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Re: The Teaser Thread (Teaser Posts Only!!!)

Posted: Sun Dec 25, 2016 10:46 am
by GodzillavsJason
Note: Not everything in this teaser will be in the final product.

A man with a black leather jacket with a red shirt underneath and blue jeans who is accompanied by multiple heavily armored soldiers are walking towards a museum. The armored soldiers have a big red "H" painted on their chest pieces.

The group arrives in the museum with people already panicking and the curator walking towards them with fright in his eyes, but trying to conceal it.

"There's something you have that I need. You think can give it to me or do I have go in a more explosive route?" The man with the leather jacket asks.

"Whatever it is, it belongs in a museum. Filmmakers like yourself should know this, Bay." The Curator simply says.

Michael Bay gives an emotionless look at Curator while the armored soldiers aim their guns at the occupants.


"No matter who you think you are right now, you're going to change for better or worse. Do you understand?" A man asks Justin who is seen sitting on a chair.

"I understand, sir."


Hotmess soldiers are seen storming the school as multiple students and teachers are fleeing the area. Justin's best friend then grabs him by the shoulder and says "We don't have time to waste!"

The two are then seen hurrying off as they avoid the bullets chasing towards them.


"Our small resistance is all that remains to combat Hotmess." Candace the school principal addresses to Justin.


A car is seen driving away from the school with Justin looking back in a depressed manner on how the school has been taken over.


"We see the potential in you Banner and we think you're the perfect candidate for our experimental test to combat potential threats." Candace says in an offering manner.

There's a pause between the group when Justin says "I'll do it. Anything to help."


Justin is seen transforming a dog with spikes and mauling some Hotmess soldiers. All the while he is seen getting fired at by them.


"But I'm going to need some help." Justin says.


Sam is seen hitting Hotmess soldiers with a giant pencil acting as a staff and then impaling one with the tip.


Justin watches a very tall man with black hair armed, some makeshift equipment and a black cape with white underneath taking down some Hotmess soldiers. The caped man decapitates a few of the soldiers with an axe and slices the rest in half.

The teenagers has an astonished look on his face and asks "Who... who are you?"

"Call me Daniel. Daniel Cartener." The tall man answers.


"I think we can help with that, Justin." Jordan walks up to Justin with a smile.


"The heat we are dealing with here is immeasurably intense! Plus, I didn't even want to be here man. I just wanted to stay at my burger joint with my family." A man says with a Boston accent to Michael Bay.


"Hotmess not only controls the school, but is able to prevent the armed forces from arriving then what chance do we have?" A panicked teacher asks.

"We have something they don't. Creativity. That's what this school was built on!" Justin says in an inspiring manner causing some of his schoolmates to smile.

Students and teachers are seen charging together in battlefields of the school as the Hotmess agents try to repel their advances.


"They have no idea what's coming!" Justin yells out while he is then seen jumping out from a helicopter in the night sky.


"Let's live in these moments. The moments of every victory we can take. Our collaborations are strong." One of Justin's teammates says.


"We can inspire everyone with the stories that they'll be a part of here." Sam says with a smile.

"We'll take every opportunity to make them great." Justin says back.


A helicopter is seen being shot down with Justin and his teammates trying to avoid both the gun fire and the aircraft crashing down towards them. As they make their advance into the school.


"Save the school! Save creativity!" Daniel yells out.


"I wish I can say I know what makes you special Banner, but like the others" Michael Bay says as he comes out of the shadows with his Megatron suit "You're nothing more than a kid who is clinging to a false ideal."

Justin is then seen clashing blades in the form of Gigan with Bay's silver sword.

The Illustrator: The First Emissary

Re: The Teaser Thread (Teaser Posts Only!!!)

Posted: Sun Dec 25, 2016 10:49 am
by GodzillavsJason
The Emissaries
Season 1
Episode 14

Ryan jolts up in his bed while he lets out a scream in terror as he looks around to see that he is in his room. Or at least the bland looking room that looks very similar to his. The Emissary breathes out for a few minutes until he decides to call upon Fade.

"Fade, what the hell happened?"

