The Master Plan

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The Master Plan

Postby pta917 » Thu Aug 15, 2013 12:09 am

A man was sitting in a office in Illium at the entrance of the room and on it's corners there where guards and armed with assault rifles. All of them looking at him while the Asari leader walked in circles around him, reading a data pad he gave to her but like always he was calm.

''So Mr. Saxon you want me to give you five of my men, all of them human, so you can go on this expedition?'' The Asari leader said while she walked in front of him.

''Yes that's what I want.'' He said.

''First of all why do they have to be human?''

''That's not because of me. Just there are going to be some people there and they are not fond of non-humans.'' He said looking at the Asari.

''Why? Are they Cerberus?''

''No. They are much better. But having only humans with me will get them to trust me.''

''It's fine by me. Just give me the credits and you can go.'' she said

''Easy enough.'' He said reaching for his omni-tool and giving her the credits.

An hour later he and his five mercenaries, all of them wearing full body armor were on a ship heading towards Eden Prime.

''So where are we going again?'' One of the mercenaries asked.

''Eden Prime!'' The other shouted

''What's so special about it?'' He replied.

''I don't know ask him.'' He said pointing at Saxon

''No need to worry, we go north about 3km to a small cave and we are there.'' Saxon replied.

''I hope it's worth the pay.'' Another mercenary said.

''Don't worry, it will.'' Saxon said in a very sinister tone.

A few minutes later they landed and like Saxon said they walked 3km north to a cave but when they arrived it was blocked by rocks.

''So what now smart guy?'' One of the mercenaries asked as Saxon started to feel around the rocks.

''Just hold on. What we need is to have a feel for things and also a good omni tool.'' He replied as he knelled by a darker rock and started to use his omni tool on it.

After a short while the rocks disappeared and revealed a old metal door.

''See? Now we just go through this door.'' Saxon said as he continued to use his omni tool to open the door and it finally opened.

They slowly walked in the mercenaries went first and started to walk around the dusty and rusty room.

''So what now Saxon?'' One of the mercenaries asked.

''Forget the Saxon thing, it's the Master for you people.'' He said as he started to click on the controls.

''Really? Master of what?'' The mercenary said with a laugh.

''What ever you like.'' He said in a pervy manner when a click of a button re-activated the ship.

''What did you do?'' The mercenaries asked aiming their guns at him.

''Not much, just woke the residents of this fine vessel?'' He said looking around as they started to hear metallic footsteps.

''And who are they?'' One of the mercenaries asked as the entrance door closed.

''You will know shortly, because here they are.'' The Master said as one of the walls split in half and a metal man appeared.

''Who are you?'' The mercenaries asked raising their weapons when one of the metal men looked at them.

''We are the Cybermen.'' The machine replied as more of them appeared.

The Cybermen started to move on the group and soon enough they where surrounded.

''Wait! You don't need to do this to me.'' The Master said looking at them.

''Do not fear, Cybermen will remove fear.'' The Cybermen said.

''I brought these men here for you as a gesture of peace.'' The Master replied as walked from the crowd when the Cyber-Leader appeared.

''You are not human. You're biology resembles that of our enemy the Doctor.'' The Leader said.

''And I can give you the Doctor, I can update you to the max of your power.''

''Take the humans for upgrading, leave him for me.'' The Leader ordered as the Cybermen closed in on the mercs.
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Re: The Master Plan

Postby pta917 » Fri Aug 23, 2013 1:13 am

One month after the Reaper invasion and their defeat, most of the populated planets were left in ruin, so the alliance between species continued all of them helped who they can with what ever they have, this was the case on Thessia the asari home world, where the turians were helping the reconstruction of the asaris civilization.

On one of the few remaining stabilized buildings was the main control room, it was a medium sized room with mostly computers around and in the center an hologram of that area, also in that room was Liara T'Soni, an asari and the Shadow Broker, and on here side was Garrus Vakarian, a turian and the head of security. They where discussing their plans for the rebuilding when two turian guards walked in with news.

