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The Emissaries: Season 1 Discussion Board

Posted: Sun Sep 06, 2015 4:00 pm
by GodzillavsJason
They're back baby! The Emissaries are back to save the world after a year of The Scholarite invasion from the evil doers of dictating writing and horrible story telling. The group of super writers released they are needed more often decided to officially bring back the team and start saving the world from daily threats. Threats that will definitely be recurring to them and in their spare time, will bond with each other and meet some new people. Even some ships may sail (Oh My!).

It is primarily based on the Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes cartoon with some inspirations from Batman: The Animated Series.

Anyway first order of business is to explain some stuff that happen between the two stories.

Joel has been living with Alex in the Williames tower and serves as his journalist for business reasons.

Ryan is still the happy owner of the MegaWeapon.

James now has a robotic leg that improves his fighting techniques.

Justin is now an agent of Plot (Similar to how Captain America is a part of Shield).

Tenebra is currently held in an unknown prison area until the mega prison of old is rebuilt.

Sign-Ups for returning Emissaries:

An advantage is that returning characters can gain an extra weapon, battle armor or power. Along with just copying and pasting everything from your sign-up from the Emissaries stories and only filling out the extra boost, events after Emissaries and quarters.

Name: (Username, real name or both)
Age: (Real one is preferable, but you don’t have to use your real one)
Gender: (Your real one)
Battle Armor/attire (Optional):
Superpowers (Optional):
Starting point or with the organization:
What have you been doing since the events of The Emissaries:
Describe your living Quarters:

Sign-Ups for Secondary Characters (Mainly for new Users)

Secondary characters are mainly for people who want to join in, but will have to use a fictional version of yourself as the same as how the Emissaries had to. Remember, you won't be an Emissary right away, but more or less an ally.

Name: (Username, real name or both)
Age: (Real one is preferable, but you don’t have to use your real one)
Gender: (Your real one)
Battle Armor/attire (Optional):
Superpowers (Optional): (3 at the max or you can use it to divert to using multiple battle armors instead)
Background Info:
Why weren't you present during the Events of The Emissaries:


A Villain can be created by anyone, however, one per person as we want it to be fair. A villain can be it's own thing so no basing it off yourself. Also, no Ultron type villains, HOTMESS members or celebrity type of villains. Parodies of other villains from different media is acceptable.

Battle Armor/attire (Optional):
Superpowers (Optional): (3 at the max or you can use it to divert to using multiple battle armors instead)
Background Info:

Current Secondary Characters:

Name: Olivia Hawke/The Crimson Hood
Age: 18
Gender: Female
Battle Armor/attire (Optional): Wears a cloth layered suit that goes all the way that's black in the torso area, but colored crimson in the limb areas. The suit goes all the way to her neck as well as underneath she has some pads mad of lightweight metal with cushioning over it. This helps Olivia absorb melee attacks along with limited knife attacks. Hence this is how she can keep herself in a fight despite not having the best gear.

She also has a hood that hooks on her shoulders all the way just a bit passed her eyes. Olivia has eyeholes cut out on the hood with her blind silver gray color eyes showing.

Superpowers (Optional): Expert at martial arts, master at parkour and amazing at all four of her remaining senses since her blindness.

Weapons: A small katana, two nunchucks, small throwing buzz saws and flashbangs.

Appearance: White skin along with her gray colored eyes and long black hair. Her hair is usually seen curly. She stands at 5'6 feet and is usually seen wearing a dress accompanied by a coat during university and formal attendances. For casual purposes, she is seen wearing a t-shirt with a hoodie over it and blue jeans.

Personality: A calm, collected woman who has a friendly approach to her and willing to assist when the time is right. Though she is calculating and a good strategizer. However, when she dawns the Crimson Hood, she becomes ruthless when fighting crime. Olivia forbids from most killings and only does it when there's no other way. Though that won't stop her from making them suffering to even where she'll cut a few limbs off.

Background: Olivia was raised by her mother ever since her father passed on when she was five. The two lived in a suburban apartment in a somewhat bad area of New York. She had a decent life with friends, having a good relationship with her mother and well in school to where she made honor roll and received many scholarships. Though her once regular life changes when one night her and her mother were walking in the cold dark rains from Red's dinner when two muggers kidnapped her. Olivia cried in terror as they were about to cut her throat open when a man with solar flare like powers stopped him, but at the cost of her losing her eyesight. The man returns her back to her mother and despite being saved, she couldn't help but feel anger towards the man. A few days after when a doctor she visited told her that she would be blind permanently. This devastated both her and her mother, as they both cried at the result of this causing Olivia to go into depression. Until she heard the heroics of the Emissaries saving New York from the Scholarites causing her to be inspired. With some much persuasion to her mother, she was able to take classes in self defense, martial arts and athleticism. Then with enough of savings and getting financial aid, she orders some gear from various places and created her suit. After a few attacks on gang members and thugs and defending the helpless, she has since earned the name of The Crimson Hood. Ever since then she balances her life between crime fighting and attending college along with wanting to find Matt and exact revenge upon him for making her become blind.

Name: Morgana De La Rosa
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Battle Armor/Attire: A green colored light weight suit with brown stripes running down. Her suit's palms are able to conduct electricity on her foes and able to power gear (Opening doors, control panels, computers, etc). Her helmet is round with two green visors that have night vision and x-ray vision onto it.
Superpowers: Proficient at hand to hand combat.
Weapons: A 9MM pistol, duel knifes, a submachine gun and a sniper rifle.
Appearance: Standing at 5'3 feet with her brown hair usually tied up along with having brown eyes. Her face is a little round and has round soft cheeks. She is a person of a causal clothing, but dresses up if the job calls for it.
Personality: Morgana is a very nice, caring, social, selfless, but can be reckless, brash, questions orders, and somewhat impatient. Thus despite her teammates loving her first set of attitudes, they can get irritated with her second set as she doesn't think before she does something. Despite their worries, she brushes them off and thinks more or less about their problems. But all in all, her fellow Plot agents like to be around her and the feel is mutual with her, though it always seems like something is bothering her. Like her doing before thinking attitude, she usually doesn't explain stuff to them.
Background: Morgana lived in the slums of the Bronx where she had a very horrible life surrounded by crime and death. Her parents died at a very young age and was left in the care of her brother. Her sibling took care of her for a while before he eventually abandoned her and has ever since grown a resentment towards him. Over the next few years, she's been on the move with her sleeping on the streets, shelters or breaking in to old places. Though that doesn't stop her from helping her fellow people who need it such as finding rations, fighting for them and teaching them survival skills.

One day Morgana notices a woman with short black hair around the area and decides to investigate her. Morgana then sees the woman being attacked by a few mugs and helps her fight them off along with chasing after the remaining. Then without being seen, she was able to find the hideout of short haired woman's target. The woman approaches Morgana with a warm smile and congratulates her for helping her in the task. Morgana happily replies and the two start talking, getting to know each other. Morgana finds out the woman's name is Elena and that she works for Plot. Elena feels pity for Morgana and pulls a few favors and brings her into the organization. Ever since then, Morgana has been the go to person for infiltration and builds a close relationship with Elena.

