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Talking about Giant Robots

Postby Monster X » Tue Jan 01, 2019 7:06 am

Ok so one of my faviort genres, along with Kaiju, is the giant robot genre. How that love started is rather complex, Godzilla played it's part with Mechagodzilla but it was not the only one. I'm old enough to have been around when Power Rangers started airing and that has to be a factor. However what really kicked it off proper was unrelated. A few years back I found myself getting into anime again, I'd always liked anime but had been focused on other things, yet found most modern anime no to my taste. So I broke out my old Guyver OVA VHSs and went through their advertisements to help me find older stuff I'd be interested in. The first one I looked up was Go Nagai's Devilman, which I liked so much I started looking up his other works which in turn lead me to Mazinger Z. From there I've amassed a rather sizeable collection of Giant Robot related content, although I make it a rule not to collect any "real robot" style series like Gundam. So I feel like chatting about some of my faviorts and maybe introducing some of you to stuff you didn't know about.

So for starts I'll talk about Go Nagai's 70's to 80's Super Robot Shows. While not the first giant robots, these guys set a lot of the trends you find in modern shows. Their called "Super" robots because they are Super Heroes Mechs, normally powered by some special, fictional energy and armed to the teeth with powerful weapons. They are also an engineers worst nightmare.

Mazinger Z - 1972

Probably the most well known of all, Mazinger Z is both the first Super Robot and the first piloted robot. It is not the first Giant Robot ever, that title belongs to Tesujin-28 (known state side as Gigantor), but prior to Mazinger all giant robots were ether remote controlled or autonomous. Mazinger Z made of Super Alloy Z, an enhanced version of the fictional metal Japanium, which is found only near Mt. Fuji, and powered by Photon Energy, a new vertually infinite and clean energy generated when Japanium undergoes Nuclear Fission. Mazinger Z was created by the man who discovered Japanium, Juzo Kabuto, as a weapon to combat his old college and would be dictator Dr. Hell and his army of Mechanical Beasts. Juzo was killed by Dr. Hell's minions befor he could use it however, so he passed it on to his grandson Koji with the words "With Mazinger Z you can either become a God or a Devil!".

Mazinger Z is a very powerful machine. Any one of it's weapon systems are a one hit kill to practically all of Dr. Hell's Mechanical Beasts, which are effectively invulnerable to military weapons, and it can also out muscle them. While it can be damaged by extensive combat, it can shrug off most of whats thrown at it by Dr. Hell's forces. As a result the villains are forced to constantly come up with new schemes to try and weaken or disable Mazinger Z or kill Koji to try and win. This is a Monster of the Week style show, so the villains can't just mob him with an army of robots because plot. That said Mazinger Z has weaknesses. It originally could not fly and it's functionality in water is decreased. Also the rare metal Alloy X can effortlessly pierce Super Alloy Z. Mazinger Z's control unit is the Pilder, a an air-based, hover craft that docks into the top of Mazinger Z's head. Of all Go Nagai's Robots Mazinger Z underwent the most upgrades and modifications during the run of it's series. It's most iconic one being the Scrander, a winged jet pack that allowed Mazinger Z to fly.

Height: 18 meters
Weight: 20 tons
Neck Circumference: 5.6 meters
Chest Circumference: 13.6 meters
Arm Circumference: 5.3 meters
Leg Circumference: 6.2 meters
Arm Length: 7 meters
Leg Length: 9 meters
Walking Speed: 50 kilometers per hour
Running Speed: 360 kilometers per hour
Swimming Speed: 20 knots
Flight Speed: Mach 3
Ceiling: 630 meters
Maximum Lift: 150 tons
Output: 65,000 horsepower

Photon Beam: Mazinger Z can fire photons in a the form of a laser through its eyes. This move is not very strong, and is usually used to get enemies attention, get them off the Mazinger, or take out projectiles.

Rocket Punch: Mazinger Z's signature move, firing its arm through the air powered by rockets smashing everything in it's path. Its direction can be controlled in flight to either return the fist to Mazinger, or do more damage through a rocket on its finger. Both fists can be launched either simultaneously, or individually as the pilot deems necessary.

Daisharin Rocket Punch: Mazinger Z spins its arms rapidly and builds up momentum before firing off both fists in standard Rocket Punch fashion.

