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Resident Evil Fan Art

Postby Monster X » Sat Feb 23, 2019 4:41 pm

Ok so I've commissioned some self insert, resident evil art and I feel like sharing.

The person who did the art for me was plaguebr, who dose some kick ass kaiju art.

Also since this character is basically me, right down to the fact I modelled for the first piece and is named after me, I might as well get this part over with. My names Paul.

G-Paul - Stage 1

Paul’s Note:

My name is Paul, please tell my family I loved them. I've barricaded the door so I won't be able to get out and hopefully it will stop me from hurting anyone who eventually comes in. If I hurt anyone I'm sorry.

Not sure how much time I've got, I feel (Writing becomes eligible)

skreeonk I feel bad. I was on the underground platform with my family when it happened. Panic Screaming Blood Zombies

As I was looking felt a pain in neck, turned saw wo woman. Smiling. Disappeared into the crowed. Saw family moving with crowed. Safe. Knew what happened couldn't put them at risk. Ran away (Writing become eligible once more)

Feel bad, pain all over but r e a l bad down left side

Skin changing wha he uc

H u r t

F A M I L Y (Letters written with such force the pen ripped through the page)

G-Paul - Stage 2

BSAA - Golgotha (G) Virus Briefing Notes:

We have had unconfirmed reports that the G-Virus may have been used as part of a bio-terror attack on London. As a result this information is being issued to all BSAA operatives so that they may be better prepared to combat this threat should they encounter it in the field.

The G-Virus was developed by Dr. William Birkin, a virologist who worked for Umbrella Inc.

Unlike the T-Virus which typically causes cellular necrosis in infected organisms, the G-Virus is able to bring its host back to life with regenerative capabilities effectively granting biological immortality. As a result creatures created by the virus, here after referred to as "G", are highly resistant to small and medium calibre weapons as their bodies can repair damage almost as soon as it's inflicted. Because of this, operatives are advised to engage G's using heavy weapons when the option is available. G are subject to continuous mutation and reactive adaption, with no two individuals being alike. They grow larger, stronger and more deadly the longer they live so it is of the utmost importance that they are located and terminated ASAP. G almost universally have extra eyes growing on their bodies. These eye's grant a greater field of vision but are also more vulnerable to damage. Unlike the T-Virus, the G-virus is not transmittable via injury so operatives who survive an encounter need not fear secondary infection. G are capable of spread the virus however. They accomplish this by implanting "embryos" into another creature's body via forced oral insertion. G will generally seek out host with compatible genetics, specifically the host's blood relatives, to infect but they have been known to infect random individuals a well. While an anti-viral vaccine exists, hosts must be treated immediately in order to prevent the creation of another G. If they cannot be treated they must be terminated due to the risk they pose.

There are two types of G.

G-Primary - A host who was infected directly with the virus, generally via injection. G-Primary benefit from all the aforementioned abilities the G-virus grants. They are documented as being extremely hostile and should be dealt with caution. The virus robs it's host of their mental faculties, meaning G-Primary function predominantly on pure instinct. While they are capable of limited speech, this is theorised to possibly be a tactic to fool it's primary targets into leaving themselves vulnerable to infection. On very rare occasions G-Primary have displayed vestiges of their former selves, however this is fleeting and should be ignored. There is currently no cure for a person who has begun mutating into a G-Primary. To date only two G-Primary have been documented, classified as G-Birkin (Racoon City Outbreak) and G-Miller (WilPharma Fiasco).

G-Spawn - The result of G-Virus embryos gestating within incompatible hosts. The embryo will rapidly mutate and fatally erupt from the hosts body in a matter of minutes. The embryo will then quickly grown into an adult G-spawn. G-Spawn are a shadow of their progenitors. While large, their bodies are malformed and disproportioned, making them generally slow and cumbersome. Their regenerative powers are also lacking, making them far more vulnerable to standard issue weapons and they seem to lack any adaptive capabilities. That said they are still physically quit powerful and use ambush tactics to make up for their lack of agility. G-Spawn have universally been documented as vomiting up embryos as an offensive tactic and some have been recorded vomiting a poisonous slime. There has been one case were a group of G-Spawn appeared to set up some form of "nesting area".

During the current operation should a G-Primary be positively identified, it is imperative that any blood relative it may be tracking be taken into custody for their own protection and to prevent the creation of more G-Primaries.

Currently we have reports of a creature fitting the description of a G-Primary being sighted in the London Zoo.
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