The Teaser Thread (Teaser Posts Only!!!)

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Re: The Teaser Thread (Teaser Posts Only!!!)

Postby Tim85 » Tue Aug 18, 2015 7:42 pm

The Earth is shown.

Ominous voice of The Kaiju:

"The world is sick."

Various images of terrorists

"The illness: terrorists."

Images of various acts of terrorism

Ominous voice of Wonder Woman:

"They take innocent lives. And for what? Corrupt politicians or distorted beliefs."

Hippolyta is shown in an hospital bed with her heart monitor flat lining. Tim and Diana hold each other close in tears.

"They take people we love."

The Kaiju: "No more."

Anguirus is shown stomping on straw huts in Africa. Ebirah and Titanosaurus destroy pirate vessels on route to a tanker ship. An army of Amazons led by The Kaiju and Wonder Woman march down a street in a Middle Eastern city.

The Kaiju: "The only way to handle terrorists is to kill every single one of them like the cancer they are."

Wonder Woman: "Some will agree."

Crowds cheer as Diana and several heroes deliver kidnapped children and hostages back to civilization.

The Kaiju: "Some won't."

The President of the United States watches on a large monitor Doomsday as he swings Spacegodziila by the tail into Gamera, Kiryu, King Ghidorah, and Kaiju.

Superman is shown trying to talk to Wonder Woman in a monitor room.

Superman: "He would do anything for you. You're manipulating him."

Wonder Woman: "I'm not! Mother loved him like the son she never had!"

Superman tries to reason with Kaiju over Metropolis.

Superman: "She wasn't YOUR mother Tim."

Kaiju has enraged look on his face.

Kaiju: "She WAS my mother!"

Kaiju blasts Superman through several buildings.

Wonder Woman stands over Batman with her sword tip above his face,

Wonder Woman: "No one will stop us Bruce. Not you, not Clark, not the Justice League. Nobody."

Glimpses of heroes and monsters battling each other. Martian Manhunter slugs Shazam across the sky. Godzilla Junior clamps his jaws onto his father's hand.

Kaiju: "We are doing the right thing."

Scene changes to The Kaiju and Wonder Woman standing next to each other in front of an army of Amazons and monsters.

Wonder Woman: "If the two of us in charge makes the world safer,"

The Kaiju: "Then so be it."

* Fades to black*

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Re: The Teaser Thread (Teaser Posts Only!!!)

Postby RamshackleRanger » Sat Aug 22, 2015 3:44 pm

"I dunno guys, this doesnt seem like a good idea..." Shot of Three young adults/teenagers with backpacks and warm jackets standing in front of a Large metal fence,Slowly fades to black... "Stop being a pussy, jake. We'll be fine."Shot of said teenagers walking through a forest tunnel, staring up at bird-like dinosaurs in the trees.
"They're just animals. What could go wrong?"
Rapidly succeeding shots of a girl floating in water surrounded by salamander like creatures, a brown haired young adult running through thick underbrush, and a pair of saurian jaws clamping down on a red bearded face.

"We'll survive."
Silhouette of a long faced swan-like dinosaur rearing its head, then snorting and growling.

Isle of Giants

Its still alive.

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Re: Beginning Writers Teaser Thread [Teaser Posts only]

Postby DinoMaster » Tue Aug 25, 2015 11:19 am

As in all things of the human world, there are the famous and those who do not share the limelight. From films to books, social groups to food chains, things can be left behind in the dust of progress. Even when learning about our past, things steal the spotlight from others. Every child can name a Tyrannosaurus Rex or a Stegosaurus, but so much more hides in the expansive halls and the shelves of the storage rooms.

Scenes quickly flash by, giving glimpses into the past. A large bow legged animal bellows towards an open set of fangs and sabre teeth, followed by a stampeding herd of running hippos and bounding lemurs. A mammal rears up to feed on a tree, followed by two odd reptiles clashing on a beach. It ends with a giant mouth clamping down on a struggling dinosaur and crashing back into the ocean.

