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Postby Primevalgodzilla V2 » Wed Aug 29, 2012 9:33 pm

Prologue: The End of Everything

It was a Wednesday. A particularly solemn one. How many Wednesdays ago, I have long forgotten, but I do remember it started then. Maybe signs of it had taken place earlier. But for me, anyway, that was where it started. The first nail in Mankind's coffin. I felt greater pain then than I feel now, oddly enough. Tragedy, sorrow, agony, they numb. And the numbing is the worst part of all. It feels as though you have lost the last bit of humanity you desperately cling to is gone. Snatched away. Emotionally and physically.

Where was I? Yes, it was my brother. He's gone like everyone else. But he was important. All those others who suffered pain of death- or worse- they seem like a blur now. I can barely remember them now. I am sure I wept over them when they perished, but now, it matters little to me. I remember even less of when we ruled the world. Homo Sapiens, yes, we were the dominant species on this planet. We thought that if we ever perished, it would be of our own volition. Global Warming, wrought by our factories and cars. A nuclear war between China and India. Or some sort of super virus. What arrogance.

If anyone is reading my last note, do not bother looking for me, for I will already be gone. In what form my extinction will be I cannot be sure, but it is inevitable nonetheless. Maybe a few months ago I would beseech you to come down to the bunker with the rest of us, but now I can only tell you it is futile. We, the last survivors, can only welcome our extinction. Even if we could wipe them out, but then we cannot stop the forces beyond our control.

Farwell, humanity. May we be glorified in their memory.

Richard Astine
It is a simple story. There is nothing that brings me happiness. Be it believing in others or them believe in me, it did not matter.
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