At the current moment she has been assigned with Fatale to head to North Korea to help smuggle in books. Along with some unknown current objectives.

Name: Bethany Santiago

Age: 17

Gender: Female

Battle Armor/Attire: A standard bulletproof vest under her uniform.

Superpowers (Optional): Proficient at hand to hand combat.

Weapons: 9MM pistol and a dagger.

Appearance: Olive colored skin with brown hair that is usually seen in a ponytail or a little past her shoulders. Is seen usually in Plot uniform that is blue and has black stripes on the outfit. Though in her vacations/days off she does wear an assortment of casual clothing and usually a red dress with a black coat over it for formal events.

Personality: Loyal to the core to Plot and her allies, but could get usually annoyed with them if her superior is acting like a jackass or someone says something stupid. Unless its in a humorous tone. During her work hours, she acts in a very professional manner and works extremely hard to complete a task along with the fact she’s an excellent problem solver. On her off time, she is very nice, willing to carry out any type of conversation and brings out a casual manner (Cracking jokes, challenges people, etc).

Backstory: Born and raised in New York City, she was given a decent well-meaning life. She had a normal childhood along with having friends and doing well in school. Along with her father being bookstore owner and her mother being a theatre actress. Hence part of the reason why she got a bit involved with stories as a whole. She would borrow books from the bookstore and read as many stories as she could. Plus, along with the fact she wanted to make a difference in the world of writing when she heard news stories about the events of Alex taking down Ziller and Independence to Justin taking down Michael Bay.

Then one-day came at her school (Same school that Justin went to), a problem arose at school. Where a Plot agent, Sal came in to investigate a disturbance at the school. Unknowingly to him, she kept tabs on him and assists him in the investigation. Eventually the two found the source of the problem and discussed a straggler of the member of the Board. Where he was trying to upload his shipping and crossover story of Peter Griffin and Destoroyah. Sal terminated the Board member with ease while Bethany with her problem solving skills prevented the hack and managed to unlock other caches of the story in different parts of the city. To where Plot was able to find them and destroy them.

Sal noticing Bethany’s part in stopping the Board member, speaks with Jackson on hiring her and at first with much reluctance and cursing. She was eventually brought on at the age of 15 and been a very valued member of Plot ever since then.

Name: Tyler Cameron/Editor (GTK)
Age: 17
Gender: Male

Battle Armor: The Editor Armor, this power suit allows the Editor to tap into his power of editing matter easier, it also gives him a boost in physical strength and speed, allowing him to keep up with superhumans. It also has dragonfly wings. It's red and black armor with a visor on the helmet, which hides his identity.

Superpowers: Can change matter with his hands, without the armor it's very weak, he can only change something about the size of a pebble. He's also limited to things he can lift up, obviously.

Weapons: A whip, a special whip made out of a new metal called plotconveniencium, which can also change matter. Whip is outfitted with a few mechanisms, a cutting mode, an explosive mode and the matter changing setting.

Appearance: Tyler is a smaller guy, about 5ft 6in, skinny. Blond hair with green eyes, a slightly big nose, generally an average looking guy. Often wears nerdy t-shirts and jeans in his average day. Loves to wear shades though, like a douche, a hint towards his identity.

Personality: Tyler is a bit shy, though also very snarky. He's very passionate about writing and often defends other writers. He's got a strong sense of right and wrong, but he often lets that get in the way of logical thought. He's not at all afraid of getting joked at, he often makes fun of himself. Bit loud, but he's a nice guy.

Where was he in the final battle?: He was too busy trying to suit up to help the Emissaries but he did manage to take out a few Scholarites that were harassing the writers alone.

Background: Tyler's originally from the western side of NY, born in a little town from nowhere, all's that known is that his power to edit matter is natural or seemingly natural. Many theorize that it may come from exposure to a power object, or just convenience, either way he found out these powers after trying to write a story and his pencil turned into solid steel, breaking his desk. He wrote a few stories that he never finished due to a secret task he was tasked with by an unknown group. He was visiting as the scholarites started their attack.

Name: Zach Williams (Gojira21)

Age: 23

Gender: Male

Battle Armor/attire: Wears a long, dark trench coat, with a military type style vest underneath. Also have a hood that is attached to my coat and wear military style combat boots.

Superpowers (Optional): Excellent in hand to hand combat/close quarter combat, Ability to blend into the environment, and great way to influence people around me within a 50 feet radius.

Weapons: Has a staff that uses for comabt and is hidden underneath the coat, also has a set of knives attached to his vest.

Appearance: Military style type of hair cut, has a scar just under his left eye, dark blue eyes and a neatly trimmed beard.

Personality: Quiet, likes to study his surroundings and observe people. When does talk, its smooth and intelligent always seems to know the right thing to say to help out someone, usually a loner but will defend others if feels there is a wrong being done upon them. Is very intelligent.

What are you doing during the final battle?: Attending to a personal matter in which I had to protect a friend from someone long forgotten from my past: My brother. My brother has had a long venedetta to either destroy my reputation or terrorize me (Similar to how Joker always wants to torment Batman).

Name: Natasha Sadykova/"Natasha Fatale"
Age: 36
Gender: Female
Battle Armor/attire (Optional): Will often dress in attractive attire while undercover. Her outfit of choice consists of a maroon buttondown shirt and white jacket, with a black tube-skirt and stilettos, with a rhinestone-studded belt. She tends to wear her standard PLOT uniform beneath this, with the following modifications:
- Duratex Titanium-Carbon Fiber Adaptable Armor Manifold: A singular layer of bullet-proof, shock repellant armor which adapts to whatever posture she may find herself in, even while in motion
- Stealth "Cloak": Can mostly hide her visually, diverting light around her as she moves. Does not entirely block infrared.

Weapons: She carries with her, at all times, a compact rifle and a concealed blade.

Appearance: Natasha has an eye-pleasing physique, comparable to models of many sorts. Her long brown hair is usually tied back in a single long braid. She has piercing blue-green eyes and full lips, usually adorned with deep red lipstick. Many people take note of her rather long legs and her chest, and many of these people die at her hands just after they do so, earning her the nickname "Natasha Fatale" among enemies of PLOT.

Personality: Natasha is friendly and generally open to conversation with her closest allies in PLOT and with the Emissaries. She enjoys discussing fashion. However, if you get on her bad side, you're as good as dead. She wishes to end censorship and poor writing, and for the promotion of unsung genres. If you get in her way, she will seduce you and then kill you soon after.