Iron Cutter: an improved Rocket Punch designed by Dr. Morimori in which the forearm deploys a pair of razor-sharp axe-like blades, allowing it to cut and slash as well as bludgeon. This is the only physical weapon in Mazinger Z's arsenal which can damage Super Alloy Z.

Reinforced Rocket Punch: It's basically the Rocket Punch, but it's reinforced with stronger armour.

Missile Punch: Mazinger Z mounts a missile launch bay in its belly, which can store several missiles. The missile fired has a force of 100 tons of TNT.

Rust Hurricane: Acid/corrosive material mixed with compressed air is propelled from M his mouth, instantly corroding the metals enemy robots are made of. It apparently can even corrode Super Alloy Z.

Breast Fire: Firing an extremely intense beam of concentrated heat (30,000 degrees Celsius) from the chest heat sinks , Mazinger Z can literally melt/vaporize enemies. Its power can be focused for even more intense heat. It also melts off the paint job.

Drill Missile: A barrage of small, needle-like missiles fired from ports in Mazinger's upper arms. This attack was typically performed after the Rocket Punch was launched, but before the forearm(s) had returned to dock back with Mazinger.
However a mechanism permits to partially detach the forearms to fire the Drill Missiles without the need to perform the Rocket Punch.

Cryo-Beam: Mazinger unleashes a blast of intense cold of -180 degrees Celsius that is capable of freezing even flames; this attack was alternately fired from the mouth grill or the spikes on the sides of Mazinger's head.

Finger Missile: A rarely-used attack where Mazinger fires the last joint of its fingers as miniature missiles.

Mazin Power: A power-up move that amplifies the Mazinger's power output.

With Jet Scrander:

Scrander Cutter: Mazinger Z uses the Jet Scrander as a "flying blade" and attempts to slash its' opponent with the wings.

Southern Cross Knife: Contained within the Jet Scrander's wings are shuriken which can be fired as missiles.

As a little showcase, here's a battle from the latest movie from the franchise Mazinger Z: Infinity.

Great Mazinger - 1974

Built by Koji's father, Dr. Kenzo, Great Mazinger was built to combat the threat behind Dr. Hell. The Mycenae Empire, a powerful military force from ancient times that had arisen to concur the earth once more. Kenzo revelled Great Mazinger and it's chosen pilot, his adopted son Tetsuya, after Mazinger Z had been destroyed in battle by two of the Mycenae's Warrior Beasts. Great Mazinger is 10 times more powerful than Mazinger Z and is made from Super Alloy New Z. It also has a number of design improvements of Mazinger Z, such as inbuilt wings and jets as well as being outfitted with a pair of swords. Great Mazinger was not very popular when it first aired, because Mazinger Z got completely destroyed and Koji was unceremoniously swapped out for Tetsuya. This prompted them to bring back Koji and Mazinger Z later in the shows run. Great Mazinger also has a history of getting it's ass kicked. While it will defeat it's enemies, it will consistently suffer more damage in combat then Mazinger Z ever did, despite it still having the same overwhelming advantage over the Warrior Beasts.

Height: 25 meters
Weight: 32 tons
Land Speed: 450km/h,
Flying Speed: Mach 4
Underwater Depth Limit: 8000 meters
Underwater Speed: 25 knots
Jump Capability: 20-30 meters
Horsepower Output: 900000-1.3 million HP

Navel Missile: Just like Mazinger Z, Great Mazinger mounts a missile launcher in its stomach.

Atomic Punch: Great Mazinger also possesses a Rocket Punch-like attack, though its fists spin while in flight, giving them extra force.

Drill Pressure Punch: It is like the Atomic Punch, except that the forearms sprout drill-like blades that add to the damage as well as the speed of rotation.

Great Boomerang: Great Mazinger can take the heat sink fin off of its chest and throw it as a giant boomerang.

Scramble Cutter: Just like Mazinger Z's Scrander Cutter, Great Mazinger slashes the enemy with the Scrander's wings while flying at high speeds.

Great Typhoon: Just like Mazinger Z, Great Mazinger uses turbines to generate powerful wind attacks. However, Great Mazinger's attack is simply a wind-based attack, lacking the corrosive properties of Mazinger's attack.

