutter. "Jesus Christ."

"Daniel, is that you?" Lucy asked with a smile on her face.

"Tell you what. We can play twenty questions right after you two help me execute this evil doer," Bible-Thumper said as he turns around to face the bounty hunter getting back on his feet.

"Sounds fair to me., Lucy said as Evelyn then added. "Gives me something to vent my frustrations on."

"Three superheroes?" The bounty hunter said with interest as he turned his head to Evelyn. "Interesting".

Evelyn flew towards the bounty hunter, whom could barely react, which luckily prevented him from falling on to the ground. The armored figure sent a few punches at the irritated woman, who merely stumbles, but quickly grabbed him by the next. She felt the bounty hunter gasping for air when Lucy came in and slammed him, causing parts of his armor to crumble into pieces.

Finally, with the corner of his eye, he saw Bible-Thumper readying to swing his axe at him when the bounty hunter with all his remaining energy sent a punch to Evelyn's face. This caused him to drop her, and resulting in Evelyn having a look of anger on her. The bounty hunter then rolled out of the axe's way as he stood on the edge of the roof.

"We'll meet again, heroes and you better watch yourself, Thumper, because I still intend to collect that bounty one way or another," The bounty hunter announced as he leapt off the roof with the three racing towards him only to find out that he was gone like the wind.

Bible-Thumper then turned to the two women. "Even though we didn't execute that evil man, I would like to thank you on both God's and my behalf."

"And might I ask why you wanted to execute him?" Lucy asked.

"All apart of God's plan of course. He told me to kill him and I will do the lord's bidding."

"I knew you were crazy, but not this skreeonking crazy," Evelyn commented.

"But why are you fighting people and expressing your actions of god's commandments?" Lucy asked.

"Tell you what, you get me drunk and I'll tell you my life story. Bible style."

"Just remember what I said Daniel. Don't piss me off again," Evelyn warned with anger filling her voice as she walked away, leaving only him and Lucy.

"Don't worry about her. She does that with new people. She's still a bit like that with me sometimes," Lucy said with optimism on the possibility of her becoming nicer to Daniel.

"So I see. That woman needs god in her life."

"I wouldn't do that if I were you."

"Everyone needs god in their lives at some point or another. It took me a long time to find him and now that I have, I feel better than ever," Bible-Thumper said with happiness as he spun around with his arms out.

"If you say so," Lucy said with a disturbed look on her face.

"Anyway, you want to get a drink because I figure we deserved one for punishing a criminal tonight."

"No thank you. Maybe later, I've got some stuff to do."

"Perhaps next time and I'll let you know if I see that bounty hunter again. Perhaps we can be a bit more merciful to him.... or not. All a part of whatever God has planned for us."

"Uh-huh. You have fun with that, I'll talk to you later," Lucy said while Bible-Thumper waved her a good bye and took his leave.

"Jesus, Joseph, and Mary is he weird," Lucy said while she made her way back to the apartment.

Lie Sue's home, Park Slope

"So, that just happened," Olivia said as she collapsed onto the couch while Lie walked into the kitchen.

"Yeah, no kidding. Pipsqueak got me good," Lie said while she opened up her medicine cabinet and grabbed a few painkillers. The woman grabbed a bottled water from the fridge and walked back to living room where she sat on the chair and took the medication.

"Careful now. You don't want to be in the next Muppets movie," Olivia warned jokingly.

"It was Sesame street and if he tried something like that, he's going to end up a lot of things broken. Not just from me, but from Squad 63 and Sal."

"Oh, I get it now," Olivia said while getting up to sit.

"Get what?" Lie asked.

"Why you've been teasing me all day regarding my business with Alex."

"And that is?"

"I say you got a crush on Sal, considering how you kept mentioning him," Olivia said with a smile.

"What? No I don't. You're being delusional" Lie said dismissing her friend's accusations.

"Uh-huh. Keep denying it Lie, but tell me," Olivia said as her eyes narrowed while Lie looks around nervously. "Suplex."

Lie's face instantly turned red like a tomato, causing Olivia to then say, "Or show me." The martial arts woman covered her face up from embarrassment while the Crimson Hood bawled in laughter.

Lie immediately ran up in the stairs as Olivia yells out, "Perhaps we can double date sometime."

"And perhaps you can do your homework!" Lie yelled back, while Olivia's face then went blank as she had completely forgotten about the homework. The blind woman groaned in annoyance as she pulled the laptop out of her backpack that was resting at the end of the couch.

"Better do what every college student does best. Procrastinate, or else I'll never hear the end of it."

Yogini and Velia's hideout

"Despite Will repeatedly asking what the overall plan was, I thought this night went very nicely. Wouldn't you say, Vel?" Yogini asked as the two walk into their home while Velia removed her mask.

Velia turned around to Yogini and gave an "okay" gesture with her hand, causing Yogini to respond, "Okay? Surely I get the annoyance factor, but you got some souvenir of it which by the way mind telling me what he whispered to you?"

Velia shook her head and signed, "It's a secret."

"Well, that's a shame. Can't you tell your one and only sis?" Yogini asked.

Velia shook her head once more and signed, "When the time comes you'll know what the CD holds."

"Though I have to ask why are we still bothering with Will Smith? I mean there are more powerful allies we can turn to."

"There are more powerful we can turn to yes, but Will provides us the opportunity of starting small and not being detected. Mainly less of risk of us getting caught to build up to our goals. We'll soon gain more allies, but for now Will has a small enough gang where they're unknown, but able to get the jobs done to gain more resources. And I don't want the Emissaries to know about all of this. Not yet anyway"

"The Emissaries? What do you mean by not yet?" Velia signed with concern growing on her face.

"I know you're concerned for my well being after what they did to me and I'm still irritated at them. However, I can't say for sure yet, but I have my plans for them."

"This is getting back at me for not telling you what the cd isn't it?" Velia signed with a blank look on her face.

"Maybe, but I can tell you something else. Even though, we'll have to work with that insufferable dimwitted blockbuster actor, he is simply a means to an end."

"I like the sound of that," Velia signed with a smile on her face.

"It's perfect, since it works out for all of us even for Will. He gets to reap the benefits for a while, while we gain our resources along with other intel. Then once we have what we need, we'll either kill him or leave him for the authorities. Whichever one I'm in the mood for because let's face the facts we both know he's scum."

Velia happily nodded and signed, "On that we can agree on and it just makes me happy. Just say the word and I'll end him however way you like."

Yogini chuckled. "Oh, but I don't think that will be necessary, I'm sure the problem will solve itself."

"Speaking of happy moments, when are you going to try and reconnect with Evelyn?" Velia signed with interest.

"I've been thinking of some ideas..... well, since you broke me out of prison. Maybe a conversation starter like bumping into her in a store, or a walk in the park or even meeting in a coffee house. She likes to write, so I'm sure she'll like to doing those activities in a coffee house.... albeit with lunging at the douchebags."

"You really think she'll be crawling back to you?" Velia signed.

"She will because I think she still remembers all the good times we had. Shame you two never met. You would have loved her writing."

"I'm sure I would. And today has been a tiring one, I'm going to let you fantasize about your girl."

"Goodnight, Velia" Yogini said while she hugged her little sister as the mute girl walked up the stairs as she then says aloud. "And I'll let you fantasize whoever is that special man or lady in your life."

Velia brushed her off while Yogini chuckled and began to think about Evelyn. Truth be told she had a feeling that Evelyn still hates her for their one year involvement, but she had to find out if she still hates her one way or another. She acknowledged what she did to Evelyn was wrong, but neither of them could deny the good times between the two and if by some magical reason Evelyn still wanted to be with her, then she would promise to treat her like a queen and make everything right. And shortly after, something started to make itself known in her mind, something that she often kept in the shadows of her mind. Yogini quickly shook her head and began to think of other stuff that made her happy, quickly repressing it back to the dark corners of her mind.

It will not race her mind or even become a reality. She will make sure it will never happen.

The Writer's Block

The bounty hunter entered the exclusive nightclub for the most exotic and dangerous writers. It was a largely unknown nightclub, only known to the elite and the non heroic, people who were willing to get their hands dirty. The bar was filled with a variety of lights in the majority of the club such as the dance floor and bar. Of course there were more quieter areas to concentrate on writing and having a conversation. Either way, the bounty hunter couldn't care less and had only one thing on his mind as he made his way up the stairs, towards the pent house.

The armored figure reached the second floor and walked towards the black door he had eyes on. He was about to reach for it when a dark skinned woman dressed in a black and white coat and skirt walked out. She had her hair tied up in a bun along with having glasses.

"Why are you here without the boss' desired bounty Crosshairs?" The woman asked with annoyance in her voice.

Crosshairs looked at the woman with disdain behind his helmet and spoke, "It's none of your concern. I will report my findings to...."

The woman interrupted the bounty hunter with irritation showing up in her voice. "We do not say his name. You may refer to him as Palms."

"I'll address him however I like, Viveka. Now stand aside, or else he'll start looking for a new assistant," Crosshairs threatened with his voice sounding gravely.

"And I don't care what your reasons are. You don't have the bounty with you. No bounty, no reward, no conference."

"I'm sure there are others who would like to see you dead. Perhaps I can get something more than satisfaction through your demise." Crosshairs said while he pulled out his signature weapon set to the shotgun function.

Viveka shook her head in annoyance with anger in her eyes as they turned to a fiery orange while her hands burst into flames. "The same can be said for you. It's been a while since I've gotten some proper exercise."

The two stared down at each other, waiting for the other to make the first move when a booming voice is heard. "Viveka. Leave us."

Viveka sigeds in annoyance as she obeyed her boss and dispelled the flames. The assistant began to walk away when she turned to Crosshairs. "Try anything, and you're as good as dead."

"I'll keep that mind," Crosshairs replied with disgust in his voice, as he then walked into the dark, dimly lit office to where he could see just about everything except for Palms, who was concealed in the shadows. Him being in the shadows didn't concern Crosshairs in the slightest, he couldn't care less what he did in his spare time. All that matter was his payment.

"I see you don't have the bounty, but yet you're here. Why?" Palms asked.

"There were a change of plans, but I found something far more worthwhile than a simple bounty on a nutcase."

There was a moment of pause as Palms then simply said, "Go on."

"The woman known as Evelyn Blake resurfaced during my confrontation with the Bible-Thumper. She prevented me from collecting the bounty, but considering her past I thought she would prove worthwhile to you."

Palms remained silent for a few moments when he then said, "Interesting. We can use the Mindfucker's toy to lure her here for my personal gain."

"It'll be dangerous work. The Mindfucker is not to be underestimated," Crosshairs warned at the woman's capabilities.

"The Emissaries found a way to stop her. We can find a way, and as for Evelyn. When the time is right, I'll let you know when I want you to bring her to me. You may use whatever means necessary, but no mortal wounds."

"As you wish."

"And the same goes for the Mindfucker."

"If that's the case then I'll need a squadron of some of your best and I expect you to do your part in finding her weaknesses. And to let you know that some or even all of them might not survive the mission."

"Understood," Palm said as he opened a trunk of his desk and placed some money on the lit area of the desk. "Your payment for bringing me this information and I will let you know when I want the bounties done."

Crosshairs took his payment and said, "Glad to see we're in agreement. Now if you'll excuse me, I have other bounties to attend to."

Within a few seconds the bounty hunter left the room, leaving Palms in the penthouse all by himself. The man smiled to himself of the possibilities of controlling New York have gotten a lot better.
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Re: The Nightwriters

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The Nightwriters
Chapter 7
A Supply Run

Evelyn and Rachel's Apartment

"So what's a way we can capture Yogini?" Lucy asked while Rachel sat on the couch, thinking as Evelyn paced around the living room.

"We can always ask the Emissaries for help. After all I'm sure they know what it's like to go up against her," Rachel suggested.

"And they may know some of her weakness if they were able to apprehend her," Lucy added.

"If we go to them then Yogini will certainly know that she's being tracked and will go into hiding. Thus, losing the opportunity to stopping her," Evelyn countered.

"And there goes that idea, Rachel replied slightly annoyed.

The trio continued to think about their plan when an idea came into Lucy's mind as she said, "Evelyn."

"Yeah?" The former superhero asked.

"Aside from her mind control, does she have any other abilities? Like sensing, or whatever?" Lucy asked.

"As far as I know of, no. And what are you getting at?"

"Would it be possible if we rushed her and injected her with some sort of drug like a sedative."

"That... could actually work so long as we plan this out accordingly," Rachel said as she then turned over to her best friend."What do you think, Eve?"

Evelyn thought deeply at Lucy's suggestion about how she still wants Yogini dead to the point that would be her most desired outcome of all of this. However, the thought of Lucy and Rachel bringing up that killing her may reduce her other victims as husks if they were still under her control made her end that thought. At least to her, all she wanted was this to be over one way or another, but has her preferred way of doing so. Though, the drug option may actually be of some use in ending all of this and perhaps she'll even find out how to release her control on everyone and even to her in general.

That last thought caused her to shake in disgust and fear as how she even began to consider thinking of wanting to know her. Evelyn then realized that she hasn't answered her friends yet and looked back at them. The two had some slight worry about their friend being lost in thought when she turned her to attention to Rachel.

"I think that's a.... good idea. Question is: how do we get what we're looking for?" Evelyn asked.

"Raid the hospital of course!" Lucy blurted out enthusiastically, causing her two friends to look at her with surprise.

"Did..... you just say what I think you just said?" Rachel asked.

"Yeah, I think I need to get my ears checked," Evelyn added in disbelief.

"I'm not saying we ransack the nearest hospital, I'm just saying we go a bit undercover is all. Besides, it'll be fun and we won't use their drugs in vein." Lucy said, forcing Rachel to shake her head in annoyance from Lucy's pun.

"Goddammit Lucy!" Evelyn yelled out.

New York University

"Did you ever see that movie Night of the Demons?" Olivia asked Angela while the two were having lunch in school's cafeteria.

"The movie where those high school students go to that abandoned house and get possessed one by one?" Angela asked.

"That's it."

"I've seen it, and why do you ask?"

"Just a horror movie I remember watching as a kid and used to being afraid of it," Olivia answered.

"I always found it to be quite fascinating, particularly the main character herself Angela."

"You do know she's the main demon right?" Olivia asked confused on what her friend meant by that.

"Of course. I just find her quite interesting regarding her enthusiasm for séances and her choices of friends..... even though she mainly only had one." Angela answered.

"Angela.... am I you're only friend here?" Olivia asked.

"More or less."

"You do realize how weird that sounds on the uncanny resemblance between that character and you?" Olivia asked, causing Angela to go red in embarrassment at what her friend just said.

"You know it's not like that and..... and" Angela tried to say while Olivia gave her a smirk when the two girls then heard a loud, cheerful voice.

The two turned around to see Lie approaching them with her black hair tied in a pony tail and wearing a green t-shirt and blue shorts. She arrived with a smile on her face and said, "Hey Olivia!"

"Thank you!" Angela said the first two words clearly, but the last word couldn't be heard so well.

"Lie what brings you here?" Olivia asked.

"Just seeing my good friend and wondering if you can help me with a project of mine," Lie said when she looked over to the girl with long black hair and asked. "Who's this?'

"Lie, this Angela. Angela, this is Lie." Olivia introduced the two as her friends, with them then shaking hands.

"It's a pleasure to meet you Lie."


Angela looked at the two girls when she then said, "You know, my class is about to start so I have to get going. See you around Olivia."

"Bye Angela!" Olivia said while her friend took her leave.

The blind woman then turned to her other friend and asked, "And what exactly is this project of yours that you need help with?"

Lie looked around and then leans into Olivia's ear and whispered, "I heard from some people all over the city and there may be something going on at Bush Terminal. Apparently there's some sort of shady people trying to steal materials from the train yard."

"Sounds serious. What are you proposing to do about it?" Olivia asked with a smirk on her face.

"You know. Break some limbs and enjoy the thrill of battle," Lie says with a smile.

"You know I wish I can join you, but I have tests and dare I say.... homework," Olivia responded, causing Lie to frown.

"Really? Really?" Lie asked in amazement and annoyance at what her friend just said.

"It's the truth," Olivia simply said as Lie looked at her for a moment when she then grabbed her hand and rushed out of the building.

"I still have tests to study for!" Olivia yelled out in annoyance at her friend puling her away.

"I'll help you cheat!" Lie yelled back.

Yogini and Velia's home

"So what's the agenda for today?" Velia signed as Yogini was putting on her blonde haired wig.

"Finding another gang to do our bidding and having them think we'll be equals," Yogini said with a smirk.

"And I presume you need my help?" Velia signed.

"Of course. Who better than the one who can intimidate them?" Yogini joked.

"I thought the goal of this wasn't to kill any potential allies?"

"Who said anything about killing?" Yogini asked with a smile.

Velia shook her head as she then signed, "I'll help you, but I'll be there later than expected since I have to book a gig."

"A gig? Vel I didn't know you started performing again? I thought you were over that," Yogini said shocked.

"I was since I had to babysit your girlfriend while you were off on your quest mindfucking the Emissaries. But now that you're back I think I deserve to return to my job to keep up appearances," Velia answered, forcing Yogini to smile as hold out her arms and gives her little sister a hug thus making her squirm.

"That is so cute! I'm so glad you're going back to do what you love. Maybe I'll go see you perform and ensure a huge round of applause," Yogini said cheerfully, causing Velia to roll her eyes.

"Uh-huh, thanks mom," Velia signed, making Yogini frown as she could have sworn she saw fire in her eyes. This caused the mute sister to retract what she said with a bit of sadness.

"I'm sorry, I didn't mean to," Velia apologied causing Yogini to take a deep breath and respond with a hand on her younger sister's shoulder. "No, you were just a little annoyed with my.... I don't know how to say it. Over protectiveness or excitement. I know how I can be but...."

Velia saw her sister in a sympathetic state and signed reassuring. "How about when we have our work cut out for us we do something together. Since it's been a while we've done anything together aside from making deals with criminals and murdering people."

Yogini smiled at her little sister. "That sounds perfect."

Velia smiled back as Yogini then adjusted her black clothing consisting of pants and a coat with a tank top underneath. "I better get going to meet with our new clients. I'll see you when I get there and don't hold up because I need my muscle."

"Letting a little girl being your body guard is a sure way to assert your dominance," Velia hoked causing Yogini to laugh as they left the house and go their separate ways.

Velia strolled down the streets of New York while holding her luggage that contained her gear for the upcoming meeting. Surely, the mute girl wanted to do her own things before assisting her sister and it was most definitely not a lie, more of just spreading the truth. Velia smiled as she was actually able to secure a time for her gig at a old fashioned bar known as The Gord, which was a club that has an inspired look of the Nineteen-sixties. She has been there to observe and The Musician greatly enjoyed the place as it had a relaxing atmosphere, which she appreciated.

The other thing was to make a visit to a friend, or rather someone that peaked her interest. Whenever that person came into her mind, she always felt at ease and happy like she truly cared about this person despite only knowing her for a few months. Velia simply wanted to visit her again and even ask her a question. How the thought of just seeing her again made her heart race as she looked up see the Shop N' Stop sign.

Velia smiled as she then entered the store to see no one at the counter. The small woman with brown hair simply shrugged as she approached the counter and reached the counter bell with some difficulty. The bell rang as after a few seconds she heard footsteps approaching when she then looked up to see a woman with light skin and short brown hair.

The Musician's heart rate sped up a bit as she saw Rachel, who then looked down at her and gave a warm smile. "Hey Vel. I haven't seen you in a while."

Velia returned the smile as Rachel then asked, "What brings you here? The usual?"

The short woman nodded with a smile still on her face as the clerk brought down the two bottles of red wine and put them on the counter. Rachel then rung up the bottles for the customer as Velia paid for the drinks.

"I'm also here for a few other reasons," Velia signed.

"Oh," Rachel said surprised. "And what would that be?"

"I was wondering what your plans are for the next few days?" Velia asked causing Rachel to be flattered as she took a moment to think.

Rachel began to think of what she was doing when the stuff she's helping Evelyn with popped in her head, but knew she couldn't tell Velia about that. Despite how sweet and cute she was.... and she began to question herself as to why she just thought that about her. She had to make up a lie of some sort when she then thought of something.

"I'm actually going to be helping my friend clean out the apartment along with getting some necessities for the upcoming month of summer. You know how bad the heat can get," Rachel said causing Velia to nod, understanding what she meant. The clerk then began to think at how it looks like she was keeping it together along with it technically telling the truth.... in a sense at least.

"How about you? Any plans you got going on?" Rachel asked causing Velia to nod happily.

"And what would that be?"

"I actually booked a gig at the Gord, so I'll be performing there," Velia answered causing Rachel to have a big smile at her.

"That's great to hear! Is it a solo gig or do you have anyone playing with you?" Rachel asked with interest, which flattered Velia to see that her person of interest was showing enthusiasm for her passion.

"Solo gig, but it's definitely enough to keep the audience entertained," Velia answered with a cocky smile.

"Oh. I see someone is very confident about their skills," Rachel teased causing Velia to give her a smirk. "Oh god! Why does that little whatever she is pull off such a sexy smirk?" Rachel mentally said to herself in a panic.

"Perhaps, you would like to see for yourself," Velia suggested, which Rachel immediately caught on. "Are you inviting me to your gig?"

Velia shook her head, causing the clerk to respond, "I..... I would love to. When is it?"

"May 16th." Velia signed.

"That's three days from now and I'll clear up my schedule to attend," Rachel answered causing Velia to smile brightly at how her friend will attend to her gig.

"I'm glad to see you'll be making it."

"I am too, you little se....." Rachel said as she caught herself, as she almost said something flirty to her while her face becomes red as a tomato. This caused Velia laugh silently, forcing Rachel roll her eyes in frustration.

"Very funny, Vel. I'll be sure to do that at your gig," Rachel teased causing Velia to stop and mock a gasp.

"You wouldn't."

"Oh, I would." Rachel continued teasing her, causing them to laugh and to continue talking to each other for a while.

Bush Terminal

The Crimson Hood and Thunderbird blended with the shadows on top of a roof that was overlooking the whole train yard, while the dusk sky was above them. Lie looked down at the multiple guards dressed like the cast of Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, giving her a confused look.