Let us go back in time to those places that aren’t often visited, to the places that seem familiar and alien to us, to times that would forever shape the foundations of the future, and become the world we know now. It’s time to go take a look back, into the bizarre world of the past.

Bizarre Prehistory

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Re: Beginning Writers Teaser Thread [Teaser Posts only]

Postby gigan72 » Wed Aug 26, 2015 3:07 pm

Nighttime. Not much can be seen other than shadows. This is one of the islands of Hawaii. The waves move slowly at first, then rise.
A shadow emerges, towering above the beach.
He lifts his heads to sniff the air, and wanders across the beach for a few minutes before going back into the water.
The next day, everyone is watching the news in the US. The president comes onto the screen, as he is making an important announcement. Military personnel are around him.
"I know there has been much discomfort since the beast Godzilla first appeared years ago. A city was utterly demolished, and tens of thousands died. With Godzilla becoming seemingly more active lately, it's only fitting that we have just finished making, or perfecting, our special weapon we will use against him."
One of the men leans over and begins to say something to him, but he is silenced when the president raises his hand.
"We now will present footage of this new weapon." he says.
The TV footage cuts to a view of a small mountain. Soon, something emerges from behind it.
A creature, both organic and mechanical, shifts its view towards the audience. He raises his head and roars. Metal spikes begin at the top of his head and trails down to the end of his tail.
The audience watches in stunned silence.

KaijuFiend wrote:
Birdman wrote:Do you like what you see?

No, and if I didn't value my eyesight so much, I'd bleach my eyes so I never had to see that poop again.


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Re: Beginning Writers Teaser Thread [Teaser Posts only]

Postby Godzilla The King » Sun Aug 30, 2015 8:54 am

A fire rages, there's cops everywhere, shooting at something in the smoke. It's hard to make out what they are shooting at but it is clearly not human. There's a cop, dark hair, blue eyes, shooting into the smoke. His arms twitching in fear at whatever horror hides in that smoke. His aim is off, he misses a lot but he has spirit. That... not me. You can see a reporter, his words are short, concise, full of underlying terror as this disaster continues. Black hair, dark eyes, a weathered face, he's seen poop like this before. But that is also not me.

A man in a coat runs forward, shooting the beast with his revolvers. The creature quickly catches up and backhands him into a into a car.

That jackass, is me, I'm the idiot that runs face first into this poop. Name's Willis and you're in for hell of a story.

CaptainStarbird wrote:
gigan72 wrote:MMMMM, HEISEI
-fatass bodies
-big thighs
-some undersized arms
-beam spam
-a mans ass
-messed up timeline


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Re: The Teaser Thread (Teaser Posts Only!!!)

Postby Snake » Tue Sep 01, 2015 3:20 am

Not really a teaser, but more of a tagline. It's for a novel with OCs that I'm writing.

Meet Sean Gillespie, age fourteen.

He's an unlikely hero, a superpowered boy going up against the world's most ruthless terrorist organization.

Everyone had counted him out, but he's about to get back into the game.

The goal is to knock them out of the park.

They never found any corpse.

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Re: The Teaser Thread (Teaser Posts Only!!!)

Postby ernesth100 » Tue Sep 01, 2015 8:35 am

Agents of KAIJU: Great Divide-Teaser

"They destroyed several cities, they do so on every mission" a voice says. It sounds male.

"They also saved several lives it's-" the female voice was stopped.

"BUT THEY COULDN'T SAVE MY FATHER! They couldn't." the man said, he is none other than Ned Harolds. Son of the now deceased government official Relson Harold.

The female, a pilot know as Ari Akira looked down and turned around walking out of the officials office.

*Quick Cut*

Gispsy Danger is marching through the ocean floor, with other Jaegers. Godzilla roars as the US Army with Jaegrs and several Tank like helicopters point at him. He looks around at his team currently with him is King Kong and Anguirus.

*Quick Cut*

Ultraman is thrown through several buildings and then choked by a hand. A strange man is seen sitting on park bench all alone as another confronts him. There is a grin from someone.