''Sir, we found a stranger walking around the ruins.'' one of the turian guards said

''What? How did he get here?'' Garrus asked surprised

''We don't know. He said he came here on a ship but there have been no ships coming to Thessia since the end of the war.'' the soldier replied

''And where is he now?'' Garrus asked

''In a small room we turned into a interrogation room.'' the guard said

''I don't think that is necessary.'' Liara said turning to them

''We don't know what he wants, So till we find out, there is no harm in keeping him looked up.'' Garrus replied

''So go and talk to him now.'' she said

Garrus again face the guards and walked into the corridors till he reached the entrance of the room.

''Was he armed?'' Garrus asked facing the guard that was on his left

''No. We found a few items with him but non of them seemed to be weapons.'' the guard responded

''Alright him going in alone.'' Garrus said clicking on a panel to open the door.

In the room was small light dangling from the sealing and a metal table with two chairs on each side of it, one of them was empty and on the other one was the man, with a tall, slim frame, finely boned hands and face, dark brown hair, pale skin and dark brown eyes and was wearing a dark brown suit with blue pinstripes.

''Hello there. I'm the Doctor.'' he said trying to reach for a handshake just to be stopped by his handcuffs

''So Doctor, how did you get to Thessia? Garrus asked sting down on the empty chair

''I came here on my ship.'' he said very relaxed

''My men didn't find any ship!'' Garrus said in a confused tone

''Just ask them about that big blue box?''

''They didn't tell me anything about it. And why did you come here?'' Garrus asked

''My ship landed here I was going to Earth and then I'm here.'' the Doctor said kinda annoyed

''So you crashed?''

''Sometimes it does that.'' the Doctor said when a guard walked into the room

''Sir, there is another team missing and this time we have video, it's going to be played in the control room'' the guard said in a hurried tone

''Alright, I'll be there and get this man out of his chains, but keep him under surveillance'' Garrus said rushing out

He ran into the control room where the video had already started on the main screen, he went trough the crowd and looked at the video, which was a point of view of one of the workers.

It started of with POV shot of the worker welding a metal plate together when a scream is heard, he looked to around and started walking to his right and saw something in a corner, he hid behind a crate and saw an asari falling to the ground, he continued hid behind the crate and then was when he heard the marching and a shadow appear behind him, he looked up and a hand came down on him ending the video.

''Do we have any identification on the attacker?'' Garrus yelled looking around

''Sir I've cleaned up the image and found an identification.'' a quarian said from the her chair

The image of the attacker was cleared and it revealed a metallic body with the very particular handles on it's head.

''That's a guardian!'' Liara said confused when the Doctor walked up to her

''What do you mean a Guardian?'' he said looking at her

''They are the new security drones at the Citadel.'' Garrus responded

''I know what that thing is and it is far way from security as it gets.'' the Doctor said in an urgent manner

''So what is it?'' Liara asked

''It's a Cyberman, it's a human brain on a metallic armor, the only thing it wants is to kill and make sure it's race survives. And you said they are security drones, who made them?''

''A man called Yana.''

''No. No that can't be, he was dead.'' the Doctor said in dis-beliefe

''By it's another person with the same name?'' Garrus said

''No, He knew I would come here, he must be working with the Cybermen.''

''And who is he?''

''The Master.''

And that's when an explosion was heard through the corridors, most people started to panic but Liara, Garrus and the Doctor went after the noise, as closer as they got they already started to hear the noise of gun fire and blasters going off, a few more steps ahead they arrived at the small warehouse, the outside wall was destroyed and three Cybermen were firing at the remaing guards that with there small hand fire weren't causing much damage.

''Liara you go right, I go left we attack them from behind.'' Garrus said grabbing his rifle

''Ok. But were's the Doctor?'' she asked looking around

Garrus didn't think much of the Doctor not being there and started going left taking cover behind the crates.

''Swipe the area, the Doctor is to be found and taken.'' the middle Cyberman said

Garrus had taken a good hiding spot in between some crates and was about to take aim on a Cyberman, but in the moment he was about to pull the trigger he heard on his left the sound of metal foot steps, he looked and there was another Cyberman.