"Why are the guards dressed like that?" Lie asked causing Olivia to turn to her and respond with an expression of annoyance."Lie, I'm blind I have no idea what you're talking about."

"But, you can still fight like the rest of us and pretty damn good I might say," Her friend retorted.

"That's because my other senses are dialed to eleven, but I still have no idea what the hell the goons look like."

"Alright, fine," Lie said as she took a another look at the goon. "Why are they dressed like the cast of Fresh Prince?"

"Really? That's...... I have no idea, let's just end this so you can help me chea..... help me with my school work," Olivia said with the obvious intent on wanting to get this over with.

"We can do this thee old stealthy way or come in guns a blazing," Lie suggested.

"Why not both?" Olivia suggested causing Lie. "I really like the way you think."

"You make the noise and attack the offensive and I'll go after the defensive."

Lie flashed a huge smile as she hopped down the roof and sprinted towards the center of the train yard with the gang members loading the goods off the train and into their trucks. Thunderbird leapt into the air and delivered a swift kick to an unsuspecting goon in the back of the head, instantly knocking him unconscious and dropping all the goods on the ground.

Right away this alerted the other nearby guards as they saw her getting ready to take them off. The gang charged at her, which gave her a huge smile while her body began to surge with electricity when she slammed her fist into the closet goon, sending him flying into three other goons.

Olivia who was currently behind one of the train carts heard the screams of multiple goons along with Lie' cheerful battle cry as she then gave a smirk. "Now it's my turn."

The Crimson Hood snuck around the corner to see two guards standing guard while three others were transporting the goods. The red vigilante pulled out one of her nun-chucks and approached the closet guard quietly. She reached the guard and slammed her weapon on the guard, instantly knocking him out. The other guard turned around only to be met with a nun-chuck across the face, sending him falling to the ground.

The Crimson Hood smiled when she head guns aiming at her, and turned around to see the three remaining goons looking right at her. "And I was so close to perfecting my stealth streak," Olivia said, as she quickly threw a flash bang at them causing the three guards to blindly shoot all around them when she then threw her buzzsaws at them. Thus, disarming and making them swear in pain from the saws striking their hands. The blind woman then came in the fog of war and struck them down with ease from her nun-chucks.

The vigilante smiled with satisfaction as she turned to see Lie facing against one last goon who took on the appearance of Jazz. She watched her friend easily grab a hold of the Jazz goon and threw through a door, thus knocking him out.

"Have to say that this was easier and more relaxing than I expected," The Crimson Hood said satisfied with their results.

"I can say it was a very nice work out with these goons," Lie agreed with what her friend said.

"Workin' out?! WORKIN' OUT?! Ah, hell no! I'm gonna deal with this myself! I'm the star around here!" A booming voice of annoyance shouted out from behind causing the two girls to turn around to see Will Smith approaching them.

"Will Smith! Oh my god I loved you in The Pursuit of Happiness!" Lie said with excitement filling her voice.

"Wait Will Smith? What the hell is he doing here?" Olivia asked.

"I'm gone for five minutes and you two crazy assholes just had to make a mess out of everything," Will Smith continued.

"So you're in charge of this gang then," Lie deduced causing Olivia to reply. "It's obvious now, since him and his friends are trying to relive the glory days of the 90's before their careers went to poop."

"Careers going down the toilet? Ah hell no!" Will Smith yelled out as he pulled out his swords and continued. "My career is going stronger than ever! I just need to earn a little extra dough on the side."

"Great! The first celebrity I meet is the one I fight. Fantastic," The Crimson Hood sarcastically said while pulling out her own sword.

"And the first crippled celebrity too!" Lie shouted causing Will Smith to look at her. "Crippled? I'll have you know I recovered better than ever after, After Earth!"

"When we're finished with you and even worse than After Earth," Lie said with an excited grin that even made Will Smith shiver in fear of the excitable woman.

Olivia launched herself at the celebrity who quickly blocked her strikes with his dual swords. The two locked their blades with neither gaining the advantage when Lie came in from behind, striking the actor in the back with her electric filled punch causing him to be stunned. The Crimson Hood hit him square in the face with the butt of her sword causing him to drop one of his swords.

Lie chargeed in with another punch when Will Smith backhanded her causing her stumble as Will Smith picked up his other sword, swinging at the Crimson Hood. She jumped back from the swipes and retaliated with her own strikes, which Will blocked. Thunder Bird noticed the two exchanging blades as she ran in and slammed her fist into Will's side, causing him to yell in frustration.

The celebrity managed to hold his ground as he focused his other sword on Thunderbird, who easily managed to disarm him with a punch to the wrist. Will Smith then momentarily glanced at a carrier looming over them and made a smirk, but a state of annoyance fills his mind.

"The asset isn't coming in like I was promised," Will said to himself as he then pulled out The Noisy Cricket and fired it on the carrier. The noise itself caused the two vigilantes to cover their ears while Will Smith rolled out of the way, noticing the carrier was beginning to make its descent towards them.

The noise of the Cricket had stopped as the two girls hear the carrier falling towards them as they quickly jumped out of the way as it then landed, causing a small crater. The two girls looked out to see Will Smith entering one of the trucks filled with some of the goods, along with a few of his recovered subordinates.

"You're lucky the asset wasn't here or else you would have gotten your asses kicked, you assholes!" Will Smith yelled out as he drove the truck away with what supplies he was able to get as the two vigilantes watched in confusion.

"What the hell was that about?" Olivia asked.

"I honestly have no idea."

"I'm still wondering if we even fought Will Smith or just a really good impersonator."

"And what did he mean by asset?" Lie asks.

"I honestly don't know, but if he thinks that he or she or whoever it would be a good help then we may be dealing with more than we expect," Olivia replied.

"We should check what he was able to recover anyway." Lie says as the two make their way to one of the opened train carts. The two look around to see multiple crates branded as "Flammable Ship Fics."

The two girls looked at each other and said,"Oh hell no!"

Yogini and Velia's home

"That went fairly well wouldn't you say Vel?" Yogini asked as she took off her black coat and put it on the hanger.

Velia removed mask and put it in her bag as she then turned to her sister. "Certainly better than the incompetent actor."

"Just a shame that it had to get postponed to tomorrow," Yogini said with some mild annoyance, but remaining calm about the situation.

Velia nodded in agreement as she took the rest of her suit off, revealing her in her everyday clothing.

"Say," Yogini said getting her younger sister's attention. "I know you had to book your gig, but I noticed you had a few extra items in your bag. Were you by any chance shopping or...."

"Don't you dare say it," Velia signed intensively.

"The lucky man or woman you're shopping for," Yogini teased causing Velia to let out a breath of annoyance.

"Fine! If it will get you to shut up. Yes, I have a crush," Velia signed angrily causing Yogini to smile brightly.

"Awh!!! That's so cute, my baby sister likes someone," Yogini said proud while her little sister to rolled her eyes.

"Uh-huh sure like it's any big deal."

"Big deal!?! This is a huge deal! My little sister has the hots for someone. You have to tell me all about it and give me details like what's their name? Their personality?"

"Just because I said I have a crush doesn't mean I'm going to tell you the identity and their personality."

Yogini mocked a hurt expression and retorted, "Why are you keeping this all away from me? I'm your big sister. I deserve to know."

"Yeah and how you kept stalking the friends I've made in the past or my other crushes," Velia countered.

"I'll have you know I was looking out for you because anyone who hurts my....." Yogini tried to say when her sister interrupted her. "Baby sister, and gets horribly tortured with the mind control and ultimately stays as a husk. I've seen that before."

"And you're welcome for some of that," Yogini responded feeling proud of herself for punishing them causing Velia to sign. "If anything, can you at least promise not to stalk the person I have my eyes on?"

"How can I stalk that person if I don't know who it is?" Yogini playfully asked making Velia facepalm herself.

"By not following me around."

"Okay and when you're ready you'll tell me who you like," Yogini said as she then spread her arms out. "Now give your big sister a hug." This caused the two sisters to embrace for a few moments before departing from each other as the older continued, "You know I only do this because I love you."

"Love you too, sis," Velia signed as she then headed towards her room when Yogini then calls out. "To make it up I'll make some dinner and we'll watch a movie."

The long black haired sister started heading towards the kitchen when her phone started ringing. With a single breath, she took out her phone and answered,"Hello?"

"Yogini, this yah boy Will Smith," The man said causing Yogini to groan as she didn't want to deal with the idiot celebrity at the moment or any for that matter.

"What do you want Will? And I thought I told you not to call me around this time. I have a life outside of this too you know?"

"Well, excuse me for interrupting your precious ass time when my gang and I just got our assses kicked!" Will Smith yelled out causing her to roll her eyes in annoyance.

"What are you on about?"

"We was out looting our precious earnings when a blind little red riding hood and a thunder hawk attacked us! I tried calling on you for help, you wouldn't pick up the damn phone!"

"Again, I was busy with other stuff and besides you didn't notify my associate or I about this raid," Yogini countered.

"No! I know I notified you on this! It read 'We're about to raid a few shipments, I need the girl' but of course you never responded to my text! What the hell?" Will Smith said as Yogini pinched her temples at the clear headache he was giving her.

"Did you hit the send button or did you just happen to send the message to someone else?" Yogini asked causing Will to huff.

"Now how could I forget to do something like that? Here I will check my texts to prove I sent you the message," Will said with confidence as he then checked his messages while Yogini waited when she then hears his trademark "Ah hell nah!"

"Did you finally grow a conscious?"

"Man, shut up! I accidentally sent it to some guy named Bailey."

"How the hell do you get Bailey mixed up with Yogini?"

"I have no idea, hell, probably some rich asshole I met at some party," Will rambled, making Yogini red with anger.

"You know, Will, I had an exhausting day and you're not making it any better. I'm heading down towards your headquarters, so I can berate you on your fuckup."

"Hey no....." Will tired to say when Yogini then cut him off by ending the call and letting out another groan, but louder. She then headed towards the living room and said, "Time to make dinner while drunk.."

Sentara Williamsburg Regional Medical Center

"Let me get this straight. The plan is for you to distract everyone by telling a joke?" Evelyn asked as the three friends stood outside of the hospital.

"Puns more like it and don't worry they'll love it," Lucy said with confidence.

"Uh-huh, yeah this will go over nicely," Evelyn said sarcastically.

"Let's just hope for the best and Lucy at least distracting them," Rachel said with optimism.

The two childhood friends walked in the waiting room as they took their seats, waiting for Lucy to make her entrance. The two waited for a few more minutes when Lucy came in, making moans of pain while hopping on one leg.

"Help! Help! I lost my footing," Lucy said, causing the staff to roll their eyes and one sickly looking patient to vomit.

The African American woman continued to make more noises and shouted, "My whole leg is broken, I knee someone's help!"

The medical staff rolled their eyes once again, as a few of them got up to Lucy and one of them asked, "Is your leg really broken?"

"Yes! It hurts so bad to the point I had to get someone to toe me here," Lucy faked a whine as the staff made groaning sounds.

"Mam, if you will just take a seat and fill out these papers, we can get to you shortly," The staff member said as the two childhood friends made it past the lobby and into the inner area of the hospital.

The two girls walked in when they then heard Lucy yell from the lobby "I sure hope you all can heel my tremendous injury!"

"That was honestly not worth it," Evelyn said with great annoyance from her friend's puns.

"I know, Eve, I know, but at least we made it. We just have to get the drugs and get out of here," Rachel said calmly.

"Right," Evelyn said as the two friends looked around the hallways until they found one labeled "Changing room".

"Be best if we change into some scrubs in case we get caught," Rachel said as Evelyn replied. "I better not contract anything if they're used."

"It increases our chances of success and besides didn't you always wanted to be a nurse?" Rachel asked.

"No," Evelyn answered deadpanned.

"A sexy nurse?" Rachel teased, causing Evelyn to give her the stink eye while her friend bawled in laughter.

"One of these days Rachel. One of these days I'm going to snap," Evelyn threatened while the two changed into scrubs.

"You wouldn't, because we'll end up forgetting the subject and talk about something else," Rachel pointed out, forcing Evelyn to roll her eyes and respond. "You know me so well Rachel."

"And I'm the only one who can get away with it," Rachel said triumphantly as the two begin checking the rooms.

"Don't press your luck," Evelyn said as they then saw a label next to a door containing the words "Medical Supplies".

Evelyn and Rachel looked at each other when they both shrug their shoulders and walked inside. The two started searching the room, which had the basic white walls and floor along with a counter with a blue colored scheme on it, containing few cabinets over it. Then finally, a red container hanging on one of the walls.

"Any luck on the sedatives yet?" Evelyn asked while searching through the blue cabinets.

"Nothing here yet...." Rachel tried to say while searching the red cabinet when they heard a loud voice one belonging to one of annoyance.

"What the hell do you think you two are doing here?" The two girls turned around to see a man with black spiky hair accompanied with a goatee and white colored skin yelled out while wearing scrubs.

"We.... were searching for sedatives to help a patient in pain," Evelyn gave out a half assed answered while looking at the man whose name tag said Clarence Church.

"Normally, I would call bull skreeonking horseshit, but we're low on workers and high on moronic patients. And I don't have the time to argue or find out who the hell you people are. So, I need at least one of you to help draw blood and help answer the dumb people's questions."

Evelyn and Rachel looked at each other as the brown haired woman stepped forward in not wanting their cover blown.

"Jesus Christ, now follow me before people start complaining about how long it takes and giving us a damn Yelp review of all things," Clarence said annoyed as Rachel followed him, leaving Evelyn all alone to search for the sedatives.

The woman with purple highlights continues=d to search the cabinets, but to no avail when she let out a frustrated sigh and said, "Where the hell do they put the sedatives?"

All of a sudden the door opened from a loud, hard kick as a doctor came in with a box of medical supplies. The doctor had no hair and a white moustache and saw Evelyn standing there.

"Oh good, you're here! I was thinking I had to do this myself," The doctor said as he approached the confused Evelyn with the box.

"Listen, I need you to do me a solid and place all the sedatives where they normally go, because I may or may not have given a few patients that instead of some Tylenol," The doctor said, causing Evelyn to be given a disturbed look at how stupid the doctor could be, but of course she had to respond in a normally in the hopes that she'll get what she needs.

"Uh..... yeah I'll cover for you and I completely understand. We all make mistakes," Evelyn said keeping her cover up.

"Excellent! Glad to see you understand unlike that Church fellow. He's a real asshole always insisting things be done the right way. May even fire him. Anywho thanks for covering me as I have patients to save!" The doctor said cheerfully while running out.

This caused Evelyn to say to herself "Who the hell runs this hospital?"

The woman then set the box down on the counter and took out a good portion of the sedatives who then stuck them in her pockets. Evelyn decided to leave the room and search for Rachel.

"I have a feeling that this is going to take really long because that's just what I needed: a skreeonking side quest," Evelyn mentally said to herself in great annoyance while searching the rooms, but with no sign of Clarence or Rachel.

Evelyn took a right down the hallway and checked the room closest to her on the left. She peaked around the corner to see multiple patients lying on beds, along with ones that shouldn't even be up, wandering around the room.

"motherskreeonker!" A recent familiar voice yelled out, causing Evelyn to turn her attention to Clarence who is screaming at one of the patients.

"Franklin putting on that metal toilet seat doesn't make you the Armored Writer!"

"Ah, but I thought it would make me fight crime and protect the good people here," The patient whined.

Despite not even really knowing Clarence, Evelyn already felt sorry for the man and how many idiotic people there. Certainly reminds her of her dealings of the constant flux of moronic customers she had to interact with all the time.

Evelyn then looked around for Rachel when she saw her drawing blood from a patient. The woman then rushed over to her friend as she tapped her on the shoulder, causing her to turn around and face Evelyn.

"Did you find the sedatives?" Rachel asked with a smile on her face in hopes that she did get what they need.

"Through one big convenience that shouldn't even possible, but skreeonk it, I got what we needed."

"Excellent," Rachel said with a smile as Evelyn nodded when she briefly looked at the blood blank, back at her friend and asked,"Did you draw blood?"

"I actually didn't wing it, hell, I think have some sort of secret talent. I could even do this for a living if I wanted," Rachel said with confidence at her newfound hidden talent.

Evelyn placed a hand on her best friend's shoulder and said, "After seeing what Clarence is going through, I wouldn't."

"Maybe at a different hospital then."

"Yeah, let's go," Evelyn said, causing Rachel to look back at Clarence. "I feel sorry for leaving him."

"Tell you what. If we ever see him again, I'll buy him a drink for his troubles," Evelyn said while Rachel smiled. "That's very nice of you."

"Listen here, motherskreeonker! Just because you can make squiggly lines doesn't mean you're qualified as an Emissary!"

"But..... I believed I can fly. That has to count for something."

Clarence's face turned red as a tomato in pure annoyance at the stupidity of the patient's nonsense and screamed, "You skreeonking whore!!!!"

Evelyn and Rachel walked into the lobby when they both dropped their faces in shock as everyone was seen crying and looking sicker than before. The two girls turned to see the obvious source still faking her leg injury while making puns.

Lucy turned to her friends and smileed at them with Evelyn giving her a disapproving frown. "What? I did what I was sup......." Lucy tried to say when Evelyn simply grabbed her by the shoulder and dragged her out while Rachel followed.

"I am so so sorry everyone," Rachel apologized.
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Re: The Nightwriters

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The Nightwriters
Chapter 8
Written by Alex Williams and GTK (Co-wrote the first part)

Will Smith's Base

"You are simply a moron. A moron who not only skreeonks up the very few jobs I assigned, but fails to send a notice to us about it," Yogini outraged at Will who was sitting in his office chair.

"What? You think I did this on purpose? That I put up a sign that says 'hey bad guy here, please kick my ass!" Will Smith retorted while slamming his fist on the table.

"Maybe you should think long and hard about your plans instead of rushing in blindly. Since, that's probably the reason why you get your ass kicked so much and your horrible choices in movies," Yogini yelled back out, causing Velia who was concealed in her gear to shake her head in annoyance at Will.

"After Earth is amazing and you know it! Just like Jaden!"

"Your son or daughter?" Velia signed teasing, causing Will Smith to turn to the young sister and gain an even angrier look.

"AND YOU! You were supposed to help? Da hell?"

"Maybe she would have been there if you would actually pay attention. I'm risking an awful lot by allying myself with you and I'm already starting to regret this alliance."

"I regret nothin'!" Will Smith said defiantly, refusing to believe how it was his fault he screwed up gaining the shipment.

Yogini screamed internally at how ignorant Will can be and how he still thought that this was their fault. The Mindfucker pinched the bridge of her nose in great annoyance and immediately began to mutter.

Velia turned to Yogini as she saw her older sister contemplating mind-controlling their "ally". She knew from the very beginning that this was a bad idea to recruit him for their plans as she simply awaited for the inevitable.

The Mindfucker let out a sigh of annoyance as she simply lowered her arm down to her chest where she then crossed them. Yogini looked back at him, catching Velia by surprise when she spoke.

"Tell you what. Just make sure to give me a call in a few days advance and if I don't answer the first time in a few hours, just send me another call. Okay? So that way you don't start whining how everything went to poop. Okay?" Yogini said, considering how Velia knew her older sister hated people calling multiple times during the day.

Velia turned to her older sister who looked back at her who simply gave a her look that said, "I'll explain later"

"All right, all right. I'm the star of this show, I ain't gonna mess up," Will said much more happily, yet completely missing the point by wanting to assert his dominance.

The two sisters mentally facepalmed themselves, but Yogini did not want to argue with this idiot for another second replied sarcastically. "Yeah, okay, sure you're the lead. Can't let anyone else be the lead even if someone is currently masterminding this operation because that would be immoral. Because, let's all tell ourselves, it's all for you Will, it's always been for you will."

"Damn right!" Will yelled out with excitement in his voice, like a child opening presents on Christmas.

Velia simply rolled her eyes behind the mask at what seemed to be the increased stupidity of their associate while Yogini responded like she was babying him. "Perfect! You let us know when you need a chore taken care of and to take of you. And we'll let you know when we need something done. You think you can handle that?"

Velia quietly snickered at how Yogini was treating him like a child while Will was oblivious to what Yogini's tone was, responded. " Ah, hell yes!"

"Now I would love to stay in this wonderful chat, but I have other business to attend to and two of those things are lies."

"No need to make excuses, I getcha, sometimes there's too much Will to handle," Will said flirting with his boss, causing the sisters to roll their eyes in both annoyance and disgust.

The two left Will's base of operations and out into the open city as they walked silently by multiple citizens, but before doing so, with the two changing their disguises, with Yogini now spotting a red hair wig and Velia taking off her mask. The two continued to walk while they noticed less and less people near them when Yogini let out a sigh of annoyance. "One of these days, I'm going to kill him. I swear, I'm going to skreeonking kill him.

"Just say the word and I'll do it," Velia signed eagerly.

Yogini smiled at her sister's request at aiding her in getting rid of problem, and said, "Thank you, I'll be sure to keep your offer on the table, but for now, the asshole and his crew of idiots have their purpose. They'll be disposed of, but that time can't arrive soon enough."

"But, think of the bright side, your upcoming meeting will be better than this one," Velia said trying to cheer up her big sister.

Yogini smiled. "That is something to look forward to. Thanks."

Rachel and Evelyn's Apartment

"As we stated before the plan will be that once we find her, I will sneak up on her since I'm the only who's immune all the while the two of you keep an eye out incase she has any indoctrinated minions with her," Evelyn said while standing by a window that overlooked the busy streets of people walking by along with cars driving.

"I will indeed make sure to keep an eye out for any shady individuals and warn you both in advance," Rachel replied.

"And I'll be doing the same thing except act more as the muscle and start screaming random stuff while helping the 'poor' woman out of there." Lucy said proudly causing Evelyn to roll her eyes.

"Then it's settled: we find her, get in close and leave before anyone notices something beyond a person fainting."

"What happens in the plan fails?" Lucy asked with concern.

"What?" Evelyn replied as she was clearly confused on what Lucy asked.

"Yeah, what if the plan fails and something bad goes down?" Rachel added.

"It won't go bad. If we do what we agreed on, then everything will go smoothly."

"And what if her help, if she has any comes in and it's too much for us to handle. Then we improvise, I don't like it but we have to make sure she's stopped at all costs." Evelyn said with determination causing both her friends to look at each other.