Background Info: Natasha was born near the border with Russia in what is now Ukraine during the Cold War. The USSR, despite faltering, was still trying to maintain its grasp on the people. They censored and banned as many books as they could, but Natasha managed to get a hold of many before they were carted off to Moscow. She took a liking to mystery novels, especially those whose villainesses were "femme fatales", or "deadly women", who used their beauty to get close to their victims before killing them. She felt that she could use that for the benefit of the literary world within the USSR. Even when the Soviet Union was just over, in 1998, the group known as the KOP (English: "Book Prevention Organization") was still maintaining an illegitimate grasp on literature in Russia and its former territories. This is when the then-18 year old "Natasha Fatale" stepped into the world, borrowing her nickname from an American cartoon. She used her young beauty to woo top officials in the KOP, only to leave them either on the cusp of life or killing them if they tried killing her. She singlehandedly brought down the organization within a year's time, and has since been stopping the censorship of books and writing throughout the world. She was noticed by PLOT in 2003, smuggling books into North Korea while evading their authorities.

Why weren't you present during the Events of The Emissaries: Natasha was on assignment, paired up with a fellow agent.


Name: Whitney Winter/Whiteout
Age: 32
Gender: Female
Battle Armor/attire (Optional): None
Superpowers (Optional): Able to take any shape she desires, has the ability to erase anything with ease as she pleases, however she could bring it back at will so long as it's only been for a short amount, and immune to death.
Weapons: None
Appearance: Standing at 5'8 with long red hair and green eyes with light skin color. Usually having a bit of makeup like her lips being read or white. She is usually seen in a professional manner wearing clothing such as skirts with dress coats for teaching along with meetings. She'll wear dresses during formal events and attests to wearing anything casual (Jeans, shorts, etc).
Personality: Arrogant, tends to be stuck up, easily repulsed by the slightest behavior and is always keeps a distant and irritated attitude. However, she'll do what it takes to get what she wants such even going as far as to seduce said person.
Background: Born in wealthy lifestyle she was always left alone due to her parents being busy with their jobs and never paid mind to her when they had the time off. Hence her cold attitude, though she was left in the care of nannies and tutors, but still resents them. Even then she still came to resent a lot of people, only talking to people when it's required. As she grew up, she decided to become a teacher just so she can make a name for herself and live financially on her own. Years upon years she eventually received her doctrine and taught.

Events after Emissaries: Event before Alex became increasingly famous for his heroics during NYC, she always viewed Alex as immature, pathetic and undeserving of the attention. She doesn't understand why he's a professor. She views him that because she worked hard and was neglected all her life while Alex had everything in his life and still achieved it. Along with his younger age. Alex is one of the very people at the top of her poop list and will find a way to make him suffer. During a battle with the Emissaries and a villain, she goes in to prove that the Armored Writer is nothing, but a fraud. However, the villain causes her to fall in a huge pool of Whiteout and is thought dead. Only to reveal that her body was hollowed out (Intestines, guys, stomach, organs, etc with the exception of her brain) only leaving her outer shell. Along with the majority of her hair becoming white with little strands of red left. Her body was able to morph into any form she pleases and finding herself immortal. She now takes this advantage to destroy Alex and the Emissaries along with achieving what she should have gotten in the first place. Her fame and attention.

Name: Spoiler
Age: 30
Gender: Male
Battle Armor/attire: None
Superpowers (Optional): Has the ability to amp spoilers to harm others as powerful as he wishes. To the point where said spoiler could kill a person or if said person who has been spoiled, spoils it to someone else then that person dies.

Weapons: A revolver that fires bullets that once they penetrate your skin, over whelms your whole body of spoilers. Causing you to go mad and eventually be reduced to an empty husk. A rocket launcher well....... why the hell not.

Appearance: Has your typical rockstar look with his hair being all over the place and also being in a variety of colors. He tends to wear sunglasses in buildings and at night to show his insanity and douchebagery. Along with wearing socks with his sandals.

Personality: Very off the walls in terms of personality being completely crazy in all different ways. He can be very manipulating to people in what he wants or just flat out spoiling stuff without people knowing. Though he does have his angry side due to not being the arch enemy to any of the Emissaries and instead all face him at once.

Background: His origin. A mystery except that after hearing of the heroic deeds of the Emissaries, he decides to run amok in New York. However, many have claim that they have been told about his origin, but all are speculations/theories. No one ever knows and even if they did, they'd die knowing of it because of Spoilers.

Name: Connie Runner/Speedreader
Age: 25
Gender: Female
Battle Armor/attire: Wears a multicolored suit with each color only being on the suit for three seconds before switching over. She also has makeup on her face which she just applies by throwing a bucket of multiple colors of paint on her face. Her headgear is of a multicolored beanie propeller hat. When donning her suit, she is given extreme speeds of running and combat hence her name of being speedy.

Superpowers (Optional): None
Weapons: An over the top large pen that writes stuff extremely fast into things and people. A rifle that shoots seventy bullets in a second. A pistol with a large barrel where she can shove summaries of stories in it and launch it at people.

Appearance: Has long black hair with blue eyes and pale skin. She is often see wearing shirt with a button up shirt above it along with either slacks or a mini skirt. She stands at 5'5. Of course being before she becomes the Speedreader. After which she wears messy clothing with colors that don't match or just all over.

Personality: A calm, calculating woman who is shown to be quite friendly and sociable, but does what it takes to get the scoop. Since she works as a reporter/interviewer she does what she can do to befriend sources to give her an exclusive scoop. No matter how dangerous. Once she meets the Spoiler and feels sympathy for him, her personality changes to where she is loud, obnoxious, crazy and dare devilish. She's even one to speed right through everything such as meals, sleep, reading, writing and even talking. Which can drive people crazy, even the Spoiler at times.

Background: A reporter who is constantly trying to make a name for herself in the world. She is constantly following big name stories and events to get the exclusive scoop like the Emissaries. However, they either don't pay much mind to her or don't give her the answers she's looking for. So instead she checks into the prison that houses all their enemies to get a scoop. When she sees the Spoiler, she's infatuated by him and immediately interviews him. After a series of answers he gives out, she feels quite sympathetic to him and decides to break him out. She forsakes her past life and lives her life as a person with no cares in the word and is even happy that she now has a name for herself.

Gojira21 and GTK's character are already up and if they like, they can edit something if they forgot something on it or made an error on it.

Now for Returning characters.

Name: Alex Williams/GodzillavsJason

Age: 21

Gender: Male

Battle Armor:

Shade Armor: Capable of deploying enhanced strength as well as capable of teleporting. Armed with two duel blades on each wrist, two palm blasters, a flameproof cape, supernatural grenades, fire a poison dart from the wrist and unlimited flight mobility. Used primarily for stealth and skirmishes.

Appearance: Completely dark black colored armor.

The Crimson Knight Armor: Not really a suit focused on having many inventive weapons like the Shade armor but has way better armor that can take hails of bullets, shells, and even a few bombs to some degree. Though despite it’s heavy armor, it has a disadvantage of speed and used more or less a tank style suit. But, has built in thrusters to help move a lot faster for a good thirty minutes before having to recharge. Used primarily for full scale war/defense operations.