Knee Impulse Kick: Great Mazinger can sprout a spike from its knee, making its kick attacks more lethal.

Backspin Kick: Great Mazinger can also sprout a curved blade on the front of its leg for stronger kicks.

Mazinger Blade: The flanged compartments on Great Mazinger's legs hold a pair of swords. Tetsuya typically uses the Blades for melee combat, but on several occasions he threw them at the enemy.

Breast Burn: Like Mazinger Z, the fin on Great Mazinger's chest doubles as a heat sink and a weapon, unleashing incredible thermal energy.

Thunder Break: Great Mazinger can release energy into the atmosphere, stimulating the process that creates natural lightning. Great Mazinger then calls the lightning down onto the antennae on its head and redirects the energy towards an enemy.

Thunder Blade: A one-time attack where Tetsuya channeled the lightning from the Thunder Break through one of his Mazinger Blades.

Double Thunder Break: Similar to Thunder Break but Great Mazinger uses both hands to redirect the lightning.

Breast Burn Special: Basically a powered-up Breast Burn but with detrimental effects to Great Mazinger.

UFO Robot Grendizer - 1975

Grendizer has an intreasting place in the Nagai robot. It's series a sequel to Great Mazinger, characters from Mazinger appear in it's series and even it's design is similur but this robot has no ties to the Mazinger line. Created as the secret weapon of Planet Fleed, it was used to escape the planet by it's prince, Duke Fleed, to escape the invasion of the Vegan Empire. Duke would make his way to earth, making it his second home, and us Grendizer to repel attacks from the Vegan Empire befor eventually setting out to free his homeworld from their tyranny. Grendizer powered by a Photo Quantum Reactor and is made from Space Alloy Gen. Grenzier is incapable of flight on it's own but has a UFO attachment, the Spazer, that almost the whole robot slots into, allowing to to fly even in outer space. Grendizer can also stand on top ot it's Spazer to it can better combat enemies while flying. Grendizer is considered the most powerful of all this era's Nagai robots, in fact Go Nagai considers it's power comparable to his later Infinite Power models (which we'll talk about another time).


Height: 30 meters
Weight: 280 tons
Neck Circumference: 7.5 meters
Chest Circumference: 21 meters
Arm Circumference: 7.2 meters
Leg Circumference: 8.8 meters
Arm Length: 10.5 meters
Leg Length: 16.3 meters
Running Speed: 700 km/h
Maximum Jump Height: 950 m
Output: 1,800,000 horsepower

Hand Beam: Three beams of concentrated energy fired from the back of one of Grendizer's hands, which can also be fired simultaneously from both hands, allowing six beams of fire at once. While plentiful, each individual beam is small, and as a result is considered one of the robots weaker attacks, often deployed to destroy Vegan Saucers or to put the finishing touches on downed foes.

Backhand Missile: Missiles which are fired from the same opening the Hand Beams are deployed from.

Screw Crusher Punch: Grendizer flips the blades mounted on it's wrists forward as the forearms begin to spin in place rapidly, where they are then fired with tremendous force, essentially turning the forearms into flying drills. This attack can be considered Grendizers equivalent to the Rocket Punch utilized by Mazinger Z. The attack is capable of flying at speeds up to Mach 5 and can achieve 4000 RPM. There are also two more variations to this attack, the Screw Punch, in which the blades fold at a 90' degree angle resembling a fan, and the Crusher Punch, where the blades fold over the fist in a bullet shape. Grendizer also has a normal Dizer Punch which is similar to the Atomic Punch of Great Mazinger and the Rocket Punch of Mazinger Z.

Harkens: Crescent-shaped blades mounted in the shoulders of Grendizer. The machine is capable of ejecting either of them at a time, each deploying a shaft to be utilized as Single Harkens. When both are simultaneously ejected, they can combine at the base of the shafts to form a single bladed staff, the Double Harken. In either the Single or Double form, the Harken can also be thrown at enemies like a javelin.

Shoulder Boomerang: In tight situations, Grendizer is capable of launching the Harken blades from its shoulders with incredible force as a projectile. When ejected, they can also be wielded and thrown like regular boomerangs.

