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Re: The Teaser Thread (Teaser Posts Only!!!)

Postby LukidonU » Thu Apr 13, 2017 11:00 pm

GojirO wrote:
LukidonU wrote:
GojirO wrote:2013...the Menace arrived....

2017...Menace becomes Destroyer....

coming soon


being sarcastic I see...

Im Just Saying It Was To Short To Be A Teaser,
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Re: The Teaser Thread (Teaser Posts Only!!!)

Postby Gojira21 » Thu Jun 15, 2017 10:00 pm

Watching the shambling corpse, Mac momentarily had a flashback to an earlier time and it scared him.

He closed his eyes.

The dead shamble closer, hands reaching…someone screaming.

Mac reopens his eyes, but now all he saw was the memory. He trembled to his core.

A young woman with brunette hair screams for help. The dead reach ever closer. Their moans fill his ears and make him panic. He is frozen in place. The moans become unbearable. The woman reaches for his help, her eyes plead for her rescue. But he just stood there. Fear made him a coward. The dead moan hungrily as they reach their destination and a new sound joins in. It was from the woman. Her screams penetrate his soul. And then the head of the woman looks dead at him.

“I trusted you Mac”


Coming soon
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Re: The Teaser Thread (Teaser Posts Only!!!)

Postby Kubo » Thu Jul 05, 2018 4:30 pm

Bringing this back because writing trailers is fun.

A buggy slows to a stop on the side of a road. Tom gets out and looks at a city in the distance. His eyes widen at the sight of an alien structure, a colossal tower.

I need to be careful, Tom thinks, seconds before getting knocked out from behind.

"Hello?" Fade out of black on three faces: the Trashman, the Mystic One, and Kiryu. They all stare directly at the camera.

Tom rises from the metal floor. "Where am I?"

"An Alien prison," Kiryu answers. An alien ship lands on the tower as another takes off.

"They invaded two months ago," the Mystic One says. "Wiped out most of the population."

"Why are they keeping us alive?" Tom asks.

Cut to Dr. Goodlover emerging from a newly furnished Study. He grins at the prisoners before him in the Alien office.

"Goodlover." Tom glares at his nemesis.

The Alien Chancellor, seated at her desk, looks from Dr. Goodlover to Tom.

The Mystic One: "I have a plan to break out of here."

Dr. Goodlover: "You will be subjected to bad literature once a week for as long as I deem fit."

Kiryu, coming out of the Study at a later point, is visibly shaken. "What was that?"

The Mystic One raises her hands towards the Chancellor, building up power. Kiryu is clobbered by an Alien guard in the prison cell.

The four prisoners stand in the study. A green light illuminates them...

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