"Ryan, you passed out right when you got inside the tower and the Emissaries and I laid you to rest." Fade says as Ryan gives her a confused look.

"Phrasing because I'm not dead." Ryan replies.

"You just had hell come up and bite you in the ass, minor grammar errors are the least of your concerns."


"The others... they're looking more into Alley, seeing if they can find where she's been hiding out or where she's visited." Fade says while Ryan tries to get up, but finds himself grunting in pain as he holds his side.

"Your wounds were greater than we expected, she got a few stabs in and even some of her rave themed fire got on you." Fade says as Ryan sits back down.

"No kidding. This is a lot of bullshit." Ryan says as Alex then says "Yeah, no kidding. You leave, going god knows where and show up with bruises all because of some girl. Yeah, it's safe to assume this whole situation is bullshit."

Ryan looks up to see Alex, Justin and Elena entering his room as he then replies "Good to know you finally believe me since my last interaction with all of you. Oh and by the way it was a lot of fun making myself look skreeonking crazy."

"Ryan, we're just concerned about your well-being and willing to do what it takes to get this problem solved." Justin says.

"Glad to see that you're all willing to actually do something when I actually told you about this problem. Something that was very serious to me." Ryan retorts in a sarcastic manner.

"Ryan, I admit, we made a mistake by not taking action sooner, but we did believe you on it. Unlike some people." Elena says looking Alex.
"What are you looking at me for? I may have made fun of him for it, but I believed him on it. You're thinking of Hayes and Joel." Alex replies in a defensive manner.

"Alright, alright just calm it down lovebirds." Justin says causing both of them to say "Hey!".

"As we said Ryan, we're taking measures into investigating Alley. Since you just had your second encounter with her, is there anything you can tell us about her? Anything that'll be of use when we encounter her?" Justin asks his friend in a caring manner.

Ryan is quiet for a moment before responding "Just that she burn someone to a crisp with her flames and can fly going who knows how skreeonking fast. She's not someone to reckon with and if you find her and I can't skreeonking stress this enough, do not fight her alone or dick around. That goes for you, Alex cause I know you're going to do one of your dumbass remarks."

Alex pretends to be offended, but quickly changes his tone and says "Whatever you say wif...."

Elena punches her associate on the shoulder as the billionaire then changes the end of his sentence "I'll do no such thing when fighting the scary lady."

Ryan gives him a look of annoyance as Alex then says "What? She's essentially scary if that's what you're saying and I'm not going to be a quote on quote jackass during the fight."

"We'll be sure to follow your advice and question you if we find more intel on her, but for now I think it's best if we leave you to get some rest." Justin says in a friendly manner.

"I appreciate the thought Justin, but I can manage just fin..... skreeonk!" Ryan yells out as he feels the pain on his side.

"You been through hell, but please get some rest because you're not going to do any good fighting her or anyone. When we find her, we'll let you know so we can stop her once and for all." Justin says to Ryan in a persuasive manner.

"skreeonk! You're right. I'll just lie down like a corpse and wait to be killed when the time comes." Ryan says in an agitated manner.

"Sometimes we just have to be on the bench, we've all done it and again, you need to rest. Team leader's orders." Justin says.

"I'm the leader too and I have a say here, even though I was going to suggest the same thing." Alex replies with annoyance in his voice.

"What's the matter, you're not getting attention?" Elena asks in a teasing fashion.
"Oh haha." Alex replies as Ryan then shouts out "Weren't the three of you suppose to leave me be to rest?"

"And that's exactly what we're going to do. Holler if you need anything." Justin says while the three of them leave with Alex then saying from afar "Jeez, he just turned into an angsty teenager."

Ryan then puts his hand over his face in annoyance and stress over what's been happening these past few days.

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Posted: Sat Feb 11, 2017 6:52 pm
by Mr_Goji_and_Watch
In a world where black lives matter comes:



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Posted: Sat Mar 18, 2017 9:27 am
by GojirO
2013...the Menace arrived....