''Hostiles are to be deleted.'' it said aiming his arm mounted blaster at Garrus

But Garrus reacted fast and fired one shot damaging the blaster and two more straight into it's head blowing it apart. Mean while Liara was on a fire fight with another Cybermen she fired and took cover when the Cybermen fired back, she continued to fire all she had till the bullets ended and she even knowing that the Cybermen didn't have emotions it knew she had no more fires to shoot. It started to advance on her and threw the crate she was using as cover away and was reaching for her but suddenly it started to emit a noise similar to pain and it placed it's hands to it's head and this also started to happen to the other remaining Cyberman, after a while both of them fell to the ground inactive.

''What happened?'' Liara asked when Garrus helped her up

''Every one of them as a emotional inhibitor chip my sonic screwdriver deactivated it and they remembered who they were the chock was to much and they over loaded.'' the Doctor said from the entrance

''Thank you Doctor.'' both of them said

''There isn't time for that yet. Because for what you said there are more Cybermen in the Citadel and also the Master there is going to happen something and we need to warn the Council. So I'm going to my ship and I'm going to need some help.

''I'll go Doctor.'' Garrus said loading his rifle

''I have to stay in case something else happens.'' Liara responded

''You sure? But if you do just ask Joker to have the Normandy on standby by just in case.'' Garrus said

Liara nodded and walked away, but mean while the Doctor had again disappeared leaving again Garrus looking around and that's when he heard a noise, he continued to look around and saw the big blue box and when it was fully materialized the door opened and the Doctor walked out.

''So are we ready?'' he asked Garrus with a smile on his face

''That is your ship?'' Garrus asked in dis-belief

''You just need to see the inside.'' the Doctor said

Garrus walked in and he was stunned by what he saw it was bigger on the in side than the outside, in the center was a console the walls had hexagonal impressions and it had coral pillars.

''Know this is a ship.'' Garrus said surprised

''Next stop Citadel the center of galactic interaction.'' the Doctor said as he turned all the handles on the console

''So how long will it take to get there?'' Garrus asked a minute later

''What do you mean? We're already there.'' the Doctor said in a play full tone

Garrus thought, the Doctor was kidding but he called his bluff, he walked up to the door and opened it he looked out and saw him self in the Presidium.
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Re: The Master Plan

Postby pta917 » Mon Aug 26, 2013 3:29 am

The Doctor and Garrus stepped out of the TARDIS into the Presidium, it was full of gardens and lakes, they walked to near one of the rails and looked around.

''So there are Cybermen in every corner of this place?'' the Doctor said looking around

''After the Reapers there weren't many people shape to be security so when Yana came along and offered us the guardians the Council didn't think much about it.'' Garrus replied

''And what do you know about the Master?''

''Yana? Not much, he appeared after the invasion as a company called Masters that delivers the mechs and also heals injured soldiers and civilians from the war...'' Garrus was saying until the Doctor interrupted him

''And most of them do not come back?''

''Yes, there's always a reason but most people don't come back.''

''But this is strange normally they only ''upgrade'' humans! It's possible that the Master turned them more efficient, this just keeps getting better and better.'' the Doctor said passing his hand on his head thinking

''Why don't you use the same thing you did back on Thessia?'' Garrus asked like he was saying something obvious

''I can't it takes a good amount of energy to do it and I can't do it in a big scale.'' the Doctor said looking at his screwdriver

Meanwhile the Master was on his way to the Council Tower, on his right was a Cybermen with black handles, the Cyber Leader and on his left was a Cybershade, a four legged Cyber unite with bronze faces and hands covered in black hair covering it's body. The Master himself was wearing a black suit with black globes he walked slowly but with a dominant walk he looked around at the room, it was huge it had trees and also had guardians on each corner. He walked up to the Council's audience chamber, bellow him was a garden and above was the Council made up of a asari, turian, salarian and a human.

''Mister Yana, how good to see you.'' the asarie councilor said looking down at the Master

''He pleasure is all mine. But now I'm going right to business, you will have one chance to surrender all of this to me, if you don't then well you will be killed simple as that.'' the Master said looking at the Council members

''Really? Guardians grab him!'' the turian shouted

The guardians in the room started marching towards the Master and aimed their blasters at him but didn't shoot, the turian councilor looked at them confused and then the guardians aimed their weapons at the Council.

''What is the meaning of this?'' the human councilor asked

''Let me officially introduce you to the Cybermen and I am the Master and you should have done as I told you.'' he replied when the Cyber Leader took a step forward.