*Quick Cut*

Gamera dealing with a serpent like monster dubbed Garasharp as it's spike tail jabs Gamera in the chest. Gamera falls to his knees. There is thunder as Gamera stands across from Godzilla. Both roar.

*End of Teaser*
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Re: The Teaser Thread (Teaser Posts Only!!!)

Postby Snake » Thu Sep 03, 2015 4:17 pm

In 1988, Tokyo was almost wiped off the face of the earth by a mysterious explosion.

That explosion was me.

For the past thirty-one years, the government kept me on ice. For some reason, I managed to escape recently. Now, I'm a moving target.

I may have ruined this world... but I think there's still a chance to make things right.

They never found any corpse.

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Re: Beginning Writers Teaser Thread [Teaser Posts only]

Postby shippersdreamer » Sat Nov 07, 2015 3:08 am

Christmas Eve. The night was quiet aside from the howling blizzard. Everything was still.

A flash of blue streaks through the night, the icy waves part as jagged white spines tear through the waters, water crashing down onto the snow-covered shores as a hulking figure emerges from the depths. Unsure what lured him there, he looks around, confused.

A bright light, a confused roar. A familiar howl. Orange eyes narrow in confusion, he was dead. He had died years ago. How was he here? A warning of a howl. 3 visitors would come to be the King's audience. An angry roar, dead or not, he was in the way.

Another flash of blue, and to his surprise, a beam similar to his own kicked up dirt in an explosion, a similar roar to his own but higher pitched. Less guttural. Out of the snow, came a figure.

The apparition was here. The Ghost of Christmas Past.

What will happen on this lone Christmas Eve? Only time will tell...

"Look out, it's the most fearsome monster on the planet! Gezora..."

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Re: Beginning Writers Teaser Thread [Teaser Posts only]

Postby EdGojira » Sun Nov 29, 2015 5:30 pm

Santa Claus was always happy. That was true, he can say that for himself. As he made his way across the roof, he barely contained joyous laughter. His boots easily gripped the roof of the house. He was always more relaxed while on the field, despite having to hit every house welcome to him before the people he was giving gifts to wake up. It was a long year of work culminating in this night, where he would give the gifts to people. They wouldn't even know that he existed, but he took pleasure in the things he did. The wind blowing in his face and the cold air of suburban areas such as this... priceless. He let out a slight laugh. He knocked gently on the chimney, allowing it to widen without a sound and giving him easy entrance.

A man of his girth landed without a sound. He made his way over to the tree, rubbing his hands together and causing presents to appear among the ones given by the parents.

He headed to the cookies and ate one, leaving the rest to be eaten by others. He drank the milk. His eye met something. It was a sheet of notebook paper, addressed to him. Santa always had time. He read it:

I am a good kid, by Laura Stark, to Santa

I like kittens.

I like eggnog.

My sister's allergic to it, though.

I helped decorate the house.

I respect your work, Mr. Claus.

I doubt you exist.

But I haven't told any little kids that you're fake.

Somebody's making me write this.

I didn't call Christmas trees a fire hazard.

I didn't steal Christmas presents.

I didn't call Mrs. Johnson's metal Christmas tree an impaling hazard.

That joke about Christmas trees being unable to keep ornaments off their back was funny, wasn't it?

I built that snowman outside. If it's not there, little kids took it apart.

I didn't steal Christmas presents; they're lying.

I didn't tell kids what a Krampus is.

Those ten year olds wanted to watch Godzilla.

I don't sympathise with the Grinch. Well, I do a little, but not about that stealing presents thing.

I know the names of all the reindeer.

I actually wanted you to have eggnog instead of milk.

I didn't steal presents. The person who made me write this is just being overbearing.


Santa sat the paper down, stroking his beard. He didn't realize at first that this was that neighborhood.

How That One Guy Stole Christmas

Coming December.
How long has it been? I honestly forgot.
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Re: The Teaser Thread (Teaser Posts Only!!!)