2017...Menace becomes Destroyer....

coming soon

Godzilla Vigor Teaser

Posted: Wed Mar 22, 2017 4:20 am
by LukidonU
Breaking News Flashed All Over The Tv As A 5 Year Old Was Playing With Zone Fighter. He Peered Over And Looked At The Screen, Even Though He Could Not Unstand Some Of What They Were Saying

"A 625 Foot Tall Monster Has Attacked Myrtle Beach, Leaving The Pier, And The City In Ruins, Millions Of Lives Have Been Lost, But 3 Teenagers Were The First To See The Kaiju, They Have Gone Missing. God Help Us All."

The Child Yelled For His Mother Who Was In The Kitchen. The Mom Walked Over To The Child.

"What's Wrong Honey?" The Mom Bented Down And Said.

"There Are Big Meany Monsters In Myrtle Beach!"

The Mother Stood There In Silence As A Giant Bird Flew Past There House, Making a The House Combust And Fall Apart. Codename, Rodan
Somewhere In Washington D.C

A Government Offical A Walked Into The Room Filled Witn People Arguing, The Man Clapped And The Room Came To A Total Silence.

"Gentlemen, I Think You Know Why We Are Gathered Here Today?" The Government Offical Said As He Smaked His Hands Down On The Table. Somewhere Raised Their Hand.

"We Can Only Stop This Monster With Only One More Thing, Another Monster!" Said The Lowe Rank Man As His Hand Was Still Hung Up.

"Yes Yes, But Who? We Have Not Seen A Monster In 14 Years!"

"We Should Go Into Fuji Mountain And Wake Up The God!"

"No! We Need An Strong Meacha!"

"Yes, But Kiyru Is On A Island Fighting Off The Remainder Of Dinosaurs And A Giant Ape." The Man Said Finally.
Just a Than, Aside The Building A Golden Dragon Flew Down By The Building As The Men And Women a Looked Out The Window To See A 3 Headed Astro Monster. Codename, Ghidorah.

Godzilla Vigor, Coming To The Fanfiction Thread This Spring Break (April 13th)

Added in 9 hours 43 minutes 22 seconds:
Ok, I Made A lot Of Mistakes And Typos In This, Sorry... I Will Look Over My Writing The Next Time

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Posted: Fri Mar 31, 2017 12:38 pm
by BlueGojira
A demented laughter came from the Kilaak Queen. On the transmission screen, she turned her white robe outlined head directly towards the team of scientists, watching. Her eyes showing a deep sense of unknown victory, and almost pity for what hell was about to be unleashed onto the Earth. A final weapon, after all of the past kaiju that had been sent and defeated in this great war.

" You don't see?... Ghidorah is a space monster... the monsters on Earth cannot win.. "




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Posted: Tue Apr 04, 2017 11:38 am
by Kaijuborn95
Audio Report #13
November 10, 2005

*someone taps the mic, making sure it's working*

This is [REDACTED] from the Containment Building in Nagasaki Japan, reporting to the director of K-Force. There seems to be a breach in the building about ten days ago. We aren't sure who did it but we do know what they were after- and they got it. They were after the [REDACTED] Fragment. Our security was compromised somehow and we don't know by who. We are investigated but so far, we have nothing as of yet. One thing I don't get is why steal a fragment? It doesn't have any uses to people at all. Anyways, we will keep you updated if anything turns up.

*There's fumbling before the recording ends*


It all starts here

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Posted: Wed Apr 12, 2017 12:05 pm
by GojirO
LukidonU wrote:
GojirO wrote:2013...the Menace arrived....

2017...Menace becomes Destroyer....

coming soon


being sarcastic I see...

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Posted: Thu Apr 13, 2017 11:00 pm
by LukidonU
GojirO wrote:
LukidonU wrote:
GojirO wrote:2013...the Menace arrived....

2017...Menace becomes Destroyer....

coming soon


being sarcastic I see...

Im Just Saying It Was To Short To Be A Teaser,

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Posted: Fri Mar 24, 2017 6:53 pm
by LukidonU
GojirO wrote:2013...the Menace arrived....