''DELETE.'' the Cybermen said firing their blasters killing the Council

''That was quick but first I need to hack the Councils panel.'' the Master said raising his Omni-tool to the panel

''What are you doing?'' the Leader asked facing the Master

''I'm uploading all of the Citadels information into every Cybermen''

''Upload in progress.'' every Cybermen said placing their right fist on their chest

The Doctor and Garrus were on their way to the tower and stopped when they heard the Cybermen repeating the same thing, the civilans also started to walk away from the Cybermen.

''What is happening Doctor?'' Garrus asked

''I don't know they may be extracting something. But what?'' the Doctor said examining one of the Cybermen near the elevator and that's when they heard a voice trough the communicators

''People of the Citadel, this following message is important for your survival, in a few moments you will have a choice or you follow the Cybermen or you wont have much of a survival.'' the voice said

''It's the Master.'' the Doctor said looking around at every Cybermen

''So what do we do now? I don't have enough fire power to take them all out.'' Garrus said grabbing his rifle

''Just let me think! We need to go back to the TARDIS.'' the Doctor said

''And what we run away?''

''No, you are Garrus Vakarian and you are part of one of the best teams that ever existed and we are going to need them.''

And that's when all they Cybermen started to advance on the civilians ordering them to walk, some people with guns started firing but it was pointless they just ended up being killed.

''You will come with me.'' the Cybermen near the elevator said to them

''We will go no where.'' Garrus said pointing his rifle at it

He fired a shot but out of no where a Cybershade jumped at Garrus sending him into the ground and used it's weight to keep him down.

''Let him go. We surrender?'' the Doctor yelled desperate

''He will be deleted, but you will come with us Doctor.'' the Cybermen replied when his head was blown off

The Cybershade looked back and saw a quarian holding a shotgun, it charged at her but she fired several times blowing it apart.

''Thanks for that Tali.'' he said getting back up

''It's nice to see you again Garrus and do you know what's going on?'' she said reloading her weapon

''Hello I'm the Doctor and I know what's going on, this things you call guardians are Cybermen a organic brain in a metallic body.'' the Doctor said giving Tali a handshake

Garrus got backup but the trio soon heard the metallic footsteps of the Cybermen approaching them.

''We have to run now.'' the Doctor said running towards a door that leads to a empty corridor

''Stun mode activated.'' one of the Cybermen said firing a blue beam from his blaster at Garrus

''Garrus!'' Tali yelled running to him just to be stopped by the Doctor

''We have to go. If we go to him we will all be killed.'' he said pulling her into the door

The Cybemen stopped and two of them grabbed him by his arms and dragged him to the now descending elevator, he tried to get free but he was to weak to fight back, the elevator opened and the Master walked off and grabbed Garrus by the neck forcing him to look at him.

''I am the Master and you will obey me.'' he said looking right into Garrus eyes

''I...will...not obey you!'' Garrus said resisting the Master

''You will obey me.'' he Master continued with a more dominant tone

''I...will...obey you.'' Garrus said defeated

''Alright let him go.'' he said to the Cybermen that dropped him to the floor

Garrus slowly got back up and just stood there waiting.

''You will go to the Doctor and send him to me, I will put this device on you it will track your movements, when you get to the Doctor you will say that you were able to escape the Cybermen, is that understood?'' the Master said

''I understand.'' Garrus said
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Re: The Master Plan

Postby pta917 » Wed Aug 28, 2013 4:39 am

The Doctor and Tali ran a good way through the dark corridors, just before Tali slapped him across the face.

''We just left him behind and now he's dead.'' Tali said with tears in her eyes

''He's not dead you heard what they said he was stunned.'' the Doctor said placing his hand on his cheek

''Or he's worse, didn't you say they are organic brains in metal bodys?'' she shouted leanning agains a wall when the Doctor placed his hands on her shoulders

''Tali there is still a chance he is still alive, you are not going to lose anyone else I promise you.'' he said in a calm tone

''It's just since Shepard died, I haven't been in the best state.'' she said when the Doctor sat next to her

''You are not the only one that has lost loved ones. Just look at me the last of my kind, well till the Master showed up, and the one who killed it for the fate of us all.'' the Doctor replied with his head down

''Tali? Doctor?'' the familiar voice of Garrus went throug the corridors

''Garrus! How did you escape?'' Tali said with extiment jumping back to her feet

''I fired a few shots at them and ran away.'' he said

''Really? Lucky guy.'' the Doctor said a bit suspicius

The group started walking through the corridors Garrus behind, the Doctor in the middle and Tali in front keeping every angle covered, but all the way they heard a noise in the air-vents above them.