That’s not its main feature as it is connected to the, “Rapid Fire”. This gun has two forms that can be changed at any time, though it’s only downfall is how it is connected to the suit and cannot be used once the

Primary Form: An Assault Rifle that has streams of fire pained onto it from front to end with beneath the barrel of the gun, has a tube that acts like flamethrower. Hence the name. The tube also connects to small to medium sized tank that is attached to the rifle. It has two triggers with the top being the regular bullet firing and the other being the flamethrower. Both can be pressed at once.

Secondary Form: The front half of the TRF forms into a machete with it being inflamed with fire all around the blade with the gas tank in turn enhancing the brightness of the blade and could be used as a torch. The second half of the TRF forms into a black shield with streaks of red on with a Templar Helmet colored red in the middle. Along with it, the barrel of the gun is on the front of the shield along with trigger being on the back of the shield and with a click of a button, she can fire it. Like they say, "The best offense is a great defense.”.
Armor Appearance: Bright red, crimson colored armor with the helmet being of Templar design to show that the suit is meant to protect the human race from any danger that comes to them.

Demolisher Armor: The “perfect” armor that Alex has been trying to make to have benefits of both Shade and Crimson and the weaknesses of neither, but unfortunately all the other prototypes have either broke down, malfunctioned, or just said “ROFL skreeonk you” before it just flew away. Though despite managing to avoid all of those issues with his latest version, #13, even he is unsure if this armor will or won’t do anything bad/unexpected.

Weapons: Two sets of machine gun turrets can be deployed from the back, as well as a tank like cannon but can’t deploy at the same time. Heat seeking missiles all around the armor (chest, wrists, arms, and even toe missile) and even fire lasers from the eyes and palms. It has improved flight as it no longer drains power or has no limited time limit on it.

Defense: Not only with state of art armor made of using artificial diamond armor which can last against a very long time from any kind of weapons of this world. Not only does it have trust armor, but shields that acts a front line defense though it’s downside is concentrated firepower takes it down or destroying the generator that powers it for a more permanent strategy. An improvement over Crimson is it’s improved mobility as it is able to move on the same pace as the Shade armor.

Appearance: Red and white colored armor with the helmet containing two blue colored eyes and of round appearance. While the suit looks a little like Iron Man’s, but it’s feet are a creature’s design with sharp toes. The front part of the armor is slim, but the backside is bulky to store the two turrets and one cannon.

Elemental Armor: A new type of armor that can handle any time of environmental damage or the environment in greater capacity than the other suits. Designed a few months after the battle of New York, Alex decided that since aliens exist then there's no doubt with enemies having magical/elemental powers.

Weapons: Two wrist mounted guns along with two sentry type of cannons on the shoulders that can morph into twin cannons. It also has an extended amount of oxygen and radiation protection.

Appearance: Silver colored armor of the Shade, but changes colored when it absorbs an element. Such as becomes orange and red when it absorbs fire or blue when it takes on water.

Defense: Able to observe any type of element damage and immediately the suit absorbs it. Hence the suit becoming of that element. Such as if it absorbs water than it's weaponry can shoot out high concentrated blasts of water (Think Blastoise). Or if it absorbs fire than it's guns are flamethrowers.

Superpowers: None

Weapons: A suppressor pistol, an AR and two duel machetes.

Appearance: Short, dark brown hair with a very shallow beard with whitish skin. Standing at 5’11 feet tall. Usually is seen wearing formal attire though does wear regular shorts along with shirts that have something to do with pop culture on them in casual events.

Personality: A kind, calm, wise cracking person who loves to write, but always seem to busy/occupied with something like building suits and the such. Does love sharing ideas with others and willing to help out for the greater good. Though when things do start heating up he tends to show his more angry/annoyed self and is more arrogant and tries to proof others that they’re wrong. Though regardless of what happens he is willing to step up to the plate and do whatever it takes to make things right or at least what he perceives as right.

Background Info: Born and raised in the magical land of California where all the big shot filmmakers and writers live as he had constantly tried to get hired. Though unfortunately refused due to his scripts not being too “Emmerich or Bayish”. So he gave up on the dream and instead started writing stories for TK, writing small stories on books, and even got to be a show runner for his show, The Shade. Though aside from doing his projects that are making him famous, he is constantly working on inventions to help improve storytelling and even tutors people as well, as well as teaching a few classes on creative storytelling. Though he does like to make armors for himself based from his creations whether from his own stories or from sign-ups he used them for (Crimson Knight).

Despite building armors and showing the world how the world can benefit from good writing, others have attempted to prove otherwise. Roland Emmerich and Dean Devlin are the most notable as they have attempted to assassinate Alex with their own armors known as Ziller and Independence. Though with time and patience and a little of panicking, Alex managed to defeat and save the world from their evil attack.

Starting point or start with the organization, P.L.O.T : Starts off on his own industry/home at New York, working to make the world a better place for writing and stories. When the organization known as P.L.O.T recruits him to aid their organization, he is at first reluctant, but joins anyway to hopefully garner more info on this organization and hopefully do the right thing of preventing the world from going to hell.

What have you been doing since the events of The Emissaries: Ever since the battle of New York, Alex has been revamping his home, the Williames Tower with new areas such as multiple bedrooms, a bigger library, a training room, larger lounge room, etc. Not only has he been revamping, he has revamped his industries of selling high speed internet products, writing tip books, stories of his own and even his teaching job at New York University. Where he idolized by his students and even other teachers. Though he does like talking about himself at times, it doesn't distract him from teaching his classes. Has been letting Joel live him as to give him a place to live and giving him a job of being a journalist of his company. However, that all changes when forces of evil start attacking multiples places simultaneously and suits up to fight them. Along with meeting up with some old friends.

Describe your living Quarters: A huge bedroom with light colored brown walls with dark wooden floor with several old film posters on it. Has a king size bed with a small loveseat couch in front facing a flatscreen tv mounted on the wall. A dresser next to the bed and end table housing a laptop. There's also a full sized bathroom that contains both a hot tub and a regular shower, in fact the only living quarters to have a bathroom. There's even a full walk in closet housing all of his attires and even a secret passageway leading to the armory.

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by M.U.T.O.

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by Godzilla The King
I am now canon. IT BEGINS.

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by Gojira21
HEY! Im finally here 8-) lol I will also have a vilian posted later

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Gojira21 wrote:HEY! Im finally here 8-) lol I will also have a vilian posted later

Ah hell yeah!

We need more villains.

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Name: Red Edgington/The Grit
Age: 23
Gender: Male

Superpowers: His power is the ability to shoot dark 'n gritty stuff at people, make them depressed, think about how there is no happiness. If he hits you hard enough, you see the world the way he does.