2017...Menace becomes Destroyer....

coming soon


Added in 30 minutes 58 seconds:
Godzilla Vigor
March 30th

The sun bleaches the devastated city Red and orange as an almost lifeless Godzilla laid, the sun made The Kaijus stare at it, as one by one, they went there separate ways.

"Godzilla is dead, I repeat, Godzilla is dead!" The broadcaster said in excitement as he stared at the body.

1 Day Later

Helicopters flew around Godzilla as soilders deployed Down, to avoid being evaporated by radiation. All of them had gas masks and heavy armor to prevent getting injured on the parachute.

"Men, we seen one of the greatest battle in history, we stand here with pride for taking down the most vicious monster our planet has ever seen." A commander spoke out to the soluting soilders.

"Deploy the planes. . ." He said soon after, as they looked in the sky only to see many fighter jets.

They ran to take cover as the jets unleashed fire and blasted at the Godzilla.

Smoke and fire filled the district

"I can't see anything!" A soilder said, as she closed her eyes.

"GROOOOOOOOUGH!" A large roar Came from the shadows of fog and dust. It stood up, It saw all the little ant sized insect humans as he stomped on them.

Godzillas Gills Light Up With A Bluish Tint

Godzillas Gills lit up As It closed its eyes.

"Holy poop, what's that glow!?" An army man screamed out as he ran.

Godzillas Neck went went Back a bit as he turned and shot at the surrounding buildings and peaked Down at the soilders, until they were just dust.

"SCRAAWW!" Came from a giant moth in the sunset as Godzilla pointed its Atomic Breath at it, only to be reflected back At his foot. He roared in pain, "GROAUHH!"

Lukas watched from The television in McDonald's as he knew who it was.
"Kismet Mothra..." he whispered.


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Re: Beginning Writers Teaser Thread [Teaser Posts only]
It Knew, It Saw, It Was There. Looking Down To The Pallet. A Beast Carved On It, It Had 8 Long Necks And Faces To Kill Or Faint Many People.


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Posted: Thu Jun 15, 2017 10:00 pm
by Gojira21
Watching the shambling corpse, Mac momentarily had a flashback to an earlier time and it scared him.

He closed his eyes.

The dead shamble closer, hands reaching…someone screaming.

Mac reopens his eyes, but now all he saw was the memory. He trembled to his core.

A young woman with brunette hair screams for help. The dead reach ever closer. Their moans fill his ears and make him panic. He is frozen in place. The moans become unbearable. The woman reaches for his help, her eyes plead for her rescue. But he just stood there. Fear made him a coward. The dead moan hungrily as they reach their destination and a new sound joins in. It was from the woman. Her screams penetrate his soul. And then the head of the woman looks dead at him.

“I trusted you Mac”


Coming soon

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Posted: Thu Jul 27, 2017 6:04 pm
by godzillafan1954
Beneath the waves, a pair of eyes opened. A muffled roar made surrounding fish scatter. The creature was massive. It hadn't been seen for two days, but it was about to make its presence known once again. A body burning with radiation swam to the surface. It was hungry for nuclear energy. An alarm sounded, signaling the approach of Godzilla. Cries of fear overcame the city as citizens evacuated. Police directed citizens to an underground subway station.

Godzilla had made it ashore.

G-Force approached the scene. Type 90 Maser Cannons fired off at the beast. Godzilla continued unopposed. It was at that moment the Super-X arrived. Godzilla's dorsal spines flashed red. He opened his mouth and fired his Spiral Fire ray at the airborne vessel.

"Sir, the Super-X is overheating! We need to fire now!" exclaimed Reijiro Suzuki, the Super-X Coordinator.

The Super-X reflected the beam back to Godzilla.

Godzilla howled in pain as his own beam struck him in the chest. The Super-X fired a barrage of Cadmium Missles at Godzilla's chest. Godzilla roared angrily as he turned and smacked the vehicle with his tail.

"Damn!" yelled Akira Fukuda, pilot of the Super-X.

Akira was sweating bullets as he struggled to keep the vessel flying.

"Sir, we're not gonna make it!" shouted Kenji Ogawa, Co-Pilot of the Super-X.