Anti-Gravity Storm: A rainbow-colored beam of concentrated, anti-gravity energy which is fired from the red crest on the torso of the robot. It is capable of launching foes upwards by thousands of feet, or crushing them instantly through the intense forces of anti-gravity. In earlier episodes it was depicted in a form identical to Mazinger Z's Breast Fire, but later episodes depict it as it's own, unique attack.

Space Thunder: Identical in nature to Great Mazinger's Thunder Break, Grendizer can release a burst of electric energy from the horns on its head. Grendizer can unleash up to 60,000 degrees worth of volts for up to 10 hours continuously. This attack can also be deployed while docked with a Spazer.

Dizer Beam: A beam of energy identical in power to the machine's Hand Beams, fired from the eyes of the robot. This attack is primarily utilized when Grendizer is docked with a Spazer, as its other attacks are disabled to allow flight. Identical in function to the Photonic Beam utilized by the Mazinger robots.

Dizer Full Power: Seen only in Super Robot Wars Z, Grendizer can disable its power limiters and run at over 100% efficiency for short periods of time. As a consequence, this can cause the machine to suffer from severe cool down times following use. Identical in function to the Mazin Power feature that is utilized by the Mazinger series.

Dizer Tera Max: Similar to the regular Dizer Power function, various panels open up around Grendizer's body enabling the robot to generate even more power than normally displayed. Used exclusively in a one-off manga to activate an enhanced Space Thunder.

Getter Robo - 1974

The first true combining robot, Getter Robo was co-created by Go Nagai (who designed it) and Ken Ishikawa (who wrote the manga). Originally built force space travel, Getter Robo was retooled to combat the threat of the re-emerging Dinosaur Empire. Getter Robo is made up three jets that combine into one solitary super robot. Depending on the order of the jets, they form a different Getter. To align in the right formation, a monitor in the Getter Machines' cockpits are shown for the pilot to follow. The Getter Robo however can only be piloted by people of strong conditions both physically and mentally, otherwise the immense pressure and g-force caused by piloting a Getter machine will overwhelm the pilot. Getter Robo is powered by the fictional Getter Rays, a mysterious source of energy that had a part in the evolution of life on Earth and possibly several other planets and realities. Getter Rays are highly toxic to some forms of life, such as dinosaurs, but very beneficial to others, such as mammals. Getter Robo is far more adaptable then the Mazinger Line of robots thanks to it's three different forms, however each form is more specialised making them more vulnerable to enemies their not equipped to deal with and individually lack the abundant weapon systems of the Mazingers.

Getter 1

Height: 38 m
Weight: 220 tons
Maximum Flight Speed: Mach 2
Order: Eagle+Jaguar+Bear

Info: Getter-1 is the most commonly used Getter formation of the three. It is somewhat geared toward aerial combat, however it can fight in almost any situation. The most balanced amongst the three modes in both speed and combat, is that it is equipped with the Getter Tomahawk (which doubles as a boomerang) and the Getter beam, a highly concentrated beam of pure Getter Energy that can destroy many of the Getter's foes. It is able to fly through the cape-like attachment on its back called the Getter Wing that acts as an anti-gravity cloak. It is also able to survive re-entry into the atmosphere as it was designed for space travel.

Getter Cutter - Getter-1 uses the blades on its forearms as slicing weapons.
Getter Beam - A beam of purple Getter Energy, fired from Getter-1's stomach. The beam is Getter-1's most powerful weapon, and is particularly dangerous to enemies who are sensitive to Getter Rays.
Getter Tomahawk - A gigantic hand axe, and Getter-1's main melee weapon. Can wield two at a time.
Tomahawk Boomerang - Getter-1 throws the tomahawk. It spins extremely quickly, cutting through anything it hits like a buzzsaw. Typically the weapon will curve in mid-air, hitting moving enemies and returning to the Getter after striking its target.
Getter Machine Gun - Pulling out a pair of machine guns, Getter-1 sprays the battlefield with bullets.

Getter 2

Height: 38 m
Weight: 200 tons

Info: Getter-2 is the second most commonly used Getter. Its left arm features a drill while its right arm resembles a pair of pliers that possess powerful grip strength that can tear an opponent apart. It is more geared toward land and underground combat and it has limited flight capabilities with the boosters on its feet, but it does not work well underwater. Getter-2's advantage over the others is that it can move at incredible speeds, especially when moving underground. When running it can create after images because of how fast it is. However, Getter-2's armour is not as physically strong as the other Getter modes. It is coated in a heat resistant apparatus that allows it to travel in magma for a short period of time.