"I just hope this works because like I said, it couldn't hurt to consider other options just for the sake of things not looking good," Rachel said worried about the all potential things that could go wrong.

Lucy then added. "Rachel is right, perhaps we at least talk about them."

Evelyn stared at her friends as for some reason their words seem to go through one ear and out the other. Not knowing why as she was desperately trying to listen when she got a chill causing her to tense up when she then turned around to look out the window. The woman who was wearing a black shirt and blue jeans observed what was out of the building to see multiple people walking. She continued to look at the variety of people until she noticed a red head in a red jack and black business skirt walking. Evelyn scrunched her eyes, focusing her attention on the woman and the way she walked as she noticed a seductive, confident, and dominant like motion to her.

After what seemed to be minutes, Evelyn's eyes widened up as she turned around to her friends and blurted out. "She's here!"

"She is!?" Rachel replied.

"Yeah, I just have a feeling. We have to go now. And she's a red head for some reason," Evelyn announced when she grabbed some of the supplies and started rushing out.

"Evelyn, wait! Don't rush off!" Rachel yelled out to her friend while grabbing the items as well with Lucy following closely behind. "I guess you can say that this is a Code Red."

"Goddammit!" The two lifelong friends yelled out.


Olivia smiled to herself as she reflected on the very nice day she had by hanging out with her friend. The two were able to get ahead on a research project that Alex assigned and even able to put in extra material for extra credit. The blind woman smiled as she arrived at her home, pulled out her keys and entered.

She guided herself into the hallway of her house when she turned to left and noticed something when a voice belonging to her mother called out to her. "Olivia, there you are!"

"Sorry I'm late, mom, but I had to do a project with Angela," Olivia answered.

"That's quite alright, but I was simply addressing to you about another thing," Olivia's mom said who had short, dark brown hair, same colored eyes, but with crows feet next to them. She was seen sitting on the couch with a blue and white button up shirt with blue jeans.

"And that is?" Olivia asked.

"Why you haven't told me about your new friend."

"New Friend?" Olivia asked confused when she turned her head a bit to the left and noticed Lie giving her a big grin, surprising her.

"Lie?! What brings you here?"

"I was in the neighborhood doing some exercises along with getting reacquainted with New York again, since my travels and all," Lie said proudly while winking to Olivia who then realized she couldn't have seen that, and her face turning slightly red.

"A traveler? That sounds exciting! You sure know how to pick'em, Olivia," The blind woman's mother said with excitement in her voice at seeing her daughter making more friend.

"Yep, I sure do, mom. She really is a fascinating one," Olivia said while still wondering why Lie was here.

"Now how did the two of you meet?" Olivia's mom asked with curiosity mixed with excitement.

"Well, we were in the same restaurant, The Valkyrie, and Lie here accidentally threw syrup on my jacket and offered me a meal and to pay for the cleanup," Olivia says when Lie takes over.

"And that's how we became such great friends!" Lie said overjoyed.

"Then of course we hang out like....... run, spar, listen to music, and collaborate on projects."

"And don't forget the part where we nightly parkour," Lie said with joy as Olivia motioned to her that it was a bad idea to mention that.

"Nightly? Olivia you shouldn't really go out at that time of night. You could get hurt, or worse," Olivia's mom said with worry overcoming her voice that made her feel guilty for doing what she did.

Lie noticed what she did wrong, spoke up very quickly. Which, you don't have to worry considering I spent some time with.... well, I don't know if you heard about him, but Sal Gutierrez."

Olivia's mom turned to Lie with happiness and said, "Really? That's exciting!"

"Oh, he definitely is exciting and the best part is that him and his squad gave me some pointers for self-defense. Which helped me greatly along with some small deeds of protecting some people, so I would say your daughter is in safe hands with me," Lie said proudly at burying her friend's mom's concerns, causing Olivia to roll her eyes from Lie's pretend story of making it look like she's her babysitter.

"That does remove some of my worries, but you know how a mother is? Always worried about her child."

"I completely get you, Miss Hawke," Lie said as Olivia's mother then smiled. "Please, just call me Cassandra."

"Alrighty then."

"Say, would you like to stay for dinner since I'm sure the two of you have plenty of stories. And I promise to tell you some of when Olivia was a child," Cassandra said causing Olivia to gulp in fear with Lie looking at her friend with a devilish smile.

"That sounds fantastic! I would love too," Lie said happily at thought of having a nice a meal and to tease her friend.

"Great! I'll get dinner started up so make yourself comfortable," Cassandra said while she left for the kitchen, leaving the two friends alone.

"First; I hate you. Second; what are you doing here?" Olivia asked with annoyance in her voice.

"Love you too, Olivia and I'm here because, well I need your help."

"What do you need help for?" Olivia asked while she took a seat on her couch.

"That's the thing. It may be nothing, but I want to make sure it's nothing, because I just have a bad feeling about this area," Lie said causing Olivia to frown.

"It's Brownsville, everyone always has a bad feeling here because it's a hellhole and a breeding ground for crime."

"You don't have to like it, but I prefer if you just go with me, and surveillance this area a bit with me."

"Alright fine, but on one condition," Olivia said with her frown still in place.

"Sure, what is it?"

"We do not discuss my childhood at dinner," Olivia said deadpanned causing Lie to complain. "Oh, come on! I want to hear what you were like as a child, I'm sure you had some cute adventures."

"You want my help or not?" Olivia asked.

"Fine! I won't ask and I'll change the topic abruptly if your mom brings it up," Lie said with defeat causing Olivia to smile. "That's more like it."

"Also, I sort of mentioned to your mom that you were planning to spend the night at my place to work on a screenplay as a cover," Lie announced causing Olivia's mouth to drop.

"So you were going to take no for an answer weren't you?"

"Oh, most definitely!" Lie said with satisfaction.

"Has anyone ever told you that you're unpredictable?" Olivia asked.

Lie took a moment to think before she answered, "Nope, but I'm pretty sure they've thought of it."


Evelyn, who was now wearing a gray hoodie with a black cap underneath that was labeled as "CC" watched from across the street by a coffee stand while she then saw woman with red hair talking to some sort of figure in a trench coat, sun glasses, and a fedora. The two were seen sitting at a table in front of a small restaurant of sorts.

"Isn't it a little too hot to wear a trench coat?" Rachel asked over Skype.

"He's a douchebag who wears clothes that don't make any sense and I never thought Yogini would deal with people like them," Evelyn said with disgust in her voice.

"To be fair you are wearing a cap under a hoodie when the weather is quite warm," Lucy said causing the woman with the black hair to roll her eyes.

"Who's side are you on?"

"Am I the only who noticed the tone of Eve's voice when she said deal with people like them?" Rachel asked, slightly worried for her friend.

"What are you talking about?" Evelyn asked.

"You seem a bit annoyed that she associates with those types of people instead of you know, decent people. Almost like you really disapprove of her actions as someone you care about," Rachel said causing Evelyn to twitch her left eye, and foam.

"Never. Ever. Say. That. Again. Rachel." Evelyn said angrily with disgust growing on her face of showing concern for the worst person on Earth causing her best friend to reply. "Okay, okay. Jesus. Just pointing it out, no need to bite my head off."

"To move on from this subject, you see anyone suspicious?" Lucy asked.

"Not at the moment so we're clear."

"Good. Now all we do is wait till her contact leaves to minimize failure," Evelyn said while the three women waited in their respective spots till her contact left. The three friends watched their foe's mysterious "friend" leave as he or she walked into an alleyway as they then noticed Yogini was sitting there, likely to avoid attention of the two conspiring together.

The three continued to watch her as she then got up from the chair and began to take her leave by walking down the sidewalk. Evelyn perked up and said to her friends on the phone. "Now's our chance. Lucy keep your distance, but be ready to do your job when I give her the sedatives, and Rachel keep your eye out on her indoctrinated minions."

Evelyn rushed across the street and said to herself. "It's time to end this." She walked at a fast pace, keeping herself between people to avoid being spotted while Yogini continued down the block. Evelyn felt herself getting closer to Yogini and started pulling the syringe out of her pocket.

Everything was unfolding as planned when she then noticed Yogini turning her head around while her eyes then widened. Evelyn's mind began to race with a lot of scenarios going through her mind such as her controlling everyone around them to attack her or to hold them hostage. She knew what she had to, so she rushed at her and jammed the needle into her neck causing her to briefly look at Evelyn with shock, but lost consciousness.

Evelyn not even thinking, grabbed a hold of Yogini bridal style of all positions when Lucy ran out and yelled out. "Oh no! This woman fainted due to being proposed to by her lovely girlfriend!"

This earned Lucy a glare from Evelyn as the punster mouthed out. "What, it was at the top of my head."

"Better rush her to the hospital because she's fallen and can't get up," Lucy said trying to add humor to the situation causing people to groan as they went off, minding their own business.

Evelyn lett out a groan as the two friends walked down an alley to transport her to a secret place. The two continued to walk when Evelyn turned to her friend and said angrily. "Why did you say she fainted by me proposing to her!? You know I would never fall in love with this monster."

"Hey, you're holding her like you're coming out of the alter! Don't blame me. You could have carried her over the shoulder," Lucy said defensively.

"I didn't have enough time to catch her like that."

"Still doesn't excuse you not changing your grip on her," Lucy said making Evelyn groan while she threw Yogini over her shoulders.

"There! Happy now?" Evelyn said annoyed.

"Question is: are you?" Lucy teased causing Evelyn to snarl in hatred with Lucy starting to laugh.

"And there's our ride," Evelyn said with Rachel pulling up to them in a silver Camry as the girl with short brown hair got out.

"We putting her in the trunk or?" Rachel asked.

"Yeah, and get pulled over for them thinking we kidnapped someone."

"Which, we technically are," Rachel pointed out.

"We'll just put her in the back seat and I'll keep watch of her in case she wakes up," Evelyn said as Rachel nodded while Lucy was about to open her mouth when Evelyn yelled out. "Don't you even dare!"

The three then made their way towards the Camry when they heard engines, as they saw a black van with Black Boys written in brown coming towards them. Along with another one coming from behind that said Silver Spoons.

The three girls looked at the two vans that surround them with multiple members dressed as the Fresh Prince family, jumping out of the vans. Along with the song "It's not Unusual" blasting through the Silver Spoons van with Alfonso Riberio dancing his way out of the van, wearing a red jacket and black pants.

The three widened their eyes in surprise to see Alfonso arriving onto the scene when he yelled out. "I'm going to give one fair warning, ladies. Unhand the boss lady or prepare to face the consequences."

"Jesus Christ, can't believe she got him on her side," Evelyn muttered in surprise and annoyance, all the while Lucy opened her mouth in excitement.

"I love your work!" Lucy exclaimed with happiness in seeing someone who made her laugh and gave her fond memories when she was younger.

"Why, thank you! You're a very nice lady," Alfonso replied with a smile as he appreciated how nice Lucy was being to him.

"Look, Mister Riberio we can't really return her since we have plans for her," Rachel tried to reason with the celebrity.

"Whatever plans you have for her could be fun from the way she was carrying the boss lady," Alfonso said trying to figure out what plans they had with her.

"skreeonk you!" Evelyn yelled out angrily on how he saw her carrying her.

"But, she was knocked unconscious and we just can't take the risk. She needs to return home, so her best associate can nurse her back to health."

"Best associate? Who is that?" Evelyn asked demanding to know who this victim was, or worse, a willing ally who agreed with her movies.

"I don't know and even if I did, I wouldn't tell you since you don't have manners, but I would tell your friend over there, since she's very nice," Alfonso said while pointing to Lucy who blushed at the compliment.

"Thank you."

"skreeonk it! We don't have time to talk with these idiots!" Evelyn said while placing Yogini in the car.

"Evelyn what are you talking about?" Rachel said with nervousness in her voice at having to be involved in a fight.

"I'm talking about pummeling these fools into submission."

"If that's the way you want it, then fine!" Alfonso said as he motioned for the gang to start charging at the three girls.

Rachel backed away to the Camry as Evelyn grabbed a hold of one of the members and threw him into another. All the while, Lucy sucker punched a minion in the face and grabbed one charging from behind by the neck and slammed her into a wall.

"You! Get the boss lady. I'll handle these two with the best way I know how. By a dance fight," Alfonso announced when he danced his way towards the two women who were making short work of his minions.

The minion made her way with fancy clothing and high heels towards Rachel who stood guard of Yogini. The minion stood right in front of Rachel who said, "Please get out of the way, so you don't mess up my look."

Rachel rolled her eyes as she threw a punch forcing the woman to panic and say, "Ah! Not my perfect face!"

The minion covered her face as Rachel's fist made contact with her nails causing some of her nails to break. She looked down at her fingers and noticed her ruined nails making her let out a bawling scream.

"You broke my nails! How could you?!" The minion's cried out while running away causing Alfonso to turn. "Wait, Karyn! Come back!"

Alfonso then turned around to see the last of his friends beaten down by the two and said in a macho man type of attitude, "Alright, you two are really asking for it."

The celebrity arrived right at the two girls who was still dancing when the two just looked at each other and sent both of their fists into the man's face. This instantly caused him to crash to the ground and left him in a dazed state.

"Is it just or me or is Yogini just getting lazy with muscle?" Evelyn asked, relieved the fight was short.

"They were definitely cannon fodder, even to say that is the easiest fight I've ever been in," Lucy said while Rachel added. "And I didn't really even do anything, that's how easy that fight was."

"Yeah, let's get out of here before more show up," Evelyn said when the three turn around to head towards the car when a figure in white clothes with brown stripes on the pants area and a mask with two glowing brown eyes with a filter over the mouth stood on the car.

"What the hell?" Evelyn said before the short figure ran down the car and delivered a kick onto Evelyn's chest, causing her to be sent flying a few feet. Lucy delivered a punch to Velia's side causing her to stumble and glard at her through her mask.

Velia pulled out her violin and bow as she swung the latter at the Africa-American who merely jumped out of the way when Evelyn rushed up behind her and slammed into her. The little women then whacked the black haired woman with her violin as she countered Lucy's incoming punch with the same instrument. Velia looked down to see a hole in her violin and looked back up to see Lucy smiling at her.

"Looks like your gig is canceled," Lucy said with a pun causing Velia to give her a look of anger as she broke a part of her favorite instrument.

Velia swung her violin at Lucy who simply dodged it with her fist, but what she didn't account for is the blow slicing her right hand causing blood to pour out. Lucy hissed in pain as she then found the violin colliding into her face forcing the woman to fall to the ground and shortly after, attend to her arm.

Yogini's sister grinned evilly causing Evelyn's friend to groan in pain when she then felt the weight of Evelyn landing on top of her and laying a volley of punches on her mask. Velia gave her a look of anger and even though her older sister ordered her not to kill her or conduct any serious harm to her. She was still going to make her feel something while Evelyn caused a crack on one of Velia's visors. Velia started to get even more angry when she discreetly pulled out one of her cowbells. She set it to stun and shocked her, causing the little lady to push her over.

Velia got up and turned to see Evelyn shaking as she then made her way towards the Camry. The small woman then saw Rachel standing with a fearful expression making her halt for a moment in not wanting to harm her friend. She looked down to see her forming a fist when she knew she had to defend herself, so she simply grabbed her fist.

Rachel looked at her fist being grabbed by the concealed figure and gulped in fear knowing what she did to her friends. Velia grabbed Rachel with her other hand and pushed her off to the side while she opened the car door. She saw her older sister still unconscious, pulled her out and slumped her over the shoulder.

Velia began to take her leave when she noticed Rachel just standing there in shock as she grew a smile behind the mask. The small villain approached Rachel who shuddered in fear at the thought of the figure possibly murdering her. Then what happens surprised Rachel as the concealed figures patted her on the head in a soft, gentle way and smiled behind her mask.

"What?" Rachel asked with confusion in her voice as Velia smirked at her behind the mask, pulled out her cowbell and a grappling hook shot out onto the building, carrying the two sisters away.

Rachel watched while Evelyn recovered from the shock, slowly got up and notices the two villains departing along with Alfonso and his gang pulling out.

"She got away?! Dammit!?" Evelyn yelled out causing Rachel to approach her with sympathy. "Eve, I'm so so sorry."

Evelyn looked at her friend and turned away in annoyance at what just happened. She got in the car in pure frustration while Rachel turned to see Lucy struggling to get up due to her wound.

"You think you can give me a hand?" Lucy asked causing Rachel to roll her eyes. "Goddammit Lucy."

An Abandon Warehouse

A man with brown hair and a goatee was seen running in a panicked state in the darkness of the building as he can feel the red dot hovering somewhere on his body. All the while, Crosshairs watched from afar with his sniper rifle as he focused it on the person.

"Run all you want, Perkins, but you're not going to outrun me," Crosshairs said when he then fired his sniper rifle causing the bullet to fly right behind the man's right kneecap. Perkins crashed on the old wooden floor, crying out in pain while he held his bloody knee.

Crosshairs dropped from his ledge and made his way towards his bounty and turned his sniper rifle into a shotgun. The Bounty Hunter aimed his weapon right above the crying man, readying to blow his head off when all of a sudden a sword slammed on top of his gun.

The Bounty Hunter looked at the shaded figure and said, "Back off. I've already claimed this bounty."

"No you wont since I've already claimed you," A dark and gritty voice announced from the shadows as the figure revealed himself in the light to have the appearance of short black hair and the same colored eyes. Plus, he was seen wearing black leather over his muscular form.

"If it's a fight you want, it's a fight you'll get, since someone ought to have a grudge against you," Crosshairs said ruthlessly causing the gritty man to laugh.

"All this grit to your voice is admirable to say the least. This should prove interesting none the less."

"Just don't disappoint me."

"In which way? The fight or this so called bounty you think you'll get on me?"

"Both," Crosshairs answered when he broke the shaded figure's hold on his gun and blasted him with him with his shotgun.

Evelyn and Rachel's Apartment

After getting Lucy patched up in the failed incident of trying to capture Yogini, the three girls returned to the apartment with Evelyn the last to enter. Evelyn slammed the door to the point where it was a punch through the wall causing her two friends to turn around with a concerned look on their faces.

"Eve...." Rachel tried to say when Evelyn yells out, "Goddammit! We were so skreeonking close! Goddammit!"

"I know, we're pissed too, but we wouldn't have known about what type of help she had. Hell, we were just lucky that it was only that one person who was capable of anything."

"You mean the gremlin who sliced through my hand like butter?" Lucy said annoyed at being bested by a person the size of a kid.

"Yeah and that must be the asset that Alfonso was referring too," Rachel deduced.

"If only I would have known about them, we would have......" Evelyn tried to say when Rachel put a hand on her shoulder trying to comfort her.

"Again, it's not your fault, we did the best we can and...." Rachel said when Evelyn interrupted her. "We may need to go into hiding, since once she recovers, she'll send whatever forces she has and possibly herself to our home," Evelyn said with worry in her voice causing Lucy to walk up.

"If it's anything like we faced aside from the gremlin then everything will be fine," Lucy said believing the three of them would be able to fight off her forces.

"I wish I had your confidence, or I don't skreeonking know. All I have to do is make sure you two are out of her reach. Lucy, I really want you to take Rachel back to wherever you live and lay low," Evelyn said with the obvious intention of protecting them.

"Evelyn, we've said it before. We're not going anywhere and whether you like it or not, we're finishing this together," Rachel said with determination and continued. "All we need to do is gather intel on how to stop Yogini."

Evelyn took a deep breath knowing that this argument will simply go in circles said with defeated. "I'm going outside for a moment."

The woman took her leave, leaving her two friends alone in the apartment when Rachel spoke up. "Every day that goes on, I worry more and more about Eve and now that we failed, this is taking even more of a toll on her."

"Yeah, it's just I don't know what else we can do considering like Evelyn said, she may go into hiding now that we launched our attack on her. It may take a while before she resurfaces while we have to deal with whatever she throws at us."

"And we'll be ready for them, I just want to be ready for what Evelyn throws at us," Rachel said with worry in her voice.

"What do you mean?" Lucy asked.

"What I mean is that sooner or later she's going to break down even worse than when she found about her escape. We'll have to do the side task of keeping her occupied with whatever to help her state of mind. Relaxation, movies, stuff she likes to, just whatever to keep from losing her mind."

"Well.... we could always treat her to yoga since I'm an instructor after all," Lucy said with a smile.

"Perfect! When do you think you can set us up for a session?"

"Just say the word and I'll get my yoga mats," Lucy says when they heard Evelyn opening the door.

"Hey Evelyn, we were talking and we decided to have a day to ourselves where the three of us just relaxing and not worry about a thing. So, what do you say about that?" Rachel asked, but did not receive a reply, leaving a confused look between the two.

The two then saw Evelyn carrying a bunch of mail while reading a letter with a shocked expression on her face causing them to worry immediately.

"Eve, what's going on?" Rachel asked but the two do not get answer.

"Evelyn, come on, you're starting to scare us, what is it?" Lucy asked with concern when Evelyn simply handed the letter to the two of them as they start to read causing their eyes to widen and mouths to drop.

Dear Evelyn

While I was planning my eventual encounter to reconnect with you, it seems you have already done that yourself. Normally, I would feel flattered and have butterflies in my stomach, but I'm a little hurt to find out that you sedated me and tried to commit whatever torture you were planning. Which is why you altered my plans for you quite a bit, since I'm writing this letter to you.

And what is this altered plan I have in mind you may ask? Well, it involves you doing a simple activity with me. All I want you to do is to have dinner with me on the sixteenth, or else your friends, Rachel and Lucy will end up like you a year ago. If you have any clever plan to protect them, I suggest you end that brainstorm now. I know where you live and I know where the bartender lives as well and don't even try to hide them since I have eyes all over the area.

I hope to see you at the Bouley restaurant and make sure to wear some former attire. After all, the staff work so hard on the food, so you should treat them with respect and despite your hatred of that type of clothing, you look attractive in it.

XOXO Yogini Manjit
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Re: The Nightwriters

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The Nightwriters
Chapter 9
The Road to Formation

Evelyn and Rachel's Apartment

Evelyn started to shake after her friends have read the letter as she then paced back and forth. "poop. poop. poop!"