Godzilla continued to his destination as the Super-X crashed into a building and exploded. G-Force retreated to their headquarters as Godzilla made his way to the Nuclear Plant. Godzilla smashed through the city until he reached his destination. It was time to feed.

Godzilla: Birth of a King

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Posted: Tue Aug 08, 2017 12:39 pm
by Andrew the Gojifan
I never thought this would happen.
A complex machine fires a hole over a lake which suddenly begins expanding
I interfered in worlds that I should not even know existed.
A giant armored humanoid creature stands upright.
I gained abilities I should only dream about having.

It is time for me to go, to pay for what I have done.
A giant red "robot" stands still while somewhere deep underground gasps are heard that indicate the giant "robot" was meant to move.
Another giant creature with ribbons hanging straight off of it stares down as what appears to be a cannon wheezes with sheer power next to a person in brown clothes
The same giant creature emitting an ominous white light from it`s eyes followed by a immense concentrated blast
but then again,
Smoke billowed from the grass, remaining at a low height
I could be wrong.
The human in brown clothes comes out of the smoke unharmed, stumbles for several seconds and falls to his knees.

Kaiju of the New Century

coming this week.

Added in 48 minutes 1 second:
(...)"What are you doing? You can`t do that! Godzilla hasn`t attacked us!" said the head G- Force scientist on the Dimension Tide Control Module
"It hasn`t attacked us yet. If it follows the example of it`s father we`ll be in trouble.We must be safe and not sorry." said the G-Force Supervisor. G-Force was divided since Godzilla II died, some wanted Godzilla III dead,like the supervisors. Others refused, among these the new chief of the Godzilla Research Division, Miki Saegusa. Whose representative was also the chief scientist.
"But it imprinted on a human being! It won`t attack unless it requires food! And we can give it that! And what if the experiment succeeds? It will attack us with renewed anger if it survives! Imagine a Godzilla with vengeance on it`s mind! The first and second Godzillas were merely on a breakfast picnic! What are the odds that G- Force will remain divided and we won`t be able to make a decision? We better let it betray us and unite us again by it`s choice!If we do this it will divide G-Force further!"

The Machine called the Dimension Tide wheezed. During their arguments the machine had begun it`s black hole creation process. A bluish-purple glow came out of the Black Hole, the positrons had been released into it, annihilating electrons and turning them into photons which were absorbed by the black hole, causing it to grow. By the time the black hole dissipated at least one person had been sucked in, the head scientist.
"What is that!?"
That was the day Shiganshina was breached. First the shock when the Colossal Titan appeared and destroyed the gate.Many others died, eaten by the titans that entered the district, but the few who managed to hold out near the inner gate would say they(the dead)were lucky they did not see what happened next. First a huge Object, the black hole blocked the sun,and then it burst. The quasar utterly destroyed a section of the wall and evaporated a section of the river the flow leaving the boats left on dry land, then it flooded and the true horror began. A giant creature remained where the object was and fell on the wall. people fled to the inner gate as the giant Wall Titans fell over out from within the walls into the section exposed to sunlight by the quasar. When they awakened. all hell broke loose. The giant creature that fell from the sky stood up. It was as tall as the wall. And then it attacked the giant Wall Titans(...).

Kaiju of The New Century
Coming August 13

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Posted: Tue Oct 10, 2017 12:13 pm
by godzillafan1954
Sharp spines pierced the surface before the water erupted. Spikesauras had returned after thirteen years. G-Force looked on, not knowing what they were witnessing. Water dripped down Spikesauras' scaly body. He reared his head towards the sky and bellowed a roar strong enough to shatter nearby windows.

"Fire!" shouted Yukijiro.

Spikesauras' spines lit up, unaffected by the Maser Cannons. He reared his head back and fired an atomic ray at G-Force. The survivors quickly retreated. Spikesauras stepped on land and let out a roar that boomed throughout the city. Citizens were still fleeing to the subway station. The assault did not cease, it had only just begun.