Getter Arm - Getter-2 can use its claw as a crushing weapon.
Getter Drill - Getter-2 strikes an enemy with the drill attached to its left arm.
Drill Missile - The drill spins quickly and is launched at an opponent like a rocket. The aftereffects of the attack vary by series and battle - sometimes the drill returns to the Getter, sometimes it falls to the ground, and sometimes it explodes. Losing the drill does not prevent the Getter from changing forms.
Drill Storm - The drill spins at extremely high speeds, creating a tornado extending forward from the tip. Enemies caught in the winds are immobilized.
Getter Vision - Moving at high-speeds as high as mach 3, Getter-2 can create afterimages of itself to confuse opponents.
Getter Beams - Getter-2 has been shown to fire a pair of Getter Beams from it's eyes that are capable of hitting underground targets. It used them only once to destroy a pair of tunnelling torpedoes.

Getter 3

Height: 20 m
Weight: 250 tons
Maximum Speed: 200km/h
Maximum Output: 900,000 Horsepower
Order: Bear+Eagle+Jaguar

Info: Getter-3 is the least used of all Getter modes. It is geared more towards rough land and sea combat due to its tank-like nature. Getter-3's advantage is its incredible strength and defensive capabilities. Its armor is built to withstand water pressures, but there is a limit to how much it can hold. Its fists also have a long range due to its arms being able to extend to certain lengths. Despite its range, strength, and armor the fact that it is a tank makes it less efficient than Getter-1 and 2 and is therefore used less.

Getter Missile - Getter-3 fires a pair of missiles attached to the sides of its head.
Ganseki Otoshi (Seen in Episode 10) - Getter-3 crushes an enemy by landing on it.
Daisetsuzan Oroshi - Getter-3 grabs an enemy and uses its extending arms to spin them above its head, followed by a devastating throw attack. The technique is based on Musashi's signature judo throw, which is a modified Hammer Throw.

Getter Robo G - 1975

Built during the the later end of the Dinosaur Empire conflict and being the primary robot during the later battle against the Demon Empire, Getter Robo G was built solely with combat in mind. It, like Great Mazinger, is 10 times stronger then the original and each of it's modes is better equipped.

Getter Dragon

Formation: Dragon+Liger+Poseidon
Height: 50m
Weight: 330 tons
Horsepower: 900,000

The aerial form of the Getter G able to fly at Mach 4 speeds with the Mach Wing for continuous use in the air.

Spin Cutter - Getter Dragon uses the buzz saw blades on its forearms as slicing weapons.
Getter Beam - A beam of purple Getter Energy, fired from Getter Dragon's head; the beam is Getter Dragon's second-most powerful weapon next to Shine Spark
Double Tomahawk - A pair of gigantic hand axes, and Getter Dragon's main melee weapon.
Double Tomahawk Boomerang - Getter Dragon throws a pair of tomahawks. It spins extremely quickly, cutting through anything it hits like a buzzsaw. Typically the weapon will curve in mid-air, hitting moving enemies and returning to the Getter after striking its target.
Shine Spark - Getter Dragon covers itself in Getter Rays after harnessing the power to its limit and rams its foe. It is the Getter G's most powerful overall attack.

Getter Liger

Formastion: Liger+Poseidon+Dragon
Height: 50m
Weight: 330 tons
Horsepower: 750,000

The ground form possessing a right hand that can change with a drill and an anchor launcher for a left arm which is attached to a chain. It is able to move at high speeds up to mach 5. It is also able to fly in short bursts but has lower performance compared to Getter Dragon in water.

Chain Attack - Getter Liger launches the anchor in its left arm attached to a chain, at its opponent
Getter Drill (AKA Drill Arm) - Getter Liger transforms its right arm into a drill and strikes an enemy with said drill.
Liger Missile - Getter Liger transforms its left arm into a rocket launcher and launches a trio of missiles at its opponent
Mach Special - Getter Liger attacks its opponent with the Getter Drill at extremely high speeds, creating a tornado extending forward from the tip. Enemies caught in the winds are immobilized.
Getter Vision - Moving at high-speeds, Getter Liger can create afterimages of itself to confuse opponents

Getter Poseidon

Formastion: Poseidon+Dragon+Liger
Height: 45m
Weight: 330 tons
Horsepower: 1.1 million

The water and heavy-set form which boasts impressive defense power and massive strength. Its legs below the knee can transform into caterpillar tracks which allow it to move through rough terrain.

