Godzilla vs Sesame Street (based on a video)

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Godzilla vs Sesame Street (based on a video)

Postby edgaguirus » Mon Jul 02, 2012 8:56 pm

It was a sunny on Sesame Street. It had been an uneventful afternoon, but soon a bell was heard. A fruit vendor and his cart came into view. The kids and Maria, sitting and talking about the letter G on the front steps, were feeling a little hungry. They went over to the vendor.

" What can I do for you today? I'm Garry, and fruit is my game."

" We could a snack," Maria said. " What have we got here? Grapes, grapefruit, and......we need more fruits to start with G."

The ground shook. It made them all jump. The ground shook a second time. " What is that," asked Luis from the repair shop. A third rumble made a toaster he'd been wroking on fall to the floor. Soon the answer came. They saw a huge head, scaly and dinosaur like, turn and look down at them. " G. Godzilla," he said before fleeing from the repair shop. Godzilla roared and turned onto Sesame Street. His feet pounded the pavement, cracking it and rattling the buildings. People and puppets ran as the monster stomped its way toward them.

From behind a door came a blue figure in a red cape. " This looks like a job for...Super Grover!" The furry monster flew towards Godzilla. Grover pushed against Godzilla, but was getting nowhere. " I have you now, Godzilla. Leave now while you have a chance." Godzilla flicked away the annoying monster. Grover slammed into a wall and slid down to the ground. " Super Grover will be back after these messages," he woozily said before passing out.

Elmo tried to convice Godzilla to stop, but Elmo was baked alive with atomic breath. It seemed nothing could stop this monster.

" Run," yelled Bob. He helped herd the kids and monsters to safety. They would be safe if they reached the nearest subway station. The underground would put some distance between them and Godzilla.

Meanwhile, Godzilla's tail swept across the cul de sac. Masonry, wood, and metal tumbled to the ground. A pile of debris fell on a trash can. Out of the can came Oscar. " Can you keep it down out here, I can't hear myself........ " Godzilla moved closer to the grouches lair. " You're not kicking this can." He disappeared into the can.

The evacuation was nearly complete. A headcount showed most were accounted for, but then Maria noticed someone missing. " Big Bird? Where's Big Bird?"

" Look," shouted Gordon. Above Godzilla, Big Bird flew with a device strapped to his chest.Big Bird dive bombed Godzila. He caught Godzilla's attention, and Godzilla tried to swat Big Bird. The yellow bird dodged the claws, and then pecked a button on the device. A pair of eggs fell onto Godzilla's eyes, temporarily blinding him. The people cheered.

From Oscar's can came a mechanical noise. The lid popped off, and a large gun emerged from the can. " Say hello to my little friend," Oscar laughed. " Eat your heart out, Pacino." Oscar aimed his weapon and squeezed the trigger. Tin cans fired in rapid succession, striking Godzilla again and again.

Godzilla had cleared his eyes, but the barrage of eggs and cans was holding him at bay. Not for long, though. The angry kaiju turned around, shattering Oscar's gun with a powerful tail blow. Godzilla then kicked the can, sending it flying. Oscar was annoyed, but then noticed the claw mark on the side of his can. " Not bad. Works pretty well with the dents." Big Bird was next. A well aimed atomic beam clipped his wing, and the yellow bird fell to the ground below.

Luis and Gordon went ot rescue Big Bird. Godzilla was moving towards the injured bird. " Save yourselves," Big Bird said. " Don't worry about me."

" It's all of us or none of us," Gordon stated, helping lift Big Bird and carry him. " What we really need is our own giant monster."

A lightbulb went on over Maria's head. " That's it." She grabbed a cooking. " G is for grow, like if you were to eat this...COOKIE." She made sure to emphasize the last word.

" Cookie!" Cookie monster ran to Maria and quickly devoured the cookie. " Cookie monster feel funny." He felt something, like a fire withing him, spreading from his core to his limbs. He began to grow. It started with his feet and legs, and then went up his body. Cookie monster rose in proportions and height until he stood eye to eye with Godzilla. " Me big."

" Go get Godzilla! Get Godzilla," the people cried out.

Cookie monster wasn't sure how to fight, but he could try to push Godzilla back. He ran at Godzilla, but Godzilla nailed his chest with an atomic blast. Like King Kong, Cookie monster stood there for a moment, uncertain, but that soon gave way to anger. " You burn me fur. I crush big lizard!" Cookie monster jumped over Godzilla. Before Godzilla could turn about, he was tackled by the blue monster. Fists hit Godzilla again and again. Godzilla managed to claw Cookie Monster's arm, stopping the fists. Godzilla then pushed Cookie monster off him.

The two foes circled eachother. Godzilla charged, and Cookie monster ducked to the side. Cookie monster grabbed Godzilla's tail and lifted the kaiju into the air. He slammed him into the ground, and continued this. Godzilla left a huge indention in the ground. Cookie monster grabbed the dazed Godzill by the neck, and he gave him a noogie. " You cry uncle."

After several moments of this, Godzilla cried uncle. Godzilla made a grumbling noise, and Cookie monster seemed to understand. The two monsters shook hands, and Godzilla left. Sesame Street was saved. It was a noisy scene as the people cheered and praised Cookie monster. Suddenly, however, the celebration stopped. They heard a rumble. It was Cookie monster's stomach.

Cookie monster rubbed his belly. " Fight make me hungry. Me eat..eat...Sesame Street!" A new attack began. Sesame Street was ripped up my huge blue hands and shoveled into a giant mouth.

" Godzilla, come back," yelled the people and monsters. " Come back!" Sesame Street was destroyed that day, but all learned a lesson about irony, which starts with I.
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