Spikesauras' spines flashed and he fired another atomic ray at a building. Spikesauras clawed at a building; debris fell to his feet. The rampaging monster smacked a building with his tail, sending it tumbling to the ground. A familiar roar sounded off in the distance. Spikesauras stopped and turned his head before turning around completely. Another King was coming...

Godzilla: Birth of a King

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Posted: Wed Apr 11, 2018 5:20 pm
by DragonZord13
10 years ago the world came to an end. Once pacified giant monsters such as King Kong, Gabera, and many more rose up and attacked each other and world at large. Aliens from space, both old and new also invaded Earth during this time. With the King of the Monsters Godzilla, locked away in a icy tomb, the world was at the mercy of giant monsters and aliens.
That was until a new, gigantic, species of monster appeared and chased away the monsters and aliens. But the monsters and aliens are restless and "Earth" can not be stopped. The only hope the world has lies in the South Pole, salvation, if you can call it that, lies in the King of the Monsters, Godzilla.


Link to story: viewtopic.php?f=18&t=27676

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Posted: Thu Jul 05, 2018 4:30 pm
by Kubo
Bringing this back because writing trailers is fun.

A buggy slows to a stop on the side of a road. Tom gets out and looks at a city in the distance. His eyes widen at the sight of an alien structure, a colossal tower.

I need to be careful, Tom thinks, seconds before getting knocked out from behind.

"Hello?" Fade out of black on three faces: the Trashman, the Mystic One, and Kiryu. They all stare directly at the camera.

Tom rises from the metal floor. "Where am I?"

"An Alien prison," Kiryu answers. An alien ship lands on the tower as another takes off.

"They invaded two months ago," the Mystic One says. "Wiped out most of the population."

"Why are they keeping us alive?" Tom asks.

Cut to Dr. Goodlover emerging from a newly furnished Study. He grins at the prisoners before him in the Alien office.

"Goodlover." Tom glares at his nemesis.

The Alien Chancellor, seated at her desk, looks from Dr. Goodlover to Tom.

The Mystic One: "I have a plan to break out of here."

Dr. Goodlover: "You will be subjected to bad literature once a week for as long as I deem fit."

Kiryu, coming out of the Study at a later point, is visibly shaken. "What was that?"

The Mystic One raises her hands towards the Chancellor, building up power. Kiryu is clobbered by an Alien guard in the prison cell.

The four prisoners stand in the study. A green light illuminates them...

Mystery Fiction Readers 3000: The Return
Season Premiere: Saturday, July 7th @ 10:00 pm EST in the Fan Fiction Forum

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Posted: Mon Aug 27, 2018 11:05 am
by godzillafan1954
"Godzilla has began moving again and he's heading this way!" exclaimed Tsutomu Nobuyuki, a computer operator.

"God help us all." said Masaya Hatake, a G-Force soldier.

"Sir, it seems as though he's following Spikesaurus." stated Yaguchi.

"Perhaps Spikesaurus could kill Godzilla. Commander, what do you propose?" asked Shin Higuchi, G-Force solider.

Everyone looked at Yukijiro.

"By all means, Godzilla must be stopped." He paused. "Let them fight."

Godzilla: Birth of a King

Re: Beginning Writers Teaser Thread [Teaser Posts only]

Posted: Mon Aug 27, 2018 2:57 pm
by GoWhaleTours
Godzilla is dead. As the light left his eyes, the last of his offspring hatched.

After slipping into the ocean two years earlier, it re-emerges 3 times the size of the original.

With the threat of a new, more terrifying Godzilla; and giant mosquitos genetically engineered by aliens, the fate of earth lies in the hands of the military and a young scientist named DAISUKE.



Re: The Teaser Thread (Teaser Posts Only!!!)

Posted: Sun Sep 01, 2019 12:35 pm
by godzillafan1954
Within the two days Megalon had been present, another monster reawakened. It hadn't been heard from since its last appearance in late 2016, but now it had a reason to show up. It's dorsal plates ripped through the water, creating massive wakes as it swam at top speed. A man on a small fishing vessel spotted the three distinct rows of spines heading straight for him and dropped his binoculars as he realized what he was looking at. The huge waves following Godzilla capsized the man's boat.