Postby wisper15 » Wed Mar 09, 2016 12:47 am

Guess who was a vjj, and posted this in the wrong topic? THIS GUY!!?
Wisper15 wrote:Bit of a hint, read the following excerpt with this playing in the background:

Humanity is a young and nubile species, with many traits and features thought unique to it. And yet... in the back of every human's mind is the daunting thought that we aren't so unique after all. Tales ranging from weird feelings and strange sightings to unexplainable disappearances and mutilations have been passed down since humans first started venturing into the unknown. Many say it's merely a side effect of man's fear of the strange and unusual, that we use fear and caution as a means of primitive self-preservation.

But... with all the detailed accounts of strange phenomena, and the sense of fear accompanying said stories, one must ask themselves...

Are we unique... or are we nothing but another species in a world we do not fully understand...
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Re: Beginning Writers Teaser Thread [Teaser Posts only]

Postby Lain Of The Wired » Sat May 07, 2016 10:43 am

What happens when a haunted Gigan suit gets up and does naughty things? See for yourself right here in… THE HAUNTED GIGAN SUIT REBORN
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Re: The Teaser Thread (Teaser Posts Only!!!)

Postby Nathus214 » Thu May 19, 2016 8:11 pm

"A place unaffected by kaiju? How could this be?! It's BELOW SEA LEVEL?" The alien researcher shouted to the commander. They were a race called the Keisers. the commander, Zeral glared at the researcher. "It isn't fully unaffected. A failed invasion in 2008 left some crystals laying around. So cut that stuff out." The researcher looked at him. "No kaiju EVER made landfall! Not even Mr. Purple Spikes!" The commander snickered. "We killed him. Godzilla is dead. We used him for our failed weapons." He sighs. "All but one..."

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Talk about a reaction.

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Re: Beginning Writers Teaser Thread [Teaser Posts only]

Postby godzillafan1954 » Thu Aug 04, 2016 2:43 pm

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Re: The Teaser Thread (Teaser Posts Only!!!)

Postby GodzillavsJason » Sat Aug 20, 2016 10:50 pm

A woman races through a home as a fire chases her, consuming everything it touched into flames. She continues to run down the hallway as her long, neat red hair goes up and down as she then spots a window in her bedroom. The woman immediately lunges through the window while fire consumes the whole bedroom and manages to singe part of her hair along with giving her some small burns.

She drops from the two story fall and finds herself landing on large cushion.

"Cut!" The director yells out while multiple crew members race towards the house stage and to the woman. Some of the crew members offer their assistance as she slowly starts to get up.

"Get the skreeonk away from me!" The woman hisses causing the crew members to back away from her in an intimidated fashion. She then spots the director and approaches him as he gulps a tiny bit from her usual demeanor of her being pissed off, cold and even some would say crazy.

"Great work.. as usual. Take five and we'l...." The director says as the woman still with a look of anger simply says "Paycheck. Now."

"Your shift.... isn't finished yet..... I certainly...." The director stammers out when he could have sworn that her eyes had fire in them.

"Right..... here you go." The Director says as he gives her the paycheck as she begins to walk out and says right before leaving "I'll be back tomorrow afternoon. 2 or 3, whenever I wake up. And make sure you have the skreeonking technicians do their job or else I'm skreeonking burning them!"

The whole crew shiver in fear from her threat.

The woman jumps onto her black motorcycle with flames on it along with the initials "GW" engraved on the side. She revs it up and drives at extreme speeds down the road surrounded by desert.

She then steps into a lone convenience store as the elderly owner with a long white beard looks at her with some slight annoyance. The red headed woman simply walks down the isle, grabs two cases of alcoholic beverages and places them on the counter.

"The usual." The owner says as she places the owed amount on the counter and leaves when a guy dressed in white t-shirt and brown shorts walks in. He sees the red headed woman and smiles.

"Hey Cherry haven't seen you a while." The guy says in a confident fashion as she simply glares at him while he blocks her exit.