"Eve. You need to calm down. I know this is horrible, but you need to calm down," Eve said comforting her like a big sister would to her younger sibling, as she led her best friend to couch and sat down with her.

Lucy watched Rachel comforting the shaking Evelyn who was still muttering, "poop" repeatedly and tires to think of a way to help. Her brain was frozen, without a single thought coming to her mind as she just decided to kneel down in front of her suffering friend.

"Evelyn..... it's not the end of the world. We'll just have to be more careful and I know you may not like it, but we can try and contact the Emissaries. That way we can see how they stopped her," Lucy suggested with a smile, causing Evelyn to give her a glare, but Rachel rubbed her shoulder and gave a reassuring look.

"Like it or not Eve that may be our only way to stop her," Rachel pointed out when Evelyn turned to her and thought for a moment in sadness when she turned back. "No," Evelyn said quietly with sadness.

Her two friends looked at her confused as Rachel asked, "What are you talking about?"

"It's over. I..... we lost. I'm turning myself in to her," Evelyn said somberly as a few tears came down her eyes, completely shocking Rachel and Lucy.

"Evelyn you can't! You can't subject yourself to her again! I won't allow it!" Rachel yelled out, not wanting to lose her friend.

"What the skreeonk do you want me to do?!" Evelyn yelled out as she got up from the couch. "I can't let both of you be in the same situation as I was! I can't and won't allow it!"

"We can handle ourselves just fine. All we have to do...." Lucy tried to say when Evelyn interrupted her with an outburst. "All you have to do is let her say something to you or let that, that...... whatever the skreeonk that thing was slice you into pieces!"

"Then it's as I said before, we go the Emissaries and ask for their help. We can stop this. Together. And we can all be living our lives in peace. Just let us help you," Lucy said as she tries to comfort her who simply pushed her away.

"Who the skreeonk says I want you to help me? Or anyone's help for that matter! All it's gotten was the plan being skreeonked up or people end up getting hurt!" Evelyn yelled out, forcing Rachel to stay frozen and shocking Lucy.

"Eve...." Rachel tried to calm Evelyn down, but simply ignored her when Lucy then spoke up in a bit of a louder voice, but still friendly. "You're my friend, Evelyn and I want to do good."

"I never asked for you to be my friend!" Evelyn screamed out, shocking Rachel yet again while causing Lucy's heart to sink as she continued. "You're annoying, nosey as hell and just don't catch a skreeonking hint! I'm a skreeonking female dog! I'm a person who wants people to skreeonk off and can't even listen to her best friend's advice on being kind to other people. And yet, you don't take the damn hint!" Evelyn screamed out, forcing Lucy's mouth to move rapidly and her eyes starting to water.

"And what you said about doing good: it's a bunch of bullshit! All it does is it gets you and the people you care about hurt. But, obviously you're happy go lucky pun-ball girl who just doesn't jump out of her little world. Well, wake the skreeonk up! The world is cruel and isn't fair, we all lose in the end and it gets everyone hurt. So, why the skreeonk are you still putting up this charade?!" Evelyn screamed out.

Rachel turned to Lucy who was frozen solid except for mouth and eyes, and what feels like an eternity, her friend finally spoke up. "You want to know why I'm like this?" Lucy asked with sadness in her voice while shaking.

"I'm like this because I give a skreeonking poop about my friends, people like you who still have kindness in their hearts and don't know it. Or maybe it's because I don't want to lose anyone else. Because you think you're the only person who lost something! No!!!" Lucy screamed out with rage, sending a stunned Evelyn a step backward.

"I lost people too! One of my friends betrayed me and my best friend was murdered because of it! Yeah, it made me lose hope for a while and I was in a similar situation like you, but I had to pick myself up. To continue so my friend's sacrifice wasn't in vain and to maybe succeed in saving people where I failed with them," Lucy continued, making Rachel starting to tear up from her outburst.

"You know, maybe it's you who needs to wake the skreeonk up and get out your own little world. Yeah, the world can be shitty at times, but you can at least make the most of it and actually do some good instead of drowning your sorrows into a skreeonking bottle!" Lucy screamed out, causing Evelyn to look at her with regret as she never saw this side of her or even believed this side even existed. She was more like her than she thought.

Evelyn opened her mouth to say something when Lucy stopped her."You want me out of your skreeonking life so bad? Well, fine! Wish granted! It'll be one less person you have to deal with as you can live your life as miserable as you wanted."

Lucy then made her way to the door when Rachel tried to stop her. "Lucy, please." Her attempts were fruitless as their friend had already let the door. Rachel then turned to Evelyn and glared at her as she still had her somber look.

"What the hell is wrong with you?!" Rachel yelled out.

"I..... I...."Evelyn stammered out as she was truly lost for words as Rachel then threw her hands up. "I can't deal with you Evelyn. Not right now. You skreeonked up, big time and that's the first time I'm willing to admit it."

Rachel then left for her bedroom, but before she entered, she turned. "I don't know what's gotten into you Evelyn, but you better figure out the difference between your enemies and your friends."

Rachel closed the door behind her leaving Evelyn to stand their motionless in the dark living and to ponder on what just happened.

An Abandon Warehouse

The Grit was sent crashing into a wall from Crosshairs' shotgun. The dark clothed man felt no harm inflicted on him thanks to his kevlar armor scheme. However, he did feel himself struggling to get up due to the amount of force that was laid upon him. The Grit then looked up to see Crosshairs about to fire another round when he quickly grabbed one his knives and threw it at him. The bounty hunter changed his aim to the flying projectile and fired at it, causing it to shatter.

Crosshairs then turned to see the Grit lunge at him, forcing him to collapse on his back and his shotgun to skid away from him. The bounty hunter looked at the Grit who pulled out his sword readying to impale him through his head when Crosshairs planted a sticky bomb on his sword. This gave the Grit momentary pause when Crosshairs launched his fist in his face and then kicked him off of him.

The Grit landed and saw the sticky bomb flashing repeatedly and immediately threw his sword aside as it then blows up. The dark man looked at Crosshairs picking up the now deceased bounty with a look of anger.

"You just destroyed my favorite sword," The Grit said with anger to Crosshairs who looked back at him.

"Your so called prized possession would still be intact if you'd been quicker," Crosshairs coldly responded.

"Then allow me to return the favor, by getting rid of your prized possession. Your bounty," The Grit said in response when he a threw a knife at the bounty hunter when all of a sudden, a figure jumped down between them and sent the knife down to the floor with a giant hammer.
The figure identified as Bible-Thumper looked at the two fighting forces. "You two have already caused enough trouble as it is. I suggest the two of you come with me, so the proper authorities can deal the fair judgment upon you."

The Grit simply chuckled at what the hooded religious figure said. "I'm already bringing judgment upon criminals like that bounty hunter. And you are nothing more than part of the problem, so you're fair game for me to bring justice upon you."

"I didn't wish for this situation to come into conflict, but I will do what I must to bring you both in," Bible-Thumper announced as he redrew his hammer, getting ready to fight the two combatants.

The three looked at each for a moment as they lunged towards each other with Thumper taking the first swing at Crosshairs, who hit the wall. The vigilante then turnededhis attention to the Grit as he then swung his hammer at him, causing the dark man to jump out of the way.

The Grit pulled out two knives and said, "Let's see how forgiving you are when you see things from my point of view." He then swung rapidly at The Bible-Thumper who managed to block every one of his swings with his hammer, but he was unsure how long he can keep it up. The Grit was relentless as his swings never seemed to end until Bible-Thumper decided to chance it and swung his hammer at one of the Grit's knives, knocking it out of him.

The Grit growled in annoyance, as he used his free hand to punch Bible-Thumper in the face, causing him to stumble and to then disarm him. Before the Thumper can react, the Grit kicked him square in the chest and sent him into a wall, dazing him. With his remaining knife, he thew it at The Bible-Thumper in hopes of injuring him and ruining his morale, but he managed to dodge the blade. It was only bitter sweet for the religious man as the blade was stuck on his cape and went into the wall thus leaving him stuck there.

The dark man smirked at this and picked ups his recently disarmed knife. "A fruitless effort by an inconsistent man who just doesn't have what it takes to save this city. Fear not though, I will succeed where you failed," The Grit said as he got ready to take his first stab at Bible-Thumper when the two then heard a womanly scream. "Banzai!"

The Grit turned around just in time to meet a foot in his face that sent him crashing into the next room. Bible-Thumper turned to see a woman in diagonal, dark green tailcoat and a yellow bandana with black wings.

"What are you standing around for? We've got a fight to win friend!" The masked hero known as Thunderbird said aloud in a friendly tone to Bible-Thumper.

"What are you talking about little one?" Bible-Thumper asked, confused on what she meant, particularly her bubbly attitude.

"The thrill of the fight of course! Isn't that right Hood?" Thunderbird asked enthused when the Crimson Hood emerged from the shadows and threw her buzz-saws at the recovering Crosshairs who managed to barely dodge them.

"Right. Think your friend can handle the bounty hunter?" Bible-Thumper asked.

"Um..... hold on!" Thunder-Bird said when she turned to The Crimson Hood. "Hey Hood, you think you can handle what's his face?"

"Might as well since you're already flirting with tall and brooding there," Olivia said as she pulled out two more buzz-saws.

"I'm not tall and brooding!" Bible-Thumper replied, causing Thunder-Bird to chuckle. "Oh come on, now," The woman in green said while pulling out the knife. "We've got ourselves some spirits to break."

"The only spirits that will be broken are yours," The Grit yelled out as he threw another one of his knives at Lie who simply ducked. The two then collided with the Grit as they exchanged a volley of punches, while the Grit was able to hold out a bit, he knew that he was outnumbered. Plus, the fact that two of them were still in great condition to fight while he was a bit worn out. Sooner or later he had to retreat, which he hated considering, but it was to fight another day towards his goals.

Meanwhile, Olivia and Crosshairs were tied in their combat as they were dealing blows to each other. The buzz-saws gave the bounty hunter pauses while his punches caused The Crimson Hood to stumble. Crosshairs wanted to get out of here with his bounty, but had to think of a way to do so. He looked down at his remaining sticky bombs and back to the woman.

Crosshairs elbowed the blind woman in the face, causing her to stumble some more when he pulled out his sticky bombs and threw them at her torso. Olivia noticed the bombs starting to beep when she knew that this was no time to panic, but had to think fast if she wanted to survive. The Crimson Hood pulled out her remaining buzz-saw, and dug into her suit, forcing it to shred and fall off to the ground. The vigilante then grabbed the shredded piece of clothing and threw it off the second story, causing it to explode.

The three other combatants heard the explosion and Lie immediately had a feeling something was wrong with Olivia. She ran off leaving Bible-Thumper with the Grit as she entered the room to see Olivia resting on the rails with the torso of her suit ripped off and exposing a black shirt underneath.

"Oli...." Lie almost spoiled her name out aloud, but luckily corrected herself. "Hood are you okay?"

The Crimson Hood breathed out repeatedly before answering. "Yeah, bastard distracted me with his stickies and hightailed it out of here. skreeonking....... asshole."

"Well, at least you're alive and don't worry we'll get him. We still have one more to go after," Lie said with a relieved smile on her face, causing Olivia to smile as she helped her up.

The two friends raced into the next room to see the Grit hanging by the window and the Thumper at the door. "This conflict will have to come to a close for now. If it weren't for the two girls, I would have gifted the world a removal of a pretender, but unfortunately that will have to wait. Know this, when we meet again, you will not be prepared."

The Grit jumped out of the window, leaving the three dumbfounded when Lie yelled out, "Ow! The edge."

"You know. This is the second night I've gotten help from two women," The Bible-Thumper announced, causing the two girls to look at him with curiosity.

Yogini and Velia's home

"Did she really have to stab me with that thing?" Yogini said while holding an icepack to her head as she was laying on the couch.

Velia walked over to her after her hearing her complaint. "Still want to go through this whole dinner date tomorrow?"

"She initiated the first move, so it's only fair that I push even further for our reunion," Yogini said with a tired expression to her voice.

The Musician stared at her sister for a moment, giving her a questionable looj. "For wanting her so badly, you are forcing her to do stuff that she wouldn't want to do."

Yogini looked at her sister in disappointment, but changed it to one of knowing she was right. "I know, but I'm thinking that this date tomorrow will help put us on the right track, so I can be on my way to make things up to her."

"I hope for the best for you, but expect the worst as well."

Yogini sighed. "Thank you Vel, and let's just hope it doesn't come to that. Otherwise, I honestly don't know what I'll do without her. She's..... she's certainly something, I just don't know."

Velia gave her sister a pat on the head and smiled. "I think the two of you will find a way since she did carry you in a bridal fashion before her friend mentioned it."

This caused Yogini to smile quite a bit. "How sweet of her. Now if only I was awake for it."

Velia smiled at her sister for giving her the thought, but then remembered something to tell her sister. "Just to let you know, I have my gig tomorrow so I'll be unable to provide surveillance for your date."

"Oh, right, that," Yogini said in her still groggy state. "Yeah, okay that sounds like fun and I'd say you deserve it for being a big help to your big sister."

"Thank you."

"Don't mention it Vel," Yogini said with a smile as she slowly sat up. "Tomorrow will be a great day for us, with me going out with my lucky lady and you performing in front of your special lady or guy friend."

Velia shot a glare at her older sister, causing Yogini to chuckle in response from usual teasing.

The Writer's Block

Crosshairs dumped the body of his latest bounty on the floor of Palm's office who watched from the shadows. There were a few moments of silence between the two until the shady figure spoke.

"He's dead. I preferred he was alive," Palm said monotone as he always did.

"He bled out when I was carrying him back, wouldn't have died if I wasn't ambushed," Crosshairs explained with annoyance in his voice.

"Who were you ambushed by?" Palm asked in the same tone of voice.

"I was ambushed by not only The Bible-Thumper, but someone by the name of Grit, and two girls."

"Can you describe them?"

Crosshairs described the three figures as Palms simply nodded and held his hand up. "That'll be all Crosshairs."

"What about my payment?" Crosshairs demanded, as he wasn't going to leave without getting paid even if he had to get in a firefight with the man.

"You killed the bounty."

"I provided you with information, that's worth something, and besides I know how they act, so it's best you pay me my dues," Crosshairs said as Palms stared at him and realized he would only start a fight and this whole club would turn bloody.

"Of course. At this point you're just simply becoming an information broker instead of a bounty hunter," Palm said, passing the payment at the end of his table for Crosshairs to grab.

"You're lucky there are no benefits in killing you Palms," Crosshairs warned as he began to walk away before turning to look at the darkness of the office and said one final word. "Yet."

Palms began to contemplate on whether he should order for the bounty hunter's execution, but decided against it just like his last thought. His club would be all bloody and he'd have to go through the mass hiring process, which he had absolute disdain for. Plus, he still had his uses for the bounty hunter.

The crime lord's mind then went back to the information Crosshairs shared with him and realized that the arrival of these street figures could be more trouble than they're worth. Palms took a deep breath and knew that he'd have to do something about all of this before the risk of his newborn criminal empire would collapse.

Palms then pressed the intercom button and heard Viveka's voice. "Yes Palms?"

"Come to my office. I have something I need you to do for me," Palms said as he then released the intercom button and sat back thinking on the oncoming storm that will happen.

The Rooftop of the Abandon Warehouse

"What brings the two of you to committing heroics?" Bible-Thumper asked the two girls as he watched the busy streets.

"Some friends of mine helped me a long time ago, and I'm cleaning up the streets with a pair of broken legs at a time," Thunderbird said with a smile.

Daniel chuckled at the girl's bubbly enthusiasm and turned his back at the more quiet of the two, The Crimson hood.

"And you?" Thumper asked.

The Crimson Hood turned her attention to Thumper and said, "Classified."

"Oh., The black cloaked man simply said, but Thunderbird chimes in. "Don't worry about it. She's a little distant, I know I have to persuade her to tell me a little about herself."

"Thanks, Thunderbird," The Crimson Hood said sarcastically.

"Anytime," Thunderbird said jokingly while giving her a thumbs up.

"But these two women you've mentioned earlier, who are they?" The Crimson Hood asked.

"Oh them! They're like us..... kind of with them both being heavy duty fighters and actually they're a bit similar to the two of you."

"The two of us?" The Crimson Hood asked in confusion.

"Yeah, your friend is the more happy go lucky one and you're the sour acting one..... except less likely to bite my head off."

"Uh-huh. You'd ever catch their superhero identities I guess I should say or their names?" The Crimson Hood asked.

"Well they don't have superhero identities like the two of you have as far as I know, but go by the names of Lucy and Evelyn. One of them has purple highlights and the other is a bit more athletic who owns the Kaiju and Kaijin bar and loves to spew out puns."

"Sounds like someone I know," The Crimson Hood said thinking about Alex.

"Oh, I know who you're talking about. That gu...." Thunder-Bird tried to say when The Crimson Hood covered her mouth. "No one."

Thunder-Bird then looked at her friend as she removed her hand and asked, "How come you don't want him to know about the person you mentioned?"

"I don't know about you, but I rather no one knew of our identities, especially since we're working together. We can't let any of our identities be compromised."

"Why not? He told us about those two girls."

"But, he didn't tell us his identity and if he did, I'd still wouldn't feel comfortable about either of us revealing our identities to a stranger."

"But....." Lie tried to say when Daniel then decided to jump in. "I understand your reluctance and I'm not asking for your identities. But, I have noticed there has been an increase of crime so it may be best we track down Lucy and Evelyn to help protect the city."

"Are you suggesting we form a team?" Lie asked.

"That's the plan if we all want to stop these villainous deeds," Bible-Thumper said.

"I'm game! Plus, it'll be nice to be on a team again since my friends are often busy!" Lie said in a cheerfully.

"What about you Crimson?" Thunder-Bird asked with her looking at their general direction, undecided on what to do.

"I..... don't know. I mean it's a matter of trust and all, but...."

"I understand young one and I'm asking you both a whole lot here, so I'll tell you what. I'll give you a few days and we'll meet back here, so you can tell me your answer. Either way, I'll respect it."

"Thank you for understanding," The Crimson Hood said nicely.

"You're doing some good out there and that's all that matters. But, I'll have to excuse myself as there are other matters to attend to, and happy hunting to the both of you."

The Bible-Thumper then jumpws off the roof, causing the two friends to see that he has disappeared when Lie then said. "He seems very nice."

Evelyn and Rachel's Apartment

May 16th

Rachel sat on her bed with her mind racing on the events that happened last night with Evelyn's outburst and Lucy leaving. It hurt her badly as much as it did with her two friends and was still angry at Evelyn, but she knew her friend was in the trying to protect them. She just didn't have to be a female dog about it and at least said it nicely.

The woman took another deep breath and decided to check in on Evelyn, after all, she hadn't come out of her room since their argument. Rachel then got up from the couch and walked over to Evelyn's room. She stopped in front of the door and knocked, but no answer.

Rachel knocked again and said, "Eve. You in there?"

All Rachel heard was noises of annoyance as she knocked again. "Can I come in?"

"Just come in," Evelyn's faint voice, one that sounded of defeat was heard behind the door.

Rachel opened the door to see her friend's room littered with clothes along with Evelyn throwing even more down. "Goddammit!"

"Eve, what are you doing?" Rachel asked with concern.

"Trying to find clothes for that skreeonking date!" Evelyn yelled out while digging through her closet.

"I didn't think you'd be trying to put an effort in this. After all you hate her."

"I'm only dressing decently, so I don't have to hear her female dog about me not giving a crap," Evelyn replied with annoyance in her voice due to the situation she was in.

"What if she says something nice about what you wear?"

"It's preferable," Evelyn said when she turned to see Rachel smiling at her. Evelyn's eyes then went wide with horror as she then yelled out, "No! That's not what I meant. I would never want that..."

Rachel then began to chuckle a bit. "Relax. I'm only teasing you as I get what you're trying to say. Besides, let me help you pick out something."

"Why are you willing to help me? I was being a female dog yesterday," Evelyn said with regret in her voice.

"Yes, you were, but you were trying to keep us out of harm," Rachel said while searching the whole room of scattered clothes.

"Lucy doesn't see it that way," Evelyn replied with depression filling her voice

Rachel smiled at Evelyn. "So you do care about another person after all."

"Fine, you caught me I do care about her to an extant aside from her shitty puns," Evelyn admitted as she entertained the idea of having another friend.

"Fair enough, but sooner or later you need to apologize to Lucy," Rachel said, causing Evelyn to respond. "Yeah. I just don't know if she'll forgive me. I just don't know."

"I know she'll forgive you, but we'll worry about that later. Right now we need to make sure your date goes well with your lucky lady," Rachel teased.

Evelyn groaned, but her mind was betraying her as it was telling her to entertain the idea of being a lucky lady to Yogini. She then formed a sick look on her face, but cleared it up to prevent her friend from seeing it.

"Again, why are you willing to help me?"

"I'm your friend, duh! That's what friends do and besides out of the two us, I'm the one who knows a bit about fashion," Rachel smiled.

"Right," Evelyn simply said when Rachel then held out clothes for her and asked. "What do you think?"

Evelyn looked down to the clothes her friend was holding and noticed a purple jacket with a bluish dress and black leggings.

"That'll.... do. I... thank you," Evelyn stammered out as she took the clothes, causing Rachel to smile.

"I'm sorry I won't be able to help keep an eye on things," Rachel apologized.

Evelyn gave her a soft small and replied, "I appreciate it, but it's better this way. At least you'll be safe, and besides do something you enjoy. Reward yourself for all the crap you've been dealing recently."

"You're not crap, Eve."

"You're right. I'm a piece of poop," Evelyn corrected herself, causing Rachel to chuckle. "That you are Eve. Besides, I'll be attending a musical performance by Velia."

"The little mute girl that you're so attached to?" Evelyn jokingly asked, making Rachel respond. "That's the one. Hey!"

Evelyn then started to laugh as she then gave her best friend a hug. "It's okay. I know you'll make the right choice by hooking up with her."

Rachel blushed, but keeps her composure and said, "Thanks Eve. And stay safe when you're with her."

"I will and I'll see you again soon," Evelyn said with newfound optimism that she'll make it back to her friend.
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Re: The Nightwriters

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The Nightwriters
Chapter 10
The Date

Bouley, Tribeca

Evelyn looked up at the white cubed two-story restaurant, and breathed a deep sigh on frustration. "I never thought the day would come," She said to herself nervously and walked inside to the dimly lit lobby with luxurious chairs and many high quality paintings accompanying the beige colored walls.