Weapons: A sword and a knife. Guns, are not a true form of justice, no they are weak. Swords and knives are true justice. They are to the point

Appearance: The Grit wears black leather all the time, like it's still cool to dress that way. Underneath that is kevlar, have to stop a bullet somehow. He is 6,4 and muscular as all hell. He has scars all over his body. Black hair that's short and to the point, he has it, that is all he needs. Black eyes, too. He's never smiling, he physically cannot smile unless it is truly good

Personality:Red is very sure that he is the only one that has true justice, incorruptible good in his eyes. He is often rude, brutal and even sociopathic at times. A cynic, he refuses to believe the Emissaries are anything but opportunist, scavenging off the remains of a good city.

Background: He was born to a small family, one he grew to love. One day they were going to a writing contest, until they were stopped by some thug. His parents were killed that day, he vowed to become a writer to protect the world from this kind of evil. Taking up the mantle of...the Grit. When he became an adult, he saw the work of the Emissaries and vowed to end their attempt of justice, they were no heroes. They were a gang of punks trying to take over.

Re: The Emissaries: Season 1 Discussion Board

Posted: Sun Sep 06, 2015 5:31 pm
by GodzillavsJason
Very Frank Miller type of style. I love it.

Red is in as a villain. :lol:

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Posted: Sun Sep 06, 2015 5:32 pm
by Gojira21
Name: Schrage (think of Carnage)

Age: Unknown, but some believe to be around 20

Gender: Male

Battle Armor/attire (Optional): none

Superpowers (Optional): Can manifest its arms into any type of cutting/ stabbing weapon which can either keep as part of arm or separate them to wield them, Ability to seep its body into machines and control them, Super strength.

Weapons: Arm knives

Appearance: Basic Humanoid shape, body color is black with a orange markings that levitate off the body and are constantly swirling around, Face is void of any physical futures expect for white eyes and series of horns (Like Darth Maul).

Personality: Like carnage, has a homicidal rage that border lines psychopathic but does it in a strange, calm manner. Also, has the urge to criticize poorly written horror movies. Likes to torture and terrorize anybody that gets in his way.

Background Info: Not much is known, some think he/it is some horrific science experiment others believe was a former man who just did too much evil and became a demon. What is known, however, is that Schrage will not stop at anything to destroy all good in the world.

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Posted: Sun Sep 06, 2015 5:37 pm
by GodzillavsJason
Very intimidating Gojira21. He will be quite useful in the series.

Re: The Emissaries: Season 1 Discussion Board

Posted: Sun Sep 06, 2015 5:38 pm
by Gojira21
That was the point haha although tried to add some comedy with the villain

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Posted: Mon Sep 07, 2015 12:48 pm
by pta917

Name: James Williams aka Pta917
Age: 19
Gender: Male
Battle Armor/attire: When needed he uses a full body black armor, made to be light and enable free mobility.
Superpowers (Optional): Heightened senses and resilience, great athleticism.
Weapons: Small knife and a P-90, equipped with either normal bullets or tranquilizers, metallic leg enables him to deliver a stronger kick and gives him a better footing when fighting, can also be used to store his knife.
Appearance: a average hight tanned man, with a slim yet athletic body with covered in tattoos,that represented several types of fiction from literature to movies, short dark brown hair and eyes. Normally wears all black suits. Now even if his clothing hides it he has a metallic leg to replace the one he lost during the battle of New York.
Personality: A kind man, very observant of what surrounds him yet not many believe this as he is not much of a talker, only really talks when called upon or when talking to those closest to him. Another aspect is that he is bored of life in the sense that he doesn't feel like there is anything for him to do anymore so he just does his job and waits for something.
Starting point or with the organization: Originally from Portugal, James spend most of his life studying some of the more well known of it's writers, even if he isn't a fan of poetry. At the age of 14 he and his family traveled to America where they made a new life, as he grew up he got a job as an adviser for some writers helping them on their stories. That's why P.L.O.T. went after him, James has a great imagination that given is studies gives him the ability to work on several different stories, helping molding the stories forming the stories. That's when he joined them at 16 years old seeing this as a opportunity to find more about the world and beyond it.
What have you been doing since the events of The Emissaries: After the battle for New York, James entered a slight state of isolation, as he decided to take up missions on other countries and continents, helping P.L.O.T rebuild the damage done during the invasion and spreading it's influence to certain countries. He returned for a few months to Portugal were he decided to continue training and better familiarize himself with his new condition. After doing all missions assigned to him and getting to the point he no longer felt the presence of his missing leg and back at 100%, about a mount before the one year anniversary of the invasion he decided to return to the USA.
Describe your living Quarters: a medium size room, one of the walls being composed of windows that lead to a great amount of light to go in. The walls are white and covered with paintings, he has one big closed that has his clothes and behind a fake wall, he has his equipment and pictures from his various deployments. He has a kind sized bed, on both sides he has a nightstand, each with 3 drawers, in the will in front of the bed is a flatscreen TV.


Name: Michel Miller/ code-name: Spammer
Age: 30
Gender: Female
Battle Armor/attire: Wears a skintight black outfit, that she uses when infiltrating or on her missions. It has small pads of armor, on the lower arms and legs, and on the torso.
Superpowers: Body Spam, a power she was born with that enables her to create copies of herself, to be used as decoys to distract her opponents. And highly trained senses.
Weapons: M110 Semi-Automatic Sniper System, combat knife.
Appearance: Standing about 1.60 meters tall, she is described as to look like a model, her body sculpted perfectly by the African sands. She's a brunette, with dark brown eyes . Normally she wears formal clothes, that reveal her figure, only using her combat outfit when she needs it.
Personality: Having her mind forged by the battlefield, she is very forward thinking and always searching for a way to reach her goals, even if that includes seducing someone just to get a better shot at them. When not on a mission she presents herself as what ever the situation needs her to be from talkative to shy. No one really knows her true nature.
Background Info: Michel was born on California, one day when, she was only 4 years old, her family went on vacation where they stayed on a small hotel in Africa, a group of reviles attacked them which resulted in the death of her parents. The revels didn't spare many people, but among the survivors where children, one of them witnessing her powers, saw her a great opportunity to create the perfect killing machine. Over the years she was worked over to be a mercenary, to be a cold-blooded killing machine. First she was a child-soldier, then a commander of her unit, then they decided to have her work on specific missions alone, But when she turned 20 years old, she escaped her captors, now superiors, and started a life on her own as a killer for hire. During those years, she lived from country to country learning and evolving her skills, making also many connections to the criminal underworld where her figure became one of respect and fear. Before the invasion she was tasked to eliminate a certain Alex Williams.

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Posted: Mon Sep 07, 2015 1:26 pm
by GodzillavsJason
James is well done, pta. He's ready to rejoin the Emissaries except you should remove the bathroom from the room since there are no bathrooms in the actual rooms. Think of it as a dorm.

Though Spammer could use a little more work on the background info.

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Posted: Mon Sep 07, 2015 1:40 pm
by NSZ
Returning Emissaries:

Name: Ryan Cleveland/NSZ
Age: 22
Gender: Male
Battle Armor:

Wraith Armor: Fade, the entity that has taken up residence in Ryan, can form a suit of pitch black semi-chitinous armor around his body. The armor covers up a good portion of the body, leaving only the head from the eyes up exposed.