"skreeonk off Dan. You already got your shot in." The woman says with great annoyance as he's still hanging by the door.

"I mean surely you would reconsider right? I was pretty good right." Dan says in a rather unconvincing way causing her to now glare at him.

"At being my female dog for the night sure and you crying right after." The woman says causing Dan to freeze up with the rest of the patrons looking at as he begins to have tears in his eyes while she walks past him.

The red head then places her cases on each side of the motorcycle while Dan's cries are heard.

She drives for a while as she then arrives at a messy trailer near the edge of a cliff that overlooks the small town she visits everyday. The woman parks her motorcycle and grabs her stuff as she nonchalantly navigates through the various objects laid out between her and the home. Such as broke bear bottles, scraps of metal, a variety of traps like bear, touch stones and some slightly colored patches of sand.

The woman then kicks open the door as she throws one case on her messy couch and sets the other on a counter in her small kitchen. She then walks towards her couch, drops onto it and starts downing a bottle. The red head then pulls out an old play card as she then leans towards her cracked coffee table and starts separating something. She then pulls out an old straw from a fast rood restaurant cup, sticks her nose onto it and starts snorting the white substances.

Cuts to black

The woman now revealed to having a large scar on her face that goes diagonally across it is seen sitting at the edge of the cliff with a few bottles while watching the sun set. She takes another drink from the bottle when she hears a loud womanly scream. The red head looks down to see a woman running away from sort of biker gang.

She then mutters to herself "motherskreeonker."

The woman gets up and goes inside her trailer as approaches a small walk in closet. She finds some old worn down armor with some modifications, albeit very obsolete ones. The stunt woman puts the old orange and black armor even though it only covered her torso and part of her limbs. She looks at the helmet that is shown to have some previous wear and tear with a huge cut running on it along with a huge crack on the orange visor.

She puts on the helmet, grabs a sawn off shotgun and a pistol as she then walks out of the trailer.

Cuts to black and the music ends

The motorcycle races through out the night desert when she continues hearing the commotion as she arrives on top of a small hill. She stops momentarily when she sees the riders holding down the terrified woman.

The armored figure revs up her motorcycle as she drives off the hill at an extreme speed barely catching the biker's attention. She flies into one of them with her motorcycle causing his face to be reduce to paste by her front wheel. The woman turns her motorcycle around causing the other bikers to start their attack on her.

One of them foolishly charges towards her when she pulls out her shotgun, fires it off causing it to shred through his stomach. The woman then drives right towards the now scrambling members when she manages to grab a hold of one by them head and turns him over to face her. All the biker saw was a masked figure as she then places her hand onto top of his face causing it to go up into flames. Shortly after she drops him to the ground, with his head reduced to a skull.

She then feels a few bullets hitting her armor as she turns around to meet one managing to bypass her armor causing her to fall off her cycle. She lets out a small growl when the bikers continue to fire, rendering her immobile.

After a few seconds, they see her body go stiff as one of them approaches her and looks over to confirm if she's dead. He looks over to see her still not moving when he turns around to say "She's dead".

All of a sudden he bursts into flames as she stands right next to him saying "I've already died."

The bikers continue firing at her when she uses her "flaming shield" and a chain erupts from her left sleeve and goes through one of their necks. The man drops as she then throws the biker on fire at all but one of the bikers causing them to catch on fire.

The last remaining biker starts to back up as the armored figured slowly approaches him when he then pulls out his machete. Not knowing what else to do, he throws the machete as the blade hits the crack on her mask causing half of it to drop to the ground.

The guy looks to see her looking to her right for a moment before she turns back at him with literal fire in her exposed eye. The guy stands there motionless while her skin starts to melt when he then lets out a scream as she rushes at him not even with a blink of an eye.

Cuts to black with the biker screaming as it then shows her downed motorcycle that says "Property of Cali Brigante"

Premieres September 20th
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Re: The Teaser Thread (Teaser Posts Only!!!)

