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Damnation of the Blessed (no posting here please)

Posted: Fri Jan 10, 2014 7:12 am
by GodzillaFreak99

Cue intro:

"Hey. What's up?. So youre probably wondering who I am. Well...we'll get to that. But first let me ask you a question. Have you ever stopped and thought about some of the choices you've made? Was there ever a choice you made, that you didn't stop to think, how it may affect your life? well, I can tell ya that I've made a lot of choices like that, choices I'm not too proud of. Now, you're probably wondering, 'Why exactly is this punk asking me this?' again, we'll get to that.

Now before you go on reading, take a sec. to think, and reflect on your life. Ya got it...Good. Now stop and think about how the choices ya made may reflect on your future. Got it...Alrighty. 'Okay, why are you asking us this?' a good question. I'm asking you this because can never predict what they've done in this past could have such a drastic affect on their future. because, lemme tell ya right now, I certainly didn't expect that any of the choices I made, would lead up to the events that follow this lil' introduction. Okay, now that all that's over with, I'll let the narrator guy take it from here. see ya round."

Re: Damnation of the Blessed (no posting here please)

Posted: Sun Jan 12, 2014 3:32 pm
by GodzillaFreak99
1: Sister, Don't Go (Part 1 of 2)

Matt looked on with horror as the wall of flames grew higher and higher. The orange and yellow flames slowly beginning to make their way toward the frightent young man. As he continued to stare with disbelief at the crackling wall of fire, he started thinking back to the many choices and decisions he had made throught his 23 years of life.

There were some choices he was proud that he had made. Choices that had left a mark of happiness and joy upon his face. Choices that, if he could go back in time and change, any events in his life, he would not change for the world.

Howecer, much like the way every Contract having it's fine print, or Computer having it's viruses, there were choices that he'd regretted for the rest of his days. Choices that would forever remain tatooed in his mind and forever prevent his sanity from getting the employment wich it neede to keep itself in line.

As he stood with his back propped up against the wall, he started looking back on those choices and witnessing once again the errors he had made in days long passed. He thought about foolishly dropping out of high school at grade 10. He thought about tasting his first drop of alcohol, and how it caoused him so much future suffering. He thought about smoking his first cigarette, and the hazards it would lead to should it continue. He thought about getting involved with the wrong crowed, and paying the price when he wanted out.

But, what he also thought about, and what was perhaps the biggest mistake he had ever made in all his 23 years of life, was not being there when his mother, the one who single-handedly raised him, and his kid sister had sadly passed away from this world due to being stricken with cancer, that disease slowly wich claims so many innocent lives, dispite medicle science' best efforts to combat it.

Where, might you ask, was he during his Mother's suffering? Off somewhere, getting himself ingo more trouble then he had been in already. That, was the big one. That, was the one he regreted most of all. That choice, was the one htat haunted his dreams for so many nights. That choice, wich caused him to spiral into deppression. That hcoice wich left his kid sister in his hands, and his hands alone to care for. If there was any, any possible way for him to go back in time and prevent this, among other bad choices he'd made, he would do it in a heart beat. That was not a possibility now, as he stood there, his back against the wall, about to be engulfed by a wall of crackling, raging flames.

“So, this is how it ends?” he remarked :Guess it's only fitting, what with how badly I've screwed things up. The wall of fire continued to creep it's way toward the young man as he countinued to speak his regrets.

“I'm sorry Mom.” He said as an image of his Mother flashed through his mind.

“I'm sorry Melody.” He said, as an image of his sister flashed through his mind. “I wish I could somehow just change things for the better, make things how they were before I decided to act like a complete douchebag and cause you so much...” He stopped as he began to feel a large amount of pressure on his chest.

“NO!” He shouted. STOP!”

Matt awoke with a scream. Breathing heaveley, he looked up at his 10-year-old sister, Melody sitting a top him, her hands on his chest.

Matt's fear quickly transitioned it'self to anger as he shouted “YOU LITTLE BRAT! HOW MANY TIMES HAVE I TOLD YOU NOT F**KIN' SCARE ME LIKE THAT?!

“Well I had to wake you up somehow. Besides, do you know what day it is?”

“Leave Matt the HELL alone day?”

“No, silly.” The 6-year-old responded. “FRIDAY!”

“Yippy.” Matt replied sarcastically. “Now beat it!”

“But, aren't you gonna help me get ready for school?” Melody asked.

"Go away." Matt demanded.

“But...” The 6-year-old began before Matt turned sharpply to his side, sending the child tumbling off of him and onto the floor below.

“OW!” Melody cried. Pulling hereslf up to her feet and brushing off her white night gown. “You jerk!” The child then ran out of the room, disappearing down the hall.

Matt glanced over at the digital clock that rested on the nightstand besides his bed. 6:32 A.M.