​Finger Net - Getter Poseidon can shoot a large fishing type net from its fingers.
Yuushou - A follow-up to Finger Net. Getter Poseidon can swing its captured opponent around and give it whiplash, in a manner akin to Daisetsuzan Oroshi.
Strong Missile - Getter Poseidon shoots one of the of missiles strapped onto its back.
Getter Cyclone - Getter Poseidon reveals a fan at the base of its head and uses it to fire a sharp burst of air at its opponent. This weapon is even more deadly when used underwater.

Steel Jeeg - 1975

Hiroshi Shiba is a young car racer who is mortally wounded. His father Professor Shiba, a talented scientist and archaeologist, manages to restore him to life by means of a powerful relic from the ancient and mysterious Jamatai Kingdom, a bronze bell which is hidden inside Hiroshi's body and turns him unknowingly into a sort of cyborg. As the ruler of Jamatai, queen Himika, reawakens from her slumber in the underground, it is revealed that the bell is also key to the reconquest of the Earth surface. Her henchmen kill Prof. Shiba in vain pursue of the artefact, barely leaving the scientist time to upload his thought on a supercomputer at a specially built defence base. Anticipating the hidden menace, Professor Shiba has also prepared a giant fighting robot, Steel Jeeg, composed of interchangeable magnetic limbs and for which Hiroshi Shiba can become head and conscience. His mission is to defend modern Japan from the invaders.

Jeeg is one of the prime example of why I love this era of giant robots, it's highly experimental. A stated above Jeeg is made up of interchangeable libs, meaning it can detach any part of itself and replace with new parts to allow it to better adapt to the current situation. Jeeg's main weaknesses are that it's very limited in what it can do in it's base build and is vulnerable to electrical attacks which cause it to disassemble. It's also the shortest of all the Nagai robots at a mere 11 Meters tall. I'm also very certain that Jeeg's magnetic powers were inspired by Showa Godzilla's from GvMG.

Height: 11 Meters
Weight: 12.5 Tons

Dynamite Punch: Jeeg launches his fists while new fists regenerate from the arms. These can be used both at once for form the Knuckle Bomber, which in turn can be used as a boomerang called the Electronic Boomerang which was only used in episode 4.
Jeeg Beam: Jeeg fires white beams from his eyes.
Spin Storm: Jeeg fires a very powerful black electrical beam from the cavity in his abdomen.
Magnet Power: An electrical magnet in the abdomen that sucks enemies toward him, soon replaced by the Magnetic Ropes which extend from the four holes in his torso.
Jeeg Breaker: Jeeg grabs an enemy with both arms and begins to destabilize their atomic structure, eventually reducing them to dust.

Mach Drills: A pair of large drills used to replace the arms that allow Jeeg to fly at super sonic speeds. These drills can be launched while in midair and if both are used Jeeg will slowly levitate back to the ground. First used in episode 4.
Jeeg Bazooka: A large bazooka used to replace the right arm. First used in episode 6.
Jeeg Buckler: Two large shield-like wheels with spikes used to replace the hands. Can be thrown with great force and have more force than the Jeeg Bazooka. First used in episode 27.
Panzeroid: A metallic AI horse that assists Jeeg first used in episode 28. Jeeg docks with this horse by entering the neck hole with his legs once the horse head retracts into the body. Panzeroid is armed with a Panzeroid Missile on each side of the body and a Jeeg Lancer for melee combat as well as for throwing.
Earth Parts: Parts used for underground combat that first premiered in episode 29. Jeeg has a buzzsaw on each shoulder, a drill for each arm, and treads on the legs.
Marine Parts: Parts used for underwater combat that first premiered in episode 30. It acts more of a submarine mode than anything and is armed with a pair of torpedo-like Marine Missiles.
Sky Parts: Parts used for aerial combat that first premiered in episode 31. It acts more of a fighter mode than anything and is armed with Sky Beams and Sky Missiles.