''We need to go back to the Tardis.'' the Doctor said using his screwdriver as a flash light

''What's a Tardis?'' Tali replied

''It's his ship and we need to find another way to get to it.'' Garrus replied when the Doctor looked back at him

When he did so he he aimed his screwdriver at him causing a small short circuit on the device the Master had placed on him, but this caused Garrus to slam his rifle into the Doctors face, Tali aimed her shotgun at him but couldn't bring her self to fire.

''Put your weapon down Tali.'' Garrus requested gently

''Tali don't do it, he is not himself right now.'' the Doctor said getting back to his feet

''Yes hear what he's saying you don't need to shoot me Tali just come with me.'' Garrus said in a sick tone

Mean while the Doctor activated his sonic screwdriver causing an eletric shock to go from the traking device in Garrus neck, causing him to drop his rifle and time for Tali to hit him over the head with the handle of her shotgun knocking him out.

''What happened to him?'' she said

''The Master hipnotised him.'' the Doctor said removing the small device

''So what now? How does he get back to normal?''

''In time I think when he wakes up he will be mostly fine.''

''But we don't have that much time, I think they are going to notice that he isn't transmitting it.''

''That is true Tali. I think I will have to drag him to...Where are we actually going?''

''I don't know you said you had a ship? And I also have one we can get there it's in the docking bay.''

''Sounds like a plan.'' he said grabing Garrus by his feet and starting to drag him

And after a few meters the seeling came crashing down in front of them, from the wrekage a badly damaged Cybershade rose and looked at them, but before it could attack a krogan also appeared and blew it apart with his shotgun.

''Is that a krogan?'' the Doctor asked surprised

''It's not only a krogan it's Grunt.'' Tali said in the same tone

''Tali! Fun day don't you think?'' Grunt said happily

''What are you doing here?' the quarian asked

''I was with a few of my squad mates when we were attacked by those metal things, most of them were killed and after smashing a few of these things around the floor gave out.'' Grunt said looking at the Cybershade

''It's nice to see you again.'' she said

''Yeah, and did you get Liaras message?'' the Krogan asked

''No, what did it say?''

''When she heard of the attack she got the Normandy and is comming here to get Garrus and who ever of the old team she can, I told I would be waiting for her at the dock and so I was going there right now, it's going to be like the good old days.''

''And I'm the Doctor.'' the Doctor said rising his hand for a handshake which Grunt did almost crushing the Doctors hands

''What's wrong with him?'' the krogan said pointing at Garrus.

''He was acting a bit crazy so we had to knock him out.'' Tali said

''There's always something wrong with turians.'' the krogan replied with a grin

''Find them, the Doctor is to be capture but the rest is disposable.'' the voice of a Cybermen said behind them

They started running away, but before going Grunt threw a grenade a the Cybermen and another at the damaged ceiling causing it to colapse and block the Cybermen.

Back on the Council tower the Master was analysing the blue prints of the corridors when the Cyber-Leader appeared.

''We lost contact with Cyber unit 120 to 124.'' the Leader said facing the Master

''Yes. But we already have the Tardis.'' he said looking at the Cybermen

''It is useless without the Doctor to pilot it. We have also found a ship approaching the Citadel.''

''It most be the Normandy, let it approach, let it even dock and then we can get them all.'' the Master said
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Re: The Master Plan

Postby pta917 » Wed Sep 04, 2013 2:23 am

The group continued to walk through the corridors till they arrived to the door that lead to the docking bay.

''So how long till the Normandy arrives?'' Garrus asked Grunt

''I don't know.'' Grunt replied

''Good. We stay here or go there and wait till it arrives but we still will be faced with Cybermen.'' Tali replied

''They may not kill us. They must have a plan for us or else i think we would be dead or worse.'' the Doctor said using his screwdriver to open the door

The door after a while opened to the docking bay which was in chaos, most ships where destroyed and also the floor was covered in corpses. Grunt and Garrus went first looking around at the ships and containors but no Cybermen where present.

