The Essentials of Good Writing (Both essay AND discussion)

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Re: The Essentials of Good Writing (Both essay AND discussion)

Postby LegendZilla » Tue Aug 28, 2018 10:46 pm

Gojira21 wrote:We all struggle LegendZilla! that comes with anything though. I've struggled plenty of times with my stories and still do to this day.

However, never means should stop or give up though! So if you want to make that fantasy world then go for it! It will take time, but should use that time to plan out all the details, etc. You can do it!

Thanks for your support. ;)
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Re: The Essentials of Good Writing (Both essay AND discussion)

Postby Gojira21 » Wed Aug 29, 2018 8:11 am

Your welcome! 8-)
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Re: The Essentials of Good Writing (Both essay AND discussion)

Postby Titanoterror98 » Mon Sep 10, 2018 6:04 pm

Great essay, Giratina93! This is a very good starting point for all us aspiring writers. Plus, it gave me thinking about how I can apply this to my own stories, too!
I really hope you make/made more essay like this!
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Re: The Essentials of Good Writing (Both essay AND discussion)

Postby Dawsbfiremind » Wed Sep 12, 2018 8:18 am

LegendZilla wrote:I have been struggling to write my own stories for my years. Particularly I have always wanted to create my own high-fantasy world a las Middle Earth, Azeroth, Tamriel ect.

Then do it! Here, let me show you something.

Pick up whatever you're reading this on (unless you can't) and carry it to whichever bookshelf you keep your fiction in. Okay, your really great fiction section. Ignore the titles, read the author's names.

Great writers, yeah? No! Just people. People who decided they want to create something and did, unsure if anyone would like it. They got rejections, form and otherwise, from agents and publishers and editors and magazines over a period of months and even years. And then one person - one person - said "yes". Now look, you have their book! They succeeded and made it into the centuries-old extended family of great published writers, a brotherhood of an art form! If you want your name with them, you have to go through the same fights and doubt and rejection but just remember: this is your dream and it isn't over until you succeed, then succeed after that and ad nauseum, because your name won't just be with them if you do your best every time, your name will be with the greatest.

Good luck Legend, I look forward to having your book on my shelf.
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Dawsbfiremind wrote:People have asked me how I can want to be a writer

With skills like this......I wonder too.

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