A poem featuring OCs.

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A poem featuring OCs.

Postby Gexistentialist » Wed Jun 20, 2012 4:34 pm

A Father from Afar
by Connor Bible

When I first laid eyes on you,
A sun set and another rose,
And a sea of wonder filled my docks.
But the sea would quickly dry, for
With your birth came also the chance to die,
Your sun extinguished by a bent finger.
I didn’t want to see you brought into the maelstrom with your first breath.
I wanted your seas to flow,
And so I let you go.
Junko Ogata.
A woman who wanted to keep her roots flowing,
But tragically, could not.
With the end of a mother’s heartbeat, came the tempest of another.
Enveloping you in her arms before me, I let the darkness, the dread, be cast away.
I wanted your happiness to coalesce, and out of curiosity, asked of your handle.
“Ryuhei,” she gasped so bittersweet.
When you took off as a dragon, I was locked between grief and hope.
And a sea flowed from my eyes as I groveled on the new barrier between you and me,
That bore the mark of my hand.

What followed were glimpses, specters, fragments of glass and chances missed.
There you are, wrapped in Junko’s arms, face glued to a breast not of your blood, but yet of your blood,
There you are, running after Junko and embracing her as she
steps from her hover, after a long day's work.
There you are, building a sand castle.
All the while, I plead to be there.
But I should not.

I am Ranus Balkarus, the legendary solider, an Alpha.
I am your father.
From the blood, and from afar.
Writer. Creator. Human Being.

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