The woman looked around the area and noticed something off. There were no other attendants, which she thought was strange considering Yogini would want hostages in case she tried to do anything..

"What the hell are you planning Yogini?" Evelyn asked herself silently as she continued to observe her surroundings.

"Aw! You must be Miss Blake," A French sounding voice was heard causing Evelyn to turn around to a balding man with a black mustache in a tuxedo holding a clipboard.

"Yeah, that's unfortunately me," Evelyn said with annoyance filling her voice on having to attend this date.

"Of course," The waiter simply said, ignoring Evelyn's response and continued. "If you'll follow me, you will be seated with your date."

"motherskreeonker," Evelyn whispered quietly in frustration at Yogini listing them as a couple. She then followed the waiter into the huge dinning area filled with a similar type of look like the lobby, but with one thing different.

Yogini Manjit.

Evelyn saw her wearing a black dress that sparkled like it was in the moon light. She then noticed her smiling at her, as she was being sincere about it all which Evelyn immediately thought it was bullshit. Then of course the terrible recurring thought came into her head, she looked amazing and right after that thought she felt sick to where she could vomit.

She then noticed Yogini getting up from her chair while the waiter left them alone. Evelyn turned to see Yogini pushing her chair out and motioning for her to sit.

"What the hell are you trying to do?" Evelyn asked with anger in her voice on what Yogini was doing.

"Just making sure I'm doing right by you," Yogini said in a soft, kind voice causing Evelyn to roll her eyes.

"You're too late for that," Evelyn said in annoyance as she sat in the chair and felt Yogini pushing her to the table.

Evelyn felt her not pushing in anymore and shortly after saw Yogini sitting across from her in her chair. She looksedat the Mindfucker simply smiling at her like this was some big game to her and that she doesn't have any skreeonks to give. Evelyn then looked over to Yogini drinking a clear liquid, most likely some sort of wine.

Yogini then eyed Evelyn, sether drink down and said, "Yours will be arriving soon as I didn't want it to get warm and it's your favorite. Concord Grape Martini."

Evelyn rolled her eyes in response and said sarcastically, "You're so generous."

Yogini frowned for her a bit, but smiles as she didn't want to start a fight with her and responded "I try my best, dear."

"You have no right to say that to me," Evelyn said angrily at the woman flirting with her.

"I'm..... sorry for saying that," Yogini said with regret in her voice as she looked down at the table, which surprised Evelyn as she saw her removing her smile and one more of remorse.

Evelyn felt that sickening recurring thought again with her feeling bad about what she said. She jerked in disgust, but still felt that sympathetic mood to the Mindfucker and couldn't believe what she was about to say.

"It's fine," Evelyn said in a neutral tone causing her to again feel disgust, but luckily the waiter brought her drink and took a drink from it.

"Is it still your favorite?" Yogini asked causing Evelyn to take another drink. "It's one good thing about tonight."

"I'm glad it's still your favorite."

"Yeah, you know I'm surprised you're acting calm and nice to me considering how I sedated you. So what the hell are you planning?" Evelyn asked.

"I admit I am upset that you did that to me, but I got to thinking and thought maybe I deserved it for all the crap I put you through," Yogini said, again surprising Evelyn who felt speechless at what she said.

"Well, it's the fir..... second smart thing you said tonight," Evelyn pointed out.

"I know, but I want to try and make things up to you," Yogini replied sincerely.

"I guess I'll ask the question then, even though you'll either lie or just won't answer it fully, but I'll get it out of the way. What are you planning? Hmm, what are you trying to accomplish?" Evelyn asked as she wanted to know what her plans are and how they seem to involve her.

Yogini smirked. "You know me too well, Evelyn. I wish I can fully tell you what I'm doing, but I'm afraid you'll try to disapprove and stop me."

"That's a shocker," Evelyn yelled out sarcastically, but remembered how she could go after Rachel and Lucy at any moment.

"But, I will say I'm trying to make changes to the world. For the better."

"Better is a point of view, Yogini. What you may think is better could be an utter hellhole for someone like me," Evelyn replied.

"You may not like my methods, but you'll like how they'll come out," Yogini said with a smile as Evelyn was starting to think that part of her plans are for her.

"I doubt you're going to impress me or anyone, or change the world for that matter when you're having your minions doing the skreeonking Carlton," Evelyn said dismissively.

Yogini simply chuckled at her response. "They serve their purpose even though they're moronic as hell."

"Is it perhaps you made them like that?" Evelyn asked.

"I assure you Evelyn, I'm not mind controlling any of them or any one else for that matter."

"Then explain the business with the Emissaries," Evelyn replied, hoping to catch her on her bullshit.

"I admit that was the old me and I wasn't thinking all too clearly. I wash being rash and bit off more than I can chew."

"Wow! Didn't think you had it in you on admitting one of your many skreeonk ups," Evelyn said surprised, but still irritated.

Yogini took a deep breath and had a slight look of anger at Evelyn for what she said and continued, "Once I was captured, I did some thinking in my cell and once my si.... associate rescued me, I decided to change things up with my plans. Then here we are."

"Uh-huh, well I guess it still all worked out for you because the Emissaries just got their first guaranteed loss. Bet that made you gloat in victory over it," Evelyn pointed out causing Yogini to sigh.

"Actually, I'm not happy about their loss," Yogini said with a hint of a sadness causing Evelyn to nearly spit out her drink in surprise.

"What are you talking about? I'd think you hate them after locking you up."

Yogini simply smiled at her and replied, "You claim to know me, but I still have some surprises for you, but to answer your question. I now think that they're trying to do some good and our goals may align. We have different methods in doing it, but our purpose is the same."

"Can't believe I'm saying this, but you continue to surprise me and I don't know if that's a good thing or a bad thing."

"Why not have it be a good thing?" Yogini purred with what should have been a glare, but a nervous blush from Evelyn. Evelyn felt herself being sicken by it, but had to admit that she felt flattered by her enemy's comment.

Evelyn then saw Yogini smiling at her because of her blush, but immediately tried to cover it up causing a chuckle from her. "So how have things been with you?"

"Shouldn't you know? You practically knew about Lucy so why not everything else," Evelyn accused Yogini of spying on her.

"I know only about her and how you and Rachel still work at their horrible store."

Evelyn took a sigh as she decided to tell her what else was going on in her life. "Yep. Still hate my skreeonking job there with skreeonking dumb assholes doing stupid poop. Plus, trying to get my life on track and of course skreeonking Jury duty to attend to."

"I can put in a good word to get you out," Yogini said with a smile causing Evelyn to frown.

"No, absolutely not! I may hate going through this process, but I'm not letting you subject anyone to the same torture you put me through."

"Relax, all I'm just going to do is tell them to get you off the list, permanently as in you never have to be called in again. Besides, I never subjected you to any torture."

Evelyn breathed out a deep sigh of annoyance as she knew there was no point in arguing with her and replied, "Fine. But, if I hear or see anyone under your control or murdered, I will personally go to you and snap your neck."

"Feisty. You were always cute when you're angry., Yogini happily commented on causing Evelyn to down her entire cocktail in frustration.

"There is simply no point in arguing with you isn't there?" Evelyn asked.

"We had our arguments before, but we always made it up to each other," Yogini said with a wink.

"What, did you command me to drop our arguments? Too bad for you as you can't make me."

"No, there were times when I was wrong and I admitted it. You really don't remember the past year when you were with me do you?"

"Thankfully, I don't. But I get the jist of what you did to me," Evelyn said in annoyance.

"For the first month or so I completely had you in my control, but over the course of time I began to find much more about you than just your powers. So I decided to let you expand as your own person with your thoughts, opinions, actions. It made me fall for you even more."

"Oh good, I thought I was nothing more than your plaything. It's great to know I'm you're equal, but with strings attached."

"You claim to be happy that you forgot about that year, but you're simply not looking at things through my point of view. Which is why you should remember it or allow me to speak of my side of the story to get it."

Evelyn groaned, but felt that she was right, that she should at least hear her side of the story as she was the only one of the two to remember. "Fine, I'll drop it as usual apparently. So when the hell is dinner since that's what you quote on quote invited me for."

"Speak of the devil," Yogini announced as Evelyn whispered under her breath. "Which is you."

"It's here now," Yogini said as the waiter put their plates on the table with Evelyn looking down to see a plate of spaghetti with marinara sauce all over it.

"I see you remembered my favorite meal as well. Thanks." Evelyn said with a smile as Yogini responded. "I said it before, but I'm trying to make amends with you and it's the little things that go first."

Evelyn looked at her for a moment and couldn't believe she thanked the Mindfucker and felt happy that she was doing all this stuff. She started to feel herself losing her conflicting emotions and it scared her greatly. Then another thought came to her about Yogini's comments and thought "Those aren't little things."

It was at this moment that Evelyn felt lost with everything swarming into her as she felt like a mess, more so than usual. Evelyn lifted her head to see Yogini happily eating her salmon with alfredo noodles as she was in perfect harmony.

Even though Yogini could no longer control her mind, she's skreeonking with her emotions and she can't decide if that's worse.

The Gord

Rachel was seen wearing a red coat with a black shirt underneath and black slacks as she arrives at the club and noticed the black and white lights that spelt out "The Gord". She then made her way into the club. Rachel stepped inside the main area that was filled with round tables with white cloth placed over them and filled with dimly lit lights. It reminded her of old black and white movies, which was exactly what Velia mentioned beforehand.

The brown haired woman saw that all of the tables were filled up, but saw one with only one person. Rachel decided that it couldn't hurt to ask the man if she can sit at his table so she approaches him.

"Excuse me," Rachel said to the man with blonde hair as he turned around to reveal his green buttoned up shirt and black dress pants.

"How can I help you?" The man asked with a smile.

"I was wondering if I can join your table, if you have company then that's fine."

"Oh no, not at all. You're welcome to sit at my table," The man said as Rachel mouthed a "thank you" and took her seat.

"Name's Gray. Gray Summers," The man introduced himself with a smile and offered her a hand.

"Rachel Taylor," She greeted back, shaking his hand.

"If you don't mind me asking, what brings you here?" Gray asked.

"I'm here for a friend, since she's performing."

"Really? That's great! What's her name?"


"Never heard of that name before, interesting. I hope she performs well," Gray said with a smile.

"I hope so too," Rachel said with a smile as well, when she turned her attention to see Velia setting up on the stage. The woman saw her with a white coat, a white t-shirt and brown pants along with her hair brushed neatly back.

"Velia!" Rachel called out, gaining her friend's attention as the mute woman turned to see Rachel waving at her from the table. Velia grew a huge smile and waved at her.

"You're going to do great! You got this!" Rachel cheered out loud making Velia blush a bit, but smiled back at her as it made her happy that her friend believed in her.

Velia pulled her violin out of her case and stood in place by the microphone. She waited for a few moments as the audience went silent. The Musician then rubbed the bow on the violin and made a few notes as they were low sounding, but mysterious.

The audience was still silent with some having un-amused looks on their faces when Velia then began to rapidly race her bow across the violin. People were starting to get more engaged with the musical performance as Rachel was giving a bigger smile to her.

Everyone then started to notice Velia dance around the stage while playing her instrument. Rachel watched her as the music was just flowing into her ears and her movements were beautiful. The woman realized that she can watch her friend play an instrument for hours, even if it was the banjo admittedly. Rachel just found her performance to be awe inspiring.

Before Rachel knew it, the performance was done with as she then saw Velia bowing down to the recently born applause. The woman got up to stand with Gray as the two joined the crowd as Velia smiled at them all and her smiles grew even more when she saw Rachel applauding.

Velia took a final bow, before grabbing her things and exiting the stage as Rachel rushed off to meet up with her.

Bouley, Tribeca

"Did you enjoy your meal, Evelyn?" Yogini asked softly causing Evelyn to take a drink. "Yeah, it was enjoyable."

"I'm glad to hear it and I'm glad we can have moments like this again. Just the two of us all alone and at peace," Yogini replied with happiness.

"That's something I'll want to look forward to again," Evely sand sarcastically.

"It's something I definitely look forward," Yogini purred as her hand reaches over to an annoyed Evelyn.

"If you value your hand then I suggest you keep it away from me or else that spaghetti won't be the only thing my fork dug into," Evelyn threatened as Yogini pulled her hand away.

"Feisty as always, but a tad rude," Yogini replies half jokingly.

"Whatever you say," Evelyn said as the waiter came to their table and dropped the check off while taking their plates away.

Yogini began to look at the check while Evelyn said, "So how you're paying for dinner? Mind-controlling them into forgetting about the bill? Shoving the check in the waiter's mouth? Or killing them? Wouldn't surprise me if you did any of those things because that's who you are after all."

"Nope," Yogini simply answered with a slight tone of being hurt from what Evelyn said when she pulled money out and placed it on the check.

Evelyn was immediately surprised and asked,"What.... what are you doing?"

"Paying for the bill of course. Dinner was exceptional for the both of us, at least for me anyway."

"I didn't know you would pay for anything really," Evelyn said surprised.

"Again, you really don't know me Evelyn. I'm different than what you say I am or what you supposedly remember. Which is why I'd say we should catch up more. Maybe a walk in Central Park?" Yogini said sultry causing Evelyn to blush yet shiver.

Evelyn didn't want to be around Yogini anymore as she was as bad as she remembered. Or at least how she chose to remember it, no, Yogini was terrible and yet she knew she couldn't leave. Evelyn was still thinking about her two friends and the danger they were in as she had to continue being around them to save them. Evelyn's mind began to race with those thoughts until another thought sideswiped its way into the stream.

"Maybe it wouldn't be so bad to be around her for a bit longer. I could try to convince her to tell me about her plan so I can stop it. Or, even if get to know her personally and become something mo.... NO!"

Evelyn immediately shook her head in disgust and shivered at the thought of wanting to be with her.

"Evelyn are you okay?" Yogini asked as Evelyn looked up to see her with a legitimate concerned look on her.

Evelyn regained her composure. "Yeah, I'm fine shi... I'm fine, thanks for asking."

"skreeonk!" Evelyn's said internally.

"I'm glad you're feeling fine which is what you are," Yogini flirted causing Evelyn to groan really loudly.

"Let's just go on that walk already!" Evelyn yelled out in annoyance.

"Woah! Someone's getting anxious about the second part of our date," Yogini joked, but with joy in her voice as the two women got up from their seats and walked out of the restaurant.

"Right now, I really wish someone broke out of Thunderdome and killed me," Evelyn said quietly to herself.

The Gord

"Vel, I don't know what to say, but that was simply breath taking! I loved every second of it and you're amazing with that violin," Rachel said in a seemingly endless ocean of praise causing Velia to smile.

The two girls sat at the bar as they ordered their drinks with Rachel getting a Stella Rosa Black and Velia getting a Red Wine Ice Cream float.

The Musician turned to her friend and began to sign, "I'm very glad you liked it Rachel. If you like, I'd be sure to give you a private screening if you like."

Rachel took a sip from her drink. "I would love that."

"We should arrange that at some point," Velia replied.

"Just let me know when you want to perform," Rachel said with a smile causing Velia to smirk, making Rachel blush in response.

"Gladly," Velia signed as she then slurped her drink.

"Excuse me," A familiar voice to Rachel was heard causing the two girls to turn around.

"Hi Gray," Rachel greeted with a smile.

"Hey Rachel, sorry to interrupt the two of you, but I just simply wanted to say that I loved your performance," Gray praised.

Velia smiled and began to sign when Gray gave her a look of confusion. "I'm sorry, I didn't understand."

"Velia is mute so she relies on sign language for communication. Here, I can help translate for her."

Velia then signed to Rachel as she turned to Gray. "She says that she's grateful for your praise."

"Well, you do deserve it after all and I know this sounds a bit forward, but how about a collaboration?"

Velia gave him a look of confusion as she signed to Rachel who then relayed the information. "She wants to know what is it that you are talking about?"

"Well, I do some music on the side mainly rapping to help pay for my other..... hobbies. So I was wondering if we could make some music together and essentially merge classic and modern together. Of course it'd be up to you and I don't want to put any pressure on you."

Velia looked at him for a moment before turning to Rachel and signing who then turned to Gray. "She says she'll think about, but she's open for further discussions."

"Really? That's perfect! Thank you and here, here's my number on whenever you want to set up a meeting," Gray said as he writes Velia his number.

Velia simply gave Gray a thumbs up and a smiled as he then said, "It's best I get going and let you ladies enjoy your night. I'll hopefully see you both again sometime."

"See you around Gray," Rachel said in a friendly tone while Velia waved him a goodbye. The two women watched him leave as they went back to their drinks.

"Did you know him?" Velia asked.

"He let me join his table when I got here," Rachel answered as she took another drink.

"Never considered incorporating rapping in my music before. I'm not so sure if I should do it."

"Why not? It'd be a new experience for you and provide interesting results for you. Who knows you could end up loving it."

"So you're saying I should do it?"

"I'd say so. You're talented enough to match it to your style."

Velia gave Rachel a soft, cute smile causing her to smile back as she signed, "I think I'll do it. Thank you."

"You're welcome," Rachel said as the two went back to their drinks for a few minutes when Velia then all of a sudden heard her friend laughing.

"What is it?"

"Oh, it's just got me to thinking how I was basically your agent, with me helping you negotiating a contract and all that. I actually found that fun, being your assistant," Rachel said, clearly showing the signs of being tipsy.

"I like the sound of that. That'd be a lot fun. It'll get you out of that crappy store," Velia signed followed by Rachel taking a huge drink with another placed next to her.

"Yeah, that'd be the life to get out of that hellhole!" Rachel said louder and continued. "But, I'd leave poor Eevee behind in that place and I can't do that. She'd burn the place down or even murder someone. And we can't let that happen. She might go to the Fury Road.... or Road Warrior..... or the Happy Feet prison."

Rachel and Velia then looked at each other and start laughing extremely hard. Their laughter calmed down after a few minutes as they returned to drinking and making small talk.

"Hey Velia," Rachel said in a more drunken state.

"What?" Velia asked, being the more sober of the two.

"In all my life that I've known you, there are a lot of things I've come to known about you, but there's one thing in particular that I know about you. And you want to know what you are?"

"What is that?"

"You're fun. Fun sized because you're the cutest little thing I've ever seen and I must have rolled a lucky number because you're also a girl. Which is winner winner chicken dinner, just like Charlie Sheen said," Rachel rambled on in her drunken state.

This caused Velia to give her a flirty smirk and moved in closer to Rachel. She put her hand on her shoulders and docked her lips onto Rachel's lips, surprising the taller girl. The two kept contact for what seemed to be an eternity when the Musician finally let go and sat back on her seat.

The two stared at each for a moment, breathless, when all of a sudden Rachel yanked Velia out of her seat and onto her lap. Rachel then squeezed Velia into her arms and plunged her lips onto her as the two then stared to make out in a drunken and furious passion.

Central Park

"I love walks like this, so peaceful and majestic," Yogini said with a smile on her face while her and Evelyn walked through the lit park.

"Uh-huh, very nice," Evelyn said bored.

"I recall you saying that you prefer them in the colder months."

"That I do. It'd at least make this situation tolerable."

"What's wrong with it being acceptable?" Yogini asked.

"Do you really need to ask that?" Evelyn asked annoyed.

"Alright, but are you okay? You seem rather upset since we started going on this walk."

"Obviously having to walk with you is a problem, but I'm a bit upset that one of my.... friends hate me," Evelyn said as she then heard a sympathetic "oh".

"Evelyn, I'm sorry to hear that. Is there anything I can do to help?"

"Oh jee! I don't know, maybe not write that skreeonking letter that caused me to panic and practically drove Lucy away!" Evelyn shouted out, stunning Yogini.

"Oh, well let me at least help then," Yogini offered to help as Evelyn was about to respond when all of a sudden feels someone slamming into her thus causing her to fall.

"motherskreeonker!" Evelyn yelled out when she saw a trashy looking man with a ski mask, a roughed up looking coat and pants, pointing a knife at them.

"The two of you turn over all of your possessions to me. Now!" The man yelled out as Evelyn immediately thought to say "Bite me", but turned over to see Yogini having a look of anger on her face. She had never seen such anger on her face before as she could hear the deep breaths of anger and deduced it was from her being pushed over.

"Stay where you are, you piece of skreeonking poop," Yogini said in a slowed, angered state causing the mugger to stand still with his eyes beginning to have fear in them. All the while, Evelyn looked at Yogini with confusion and got up.

"Raise the knife to your throat and I want you to say, I'm sorry I'm a big waste of space and for pushing you to the ground, Evelyn. I'm nothing but garbage who deserves to die and that no will care for my passing."

"Yogini," Evelyn tried to say in a state of shock at what she's making the man do.

"I'm sorry I'm a big waste of space and for pushing you to the ground, Evelyn. I'm nothing but garbage who deserves to die and that no will care for my passing," The mugger said with fear in his voice and with his eyes widening in horror at him not in control of what he's saying.

"Okay Yogini, that's enough. The guy is an asshole, but doesn't deserve whatever you're about to do to him," Evelyn said trying to get Yogini to stop, but she simply ignored her.

"Now, I want you to stab yourself in the stomach as many times as your pathetic body can take and then when you see the light approaching. I want you to slit your own throat," Yogini commanded angrily causing the man to remove the knife from his neck and towards his stomach.

"For god's sake Yogini! Stop this now!" Evelyn screamed out as she restrained the mugger from killing himself, surprising Yogini.

"Evelyn, let him go! He's not worth saving! Look at what he did to you?!" Yogini yelled back out in anger.

"Oh yeah, I got a bruise, big whoop! I'm not some treasure like you make me out to be. He's not worth it, let him go, now!" Evelyn argued back causing Yogini to still have a look of anger on her face and let out a sigh.

"Fine. You're free to go, but remove all of your valuables for compensation on ruining our night," Yogini commanded causing Evelyn to remove her grasp on him and the mugger to drop all of his stuff, before running off.

"He's very lucky he had you to defend him," Yogini said with annoyance while picking up his valuables, which consisted of a few dollar bills and a golden watch.

"What the hell was that?" Evelyn yelled out.