Superpower: Can sprout black tendrils from his arms and back, enhanced strength, & can cling to surfaces like a bug.

Weapons: None

Appearance: 6’2”; 165 lbs.; light brown hair; green eyes. When Wraith Armor is active, the hair turns black, and the eyes turn silver.

Personality: A bit of a basket-case, really, but what do you expect when you’re sharing your body with another conscience that identifies as the opposite gender? For the most part he keeps to himself unless it’s around people he knows and trusts. Can sometimes come across as crazy as he occasionally forgets that he’s the only one who can hear Fade. Will sometimes snark when the situation calls for it, and will mostly likely cuss like a sailor when the situation calls for it as well.

Background Info: Having been born and raised in Burlington, WI, there was honestly little for Ryan to do other than let his imagination run wild. His brain pretty much ran a mile a minute when it came to creating heroes and monsters. Sometimes it would get so bad, he’d experience creation fatigue and hit what he calls ‘Writer’s Block on Steroids’, which would sometimes last anywhere from two to five days, and in some extreme cases, even months. Of course, when ideas do come to him, he’s sure to either get it down on paper or into his computer and onto the internet.

To Ryan, though, there was always a nagging feeling that there was hidden danger to all of this creativity. He believes that, out there in the vast void of the infinite, there are other universes where the things that he thinks up exist and events play out precisely how they play out in his head, and he always feared what would happen if one of his creations should one day wind up in front of him. That possibility ended up occurring a lot sooner than he was expecting, as one night, while working on one of his many stories during a bad storm, lightning struck an antenna attached to his house, and sent a blast of energy through his computer, knocking him over and out of his chair.

When he came to, he saw that there was a black ball just floating there in the middle of his room. Now, a normal person would quietly back away slowly out of the room, but no, not Ryan, he did what any young adult who had watched a lot of Jackass when they were younger would do: he touched it. Ryan instantly regretted many things when the ball suddenly began to melt away and spread up his arm. When flailing his arm about wildly failed to remove the substance, and with the substance quickly spreading to other parts of his body, Ryan braced for what seemed to be his inevitable demise, only to realize moments later that he was still breathing. Looking down, he saw that there was absolutely no sign of the dark matter on him, and rejoiced, thinking that he had merely hallucinated. The rejoicing was quick to end, however, when a girl’s voice interrupted his laughter.

Looking around, he saw that there was nobody around to claim the voice, and, in caution, called out. It was when the voice replied as though the owner was right in front of him did it dawn on Ryan that the girl’s voice was in his head, and it was then that the voice revealed that she was formerly the black ball that was previously floating in the middle of the room, that she was a creation of his, and that she was now bonded to him.

Fainting aside, he took it rather well.

Starting point or with the organization: Is approached by P.L.O.T. after adamantly speaking out against a former English teacher who, instead of teaching students how to properly write and structure stories, would instead devote entire class periods to talking about his personal life when he was younger, and then gives the students failing grades anyway. While initially hesitant, the chance to make the world a better place for stories makes Ryan take up the offer.

What have you been doing since the events of The Emissaries: Ryan’s been putting up with a headache otherwise known as Fade who’s been pestering him nonstop ever since he forgot to ask out P.L.O.T. agent Elena Quinn after the events of New York. Aside from that, Ryan’s spent most of his time on the road in the MegaWeapon helping people fend against phantoms that feed off their fears, despair, and negativity, a concept that he for some reason finds all too eerily familiar. While he’s been majorly successful, there was one failure that continues to haunt him to this day... both psychologically and physically. A failure that’s affected Ryan so much that Fade outright refuses to make any reference to it so as to not upset the boy.

Describe your living Quarters: Though Ryan’s spent most of his time on the road, pestering from both Alex and Fade caused him to break down and give Alex some notes. Ryan’s room is decent sized, bigger than what he’s used to, but he makes do with it. The room has brown hardwood floors, light blue walls adorned with movie posters, a twin-size bed, a leather recliner, two dressers to hold his clothes, and a 55” Smart TV. He doesn’t use the closet.

Name: Elena Quinn
Age: 21
Battle Armor/attire:

Field uniform: Cloth layer includes fire resistant shirt and pants, both colored dark gray. Armor/tech layer includes lightweight bulletproof chest armor; electro gauntlets, which when used in CQC, can be used to deliver shocking punches to her opponents; spring boots (springs hidden away in the boots’ heels allow her to jump higher than normal (though not too high, that’d be a game breaker)); a utility belt; and a mask to conceal her identity (mostly covers nose and jaw line); armor/tech layer colored standard gray, with blue highlights.

Weapons: Dual P45s, and telescoping pole staff she calls ‘Vera’. A new addition to her arsenal is a Kel-Tec KSG Shotgun.

Appearance: 5’ 6”; 130 lbs; short black hair; green eyes.

Personality: Calm, cautious, slightly manipulative; get on her good side, though, and you’ll probably end up finding out that she’s someone very enjoyable to be around. Spends her free time writing high fantasy and Super Robot stories.

Starting point or with the organization: Initially just an ordinary girl who didn’t read much, no thanks in part to how her parents raised her, that ended up joining a shadowy organization that worked to "suppress" stories that they claimed were "potentially offensive" at the age of 19. Had a change of heart when she actually took the time to sit down and read one of the stories she was sent out to "suppress", said story being Fahrenheit 451. The tomato-in-the-mirror realization that she was working for the bad guys resulted in her turning herself into P.L.O.T. out of guilt and slight embarrassment. P.L.O.T., recognizing her talents, offered her a position as an alternative to calling a jail-cell home for the next few decades.

What have you been doing since the events of The Emissaries: When she’s not training recruits, or out on missions, Elena continues to indulge herself in the world of literature, along with other mediums as well. Most notably, she’s begun watching a lot of anime.

Describe your living Quarters: Elena’s room is of similar size of Ryan’s, and possesses dark brown carpeting, black walls, a queen-size bed, two dressers to hold her clothes, a large bookshelf filled with dozens of books and manga, a 30” Smart TV, and her closet is large enough to hold her field uniform and weapons.


Name: Alley Kino/Alichino
Age: 19
Gender: Female
Battle Armor/attire:

Harlequin suit: An evil spirit that has taken the form of a one-piece Harlequin suit. The suit is predominantly white, with a large blue stripe running down the center of the torso, while two light purple frills adorn where the legs meet the hips. The headpiece is predominantly the same light purple that the frills are, and even shares the same wavy pattern where the headpiece’s so-called ‘opening’ would be located. The headpiece also bears two medium-length points pointing outwards, each point bearing a single bell at the end. Also on the headpiece is a white mask, with dark red “lips”, large eyespots that are pitch black save for the dark gray “pupils”, and pencil-thin eyebrows (curiously, no nose piece). While you may immediately assume these features are static, DO. NOT. BE. FOOLED. While the mouth of the mask may not truly open, the neutral position of the “lips” can, for example, give way to becoming a large, wicked, toothy smile, and the eyespots and eyebrows can move just as they would if they were on an actual face. In other words, the mask can convey emotion perfectly fine (Note: headpiece and mask are impossible to remove, as they are connected to the rest of the suit). While the suit may not always be physically present, its dark hold on Alley is always present.