Godzilla arrived in Sagami Bay and began heading for Hiratsuka. A separate team had been sent out to intercept the monster. As Godzilla made landfall, G-Force fired round upon round of gunfire and missiles. The nuclear reptilian kept his pace, not even acknowledging the weapons. As he made his way through the city, Godzilla caused minimum destruction, only crushing smaller buildings in his path. G-Force retreated and reconsidered their strategy. The strikes failed to even get Godzilla's attention.

After several attempts, Yukijiro finally came to a decision.

"Get everyone and everything out of his way."

Godzilla vs. Megalon

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Posted: Sat Nov 09, 2019 6:35 pm
by G2000
Not really a teaser but the very beginning of an abortive attempt at a Monsterverse fanfic, was going to revolve around Godzilla and Kong as mortal enemies. First chapter would have been set in the in the Pleistocene Era, revolving around around Godzilla fighting a troop of Kongs after they try to steal his kill. May eventually get back around to it, but I've got real assignments to work on, and even aside from that other fanfics and my own stuff have taken precedence. Is it any good, or am I trying too hard?


THE OLD ONE SWAM THROUGH THE INKY BLACKNESS. His long and powerful tail swayed behind him, propelling the great beast through the ocean depths. Occasionally the dark waters would would be illuminated by flashes of blue light emanating from the massive dorsal fins that ran along the length of the leviathan’s back- a reminder of the fire that raged deep within his ancient lungs and gave him his life. These brief flashes revealed a battered draconic visage, his armored hide covered with fading scars from battles of ages past.

He had not always been the Old One; in ages past he had been the Lone Hatchling, the Young Male, the Pretender, and finally the Alpha Male and Apex Predator. With these final identities he would gain his female, and with her he had obtained two new titles: those of Mate and Brood Father.

But then the One Who Was Many had descended from the outer dark, and with them had come the Great Dying. The Alpha Male had fought hard to defend what was his but the One Who Was Many were stronger and he was cast to the ground, bleeding and burning. When he awoke he had found his world aflame, his nest destroyed, his mate and hatchling slain. Filled with a great and terrible resolve he had waged war against the dragon and all whose minds it had enslaved, until in one final confrontation he had sent the abomination wounded and screeching back to the cold expanse from whence it had fallen.

Now he was the Old One; to the best of his knowledge he was also the Last One. After casting the One Who Was Many into the vast darkness he had wandered the earth, looking for any surviving member of his species. He had found only found only bones and corpses, and once an old and crazed male that attacked him and soon died as a result. That had been ages ago and the Old One had long since made peace with the fact that he would never again be in the company of his own kind, that he would never again mate, that he would never again sire young, that his species would die with him.

And yet when he slept he would still see his mate lying on the ground, her hide smoldering, her eye sockets empty and black, her chest cavity torn open and hollowed out by three sets of ravaging jaws. He would see their destroyed nest that she had died protecting and nary a sign of their offspring - in his mind’s eye he saw his hatchling crying in fear as his mate was torn apart, as six malicious eyes turned their attention to the nest, as a gaping maw lined with bloodstained daggers descended and silenced his child’s cries forever - he would smell the fires raging around him, his mate’s burning flesh and his own sizzling wounds. He would hear the mad cackling of the One Who Was Many, and he would awaken filled with the same primal rage and loss that he had felt on that black day.

But right now he was untroubled by such thoughts. He swam through the darkness of the deep, fish scattering from his path. Even the great Megalodon sharks and Livyatan whales, those sixty-foot lords of the depths, fled in the presence of the Old One, for they would be but a mere mouthful should he turn his hunger upon them. The more adventurous of their ranks would turn and trail him from a safe distance in case he made a kill, hoping to scavenge the scraps he would leave in his wake. They would go hungry today, however; the Old One would be hunting on land. Guided by impulses he did not fully understand he swam northeast towards a land the rising waters would soon submerge, with much of what little remaining above water separated from the main landmass of the World Island; what the learned sons of man of aeons hence would know as Sundaland.