"Defending you and making him pay for what he did to you."

"By killing him?"

"I wasn't going to do it. I was just going to simply suggest it to him and it would have been his choice," Yogini responded.

"You're still killing him by taking over his mind for him pushing me. That doesn't warrant his death!"

"Maybe for you, but for me it does!" Yogini replied

"I shouldn't be surprised at this behavior, but I am on why the hell you're giving me this protective bullshit."

"Again, I'm simply trying to atone for what I did to you, Eve," Yogini said in a more mellow, sympathetic tone causing Evelyn to be angered.

"You don't get to call me that!" Evelyn snapped out.

"I'm sorry... Evelyn for what I did just now," Yogini said in her same state of tone as before causing Evelyn to look at her with a bit of regret of how she yelled at her.

Evelyn immediately shook her head at feeling regret and how it's perfectly acceptable to yell at her captor for the past year, but yet still felt guilt. She hated feeling these conflicting emotions and wanted out of here.

"Whatever, I'm going home," Evelyn announced as she began to walk off, with Yogini following her behind.

"Perhaps, I can walk you home," Yogini suggested with a smile on her face.

"I rather you didn't," Evelyn replied.

"I know where you live though."

"skreeonk," Evelyn muttered. "Fine, but no more poop like that okay."

"As you wish milady," Yogini said with a small smile causing Evelyn to roll her eyes, but felt happy about being addressed like that.

"skreeonking a, I'm really wanting that lunatic to pop out of prison to kill me," Evelyn muttered while the two walked back to her place.

It took the two about an hour to arrive at her apartment as Evelyn began walking up the steps to the apartment.

"What? No kiss?" Yogini joked causing Evelyn to glare at her when she then walked towards the door.

Evelyn was about to unlock the door with her key when she then heard Yogini say, "Evelyn."

"What?" Evelyn asked annoyed while turning around.

"I just wanted to say that, I didn't mean what I wrote in the letter," Yogini apologized.

"What the hell are you talking about?" Evelyn asked with confusion and annoyance.

"When I said I was going to go after your friends if you didn't go, that was never going to happen regardless if you attended or not. I only did it so you would come out to dinner with me and I have to thank you for walking with me. As you never had to do that," Yogini sincerely said with a small smile.

Evelyn right then and there wanted to scream and pummel at her, but she felt relieved at the same time. It was almost as Evelyn was starting to have some sort of small semblance of fondness for her, but she didn't want Yogini to know that.

"Thank you." Is what Evelyn simply said in a neutral tone causing Yogini to expand her smile a bit more.

"Perhaps we can meet another time," Yogini suggested as Evelyn immediately wanted to say "skreeonk off and hope you die", but couldn't bring herself to say that nor say yes.

"We'll see," Evelyn simply said as that's what was best for the situation and her mental health, if there was any of that left.

Yogini gave her a smirk purred, "Goodnight Evelyn and see you around."

"See you around," Evelyn replied as she then muttered. "skreeonk!"

The woman made her way towards her apartment and right away heard high pitched screams. She instantly recognized them coming from Rachel's room and acted without thought. Evelyn kicked down her best friend's door only to find her best friend naked in bed who had the sheets covering her exposed body.

"Ah skreeonk!" Evelyn said out loud causing Rachel to stare at her in shock.

"Rachel, I'm so sorry." Evelyn apologized, as she was then about to leave when she saw someone moving their head out of the sheets. She then saw Velia's head emerging right next to Rachel's chest. The Musician waved at Evelyn who simply backed away very slowly and closed what remained of the door.

Evelyn walked back towards her room while saying, "What the skreeonk is wrong with me?"
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Re: The Nightwriters

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Chapter 11
Our Time is Now

Evelyn and Rachel's Apartment

"Why the hell are you shaking? You've seen your best friend naked before! For crying out loud the two of you were in a relationship. This shouldn't make you sitting in the same goddamn room for ten hours," Evelyn ranted to herself with her eyes still wide and her whole body shaking.

Evelyn then heard a door opening up, took a deep breath and said to herself quietly, "Just act normal, or don't because Rachel will think you're acting differently. skreeonk it! As long as you don't mention anything about last night, you won't have to deal with any bizarre poop."

"Eve, are you okay?" Evelyn heard Rachel's voice of concern.

"Uh, yeah, I'm fine," Evelyn said while getting up from the couch and turning to see Rachel luckily wearing clothes. "You need something?"

"I sort of wanted to talk about last night."

"Ah for skreeonk sakes," Evelyn muttered.

"Eve, it's fine. You didn't embarrass me or ruin anything, so need to worry about it," Rachel comforted her best friend.

"Who said I was worried?" Evelyn asked, causing Rachel to roll her eyes.

"Eve, I've said it before and I'll say it a million more times, I know you. I know how you act every time."

"Fine. I thought you were being assaulted or you watched something that made you scream."

"You know I can handle myself right? I mean, I did manage to defeat one of the goons a couple of days ago."

"That was because she was worried about her appearance," Evelyn countered, forcing Rachel to roll her eyes.

"And what's wrong with a woman worrying about her appearance?" Rachel asked before somewhat answering her own question. "Then again, you're you, so I guess that reasoning doesn't apply to you."

"Uh-huh," Evelyn breathed out and continued with remorse in her voice."Again, I am sorry about interrupting your little get together."

Rachel smiled. "I already said it's okay, but you're definitely paying for the door."

"Only if we never talk about that ever again," Evelyn said with a smile.

"Deal!" Rachel smiled back.

"So, are you and tiny together?" Evelyn asked.

"Yeah, we made it official after you know what," Rachel answered without trying to mention the situation.

Evelyn patted her best friend on the shoulder, smiled, and said, "I'm glad things are looking up for you. I think you being in a relationship with her is the best thing to happen to you for a while and definitely compensation for all my crap you had to put up with."

Rachel then noticed Evelyn's face turn into sadness and felt bad for her. "Don't sell yourself short, Eve. You may be crap, but you're my friend and I'm going to be there for you no matter what. That's what friends are for, but yeah, being in a relationship with Velia is the form of best payment."

The two friends smiled at each other when they then heard footsteps entering the living room and noticed it was Velia fully clothed.

"Vel!" Rachel ran over, picked her up, and started to swing her in circles, causing Evelyn to laugh at how Rachel was being affectionate towards her girlfriend. Evelyn always knew Rachel was a bit of a softie, but when it came to a girl she dated, she would switch to being the nicest and loving person in the world. She knew this because Evelyn and her use to date and she would constantly get it from her. Even in public that caused everyone to look at them, and while Evelyn always hated the attention the two got, she couldn't help but give a smile that she once had a girlfriend like Rachel, but those times were over.

Evelyn frowned again at having to break things off with Rachel, but it was for the best. Luckily the two were still the best friends they started out as, however, Evelyn was still happy to see her friend acting happy, the happiest she's ever been in a while.

"Maybe that little mute lady will do you some good," Evelyn said to herself quietly.

"Eve, did you say something?" Rachel asked, causing Evelyn to look up to see that Rachel had stopped spinning Velia.

"Nothing at all. Just enjoying the view of you playing with your play date," Evelyn joked.

Velia signed, "She was not only my date, but my play thing as well." Evelyn gave her a confused look, but Rachel immediately gasped.

"Velia!" Rachel said out loud while blushing, making her small girlfriend laugh silently.

"Unfortunately, I have to take my leave to check on the house and to make an appearance at a conference," Velia explained.

"Oh, well, text me when you get back home, okay," Rachel said with a small tone of worry in her voice.

"Sure thing, babe," Velia signed as the two then gave each a kiss as the mute woman then took her leave, leaving the two friends alone in the apartment.

"I don't say this often, but that was good," Evelyn teased.

"Oh shut up! I know you or the woman you end up dating will act like that," Rachel countered.

"Keep telling yourself that," Evelyn joked.

"Speaking of dates, how did your thing go with, you know, the maniac?" Rachel asked as it seemed like she was walking on eggshells without pissing off Evelyn.

Evelyn took a deep breath and answered calmly, "It went better than expected, I guess, or I have no idea."

Rachel gave her a look of concern. "Well, just tell me some of the stuff that happened. You don't need to tell me everything if you don't want to, or at least not right now."

"I'll just say that her attitude certainly surprised me for the most part. She actually paid for the dinner and took me on, I guess was a nice walk."

"Really?" Rachel asked, surprised to hear what her friend just said.

"Yeah, but she did almost kill someone because he tried to mug us and according to her gave me a booboo."

"Oh poop! She didn't end up killing him, right?" Rachel asked with concern.

"Luckily, I was able to talk her out of it, but she was stubborn about it, however, she did make him forfeit everything he had on him."

"At least the situation ended without it being reported on the news," Rachel said on a positive note.

"Yeah, I guess that's something to be happy about."

"Now, I'm not trying to make this about me or anything, but since you went on that date with her, Lucy and I aren't going to be murdered or become slaves right?" Rachel asked with fear in her voice at the thought of being a mindless.

"Well, that was the biggest surprise of that night. Turns out Yogini was lying and knew that fake threat would be the only reason why I would attend in the first place, out of fear."

"Oh thank god!" Rachel breathed out with relief.

"I was definitely happy that was the case, but with her and the way she works, anything is possible."

"The big question is: do you think we'll be seeing more of her anytime soon?" Rachel asked.

"Unfortunately yes, because like I said, she's capable of anything and who knows what kind of stunt she'll pull next, to get me to spend time with her," Evelyn said with a disgusted expression on her face, but felt it starting to fade away as the thoughts of kindness towards Yogini started to flow. Her hatred for the woman and ones of love started to fight each other again. It made Evelyn even more sick and concerned for her mental health, but then again to her, she lost that a long time ago.

"What the skreeonk is wrong with me?" Evelyn thought to herself.

Yogini and Velia's home

Sitting on a couch for a whole night was something Yogini would typically not do, but would only do so for two specific reasons. One; if it was something of great importance, which her eyes are currently glued to the laptop's screen that was on her lap. The other being when she hasn't heard from someone important.

Yogini continued to stare at her screen, going through dozens of sites while something was clearly brewing in her mind. Then a door opened, causing the woman with long black hair to jump from the couch and to see her younger sister entering.

"Where the hell have you been?" Yogini asked with a mixture of anger and worry in her voice while walking over towards her.

Velia rolled her eyes at the way her sister was talking to her and responded, "I was obviously at my gig."

"Don't act that way with me, and your gigs don't run for the whole night!" Yogini countered.

Velia glared at her older sister, surprising her as the mute woman then signed, "I'm twenty-three! I can handle myself and I don't need you trying to stand over me and holding my hand!"

Yogini saw Velia's face turning red from the anger of her constant worrying and realized she was in the wrong. The older sister took a deep breath and calmly replied, "I'm sorry Vel. You're right, I need to stop worrying, but I can't because you're the only person I have in my life right now."

The younger sister with brown hair saw Yogini starting to shed some tears and getting emotional. She took a deep breath, as she knew her older sister tended to get really emotional when they argued or if something bad happened to her.

Velia patted her sister on the shoulder, gaining her attention. "I'm sorry if I got a little too angry, but like I said, I'm an adult. I can make my own decisions and besides, you know I can handle myself in a fight. Which is strange that you don't worry about me during those."

Yogini wiped away her tears and chuckled. "That's because they know if they hurt you then I would make them live in an actual hell."

The mute girl smiled in response. "And besides, I actually got to spend the night with a very special person, as that will answer your question."

Yogini grew a big dumb grin on her face when she heard the news of her sister being intimate with someone. She then grabbed the smaller woman, placed her on the couch and sat next to her.

"You have to tell me all about this mystery person. Now," Yogini demanded as her smile was still intact.

"Nope," Velia signed while nodding her head to the side.

"Why not?" Yogini asked as her face dropped to a frown.

"To go down the list. You constantly stalk my dates and I, you nag at me for choosing that person, you threatened all of them, which caused a few of them to dump me in fear of you hurting them and you ended up doing that because I cried about them breaking up with me."

"In my defense, you thanked me for some of those!" Yogini countered.

"That's beside the point, but please for once, can I date someone where you don't constantly stalk the both of us?" Velia pleaded.

Yogini stared at her sister and knew she had to stop what she was doing, but didn't want to due to wanting to be that big sister that was always there for her. Part of the reason was due to the fact that she failed her during their very early childhood and was a nightmare that always haunted her to this day. However, she was only going to drive her away if she continued to act like this to her and decided to broker a deal with her.

"Alright. You don't need to tell me the juicy details or worry about me stalking you, I'll leave you alone." Velia smiled at her older sister when she then noticed her continuing. "But! If this person hurts you in anyway, physically, emotionally, or breaks up with you then you need to tell me right away, so I can have a chat with them."

Velia nodded her head in an agreement and Yogini smiled back. "Good, I'm glad we were able to reach an agreement. Now if you'll excuse me, I need to plan things out for my upcoming gigs and give someone a text."

"Okay, have fun little one," Yogini said while Velia waved at her and went upstairs towards her room.

Yogini then looked back at her laptop and noticed something that glued her to the screen. She picked up the laptop and said, "And I found you."

The Rooftop of the Abandon Warehouse

It was dusk out in the city as darkness had already covered the warehouse while very little light covered other buildings. The two girls known as Olivia and Lie were in their costumes as they jumped on the roof of the warehouse from another building.

"Good. I'm glad the two of you are here," Bible-Thumper said as he stepped out for the two women to see him. "Considering how one of you doesn't like this to be drawn out, I'll just ask the question, are we going to join forces?"

The Crimson Hood appreciated that the man got to the point as she then replied, "We both decided to join forces under a few conditions."

"Oh, and what would those be?" Bible-Thumper asked with interest.

"One; we will not reveal our identities to you until we know you can be trusted, even though my partner here trusts just about anyone who says something nice to her," Crimson Hood demanded.

"Hey! I do not!" Thunder Bird defended herself by yelling.

"Your suit makes you look skinny," Crimson Hood complimented her friend to prove her point.

"Awesome! You're the best!" Thunder Bird yelled out.

"Two; we're essentially doing a trial run and if this doesn't work out, then I request we part ways and you never bother us again."

"I can agree to those two terms, anything else?" Daniel asked as he liked that the girl was taking precautions with their meeting. Even though he wasn't going to hurt the two girls in any way, he still greatly appreciated how cautious she was and was already proving that she would be a strong ally.

"Three; we all decide how to deal with someone. I don't care what your code dictates, but we do not kill anyone, unless we have no choice," The Crimson Hood said with commandment in her voice.

"Understood, but one of my other personalities may not agree, so you and Thunderbird will have to keep them away from that one," Bible-Thumper replied, causing concern from the two women.

"And why is that?" Thunder Bird asked as she may be starting to get why Olivia is hesitant on being a team with someone they didn't know.

Bible-Thumper took a deep breath as he answered them. "I'm bi-polar and there are three personalities that often take turns, so to speak during combat. The first one being the "Judge" who always gives mercy and leaves these crooks to the cops. The second one is known as "Jury" who fights similarly to the two of you."

"That's not so bad! I don't see why we have to be so worried about you," Thunder Bird exclaimed with relief in her voice.

"I didn't get to the third one. "Executioner" is the one where my goal is to kill any villain without a second thought. I just pray that one doesn't last as long as the other two as it can lead to undesirable consequences."

Thunder Bird and Crimson Hood had faces of shock as they heard what their new associate just said and were definitely a bit nervous. The Crimson Hood stepped up and said, "As concerning as this is, I do appreciate that you came forward on telling this to us as opposed to finding this out at in inconvenient time. Regardless, we'll still do a test run and see how it goes."

"Thank you for understanding," Bible-Thumper said with relief as his two new teammates were still willing to give him a chance.

"Then it looks like we're in an agreement, good! Let's go out there and break some kneecaps!" Thunder Bird said excitedly.

Bible-Thumper let out a jolly filled laugh as he appreciated the girl's enthusiasm and said, "You speak my language, young lady! Let's look out and see what kind of trouble we can get ourselves into."

The three costumed heroes started jumping from roof to roof to find what criminals they can find and bring justice to.

The Kaiju and Kaijin Bar

"Here, your tequila," Lucy said depressed while serving the drink to a customer.

"What's the matter, Lucy? You don't seem so energetic as you usually are," The customer asked with concern in his voice.

Lucy wanted to yell at the customer for trying to pry into her life, but he was one of her more frequent patrons, so she restrained herself. The African-American woman who was wearing an orange tank top and black shorts took a deep breath and answered the question. "Just dealing with some stuff and I don't want to talk about it, so just please enjoy your drink."

The customer's face turned to disappointment as he was hoping to cheer his favorite bartender up, but decided to leave her alone in fear that he might piss her off. Lucy then saw the customer leaving for his booth as she then pulled out a rag and began cleaning the counter with it. It had been a few days since her and Evelyn had their fight and was still clearly affecting her. Normally, she wouldn't let stuff get to her, but this was something else, as she learned that her friend, or supposed friend hated her. This affected her daily routine in life, her job, her hobbies and the way she interacted with people. Gone was her cheery attitude and now replaced with a depressed anti-social one.

She didn't know how long she would act like this, but before she can dwell on it any further, a voice was heard coming from the other side of the counter. She looked up from being deep in her thoughts and cleaning the counter, she saw a man. The man had the appearance of black spiky hair, but was starting to look messy, it was accompanied with a goatee and white colored skin. She then saw him wearing a light blue t-shirt and blue jeans. The man's face was clearly one of being tired, annoyed, depressed and irritated, which was one Lucy can very well relate to.

"Yeah, give me the strongest poop you have and multiply that by ten," The man said while sitting on one of the bar stools.

Lucy nodded as she grabbed a bottle of Balkan 176 and poured him a glass of it. She slid the glass over to him as he then asked, "What's it come to?"

"Eleven dollars," Lucy answered, causing the man's eyes to go wide.

"Damn!" The man exclaimed as he continued with a calmer voice. "Well, this better get me wasted for all the bullshit I had to deal with today."

"Trust me it will, I took a few swigs of it myself," Lucy confirmed as the man gave her the cash.

The man took a drink and felt the effects of it already and exclaimed, "Damn! I can already feel it working."

"It works like a charm, but it's not my preferred type of drink," Lucy replied with her still sounding bored.

He took another drink and responded, "What is your preferred type of drink?"

Lucy didn't really want to make small talk with him, or anyone of that matter, but she didn't want to drive away a potential customer. She decided to indulge him by answering his question.

"I prefer the fruity drinks, because I don't know about you, but I want to enjoy the taste of my liquor while getting drunk."

"Fair enough, as for me I just want to get to the bottom of the bottle and be able to somewhat tolerate all the poop around me," The man answered.

"I hear yah on that."

The patron took another drink and saw that he was already nearing the bottom of his glass. "I like where this going, so I will gladly pay you another eleven if you refill my glass."

Lucy gave him a small smile, something she hasn't been able to do since her fight with Evelyn. The bartender grabbed the bottle and poured the customer his drink, as she then traded the glass for the money.

"Thank you kindly," The man said.

"You're welcome, mister."

"Ah. Don't call me mister, makes me feel like I'm some sort of parent, which I definitely don't want to be. Call me Clarence."

"Okay, Clarence. You can call me Lucy."

"Considering how you haven't annoyed me like most people do, I will say that this is a pleasure."

"Well, that's a compliment," Lucy replied with a bit happiness in her voice.

"From the tone of your voice it sounds like you had a shitty day, I can relate to that," Clarence said before taking a drink.

"You can say something like that," Lucy said, clearly showing her intent on not wanting to talk about it

"If you don't want to talk about it, then we don't need to. I know what it's like wanting to be left alone or not having to talk about your problems. I'll be content with the silence, hell, I could probably use some of that right now," Clarence replied.

Lucy appreciated what the patron said to her and had a few minutes of silence before finally speaking up, "Yeah, I guess you could say that I had a bad day. One that just happened a few days ago and left me in a sour mood since."

"Yep. I have those too, except probably more frequent if I'm assuming correctly."

"Well, I don't know you, but I'll take your word for it."

"Here," Clarence said while giving Lucy eleven dollars, causing her to give him a look of confusion.

"I don't understand, your glass is still just about full. Do you really need another drink?"

"It's not for me, it's for you. Treat yourself to whatever eleven dollars can get you."

For the first time in a few days, Lucy grew a smile at Clarence as she then said, "Thank you, Clarence, you're very kind."

The patron laughed loudly at that for a few seconds before replying, "And you're definitely the first person to say that to me."

Lucy fixed herself a fruity drink as she resumed their conversation. "And why would I be the first to call you nice?"

"Considering how I work at a hospital filled with reta...." Clarence stopped himself before he said a certain word that might anger the bartender as he found a better word to use. "Extraordinary individuals who constantly ask stupid questions or do things they shouldn't be doing, like playing with their IV system."

"Holy poop, that's bad!" Lucy exclaimed.

"Yeah, no kidding. I have to put up with that poop nearly everyday and sometimes when I think I'm home free, I get called into work. It's just a bunch of bullshit at this point."

"Sounds like hell, but why did you want to work in a hospital if you hate it so much?" Lucy asked before taking a drink.

"I always wanted to go in the field of medicine to help people, but that was before I realized how skreeonking stupid people are. Plus the fact that whatever I do to help is fruitless because within a week they come back doing the same exact thing that caused them to be injured in the first place," Clearance ranted as he then took a big drink.

Lucy felt sympathy for the nurse and decided to cheer him up when she felt something brewing inside her, something big. It was something she knew she had to let out before the opportunity disappeared.

She opened her mouth, "I guess you can say you don't have the heart to deal with people because it flat lined!"

Lucy then grew a huge smile on her face as she saw Clarence staring at her with a frown. He got up from the bar stool and said, "I was enjoying this, but that skreeonking pun almost gave me a heart attack."

Clarence left the bar abruptly, causing Lucy to say to herself. "He'll be back and I have to say, not bad. I think I should introduce him to some yoga."

The Rooftops

"Stay on them!" Bible-Thumper yelled out while him and his two allies raced across the roof tops after some crooks who just committed a robbery. The three managed to incapacitate the majority of them at the scene of the crime, but a few managed to hightail it out of there.

"I'm on one now," Crimson Hood called out as she threw her nunchucks at the back of one the crooks' head, causing him to be instantly knocked out.