Superpowers: Flight, teleportation, can shoot purple fireballs or a continuous stream of purple flame from her hands.

Weapons: None

Appearance: 5’6” (w/o suit), 128 lbs., short strawberry blonde hair, bluish-green eyes with a crazed look to them.

Personality: Cheerful, almost dementedly so. When speaking, it sounds almost as though there’s another voice under hers. And she laughs. A lot. She also has a freakish obsession with Ryan/NSZ (whether this obsession is based out of hatred... or out of some sick form of gratitude, she’s never made clear (it's the latter)). Her mere presence alone is enough to send Ryan into an internal panic.

Background Info: Alley Kino lived a pretty decent life. She lived out in the country with her parents, she was doing well in school, and she was still in contact with many of her friends. And then the nightmares started happening, nightmares about being pursued by a Harlequin. As days passed, the nightmares began to get worse, and she began to hear voices while awake. Soon her grades began to slip, her relationship with her parents deteriorated rapidly, and she broke off some of her long-lasting friendships. And the nightmares just kept getting worse, and the voices were getting louder. And then who should show up at her home but the Emissary, NSZ.

What he was doing in her neck of the woods, she didn’t know, but to her relief, NSZ seemed to know exactly what was plaguing her: she had apparently drawn the attention of a phantom that was feeding off of her negative emotions (to what end, he didn’t know). In order for the phantom to do this, it would need to have taken physical form and have to be within close distance in order to feed, so NSZ asked to search the premises. Each room of the house was searched to no avail, but when they began searching the attached garage...

“Uh, hey, could you do something about that Harlequin doll, like, maybe put a blanket over it or something? It’s seriously freaking me out big time.”

“Harlequin doll? We don’t have a-!”

She quickly spun around just in time to see NSZ get launched into a metal shelving unit by the very Harlequin doll that had been haunting her nightmares, though now it was human-sized. Turning to run, she quickly found herself restrained as the doll slowly closed in on her. To her horror, she realized the doll had in fact turned out to be a suit as it slowly began to envelop her. The voices were now louder than ever, laughing at her, laughing at NSZ. As the suit began to finally close over her, she cast one last tearful glance to NSZ. He was frozen in fear.

There she was, trapped in a thing that she had feared since childhood, the hero having failed to protect her. It was almost... funny. Actually, it was funny. Very funny. Alley broke out into laughter, laughter so loud she managed to drown out the voices, which only made her laugh harder. Turning her head, she saw her parents rush into the garage to see what all the commotion was about. They never did do anything to help her in her time of need, now did they? Laughing madly, she incinerated them, leaving nothing behind but blackened skeletons. NSZ did nothing to stop her. After all, how could he? He clearly had the same phobia that she did, apparently even worse so seeings as he still hadn’t gotten up on his feet. He didn’t even manifest his armor. She felt grateful for that. Was that weird? Turning to the frightened boy, Alley began floating as she announced that from now on she would be known as Alichino, gave a courtesy bow, and took off through the open entranceway. Since then, she's spread her own little brand of chaos across the region.

Re: The Emissaries: Season 1 Discussion Board

Posted: Mon Sep 07, 2015 1:59 pm
by GodzillavsJason
Damn, that is one scary villain! I love it.

And of course Ryan and Elena are welcomed back into the Emissaries.

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Posted: Mon Sep 07, 2015 3:43 pm
by SpanishBulldog63
Name: Sal Gutierrez (Operation alias: The Spanish Bulldog)

Age: 24

Gender: Male

Battle Armor/attire: While most agents of P.L.O.T. prefer Kevlar equipment and bulky armor, Sal prefers the use of stronger and lighter silksteel attires, from his black tank shirts to his ass-kicking boots. Not to be confused for his casual boots...those are steel-toed.

Superpowers: Hyperkinesis, Extreme physical strength/speed, Heightened senses

Weapon: A three-stage shifting weapon he'd designed dubbed Arktouros that he made with new, fold-frame tech and using cylinders of various, element-type energies, it can be wielded as a pair of bladed heavy(to most people) gauntlets, a gatling crossbow, and a vicious double-bladed ax. The ax and crossbow are the only two forms to use the energy-cylinders via revolving mechanisms that allow for choices; the energies tip the crossbow bolts, and charge the ax blades for Medium-range combat and AOE attacks (lightning, ice, and fire are usually the first choices. Other energies include kinetic, wind, and explosive). The gauntlets hold the bolt and energy cylinders in each hand as "nickel rolls," adding more punch to the, well, punches. Sure the pen is mightier than the sword, but is it mightier than this beast of a weapon?

Appearance: For a 24 year old, he looks like quite the seasoned vet. At around 6'2" he's in the middle of the pack in height, but far and above the others in build as he's built the way he fights: a tan and stocky 250lb tank. His haircut is short and like his mustache, has a hint of grey to it. He has three tattoos: a tribal owl on his back, a howling wolf on the right side of his chest, and a slashing bear paw over his heart.

Personality: If you were to throw Bane, Tony Stark, and Ray Reddington in to a blender, you'd have summed up Sal. Calculating and witty, he's normally level-headed, consoling, and wisecracking until he finds himself in a situation where he becomes one cold motherskreeonker. He'll do anything to get the job done, even if his interrogation and tracking methods are bordering on unethical. When something doesn’t come up and he has free time to write, you can always expect a good horror story like “Running with The Devil” or more sci-fi/fantasy works like “Rise of the Overseers” and “A Beacon of Hope.”

Starting point with the organization: A veteran agent of P.L.O.T., Sal had written and peer-edited his way to be among the elite agents of the organization. His first blip on their radar was when he fought to take down a group of writers known simply as The Board, notorious for horrible stories of bad crossovers and overzealous ship fests, at 18 years old. Soon after his takedown, they recruited him and it didn’t take him long to become the leader of Squad 63.

What have you been doing since the events of The Emissaries: Sal had been running dark-ops missions to restore good writing in nine far off lands with the rest of Squad 63: Carol Ina, Wash N’Tub, Tucker LaVern, Mike Caboose, O’Malley, the robot Sanchez, Gryph, Simon, “Colonel” Cap, Bagel, and Caboose’s mechanized war dog Spot.
Along the way, the feared unit of P.L.O.T. had taken down the likes of the Deleted, a monstrous freak of a writer powered by O.S. fragments taken from Carol and Wash’s former (read: dead) friends of Operation GhostWriter, a shady militarized writing project run by the Publisher, the twisted father of Carol Ina. Although nowadays Caboose reports of a white-and-purple clad figure occasionally following from a distance, no one believes him because he’s, well, Caboose.