Postby DinoMaster » Sun Sep 25, 2016 1:39 pm

It was a silent stretch of broken concrete and asphalt that sat in the evening’s light, bordered only by dead trees and the shrubbery that had been laying there for hundreds of years. On the borders of it, either neatly on the side of the road or scattered into the ditches, caving hunks of rusted metal that only vaguely resembled their original cars decayed in peace. No birds cried out, no insects buzzed in the sun’s setting light. Without a breeze even flowing, it was as silent as a tomb. It was for the lack of a better term, urban decay at its finest.

As the sun crept lower into the sky, the sounds of footsteps echoed off of the torn and shattered asphalt, in a set of two footsteps. One was clicking nails on the ground, and a panting noise that signaled a dog. With a withered body and mangled look though, one could mistake the mongrel for some strange monstrosity instead of a dog. It looked up to its companion with a twist of the head, and received a small scratching behind the ears. The dog gave a friendly bark, and continued on ahead.

Her owner continued on her casual pace as her dog picked up the pace. They were clad in full armor, looking as if a derivative of police riot gear. The black trench coat fluttered in the slight breeze, their face obscured by a gas mask with green filtered eye lenses. A thirteen was painted on the armor, along with a few different scratches and slash marks. A rifle was shouldered on her back, above a small backpack that had seen far better days than the one currently. With every step, the two pistols attached to the hip would show only briefly before being swallowed into the mass of the trench coat.

Approaching the bend in the road, the duo continued on into a small overlook that had dilapidated through the hundreds of years of abandonment. There was a small lot for cars that sat empty, and a small gift booth that sat with the door off the hinges and a skeleton hanging out of the window. These were ignored however, as the duo faced the view that was in front of them.

The scene that graced their vision was one of wonder and strangeness. Chicago, a survivor in the face of nuclear devastation, was still an inhabited city. Various lights greeted them from the various settlements and inhabitants still dwelling within the city. By far though, the skyscrapers were some of the most interesting things to see. While most were black hulls with the occasional flicker of light here and there, those towards the center of the city were fully lit. There were precautions that were visible even from here, all circled by a series of airships. With the evening sky, it framed a beautiful if not haunting sight of how humanity had continued to survive even in this wasteland.

The owner of the dog gave a small sigh of relief, and talked to her faithful companion next to her. It was a feminine voice, but laced with exhaustion both physical and otherwise.

“We made it Sparky. We finally made it.”


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Re: Beginning Writers Teaser Thread [Teaser Posts only]

Postby Mastergodzilla » Tue Nov 08, 2016 12:56 pm

He was running, his heart beating. Joseph had to get away, otherwise he would die. The monster came rumbling at him, roaring with all his might, crushing the buildings. He kept running, as fast as he could. He didn’t have any destination, but just to get as far away from that beast as soon as possible. He was looking up, his neck craning at the attacking helicopters. With him were some of his friends, running alongside him and behind him. The monster crashed his gigantic tail into a building, splitting a quarter of it. It crumbled down to the ground, debri everywhere, explosions going off.
Then, a tanker passed the group, firing bullets at this titular monster. Nothing could seem to stop it! It roared it’s mighty roar, and just the force of it threw Joseph and his acquaintances off of their balance. After that, the beast loomed over them, took his foot up, and set it down, right on top of-

Godzilla (Godzilla Series 1) First chapter this Friday (or earlier.)
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Re: Beginning Writers Teaser Thread [Teaser Posts only]

Postby SomeknowmeasXeno » Tue Nov 08, 2016 1:26 pm

Beyond the Limit. Coming this saturday.
Sonic Jr stumbled to his feet, managing to maintain his Super state whilst clutching his broken left arm which was giving him unbearable pain. Ryuka was running towards him when the Egg Dragoon blasted her back and sent her flying with a shot from its arm cannon; Ryuka now tumbling backwards along the ground before landing next to the others, who immediately helped her to her feet. Sonic Jr exploded with rage, his golden aura flaring up and the young Hedgehog flying at the Egg Dragoon at light speed; with one punch sending it scraping along the ground, only for Eggman to regain control and rush forward, smacking Sonic Jr back and sending him through a row of buildings.

