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Re: Promote your site/forums here

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GmkGoji wrote:Not too sure if anyone has already posted this.
Besides Godzilla, it hosts Alien, Predator, jurassic park, and star wars too.
I don't think you've realized how much of a horror show Scified is yet.

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Re: Promote your site/forums here

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Oh trust me, I know some seriously WACK stuff that has gone down there. I've contributed as well...
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Re: Promote your site/forums here

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My friend and I are doing a podcast (gasp! surprise!) but the difference is not only having a co-host who had no real point of reference for the films before starting, but also really trying to dive into themes and ideas that may not be explicit. Ultimately, we aren't asking for people to agree with our assessments, but if we can get people to think about this films more deeply, that's all we can ask for!
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Re: Promote your site/forums here

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Re: Promote your site/forums here

Post by BabyG1975 »

One of the largest Godzilla Discord servers available, we here at Kaiju Conversation are open to all discussions!

We talk about Godzilla, Gamera, Ultraman, and everything in between!

Everything within reason goes, we have fun, great mods, trivia questions, a music bot, and recording bots. Voice chats are regular and the general chats are active!
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Re: Promote your site/forums here

Post by Extreme Warhawk » ... Y5fkclQ3lw

My YouTube channel, I am doing a lets play of Darkest Hour: A Hearts of Iron game with the Kaiserreich mod.

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Re: Promote your site/forums here

Post by Angilas »

This isn't my channel, per se, but one that I've been making animations for! :huge:

It's LoFi HipHop, so just sit back and enjoy the vibes. 8-)

The background for the first one was originally inspired by Mt. Fuji (perhaps a subconscious nod to my longtime interest in G-films? :g2k: ).

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Re: Promote your site/forums here

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Facebook page for my ongoing series: ... e_internal
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Re: Promote your site/forums here

Post by Firestorm »

Not my website, but I'm the only one that bothers taking care of it, here's the /m/ wikia.

Dedicated to storing information on mecha and toku that wikipedia doesn't like and doesn't have a good wiki or just isn't in English. Lots of original research. It's mostly in good shape but it'd be appreciated if I can get a few extra pairs of hands. Most "hard" pages are already fully fleshed out, there is a to do list I am willing to share if anyone is interested, a wikia account is mandatory for user privacy/security. Every article is linked on the front page.

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Re: Promote your site/forums here

Post by Kiryu2012 »

Been wanting to make this shout out for a while. Genome Incorporated is a forum that's all about combining the DNA of different species (you can use both animals and plants if you want), and putting them against each other in battles to the death. There are also events you can join where you can either enlist of your preexisting monsters or make a new one with the DNA you can get. Do note that you need an account in order to view members' monsters and such, but you can still view the rules and such. We'd like for more people to join this site and help make it more active.
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Holy poop man.

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Re: Promote your site/forums here

Post by VoyagerGoji »

Not mine but eh. Politics and War is an online nation strategy game where you manage a country! You can do anything you would think you’d do as a leader. It’s really fun. My name is Kaiser Heinrich IV and my nation is the Second Germanic Empire.
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Re: Promote your site/forums here

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Shameless plug: I started a youtube channel today. It's gonna be mostly comics but eventually a wide range of topics and conversation. It's called Kitchen Table Comics, and I'm aiming for a more positive informal review deal. I'd be very appreciative if you guys would take a look and drop a sub if you like what you see, bear in mind I'm brand new to this! Lol. First review is Three Jokers book one, beware of spoilers. Link is in my sig.
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