"So Thumper, what state of mind are you at right now?" Thunder Bird called out.

"Judge," Bible-Thumper while grabbing a hold of one as he changed his grip on his hammer to where he had the back-end facing the crook. The costumed man whacked the criminal with the handle, instantly knocking him out.

"Woohoo! Nice one, Thumper!" Thunderbird yelled out with excitement in her voice.

"Say, why are you calling me Thumper?" The man asked with confusion in the way his new found teammate was calling him.

"It's a lot easier to say Bible-Thumper and it's a fun nickname," Thunderbird clarified while the three still raced on the rooftops.

"Fair enough, Thunder," Bible-Thumper said thinking it would be best to return the favor by giving her a nickname.

"That's the spirit!"

"I always thought to call you Birdie instead, since you keep yammering," Crimson Hood called out.

"Hey!" Thunder Bird yelled out.

"Eyes on the prize, Birdie!" Crimson Hood said keeping her friend focused on the task at hand.

"Just two more to go!" Thumper called out as the three vigilantes chased after the remaining crooks. They then notice the two criminals make their way on a zipline that connected the building they're on and the neighboring one. The two criminals quickly zip lined across and were already attempting to cut the line.

"poop!" Crimson Hood yelled out as she heard the sound of them attempting to the cut line.

Thunderbird and Bible-Thumper noticed that the line was being cut, causing them to stop. Before they can formulate a plan on how to cross, the Crimson Hood quickly worked her away across with what remained of the line.

"Crimson don't!" Bible-Thumper pleaded with worry in his voice at his new teammate, but Thunder Bird then came up to him. "Don't. She gets too carried away and will stop at nothing till an objective is complete. The best thing we can do is find another away to go after them."

"Right, but I wouldn't be opposed to killing them if they end up hurting her," Bible-Thumper said as Thunderbird felt he was now a completely different person.

"Uh, which one did you turn into?" Thunderbird asked with concern.


"Oh, thank Sal," Thunderbird said with relief, but she felt concern as any minute he can turn into what her and Olivia felt fear. Their friend turning into someone who won't stop killing and she did not want to go up against that at all. Especially when that killer was a teammate or friend.

The Crimson Hood barely made it across, as the two criminals had to back away as she jumped up from the now collapsing wire. The red and colored heroine delivered a kick at one of their faces sending him down to the ground. She got down, ready to knock him out when she was met with an unexpected punch to head by the downed criminal. This caused her to stumble as she heard the sound of a gun going off. She reached for one of her buzzsaws to block, but it was too late as she felt the bullet pierce her stomach.

The pain was something she hadn't felt before as she felt herself clutching her stomach with her hand. The worst hadn't arrived yet. The Crimson Hood felt herself falling off the multi-story building and into a dumpster, due to her losing balance from the fresh wound she received.

The Crimson Hood was holding her screams, but that in itself was a challenge. She instead resorted to breathing deeply as she laid on the very uncomfortable trash. Olivia didn't even want to know what kind of disgusting and disturbing things she was on.

The Crimson Hood was tempted to female dog to herself at the current situation she was in, but it wouldn't have made a difference. She was bleeding on trash and it hurt to move, that's all she could think about in this situation. However, the situation changed when she heard someone walking up the dumpster with the person hauling a trash bag.

Olivia fully expected the person to throw the trash bag on her and unknowingly leave her behind to bleed out, but didn't feel anything. What she heard was something far different.

"motherskreeonker!" A very angry masculine voice yelled out.
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Re: The Nightwriters

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Chapter 12
4 out of 5
Written by Alex Williams and NSZ (Descriptive work in the last part)

Fallen Water Apartments

"Ow. Ow. Son of a female dog, where am I?" The Crimson Hood moaned as she felt herself lying down on a couch. She quickly became more clear of her surroundings and felt her heart racing as her identity might be compromised, she then rubbed her head to find the hood over her head.

The Crimson Hood breathed a small sigh of relief, but knew she had to get out of here and meet up the others. They were probably worried sick about her, or at least Lie was, knowing how worried she could get for a missing friend, or pancakes. Plus, the fact that anyone could finish her off right then and there, so she immediately started to rise from the couch. Right away, she hissed in pain as it was still largely present from the bullet wound she received for however long ago it was.

The Crimson Hood tried to rise up again, but heard an angry sounding voice calling out to her. "Don't skreeonking move!"

She tried to get up and move to avoid a confrontation with him, but felt herself not being able to move. The Crimson Hood then noticed a hand being placed on her chest as she felt his hand pushing her down on the couch.

"First thing first, I'm taking off your hood to your costume, or cosplay or whatever the hell you kids are calling it these days," The man said sternly as he reached for her hood.

The Crimson Hood noticed this as she let her instincts took over, causing her to use all the energy she could muster by grabbing his wrist.

"Don't," is all the Crimson Hood could say, sounding weak.

The man rolled his eyes and immediately said, "I don't give two skreeonking shits about your identity! You have a very deep cut on your head that tore through part of your hood and you have a bullet lodged in your stomach! Both of which could very well kill you, so I'm doing you a favor and not calling the damn police on you."

The Crimson Hood was speechless by what the man said and realized that if she didn't accept his help, then she would die. She nodded her head as the man lifted the hood off of her head to reveal her long black hair which was messy.

"Right, I have some stitches that can at least get rid of the cut on your head. The wound on your stomach is another story," The man said.

"Right. It's always got to be complicated. You have any painkillers?" The Crimson Hood asked as she let out a few coughs shortly after.

"Well, I'm surprised!" The man exclaimed with amazement. "You're actually somewhat coherent and suggesting poop that isn't stupid."

The Crimson Hood didn't know what the man met, but decided to humor him. "Thanks, I guess."

"You're welcome. And the name is Clarence by the way."

"Since you already know what I look like, name is Olivia."

"Ah," Clarence just simply said while he was grabbed the necessary items to help the injured crime fighter.

"I'll probably get some dumb clichéd answer, but what the hell. What brings you in this area?" Clarence asked as he began to sterilize the wound on Olivia, making her slightly groan from the stinging sensation.

"Well, I decided to form a team with two other people to fight crime and one thing led to another, I got shot. Then I fell off and now we're here."

"And I was right," Clarence confirmed. "Okay, depending how tolerant you are to pain, you might want to grab onto something. Some people scream like it's the end of the world when they're getting stitches, considering how that's twenty percent of my job."

Olivia gulped at having to get stitches. She got them once as a child due to her accidentally cutting her finger making dinner a few years ago. That was an unpleasant memory of her yelling from the pain, but considering how Clarence was acting, she wouldn't him to start yelling at him.

The woman simply nodded as she first took the painkillers and then grabbed the pillow to help with the impending pain. With her luck, or at least the first time she got lucky tonight, the procedure didn't last long and was relatively painless. Olivia didn't know if it was the painkillers, or her feeling like she could pass out again, but she was thankful.

Olivia thank Clarence as he then said,"Well, don't thank me yet. We've got to get that bullet out of your stomach."

"Let's hope it doesn't come to you having to rush me to the hospital," Olivia replied nervously.

"Well, it may come to that, unless you want to risk your chances of surviving," Clarence said, giving her the cold reality of what may happen.

"I really don't want people to know what I do, as it can lead others to hurting my mom and friends," Olivia said with nervousness still being present in her voice.

"Quit your whining. We'll make up an excuse, but we may need to ditch the suit, which is what I need you to do right now, so I can take a proper look at the wound." Clarence said as he looked up at Olivia.

"Why aren't you doing it then?" Olivia asked as she still felt immense pain from the wound.

"It's better I ask because I got yelled at by patients, saying I was taking advantage of them, when I was just trying to help them," Clarence said with annoyance.

"Go ahead," Olivia said while Clarence removed part of her suit to reveal her stomach being covered in blood with a hole in her stomach.

"If being a doctor annoys you so much then why are you one?" Olivia asked.

"Nurse. I'm not a doctor, or I doubt anyone will promote me. But to answer your question, I wanted to help people, but that was before I realized how skreeonking stupid people can be. And considering how I wasted a lot of money in one field in college, I rather not do it again, so I just do my job the best I can and get hammered at the end. Even then it doesn't work, considering how I'm still sober right now."

"Again, thank you for dealing with this inconvenience," Olivia said with sympathy as she felt Clarence had to deal with a lot of bullshit.

"Don't thank me yet, we're not out of the woods yet, but once this is over, you can thank me by buying me a new couch."

"And why is that?" Olivia asked.

"Because you're bleeding all over it," Clearance answered.


"Anything?" Thunder Bird asked Bible-Thumper while they searched the area they last saw their teammate at.

"Unfortunately, there's no sign of her," Bible-Thumper responded as he walked back to her from checking the rooftop.

"Then we keep looking," Thunder Bird said with determination to find her good friend when Bible-Thumper pulled her behind a small structure.

"What gives?" Thunder Bird asked with annoyance in her voice.

"It seems like our two criminals are returning to the scene of the crime?"

"Why?" Thunder Bird asked with confusion in her voice.

"The boss wants us to return and finish the job! I have no idea why the hell he wants us to finish off those cosplayers? We're just two guys after all, they took out the rest of us! It makes no goddamn sense!"

"Hush, or else we'll be next on the chopping block! You know how the boss gets when people abandon a job," The other criminal said when all of a sudden both Thunder Bird and Bible-Thumper jumped out in front of them.

"Your boss is right, you're both on the chopping block, but it's going to be your legs," Thunder Bird said with a smirk on your face.

"Ah skreeonk!" One of the criminals said before the two vigilantes instantly knocked the thugs to the ground

"That was too eas..." Bible-Thumper try to say when Thunder Bird interrupted him. "Don't say it. I've been on my share of missions when it's never okay to say something like that."

"Really? I think that this was way too easy and nothing bad will happ..." Bible-Thumper said when he was blasted by flames, sending him back.

Thunder Bird looked up to see an orange figure glowing in flames while her long hair was flowing around as she fired another round of flames, but the green and yellow costumed hero jumped out of the way. The flaming figured floated down.

"I was skeptical when I heard the constant news over the weeks about multiple costumed heroes taking to the streets. But, but now I see it really is true" The flaming figure said with amazement, but also one of annoyance.

"Care to introduce yourself before we pummel you to death? Or at least before I pummel you till you surrender yourself," Lie asked as she had a feeling the woman wasn't really going to say much.

The woman chuckled at what the girl said and replied, "You humor me, but you're also an annoyance. I can't have people like you ruining my boss' operation, it's bad for business."

"Hmm...." Thunder Bird said while putting her finger on her lip and thought for a moment before resuming. "You know what else is bad for business? A broken neck!"

The green and yellow costumed hero as electricity began crackling through her whole body, particularly her foot. Thunder Bird's foot kicked the flaming woman in the face, sending her back a few feet. The woman on fire growled in annoyance, as she was certainly surprised to see an attack being successful on her.

The woman turned to see her two goons struggling to get up and decided that she still had use for them. "What the hell are you two lying around for? Get up and find the one with the crimson hood!"

"Yes, yes, mam," One of the criminals said as they limped in to the building, causing Thunder Bird to say to herself worried about her friend. "Ah poop".

Thunder Bird collided her fists together as more electricity began to crackle while she got ready to fight the woman on fire again. Then she heard noises of anger that neither belonged to her or the woman on fire. She briefly turned around to see Bible-Thumper getting up, but with an axe.

"Heads are about to roll," Bible-Thumper said maniacally while he looked straight at the flaming woman.

"Ah poop," Thunder Bird said as she realized that not only is poop about to hit the fan, but she was no longer the craziest combatant.


Olivia jerked up from the couch to the noise she's now hearing that was occurring on the rooftop, forcing Clarence to jump up as he dropped his medical tools. The woman then noticed what she caused as Clarence then yelled out, "Goddammit! Will you stop moving?"

Olivia laid back down after feeling bad for messing up Clarence's operation on her. "Sorry, I'm just hearing things and I think it may be my team trying to find me."

Clarence breathed a sigh of annoyance and said, "Well, we can worry about that later. I'm still trying to work on you and any sudden movements can cause you to tear all these goddamn stitches out and that can lead to a very bloody mess."

"Alright, I'll do the best I can not to then," Olivia replied as she tried to take it easy as she began thinking that the noises were nothing more than possible hallucinations.

"Give it your all because you're really starting to act like a lot of other patients," Clarence commanded while Olivia nodded as she laid back and let him resume with his work.

"Okay, same procedure as before, except I'm going to pull the bullet out with whatever utensils I have. After that, I'm going to stitch the wound back up, but I would still highly recommend we get you to a doctor," Clarence said while Olivia nodded as she hated the idea of having to go to the doctor from a wound she received from crime fighting, but she is hoping she can reason with the nurse.

"Just so long as we find me some actual clothes to wear and you don't bring me in my costume," Olivia replied.

"Fine, deal," Clarence said out loud as he then whispered to himself in annoyance. "I still have no idea why I'm doing this when I could have just called a damn ambulance on you."

"Okay, Olivia you need to hold onto something and if you need to take a page out of my book and start cussing, you go right ahead," Clarence warned as Olivia nodded with anxiety at the pain she was about to experience.

"I'm going in now," Clarence warned as he slowly inserted the utensil into Olivia's bullet wound, causing her to immediately feel the pain as she held onto the couch and was resisting the urge to scream. Unfortunately for her the pain was too much as she felt the utensil going deeper into the bullet wound as she then felt the urge to scream.

"Goddamnit! skreeonk! skreeonk! skreeonk! skreeonk!" Olivia screamed out from the overwhelming pain as Clarence was surprised at the amount of cursing he heard from the calm woman. He would have said "Jesus Christ", but that wasn't going to solve their situation as he then ignored the screams and felt the tool hitting something metal. He deduced it was the bullet and decided to pull out; albeit slowly.

"Okay, I'm pulling the bullet out, brace yourself," Clarence said, but he doubt she could hear him due to her own screaming.

What felt like an eternity, only lasted a few minutes as he slowly pulled the bullet out of her. Clarence breathed a sigh of relief as he saw more blood gushing out and quickly covered the wound up with a few towels.

"Olivia, Clarence tried getting her attention, but she was still screaming, so he rolled his eyes and slapped her, gaining her attention instantly.

"Olivia, the bullet is out, but I need you to put pressure on your wound while I pick up the remaining stitches."

Olivia nodded quickly as she did was she told until Clarence brought up the tools necessary to stitch her stomach up. Clarence removed her hands and the towel from her wound and stitched it up as quickly as he could.

"Okay, that should stop the bleeding for now. All we have to do now is get you to a hospital," Clarence said as it seemed like he was out breath while Olivia nodded, but she then heard more noise.

"I hear the noises again," Olivia said as she slowly get up while Clearance rolled his eyes. "Ah for skreeonk's sake! Look, I can look out the door and maybe even take a few steps to see if there's anything going on. But if there isn't, or even if there was, you have to promise me to lay back down, okay?"

"Fine," Olivia breathed out as she didn't like the idea of not helping Lie if she really is in need of assistance.

Clarence opened up the door to see two criminal patrolling the halls with the obvious intent of trying to find someone or something. The nurse didn't care as he was already having a stressful day as it was and didn't need anyone else to annoy him.

"Hey assholes!" Clarence yelled out getting the two criminals' attention. "Can you keep it the skreeonk down? I've had a stressful day as it is and I don't need you skreeonkers to make it worse! So do me a favor and skreeonk off!"

The two criminals were about to yell at Clarence in retaliation, but noticed a figure with a Crimson Hood. They both saw that she was their target and pulled out their handguns.

The two fired off their guns, causing Clarence to yell out, "Ah, skreeonk!" The nurse then slammed the door shut and locked it as he noticed bullets were going through it, narrowly missing him.

Olivia slowly got to her feet and said, "Clarence, I'm going to need you to hide while I ambush them."

"Oh good idea! You attack them so you can reopen your wounds, undoing all the hard work I did to save your ass! You really are as stupid as the people I have to take care of!" Clarence yelled out annoyance.

"I still have some of my gadgets that wouldn't require me to move," The Crimson Hood replied as she pulled out a buzzsaw.

"Right, I'll just hide and watch you get killed and maybe this goddamn day can just end already," Clarence said as he ran off to hide.

With both Clarence and The Crimson Hood hiding, the two criminals soon broke down the door and entered the apartment. The two looked around, but no sign of either of the two showing up when The Crimson Hood walked up to one of them and slammed a buzzsaw into one of their sides. This instantly caused one of the criminals to scream in pain as the saw was stuck in him.

The other criminal turned around to fire off his gun, but luckily the Crimson Hood had another saw to use as a small shield, blocking the bullets as best as she could. The crook noticed that she was slowing down and took advantage of it as he yanked the saw away and prepared to fire at her. Then all of a sudden a frying pain hit the other crook.

"Ow, the back of my head!" The criminal yelled out before collapsing.

"That's for breaking my door, asshole!" Clarence yelled out.

The two started to breath repeatedly as the couldn't believe they were able to take out the two with ease. Olivia's eyes then widen as she heard more noise coming, as she quickly deduced it was coming from the roof. She then noticed an elevator across from her.

"poop!" Olivia yelled out.

"Are you just saying that because you now realize how skreeonked our situation is?" Clarence asked with annoyance.

"No, I think my team is up there," Olivia answered.

Clarence couldn't believe what the woman was saying after all he did for her. "Are you skreeonking kidding me right now?"

"Well, I got to do something. I can't just sit here and let them do it by themselves."

"Um, yeah, you can. It's simple. Just lay the skreeonk down and let them take care of it," Clarence retorted as he didn't want all of his hard work on keeping her alive to go to waste.

"Actually, I can't. I'm sorry," Olivia said as reached from her belt and pulled out a flashbang. She pulled the pin and dropped it on the ground and before Clarence knew it, he was blinded.

"Goddamnit!" Clarence yelled out in annoyance as he was rubbing his eyes as a few moments later he regained some of his vision. He looked out the door to see the elevator was going up.

"Son of a female dog!" Clarence yelled out as he grabbed the frying pan and made his way up the stairs. "She's goddamn lucky that I follow the oath of a doctor, or else I would have never wasted my goddamn time with her."


"Well, we're not making any progress here," Thunder Bird said to herself as she laid a few electricity filled punches on the flaming woman. The punches pushed the woman back, but the flaming woman quickly retaliated by firing her streams of flames, thus doing the same to Thunder Bird.

Thunder Bird was really getting annoyed by the fight as they were both equally matched with no sign of the three combatants slowing down. Plus, she didn't like having to play babysitter with Bible-Thumper as he was in the state she was dreading to see. She watched as he was desperately trying to murder the flaming woman like a maniac. Thunder Bird really did miss the days when she was the craziest of the bunch because she was able to predict what she was about to do. And so could her friends to an extent.

She delivered another round of kicks at the burning woman, but little was done to her yet again. Bible-Thumper wasn't having as much luck as he was swinging his axe repeatedly while she kept dodging.

"Hurry up and meet your maker already!" Bible-Thumper screamed out angrily while sounding maniacal at the same time.

The woman on fire chuckled as her hair covered in flames swung around slowly as she then saidm "What's a god to a non-believer?"

Hearing that she didn't believe in god made Bible-Thumper's blood boil with rage and he let out a scream. He then began swinging his axe faster and faster, but it proved to be fruitless as she continued flying around him, mocking him.

The three were still in a stalemate with no progress being made until the flaming woman let out a scream. She then yanked a buzzsaw out of her back that made her turn around to see the barely standing Crimson Hood. The hooded woman threw a couple more of her weapons at the woman, but she dodged them, however, she didn't anticipate on what was coming next.

The woman's eyes went wide while her mouth started to open as she let out a loud scream that could be heard from a few blocks. She noticed Bible-Thumper's axe was slammed into her side, causing her to drop to her knees.

"Now it's time for you to face real justice," Bible-Thumper said as he removed the axe only to notice the wound started to flare up. His eyes went wide as streams of fire started to burst out, and realized this was something not to stand in front of.

Bible-Thumper leapt out of the way before the blast of fire could consume him. The flaming woman aimed her wound to follow the fleeing Bible-Thumper and now Thunder Bird.

The two were fleeing for their lives as Thunder Bird then looked over to her teammate and yelled out, "Now look at what you have done!"

"If it's any consolation, I now want to apprehend her instead," Bible-Thumper said sounding more sane.

"Wha, what? How?!" Thunder Bird yelled out in confusion.

"Just changed my mind, just like how my personality changes," Bible-Thumper answered.

"You are a very weird person and that's coming from me, according to some people," Thunder Bird answered while the two were still running from the fire chasing them.

The Crimson Hood saw her friends fleeing and knew they wouldn't last much long avoiding the flames, so she pulled out her remaining katana. She looked at it before she looked back at the preoccupied woman on fire. The Crimson Hood took a deep breath and a few steps forwards as she gave it all she could by throwing it. Right away the stitches on her came undone, reopening the wound, causing her to let out a scream of pain as she dropped to the ground. Fortunately, the katana lightly dug into the woman's back, forcing her to let out of another scream.

She turned her attention towards The Crimson Hood while Clarence ran in and looked down at her, "I skreeonking told you!" The nurse then looked up to see the flaming lady in anger as he then said,"Ah, son of a female dog!"

The lady on fire was about to disintegrate them when a mighty fist came bearing down on the side of her head, causing her to crash into the ground. Everyone looked up to see who threw the incapacitating punch and noticed that it was an African-American woman with an orange tank top and black shorts.

"Lucy, fancy meeting you here!" Bible-Thumper yelled out with happiness to see his favorite bar tender entering the fight.

"Hey Daniel!" Lucy called out while waving her hand.

"Daniel is your name, interesting," The woman on fire said to herself as she then smirked.

"You know her?" Thunder Bird asked.

"We met under similar circumstances," Bible-Thumper answered.

"What do you say we stop this flame war?" Lucy asked, causing everyone to mutter. "Goddamnit Lucy."

The crime fighters got ready to make their finishing blow on the woman on fire when all of a sudden a hail of bullets starting raining down upon them. They looked up to see a green and blue armored figure with the helmet being designed with a bullseye on it.