Gaiking - 1976

A robot built to combat the Dark Horror Army, Gaiking, like Jeeg, is a multipart single robot. It's also the first robot to have it's own carrier, the Daikū Maryū a dinosaur shaped mobile fortress. Gaiking is formed from the Daikū Maryū's head, an arm unit and a leg unit. It's most iconic feature is it's massive horns. Gaiking is a very well rounded robot with few of the weakness his breatharian have as it can fly and function in most environments. Daikū Maryū is able to assist it in combat thanks to it's own weapons and several small support craft. Gaiking other intreasting trait is it's Face Open Mode, were the armour around the robot's head is removed and reveals a monstrous robotic face. In this mode Gaiking gains three new very powerful attacks which are all combined into one big killing move.

Gaiking is a bit of a black sheep to the Nagai robots because the robot was Go Nagai's idea but toei never credited him, so they wouldn't have to pay him. While many years later Nagai was able to take them to court to get his royalties, Gaiking's rights were never handed back to Nagai as far as I know. Despite that I always placed it along side his other robots as their long lost brother.

Height: 50 Meters
Weight: 220 tons

Bound Missile
Counter Cross ×2
Counter Punch ×2
Death Eye
Despar Sight
Hydro Blazer
Saur Geyser
Abshock Light (Face Open)
Gaiking Missile (Face Open)
Death Fire (Face Open)

Magne Robo Ga-Keen - 1976

This is going to be the hardest to talk about, purely because I didn't even know it existed until a few days ago. Ga-Keen is just weird, in a lot of ways. Basically a super robot built to defeat Ocean theme aliens, Ga-Keen seems like it was made from the rejected ideas for Go Nagai's other robots. At it's core it's a multiple-part, electromagnetic power robot like Jeeg, only bigger. However it's power comes from it's to pilots who apparently have naturally magnetic properties, one positive and one negative. These two pilot their own smaller robots, which they power with their magnetic abilities, but when things get tough they jump out of their robots and combine into the two red and black pentagons you can seen on Ga-Keen's abdomen. The main base, a battleship, then shoots out Ga-Keen's parts which they then combine with. Ga-Keen's weapons are mostly all melee, with the exception of the Miracle Rainbow (amulticolour blast from it's grill), but the smaller robot's that it's pilots were originally using can become huge guns that attack to Ga-Keen's arms. Apparently even more attachments were added down the line, however I must make clear that Ga-Keen dose not replace any of it's limbs like Jeeg dose, thing just get slotted onto it's frame. Another weird thing about Ga-Keen is it's weakness and how it compensated for it. Ga-Keen operantly has very weak lower legs, which ment it could be crippled rather easily (a pretty dame sever design flaw given that it's a melee orientated robot under normal circumstances), so to counter this it has giant wheels that out from it's knees! All in all this is one of the strangest robot designs I've ever seen.

Height: 50 Meters
Weight: 70 Tons

Counter Knife
Elbow Cracker
Foot Shark
Ga-Keen Eraser
Miracle Hurricane
Ga·Keen Jūsensha
Ga·Keen Nunchaku
Ga·Keen Shovel Power
Ga·Keen Mach Wing
Mighty Booster
Valiant Anchor
Daisharin Attack
Ga·Keen Full Power
Shoulder Crash

Groizer X - 1976

Groizer X is the biggest of all the original Nagai robots. At 100 meters tall, it's twice as big as it's closest competitors. It's main gimmick was that it was able to transform into Plane mode for flight (in a manner which makes no sense). Powered by Tachyon Energy, Groizer X was created as the super weapon by the Gaira aliens but it was stolen and used against them. Sadly Groizer X is widely considered to be the blandest of all the Nagai robot series, in fact Nagai didn't even have a directorial role in the series, he just designed the robot and the job got pawned off to someone else. The only other striking feature of this series was how absurd looking and over designed the pilots helmets were.