Describe your living Quarters: Sal’s quarters are much like a suite, but less fancy and more functional as he has a view of the surroundings for miles. His TV rests on a dresser that holds clothes, ammunition for Arktouros, and fuel tanks for his jet pack. On one side of the room is a bench and platform for weightlifting along with a work area to make slight tweaks to his gear, and on the other is a rather nice, Norse-like bathroom, complete with a hot-tub, shower and sauna.

Working on a villain....I'm sure GvJ and NSZ can guess who they are/are based on.

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Posted: Mon Sep 07, 2015 3:47 pm
by GodzillavsJason
Haha! Those RVB references will never get old. :lol:

Glad to see you're joining us again and this villain should ought to be good.

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Posted: Mon Sep 07, 2015 4:09 pm
by SpanishBulldog63
GodzillavsJason wrote:Haha! Those RVB references will never get old. :lol:

Who better to be the legendary Squad 63 than our favorite idiots +2 badasses ? :lol:

Glad to see you're joining us again and this villain should ought to be good.

I wouldn't miss out on this for a second!

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Posted: Mon Sep 07, 2015 4:10 pm
by GodzillavsJason
SpanishBulldog63 wrote:
GodzillavsJason wrote:Haha! Those RVB references will never get old. :lol:
Who better to be the legendary Squad 63 than our favorite idiots +2 badasses ? :lol:

Glad to see you're joining us again and this villain should ought to be good.

I wouldn't miss out on this for a second!

Glad to hear it.

Emissaries stick together to the end.

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Posted: Mon Sep 07, 2015 4:32 pm
by Ice Man
Here goes nothing.


Name: Rick Owens
Age: 31
Gender: Male
Battle Armor/attire (Optional): Usually wears a Business Shirt or his sleek Battle Armor which covers most of his body with metal armour except for his face which is covered by a bullet proof glass protector the design is similar to Boba Fett's suit. His armor has also designed to have many hidden weapons that can been brought out for use. Such as a Buzzsaw for hand to hand combat, a Taser, a Diamond Drill, Shoulder Rocket Launchers, a Flare Gun, a Machine Gun and a Plasma Cannon.
Superpowers (Optional): Enhanced senses and reflexes
Weapons: Electric sword and Timed Grenades.
Appearance: Slicked Backed Black Hair, Blue Eyes, Muscular Build 6"5
Personality: Manipulative, Loyal to people who work for him, Calm and Collected, Ladies' Man.
Background Info: Rick is a business man who became one of the richest people in the world due to his Manipulative tactics, he created his power suit to cause chaos and destruction in order to make more profits for a large construction company that he brought.

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Posted: Mon Sep 07, 2015 5:34 pm
by M.U.T.O.
Name: Justin Banner/M.U.T.O. (known within PLOT as "The Illustrator")

Age: 16

Gender: Male

Superpower/Battle Armor:
Imagiformation: (portmanteau of Imagination and Transformation) A superpower which also functions partially as battle armor. Allows him to become something from his imagination/fiction for a prolonged period of time, giving him its abilities for that same time. It exhausts Justin more the longer he remains in form, so he would have to satiate himself with some sort of food (that food being, more often than not, what the form consumes canonically or what is plausible based on "imagined context of form creation") while in form in order to prolong his state of being.

Weapons: The Inscriber - A virtually-indestructible artistic multitool of unlimited potential, this device fits in The Illustrators' pocket, yet contains every artistic utensil known to mankind. It can extend his powers beyond his own body, allowing him to create whatever he can conjure up in his mind. Useful in battle if you want to ride in on the back of a dragon or summon the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man to squish your opponents to death.

Appearance: 5'7" and 122 lbs, Justin has short and messy brown hair which goes halfway down his neck. He has hazel eyes and slightly-pale complexion. He's usually seen wearing jeans and a tee-shirt, as to blend in with the populace. Almost always seen with a pencil, pen, and sketchbook (as he is the illustrator).

Personality: A calm, usually reserved teenager who loves writing and drawing, but is oft occupied with schoolwork much to his dismay. His passion and imagination have taken him to have a liberal stance on things, especially now with the threat of aliens. Shares artwork and ideas often and wants to help, but feels left out most of the time. During more heated moments, his temper will flare and his mind will go into a bit of a firestorm (such as when people get into politics with him or say "art is meaningless" — because art is never meaningless). Justin is otherwise cheerful, searching for inspiration, and wishes to improve the world for the greater good of mankind.

Background Info: Born in New York City, a hell of a town where Broadway reigns supreme in Manhattan but film stages spread far and wide through Brooklyn and Queens, Justin constantly looked for other budding artists and authors. Though his school didn't provide much of a liberally-artistic outlet, he began to understand the biological aspects of various creatures of fiction in better ways than he thought. His love for creatures led him to write a conjectural theory on the MUTO kaiju, which earned him praise and gained notability on TK. His passion, striving to better his writing and creature design, led him to have an explosive imagination which he shared with the world, providing tips on creature design and description.

Some, however, felt his imagination to be too much of a threat. Michael Bay and his Horde Of The Mindless Endless Skirmish Scenes (HOTMESS) attempted to stage a riot at his school by planting intense idiocy and violence into student's minds. Justin managed to convince the principal to send the students out of school before Michael Bay's HOTMESS could affect her judgement, before stepping outside and seemingly sacrificing himself to the HOTMESS — but it was not so, as he had somehow transformed into a giant caecilian which had segments similar to LPG's tail. This display of the power of the imagination broke the link between a majority of HOTMESS converts (realizing the benefits of physical presence to over-the-top CGI action) and Bay was defeated.

He has since been living a normal life.

Starting point or start with the organization, P.L.O.T.: Started with the organization before P.L.O.T. was first realized as it is today. Disappears into the Hudson River after defeating Michael Bay. Recovered 8 years later.
Is approached at his apartment in New York City in the middle of sketching some new creatures. Joins with initial skepticism, but signs on with the hope that he can prove that the power of the imagination is greater than any other on Earth, and that it should be used for the betterment of the world.

What have you been doing since the events of The Emissaries: Justin has been an Agent of PLOT, searching the globe for potential budding authors and nurturing their creative spirit, helping them stride toward authorial success. On off-hours, he tests the limits of his abilities and doodles around with The Inscriber.

Describe your living Quarters: Imagine a modern hotel room with oak wood walls and soft blue-white or orange-white lighting from inset lights (depending on the time of day). But with a mini-fridge, a nice bedroom, a studio room (equipped with sofa, TV, desk, computer, aforementioned mini-fridge and mini-cupboard, and yoga ball for a chair)...and a little bit of sage dotted around the place. Studio is not the most organized section of the quarters, with drawings and books almost all over the desk. The sofa, though, is a good place to play games at or watch movies. Or simply eat food.