''Everything looks clear.'' Garrus said as the Doctor and Tali walked in

''So many dead. Why?'' Tali asked the Doctor

''They might have tried to run away and were killed.'' the Doctor replied when they heard the Cybermen approaching

''Take cover.'' Garrus said jumping behind a container but the Cybermen spotted them

''You will come with us.'' one of the Cybermen said

''How many are they?'' Grunt asked Garrus

''Three.'' Garrus replied using his rifle to spot them

''You will come with us.'' the Cybermen said again

''We aren't going any where!'' Garrus shouted

''You don't have a choice. Resistance will lead to your destruction.''

''We need a pretty good reason to go with you.'' the Doctor said in a mocking tone

''I can give you a good reason Doctor.'' a male voice said

''Master?'' the Doctor asked in a serious tone

''Yes, and if you don't come with me your friends will be killed.''

''And then what? I get upgraded and be like them?''

''No of course not you will join us and rule a new empire.''

''No. Never.''

''Alright, then I will take you by force. Get them.'' the Master said ordering the Cybermen

''Delete.'' the Cybermen said firing at them

''But don't kill the Doctor he is useful to us.''

As they were firing from a door came run Liara firing an RPG at the Cybermen, destroying the three Cybermen and forcing the Master to go into hiding.

''Glad to see you're alright. We should go.'' Liara said

''Nice shoot. And who else is with you.'' Garrus asked

''Samara, James and Miranda.'' Liara responded

''Master come with us you know that this wont end well.'' the Doctor said

''Wrong Doctor.'' he replied as another group of Cybemen appeared

''DELETE!'' the Cybermen said as they started firing

The group started running with Grunt and Tali covering them, they ran even with the shooting and arrived at the entrance to the Normandy where Samara, Vega and Miranda where waiting.

''Who's he?'' Miranda asked looking at the Doctor

''It's a long story but we can trust him.'' Tali replied in a honest tone

They ran back to the Normandy but, the Cybermen just continued going after them, Samara used her biotics to create a barrier to stop the Cybermen advance, but it wouldn't hold up much longer as they started to fire at it.

''Samara we need to go.'' James shouted at Samara

''If I go the barrier falls and they kill us.'' she said starting to weaken

She was on her knees trying to keep the Cybermen away, when the ceiling started to fall apart with the sound of explosions, Samara looking at the situation decided to just fire the biotic energie to the Cybermen crushing them.

''Alright, now back to the Normandy.'' Garrus shouted firing a few shoots at the remaining Cybermen

Right when the rest of the area was falling apart the Normandy flew away but right after them was a giant Cybermen.

''What is that?'' Joker asked from the command station

''It appears to be a ship.'' EDI replied when the Doctor ran in

''It's a Cyberking, dreadnought class ship about 20 meters tall and with enough fire power to blow this ship out of the cosmos.'' he said walking to Joker

''I'm going.'' Joker said kinda annoyed flying off

''They are escaping.'' a Cybermen said looking at their scanners

''Do not pursuit, the Doctor will come to us.'' the Cyber Leader replied looking at the TARDIS who was behind him

''We should go after them before they destroy you all.'' the Master said

''That will not happen we will concentrate on the invasion.'' the Leader said in return
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Re: The Master Plan

Postby pta917 » Sat Sep 07, 2013 3:32 am

As the Normandy flew through space escaping from the Cybermen, they received a distress signal from a passing ship, they didn't see anything wrong in helping it and docked in it.

The Doctor, Miranda and Garrus walked off and waiting for them was a salarian.

''So how can we help you today?'' the Doctor asked in a relaxed tone

''You can't help me but you can help them.'' the salarian said turning back revealing a Cybermen

Garrus and Miranda quickly opened fire taking it down but soon the walls came crashing down as an army of Cybermen appeared and fired their stun blasters at the three knocking them out. But Tali, Samara, Grunt and James came running out of the Normandy to rescue the other three, but in the mist of all of this they also were knocked out.

James was lucky to get away from the blasts and hid behind a crate and threw a grenade at a few Cybermen heavily damaging them.