"You've wasted so much of my time..." Eggman grumbled, directing all power to the Egg Dragoon's arm cannon. Sonic Jr struggled to his feet, blood now trailing from his broken arm and head. His torn gi flowed slightly in the wind as his aura flared wildly around him. "I'm ending this... I'm going to destroy Little Planet!" Eggman laughed maniacally, coughing halfway through and catching his breath before resuming laughing. Sonic Jr froze up.

"De... destroy Little Planet...?" Sonic Jr coughed. The arm cannon of the Egg Dragoon began to charge up, a glowing red power surging from the cannon's end.

"Even if you dodge this attack, the planet will be destroyed!" Eggman informed. Sonic Jr clenched his right fist, his aura sparking up and the ground cracking up around him as his torn up gi blew in the torrent of wind produced by his aura. "What ever will you do?"

"I'm not going to allow this..." Sonic Jr growled. He put his right arm by his side and a blue ball of energy appeared in his palm as he focused his energy and continued to power up. The sky turned darker as both sides charged their attacks. "I gotta remember what grandpa taught me..." Sonic Jr recalled, charging up a blue ball of Chaos energy in his right hand. "I... I can't let that blast hit Little Planet..." Sonic Jr motivated himself. "But... I... I need mom... I can't do this on my own either... even if I want to." He then immediately berated himself, sinking his motivation back down as the energy sphere in his palm faded away.

"Goodbye, hedgehog!" Eggman grinned. The arm cannon of the Egg Dragoon reached full power. "FINAL ERASER CANNON!" Eggman exclaimed, a large beam of crackling red energy blasted forward and tore apart the ground as it raged towards Sonic Jr.

"No... I can't give up... I can't keep letting others down. I have to do this even if I have no chance." The little Mobian clenched his right fist and narrowed his eyes. "Chaos..." Sonic Jr began to chant, cupping his right hand at his side once more: the energy sphere reappearing in his hand and powering up as the Final Eraser Cannon rushed towards him. "LAAAANCE!" He exclaimed, firing forth a beam of blue Chaos energy from his right palm that collided with the Final Eraser Cannon and clashed against it in a furious outburst of sparks and dazzling light, the ground around the clash exploding as the beams struggled against each other. Sweat rolled down Sonic Jr's face as he struggled against the Egg Dragoon's attack: he would fight to the death for what he believed was right. Slowly the Final Eraser Cannon began to overtake the Chaos Lance, Sonic Jr being pushed back as he fought on against the attack in vain.

"This'll be the end of your adventure!" Eggman grinned.

"N-no... my... my adventure only ends when I stop running!" Sonic Jr retorted, grunting in pain.

"Give up and accept your fate!" Eggman growled; putting even more power into the Final Eraser Cannon, Sonic Jr clearly losing the clash but never giving up: he would fight to his dying breath for what he believed in, and he didn't intend to go out without a fight. His mom taught him that he should always fight for what he believed in, and those he believed in: he couldn't go out without a fight, even if he found it pointless.

"I... I can't keep this up..." Tears began to well up in Junior's eyes: the pain was unbearable, it was hopeless... his Chaos Lance was now being overtaken by the Egg Dragoon's attack, he had to hang in just a little longer: he had to break through the limits he had placed upon himself, free himself from his restraints.

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Re: Beginning Writers Teaser Thread [Teaser Posts only]

Postby godzillafan1954 » Mon Nov 28, 2016 4:57 pm

Deleted. But the damage has been done. :facepalm:
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Re: Beginning Writers Teaser Thread [Teaser Posts only]

Postby UltramanGoji » Wed Dec 07, 2016 7:38 pm

Monsters are real.

No matter what your parents told you, no matter the many myths, legends, or fairy tales you've heard, no matter the films you've seen...

They're here....

And we walk beside them...


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