"We're ending this flame war, but not on your terms," Crosshairs said while hovering on his jetpack and continuing to fire more bullets at them, forcing Thunder Bird and Thumper to take cover. All the while Lucy noticed that Clarence and the Crimson Hood were vulnerable, so she did what she was best at, shielding them from the bullets. Lucy was fortunate enough that she can absorb the bullets for a short time, which was useful for both combat and to protect others.

Crosshairs kept his gun trained on the vigilantes while the flames on the woman died down and revealed a dark skinned woman with messy hair. She was wearing a suit, almost similar to one that a deep sea explorer would wear or one who wears one under a suit of armor.

"You're no good to me dead, Viveka," Crosshairs simply said with annoyance.

"I'm so flattered," Viveka responded sarcastically.

"Don't. Palms is paying me good money to keep you alive. You're living on borrowed time," Crosshairs replied before he activated the jets in his jetpack and flew away with Viveka.

"Well, that was anti-climatic," Bible-Thumper said while watching the two villains escape.

"I know right? I didn't even get to break anythingm" Thunder Bird complained.

"Yeah, we can save the identity reveal and the partying later, but we need to get your friend to a skreeonking doctor or else she's skreeonking dead," Clarence said with a mixture of anger and worry as the three vigilantes turned their attention to the barely conscious Crimson Hood.

Anarchie Road

Yogini who was wearing a nice white button up shirt and a black skirt looked at a note she had written down. The contents containing the information: 1426 Anarchie Road. The woman looked up from her note and saw that she was near the blue house that has the same numbers on it.

She smiled as she walked up to the house and past its nice trimmed green lawn. The house was a large two-story building covered in blue paneling. Six windows faced the street; two large windows flanked the door, while three normal-sized windows lined the second floor, and a small half-circle window marked where the attic was located. Located further up the driveway was a detached garage that was a shade of blue darker than the house. She arrived to the white front door and rang the doorbell. A few seconds later the door opened up to reveal a middle-aged man around five feet tall with brown hair and a bored expression on his face.

"What can I do for you, miss?" The man asked.

Yogini smiled, raised a briefcase up and said, "A million dollars, but you have to move out this house today."

Within seconds the man's expression changed to one of excitement as he said, "I'll take the money!" He then grabbed the briefcase and ran off.

Yogini then noticed that the man was leaving all of his stuff behind and yelled out, "What about your stuff?"

"Keep it!" The man hollered back with happiness.

"What, no! I don't want any of your poop! You take it!" Yogini screamed out in annoyance.

"But it takes time!" The man complained.

"Do it or else I'm going to force your head up another person's ass!" Yogini threatened as she was getting extremely irritated with the person.

"Yes, mam," The man said out of a mixture of fear and being under her influence.

"Sometimes, I wonder why I even bother," Yogini said frustrated at having to deal with the man.

The tall woman with long black hair walked into the house as she then turned to left and took notice of the living room, which had a brown and white carpet that spanned from wall to wall, which themselves were white in color. Interesting choice in decorum aside, she admired that the room felt cozy and was already starting to smile. To her right was what looked to be a den, which bore similar carpeting to the living room and had wood paneled walls. Continuing down the hall, she entered the kitchen. The countertops were marble, with wooden cabinets located both above and below, while the sink looked to be stainless steel. It had light brown walls and a dark wooden floor to it, which she saw continued on into the dining room, which had a circular design to it.

"This place. I can see why you loved it so much, but with a few adjustments, things will be back to normal," Yogini said, maintaining her smile as she traversed upstairs, where she subconsciously counted the many doors that lined the hall, one of which, the one to her left at the end of the hall, was curiously left ajar.

She entered the room and noticed it was cluttered, obviously meant as a storage room. Yogini, however, was immediately disgusted by the state of the room; where there weren’t water stains on the ceiling and walls, there were bits and pieces chipping, peeling, and outright rotting away. Yogini could feel her fist begin to shake in anger, but she managed to calm herself down. After a few moments, she brought herself to smile again, thinking that she can easily get this place remodeled to make it look a lot better.

"Soon enough, you'll be brought back to your home, Evelyn. We both will," Yogini said with a smirk, as she couldn't wait for the day to bring her back home.
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Re: The Nightwriters

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Chapter 13
It'll be Our Fight

Lutheran Medical Center

"Where.... what's going on?" Olivia asked, stirring herself awake.

"Hey, she's awake!" A bubbly voice exclaimed, one Olivia recognized belonging to Lie.

"Thank god! You're okay!" Olivia's mother spoke out, hugging her daughter.

"Does she? Oh no," Olivia's mind wandered as she soon began to realize that her mother may know about her vigilante career. She knew that not only her mother would be furious with her, but also never let her leave the house under any circumstance. Before Olivia could worry herself any further another voice spoke up. One she was also familiar with, but an unexpected one.

"Don't worry about it Olivia. I covered everything, and nothing has changed... except maybe a few cuts and bruises," Alex announced, smiling at his friend.

Olivia gave Alex a small smile, but decided to play dumb in front of her mother by asking, "How did I get here?"

"You got shot in an altercation with some dangerous people, but luckily your friends drove those terrible people away, and brought you here," Olivia's mother answered, as she smiled at everyone in the room for bringing her daughter to safety.

"My friends?" Olivia asked, confused on why she said friends instead of just friend.

"Yeah, not just Lie, but your new friends. Lucy, Daniel and Clarence," Olivia's mother clarified.

"And as I have said before, Olivia, nothing has changed since the event," Alex announced, winking at his friend, only to remember she couldn't see.

"Smooth," Clarence replied.

Olivia chuckled at what both of her friends had to say, as she was also relieved to know that her mother has no idea what Alex was actually referring to.

Before anyone could further the discussion, the Billionaire walked up to Olivia's mother.
"Miss Hawke, you think you can me a few minutes with Olivia and her friends, so I can assess the situation, and try to find the culprits responsible."

"I.... rather not leave my daughter alone...."

"I'll be fine, mom. Alex is an Emissary after all. Him and his team will be able to get to the bottom of this," Olivia reassured her mom.

"I...... okay," Olivia's mom said, as she made her way towards the door. Before she grabbed the door handle, she turned around to Alex. "I would also request you or someone from your team keep an eye out for her."

"Anything for a friend of mine," Alex smiled.

Olivia's mom exited out of the door, as Alex waited a few moments to make sure she wasn't going to come in again. "Okay, tell me, do any of you actually know who was behind this?"

"All we can really say, are Crosshairs and a woman named Viveka were present during the fight, and work for someone named Palms," Daniel answered.

"Whoever they are, they're good at keeping themselves off the radar," Alex pointed out.

"You mean, the Emissaries haven't heard of them before?" Lucy asked, surprised at how the team hasn't noticed the crime syndicate.

"As I said, no," Alex said, reaffirming his answer, before going forward. "But that doesn't mean we can't lend a hand in shutting them down."

The four vigilantes remained silent for a while, thinking about the Emissary's offer, before Olivia, of all people, spoke up. "Having all of the Emissaries aid us would be a welcome sight, but it could be problematic."

Everyone looked at her, seemingly puzzled by her answer, particularly Alex himself. "Maybe I'm not making any sense to any of you, but what if we raid the wrong place? That might tip Palms and his associates off to the point where they'll go into hiding," Olivia continued.

"No, you're right. It makes sense not to bring in the cavalry in this situation. We need to go with a different approach," Daniel concurred, smiling at Olivia for thinking ahead on how to deal with the growing threat.

"Oh, I see how it is. I offer to help and you think you're too good for us," Alex chuckled.

"Well, we are better than you. We not only found out about a secret organization, but we have more competent members," Olivia retorted, followed by giggling.

"You say that, but none of you have been around as long as we have," Alex pointed out, continuing to smile.

The rest of the occupants in the room looked at each other and began to notice the way the two were talking to each other. Lucy decided to break the silence among the group, "They're in love aren't they?"

"Yep," Lie plainly answered.

"She's not going to on and on about him, right?" Clarence asked, dreading the possibility of her constantly talking about the Emissary.

"She's usually hesitant on the subject, so I wouldn't worry about it," Lie said, reassuring her new friend.

"I guess you can say that love has blinded Olivia," Lucy joked, as her friends turned to her with a large smile on her face.

"For skreeonks sake!" Clarence groaned.

"Anyway!" Alex said aloud, gaining the attention of the rest of the occupants in the room. "I think I can still help out, and by that, I mean, working on equipment for you all."

"That's very kind of you," Lie replied.

"Anything for friends of mine," Alex said, before turning over to Olivia and smiling.

"So, I imagine we can request whatever want for assistance?" Lucy asked, winking at the Emissary while ideas brewed in her mind.

"Send me a list of what you want, and I'll see what I can do."

"You just became one of my best friends, Alex," Lie added, joining Lucy, by smiling.

"Glad to hear it, but anyway, I hate to call it short, but I must take my leave now. I'm still trying to recover from a previous injury and arrange a few meetings since I acquired a large sum from a rival corporation," Alex announced.

"Oh...." Olivia simply said, sounding disappointed at her friend leaving.

Alex soon caught on her disappointment and decided to cheer her up. "Well, I'll try to visit as soon as I can, or if I don't make it, perhaps we can do something."

Olivia immediately lit up as she grew a smile. "I look forward to it."

"Just don't get yourself shot again," Alex said, patting Olivia on the shoulder, making his way towards the door. He turned to the rest of the occupants, "It was great meeting you all, and I'm glad there's another team out there keeping everyone safe."

"Likewise," Lucy happily said.

Alex exited the room, leaving the Nightwriters alone, with Lucy soon growing a devilish smile. "You should have gave him a kiss goodbye."

"Goddamnit Lucy!" Olivia yelled out angrily.

The Writer's Block

"Speak!" Palms' voice boomed.

"We have discovered Bible-Thumper's identity....." Crosshairs tried to explain, but Viveka interjected, shooting him a glare, with fire in her eyes.

"We? I was the one who discovered his identity! You didn't contribute anything!" Viveka lashed out.

"You wouldn't be alive if I didn't come in to save you," Crosshairs pointed out, sounding more calm, but gravely at the same time.

"Don't think being on Palm's payroll protects you," Viveka replied, as the flames started to engulf her while walking towards the bounty hunter. "Because I won't hesitate to kill you, and you're nothing more than a common bounty hunter, so your death will mean very little towards Palm's goals."

"As I've said before, I welcome a fight with you," Crosshairs replied, still keeping his calm demeanor, but raising his shotgun at her.

"Enough!" Palms' voice echoed through the shadows, causing the two to turn their attention to their superior. "The two of you are almost becoming more trouble than you're worth. If you two weren't efficient with your jobs, I would dispose of you both myself, but that doesn't mean I won't inflict horrors onto you, if you can't keep it under control! Do I make myself clear?"

"Of course," Viveka complied, extinguishing her flames.

"As you wish."

"Now, report your findings before I lose my patience again," Palms ordered angrily.

"To give you the short and sweet, Bible-Thumper's identity belongs to a person known as Daniel Cartener, and he seems to be working with the other vigilantes," Viveka answered.

"Those being Thunderbird, Evelyn Blake, Lucy Baskette, and the Crimson Hood. All of them working together," Crosshairs added.

Hearing Evelyn's name intrigued Palms, but remained in the shadows. "Any confirmation on Yogini being involved with the group?"

"No word of her involvement," Crosshairs confirmed.

"Then see to it that she is involved with them."

Palms' words surprised the two subordinates, forcing Viveka to respond "I don't think that's a good idea. With them combining forces, along with that mad man, they won't give you a slap on the wrist. They'll make sure you're done for."

"I have to agree with Viveka for once," Crosshairs spoke up. "If you want them to become their own team, then you're going to have to pay me a lot more to even consider protecting you from them."

"Is that fear I see in you?" Viveka teased, smiling at the bounty hunter seemingly losing his calm demeanor.

"Fear and being smart are two very different things. You simply lack the intelligence to understand the difference," Crosshairs belittled the enhanced woman.

Viveka glared at Crosshairs' remark, as she got ready to let the flames consume her once more, when a fist slammed down on the table, gaining the attention of the two.

"Enough!" Palms voice blasted. "When I give you an assignment, I want it to be followed. I do not care about your fears or grievances! The more people Yogini cares about, the more vulnerable she becomes. There's only so much an emotionally fragile girl can do, before she submits to another."

Viveka and Crosshairs looked at each other, seemingly thinking of the same thing, before the former spoke up. "How is it that you know how to stop her? What kind of history do you have with her?"

Palms didn't answer, the room went quiet between the three, until Viveka pressed her hand against her head. Soon enough she screamed out, getting the bounty hunter's attention. Viveka unleashed a scream as she felt the inside of her head pounding, her whole head feeling as it would explode any second. Her cries of pain eliciting a response from Crosshairs, turning his head towards his shadowy employer before he too started to feel pain. However, he felt himself collapsing to the floor on all fours. The bounty hunter felt himself having trouble breathing, his lungs seemingly collapsing. All Crosshairs could do was gasp for air.

The two felt pain they have never felt before, and it was the worse that could ever be done to them. The two of them screamed, their cries of torture fell to deaf ears. Both of Viveka's hands were on her head, trying to stop the pain, as her eyes poured out tears. "Stop! Please. I won't question..... you..... just stop.... please!"

Palms looked over to the near breathless Crosshairs, seeing if he would do the same. The masked bounty hunter looked at his boss, and gave a small nod, complying. In an instance the pain disappeared, making the two stand up, but becoming more subservient to their superior.

"Do not question me again, and don't let me see either of you until you've planted the seeds of their formation," Palms ordered angrily, as they left the dark office as fast as they could.

"Everything you can do Yogini, I can do much more, but you still have your uses."

Lutheran Medical Center

"Let's beat it out of some random thugs!" Lie howled, feeling the excitement of combat brewing in her stomach.

"I appreciate the enthusiasm, but no," Lucy answered to her newfound friend.

"I'm sorry, little one, but I agree with Lucy here," Daniel concurred, while he patted her on the shoulder.

"Hell no!" Clarence barked, not wanting to have to take care of another person in case they suffered a similar injury as Olivia.

"Why not?" Lie questioned, seemingly confused by friends' answers. "It may be tedious, but we'll eventually find someone who's connected to Viveka and Crosshairs. Plus, we'll just be taking out some extra trash along the way. "

"I love doing god's work as much as the next, but as we said, no," Daniel responded calmly, as he turned to Lucy. "What about Evelyn? Perhaps... she could help?"

Lucy didn't responded, but instead simply look away while crossing her arms. Lie, concerned about how her friend was now acting at the mention of the name, Evelyn, asked "Is everything okay?"

The muscular woman knew she had to answer Lie, otherwise, all of them would be spitting out constant questions about the subject. Lucy threw her arms in the air for a second before she yelled out, "We had a falling out! She made it clear that she didn't want anyone to help her out, and even if we do ask her for her help, she's just going to tell us to skreeonk off!"

Lucy's outburst left the three of them stunned, as they couldn't find any words to immediately respond with. The space the four of them occupied was quiet for several moments before Lie spoke up.

"Look, Lucy." Lucy turned her attention to the smaller woman. "I get it. You're pissed, I had to deal with Olivia being angry over someone else. There's a threat looming over the whole city, and we don't know how big this threat can be. And, Lucy, it doesn't matter who you're not talking to. If that person can help, then we're going to need all hands on deck. Now is not the time to hold grudges," Lie reasoned, hoping it would change Lucy's mind on the subject.

Lucy took a minute to ponder on Lie's words, as she still felt hurt by what Evelyn said to her. On the other hand, Lucy knew Lie was right that people could be hurt if she didn't act.

"Fine," Lucy answered, still keeping an angered look. "But, I'm not forgiving her if that's what you're asking me to do."

"Done deal!" Lie happily announced, shaking her head.

Lucy gave her a look of confusion on why they were shaking heads, causing Lie to realize the action she committed. "Oh, sorry about that." Lie simply scratched the back of her head while looking away.

The dark toned woman let out a laugh, letting Lie know that it was okay. The smaller woman soon joined in on the laughter.

"Then it's decided! We'll get Evelyn to help!" Daniel announced happily, as his smile faded away. "Just expect a lot of yelling and her throwing stuff at us."

"Yeah, about that. I never agreed to this super hero poop, so I'm just going to sit on the bench for this one," Clarence declared.

"That's fine, but do you think you can watch over Olivia? Maybe fill her in on what we're doing?" Lie suggested, not wanting her friend to get bored, or even to the point on wanting to join in on the fighting.

"Sure, but if she thinks about trying to help out, you think you can do your thing, by breaking her legs or some poop like that?" Clarence asked.

"On one hand, Olivia is my best friend, but on the other, I'll get to break someone's legs if they step out of line," Lie trailed off on the possibilities, before answering the question. "Hell yeah! Just give me a call if and when she does that!"

"Cool," Clarence acknowledged Lie's answer. "Also before you guys go, I'm going to get some grub here. Even though the food is poop, it's better to get some food in my stomach, because of the nonstop action all of you got me in."

"We'll wait for your return," Daniel replied, as the nurse walked off.

"He's not just saying that to ditch us, right?" Lie asked.

"He doesn't seem like the type to do that," Daniel replied, confident on the nurse's return.

"You guys may not know this, but I really want to take him out for yoga," Lucy announced, already picturing the two of them doing a variety of activities together. Activities that made her smirk, as both Lie and Daniel eyed her, and soon realized what she was thinking of.

"Well..... time to be hitting thee old dusty trail!" Daniel announced, making his getaway before the conversation could potentially go any further.


Evelyn stepped out of her place of work, taking a break, as she went out to grab something to snack on. She couldn't get the past few days off of her mind, regarding Yogini, as it affected her daily life.

She had hoped grabbing a bite to eat would help take her mind off such events, but before she could dwell on anything further she felt a tap on her arm. Evelyn groaned, it was bad enough she had to deal with her own mind, but now she had to deal with someone, who would most likely end up annoying her. Evelyn didn't care how people would perceive her, she was going to yell at the person who bothered her. She turned around and was about to yell when she then noticed a concerned little girl, and refrained from unleashing her anger.

The two stared at each other, the girl standing like a statue confused Evelyn, as her behavior even concerned her. Evelyn decided to investigate, but before she could, the girl spoke up.

"Are you Evelyn Blake?"

"I......" Evelyn stammered out, confused at how the girl knew her name. "How do you know my name?"

"Yogini wanted me to tell you something," The little girl answered.

Evelyn's eyes widened up in shock, at the fact that Yogini controlled a child. She grabbed the girl by the shoulders, eliciting a great deal of concern for the child.

"I'm going to help you, okay. Just come with me. We can get her out of your head."

"But she's not in my head. See," The little girl replied, pulling out a hundred dollar bill.

Evelyn glanced at the bill, and turned her attention back to the child. "I don't understand."

"She told me to tell you to meet her at Jono's coffee shop."

"Normally I would ask, but at this point I would just be wasting time," Evelyn muttered.

Evelyn went to make her way towards her destination, but stopped in her tracks when the girl spoke out, "She also told me to tell you not judge her. She's not at all what you think she is."

Evelyn wanted to not only roll her eyes at her statement, but yell at how much of a monster Yogini was, but refrained from doing so in front of a child. Instead, she walked down towards the coffee shop, thinking about the discussion she had with the child. Evelyn wondered if the child was really acting on her own freewill, or if she simply just lied under Yogini's orders. She had to find out when she arrived, not that it would matter, as she never believed her.

After minutes of thinking, she had arrived at her destination. Evelyn observed the coffee shop, and never once saw this place. It was almost as if this place of business was built overnight. She saw several white tables accompanied by rainbow umbrellas standing above them. Evelyn decided to stop focusing on the shop, and trying to find the woman who troubled her. Her eyes traveled from one end to the shop to another, as she saw a nerd and a fat man with hat, who looked like he hadn't showered in a month. Evelyn nearly vomited at the sight of the two, but her focus changed when she heard a voice.

"Evelyn!" The woman heard the all too familiar voice, as she turned around to see Yogini sporting her blonde wig, waving at her.

"At least she's a better sight than those two," Evelyn muttered, but shortly after groaned at the compliment she gave.

Evelyn walked over to the table where Yogini sat, but didn't take a seat. Instead she crossed her arms, "Just get to the point."

Yogini smiled, "Feisty as usual, but before we get down to business, do you want anything? Coffee? Tea?"

"No!" Evelyn blurted out. "Just tell me what you want."

Yogini's smile dropped. "Oh, okay. Just thought I would offer those to you."

Seeing Yogini's smile disappear made Evelyn a bit regretful for her actions, which on the other hand made her sick to her stomach. Evelyn then decided to take a seat and respond with "Maybe another time for the beverage, but please, what do you want?"

"Well, to get to the point instead of just having a conversation on a nice day, I wanted to show you something," Yogini answered, bringing her smile back.

"And that is? Evelyn asked.

"It's something I want to show you in person."

"Can't you just show it to me on your phone or something, so I don't have to go anywhere?" Evelyn asked, not wanting to travel, much less go anywhere with her.

"I know how much you hate your job, so I thought you would rather see what I have to show you as opposed to spending more time there, "Yogini reasoned, comparing the two choices that were laid out in front of Evelyn.

Evelyn sighed in annoyance, as she knew Yogini was right. She really wanted to escape her job, at least for today. "Fine. Show me what you think is so important."

"Yes!" Yogini yelled out happily.

Before Yogini could get up from her chair, Evelyn spoke up. "Before we go, did you control that girl?"

Yogini's smile disappeared and was replaced with a frown, surprising Evelyn. "No. I control people, sure, but I would never control a child. You can call me out on a lot of stuff, but I'll be damned if you ever think I would do something so inhumane. So, no. I compensated the child to relay a message to you, and as she said, I'm not what you think I am. You're just seeing what you want to see."

Evelyn was stunned by her words, as she noticed the anger and sadness on Yogini's face. She really hated how guilty she was feeling by accusing her of controlling the child. Evelyn took a deep breath and decided to apologize to make things more calm between the two. "Okay. I'm sorry for what I said, but can we just go look at what you wanted to show me."

"Sure, I have someone waiting in the car to take us there," Yogini replied, her smile coming back.

"Getting in a car with a stranger is such a good idea," Evelyn replied sarcastically.

"Don't worry, I'll protect to you," Yogini teased.

"I should have just stayed at my shitty job," Evelyn muttered.
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