''He can be destroyed he is of no importance to us.'' one of the Cybermen said

Then the Cybermen started to shoot to kill, but James wasn't giving up he keep shooting and taking a few Cybermen out but what he didn't notice was that behind him was a Cybershade, it tackled James through the crate and grabbed him by the neck and started driving electric energy into him killing him in a few seconds.

''Take them back to the base.'' a Cybermen said pointing at the group

As they grabed them the Normandy started to take off.

''We can't leave them behind EDI.'' Joker said pressing around his controls

''They are to many for us to fight, we need to find another way.'' EDI replied as the Normandy took off

Mean while back on the Cybermen base, which was a big cylindrical shaped ship, a Cyberman entered the Masters lab, it was a big room light grey with machinery on every wall except the wall in front of the entrance door.

''What is it?'' the Master asked annoyed

''The Doctor has been captured, he and his group are been taken here.'' it replied

''Excellent. He must be brought to me.''

A few hours later the Doctor woke up strapped to a metal chair in the Masters lab, he looked around and saw the Master behind him.

''Where am I?'' the Doctor asked

''Your on the Cybermens ship and I am here to make you a preposition.'' the Master responded

''Really? And what is it?''

''You can join us Doctor. Join me in the control of a new empire.''

''Do you really think that the Cybermen will let that happen? I'm one of their greatest enemies they wont let me live.''

''They will, but if you don't want to do it I can just as well put you through unspeakable for what you did to me Doctor!'' the Master said with anger in his voice pushing a button

The Doctor tried not to scream in pain as electric energy went through his body.

''So Doctor? What do you say, will you join me?''

''Power like that is evil.'' the Doctor said with his head down

''I guess I have my answer. It's time to pay Doctor.'' the Master said pressing the button again

But then the power went down, and the Cyber Leader walked in followed by two other Cybermen.

''What is the meaning of this? I'm not finished with him.'' the Master said angered

''This is over. The Doctor will come with us and so will you.'' the Cyber Leader said as a Cyberman grabbed the Masters arm

''We had a deal.'' the Master shouted

''The deal is over, we will take both of you and the superior one will be upgraded to Cyber Controller.''

''What about the other one.'' the Doctor asked being replaced from the chair by the other Cyberman

''He will be deleted.''
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Re: The Master Plan

Postby pta917 » Sat Sep 07, 2013 5:36 am

The Cybermen dragged the Master and the Doctors through the corridors and to a cell where Garrus, Miranda, Liara, Tali, Samara and Grunt were detained, they opened the door and threw the Doctor and the Master in, but before they closed the door Grunt got up and tackled one of the Cybermen into a wall and head butted the other.

''I told you it would be easy to get away.'' Grunt said with satisfaction

''Yeah, yeah.'' Garrus responded rolling his eyes

''Are you mad? Now the rest of them know that we escaped!'' the Master said

''And why should we listen to you? You were working with the Cybermen.'' Miranda asked

''They betrayed him. I think he will be happy to help us as long as he lives.'' the Doctor said

As they were talking the alarm went off and the Cybermen went on the move.

''So how do we get off this ship?'' Tali asked

''There are escape pods on the dock.'' the Master replied

''But first we have to stop the Cybermen. Do you have any ideas?'' the Doctor said looking at the Master

''Maybe? As you know every Cybermen is connected by a hive mind if we can get to the bridge we can send a signal to deactivate the Cybermens emotional inhibitor chip.'' he replied

''Sounds good. I'll go the rest of you have to get away.'' the Doctor said

''And we leave you? We wont leave you behind to die.'' Garrus said

''No you are not, if you say behind you will die.''

''And about you how will you get away?''

''The TARDIS it's in the station isn't it?'' he said to the Master

''It is. And I'm going with you Doctor you can't do this alone'' the Master responded

''I've sent a signal to the Normandy.'' Liara said closing her Omni-tool

But as they were talking the Cybermen were getting closer and closer to the point their shadows were appearing near the corner.

''Every subject most be deleted.'' the Cyber Leader said taking aim

The group started running through the dark corridors, till they arrived at a bi-forcation.