Height 100 Meters
Weight: 1200 Tons

Blue Arrow
Ender Missile
Flash Bomber
Flying Saucer Missile
Flying Torpedo Drill
G Cutter
G Machine Gun
G Winder
Inazuma Denjū
Neck Missile
Tachyon All-Purpose Missile
Tachyon Corona Kōsen
Tachyon Hurricane
Tachyon Kōsen
Tachyon Rainbow
Tachyon Sonic
Yūdō Missile

Psycho Armour Govarian - 1983

Viewed as Go Nagai's attempt at a more "Real Robot" style series in the wake of Gundam, Govarian is a cross between Mazinger Z and Gundam with Psychic powers thrown in. Created via a method of turning psychic energy into physical matter, Govarian has a wide range of abilities from enhanced versions of the pilot's psychic attacks (generally referred to as "Psycho Crash"), to super robot style weapon systems to more real robot style stuff such as using a rifle and transforming into an fighter jet. It's also the second smallest of the Go Nagai robots, being only slightly taller then Steel Jeeg at 13 meters tall. While I think it's pretty cool, needless to say Govarian didn't have a fighting chance against the Gundam juggernaut

Height: 13 Meters
Weight: 47 Tons

Psycho Bazooka
Psycho Electer
Psycho Sword
Psy Cross
Psycho Cannon
Psycho Crash

God Mazinger - 1984

The last of the Go Nagai robots God Mazinger is a very intreasting mech, in the fact that it's not one. God Mazinger is a giant statue that comes to life after absorbing it's chosen pilot into it's head. Considered the guardian deity of Mu, God Mazinger summons Yamato Hino from the present day in order to battle the Draconian Empire and their Ghost Dinosaurs. There's a pretty huge contrast between this series and it's manga, the manga is far more adult and graphic with scenes of nudity and extreme violence. God Mazinger itself is also different, in the series it primarily fights with it's fists and sword while occasionally firing beams from it's eyes and forehead. In the manga God Mazinger has a very wide range of powers from flame breath and teleportation to tornado and earthquake generation. It also has razor sharp teeth it uses to bite dinosaur's heads off. The series version eventually gains a Golden form that looks and acts more like it's manga counterpart as well as having similur powers. In both versions God Mazinger can reform if destroyed. The series also has a pretty big issue in terms of it's battles as God Mazinger, even in it's normal state, is far to powerful for it's enemies even by this genres standards. It's able to utterly curb stomp vertually every enemy it goes up against in a matter of moments, with only three of it enemies in the whole series putting up a fight. All of whom were boss villains in their final episode.

Height: 30 Meters
Weight: Unknown

and thats it for now. Hope you enjoyed
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Re: Talking about Giant Robots

Postby kingkevzilla88 » Tue Jan 01, 2019 11:03 am

I remember watching an old video tape of Gaiking, this years and years ago at my old aunt's house. Gaiking has stuck with me ever since then, it's just so cool looking with the giant skull for a torso.

I've always been wanting to see it again, if anyone can help me find it I'll be incredibly greatfull.

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Re: Talking about Giant Robots

Postby Monster X » Tue Jan 01, 2019 11:14 am

kingkevzilla88 wrote:I remember watching an old video tape of Gaiking, this years and years ago at my old aunt's house. Gaiking has stuck with me ever since then, it's just so cool looking with the giant skull for a torso.

I've always been wanting to see it again, if anyone can help me find it I'll be incredibly greatfull.

Thats I can help you with, the entire series is available on Amazon right now. I've got a copy sitting on my shelf right next to me. ... ds=gaiking

Hope that helps. The English Movie version is just down the page to.
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Re: Talking about Giant Robots

Postby kingkevzilla88 » Tue Jan 01, 2019 1:21 pm

Monster X wrote:
kingkevzilla88 wrote:I remember watching an old video tape of Gaiking, this years and years ago at my old aunt's house. Gaiking has stuck with me ever since then, it's just so cool looking with the giant skull for a torso.

I've always been wanting to see it again, if anyone can help me find it I'll be incredibly greatfull.

Thats I can help you with, the entire series is available on Amazon right now. I've got a copy sitting on my shelf right next to me. ... ds=gaiking

Hope that helps. The English Movie version is just down the page to.

Thank you, I've got the movie collection setting in my Amazon basket. I'll get to it, after I've watched everything else I got over the holidays.

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Re: Talking about Giant Robots

Postby Tyrant_Lizard_King » Tue Jan 01, 2019 4:16 pm

Chicks dig giant robots!
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