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Re: The Teaser Thread (Teaser Posts Only!!!)

Postby Beast Blood » Mon Jan 20, 2020 2:57 pm

Teaser from a battle I'm writing between two of my monsters. It's based on a demo fight I was doing for my site (which never took off the ground [RIP]) that I decided to turn into a separate thing after all.

Like the living dead, the gruesome giant lumbered forth in a shambling gait. Long claws crushed all that was unfortunate enough to be found underneath his mangled paws as he strode, curved claw tips entrenching in the cold soil with each resounding step. Raspy, wheezing breaths came forth from his jaws in strained gasps. Bloodshot, eerie glowing green eyes fixed forward in a dead gaze. Acidic saliva drooled from his yellow-fanged maw and sizzled dangerously against the earth and plants below.

Dirge had sensed power in this area, like a beacon attracting him, calling him. He wanted it, for it was sustenance. What else was he to do but listen to his instincts, to feed when his primal mind told him to? After his accident, the great Ruzkar had nothing to do but to simply live on.

The radiating presence of Dirge soon disturbed another giant, rousing it from its long deep slumber. Feronius, a famously short-tempered black bear Beast, opened a blood-red eye with a deep, annoyed growl. Rising above the treetops like an island from the sea, Feronius glared around. Wrathful eyes soon crossed the epicenter of the disturbance - a horrendously mutated animal of sorts. It was not a Beast, but its size and shape was similar.

Beast or not, it was clearly in pain. Its deformed body presented many injuries that should have meant its death. And yet, it was not Undead - Feronius could sense the pulse of life from within the creature.

His crimson gaze then took in the destruction caused by this dreadful being’s advance through the forest.

This... This thing, whatever it was, had to be put down. It had to be taken out of its misery. It had to be stopped before it obliterated the entirety of the woods. It was far too dangerous and destructive to be left alone.

Feronius rose up on his hind paws to his full height in a threatening display, roaring loudly in a clear message of aggression.
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