''Where to the ship dook.'' Tali asked

''To the left and the main control room is to the right.'' the Master responded

''Now you all go.'' the Doctor said

''It was a pleasure to meet you Doctor.'' Garrus said saluting him

''There is no time for good byes Garrus the Cybermen are getting closer

As the Doctor said that the Cyber Leader caught up with them and fire hitting Grunt, the blast didn't kill him but dropped him to his knees.

''You will all be deleted.'' the Leader said as he was about to fire again

Quickly the Doctor used his screwdriver to cause a short-circuit on the Cyber-Leaders blaster, the Leader still tryed to fire but it a small explosion that damaged the Cybermans arm. The group splited up and the Doctor and Master ran to the entrance of the control room and one Cyberman was in side.

''I have a small blaster could give us time to do what we need.'' the Master said

''Alright. Let me just open the door.'' the Doctor said pushing a button to open the door

''You will be deleted.'' the Cyberman said approaching them when the Master fired his blaster damaging the Cybermans left shoulder

''Come on Doctor go to the controls!'' the Master said when the Cyberman grabbed his left arm forcing him to drop the blaster.

''I need the code to the inivitors.'' the Doctor said starting to punch a few buttons with his right hand and using his screwdriver with his left.

But before the Master could replied the Cyberman threw him into the ground and the placed his arm around the Doctors neck and started to apply pressured.

''The code is 10#set567289.'' the Master said getting back up

The Doctor started writing as fast as he could before the Cybermen killed him and with a final push the code was in and every emotional inhibitor chip was deactivated, the Cybermen started to scream in agony, starting to deactivate, their ships also crashed and the Cyberkings fell to the ground exploding.

''It's done.'' the Doctor said placing his hand around his neck and looking around he saw that the Master had run away.

But he wasn't saved yet the ship started to enter the self-destruct mode, he ran off the room and went trough the corridors and into the storage room where the TARDIS was located, he was about to enter when someone grabbed his neck.

''You will not escape Doctor.'' the Cyber Leader said

''Your fleet is dead and the ship is going down you will stay here as well.''

''But you will still be deleted.'' he said discharging electric energies into the Doctor

The Doctor started to feel the pain go all over his body and over taking him.

''Your form is weak Doctor.'' the Cyber Leader said continuing his attack

''Maybe.'' the Doctor said finally ramming his screwdriver into the Leaders damaged arm and started to cause a short-circuit

''NO. WE MUST SURVIVE.'' he said before collapsing

The Doctor fell to his knees and in horror noticed that one of his hearts had started to give up. He used his remaing strengths and walked into the TARDIS, he continued to go into the controls and quickly dematerialized.

While on the TARDIS, the Doctor threw his jacket to the ground and just stood there thinking for a while when yellow energie bursted through him and he started to regenerate.
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Re: The Master Plan

Postby pta917 » Sat Sep 07, 2013 6:06 am

A few months later the Doctor, now in his 11th from, was sitting on a park bench waiting for Amy who was shopping in a near by shop, it was a beautiful day and he had decided to take a look at a news paper. And that's when someone wearing black sat next to him.

''Lovely day isn't it.'' the man said

''Yeah great.'' the Doctor replied distracted

''Don't recognize me Doctor?'' he asked

''Not... Wait! How can it be?'' the Doctor said realized it was the Master

''How? Well Doctor I had heard that on Thessia there was an abandoned TARDIS, most likely it belonged to renegade after I escaped the Cybermen I went to Thessia and found it working.'' the Master said pointing to a tree behind them where was someone wearing all black with a covered face.

''And who is that?'' the Doctor asked looking back

''That's my asari companion.''

''Since when do you have companions?''

''She is deadly, she obeys me what else could I ask for.'' the Master said with a grin

While they were talking Amy arrive with bags on each hand.

''Come on Doctor. Who's your friend?'' she said looking at the Master

''I'm a very good friend of the Doctor.'' he said kissing her hand

''Nice to meet you and what is your name.''

''You can just call me the Master.'' he said in a more intimidating tone just before walking off

''Doctor didn't you say...'''

''I know what I said.'' he said interrupting her

''Aren't you going to go after him?''

''Well...No, not yet.'' the Doctor said walking towards the TARDIS


''I am the last of my race Amy, it would be good to not say that for a while.''

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