2018 Relfections and discussion

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2018 Relfections and discussion

Postby GodzillaFreak99 » Sat Dec 22, 2018 9:05 pm

Well my friends, the holidays are days away, and the year has almost reached it's end. As such, let us now share our experiences and reflect on this past year. I'll start...

To say this that htis year didn't start off very strong for me would be an understatement. The very unfortunate passing of my mother in late February hit me and my brother, my grandmother and my father pretty hard, not that the rest of my family really gave a poop, choosing to get drunk and party the night away, but I digress. My brother and I then decided that I was going to move in with him and his girlfriend a lot sooner that we planned (something we had benn discussing a year prior)

Once I was completely settled in at my brother's place, things began to calm down, and for a good chunk of the year, everything was going fine. That is, until I started having issues with my eyesight, but these issues were thankfully resolved, and I can cap off this year spending Christmas with my brother and grandmother.

That was pretty much 2018 for me in a nutshell.
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Re: 2018 Relfections and discussion

Postby MechaGoji Bro7503 » Sun Dec 23, 2018 9:57 am

Well, I'd say I was pretty wrapped up in my own little world all things considered. As in I didn't worry too much about what's going on out in the world besides following my favorite celebrities and events.
Most of my joy from my social life was from helping friends and spending time with them - I've already made some experiences I'm never going to forget! I could make a movie with these guys. I've officially named my main group of bros the D-Team :lol: that name could mean several things
Music has certainly gotten me through some depressing moments.

I've also been finding myself via meditation and artistic expression. I'm getting better with letting people know more about me besides being the "fun one". I have also learned a lot more about story telling, filmmaking, and video games from watching yt essay videos.

Oh yeah, all of you knuckleheads on TK are pretty cool too. It's nice having some G-Fans to chit chat with. I still can't believe we got two Godziller films this year along with two badass trailers of what's to come! I will say that most of the things in the MV threads are best left forgotten...

So yep, I revealed some things about myself and I also didn't. Very cryptic :ninja: :lol:
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Re: 2018 Relfections and discussion

Postby Maritonic » Sat Dec 29, 2018 7:33 am

2018 was a monster. I've never experienced a year quite as "long" as this one. You tell me the Winter Olympics and Black Panther were this year, and I'll stare at you dumbfounded.

My year started with my wife's extremely difficult pregnancy. Endless sleepless nights, stress filled days of uncertainty. My beautiful, perfect, amazing son was born in July. But the birth almost cost my wife, and my son, their lives. For two weeks we went back and forth to hospitals, dealing with levels of stress I didn't know existed. We got through the hurricane, limping our way, to where we are now. Still dealing with repercussions from July. Only to have another major league stress hit us the end of November/early December that we are still dealing with, as well. Everyone tells you that you'll lose so much sleep because of a crying baby. But not me; mine is just from stress, sickness, and all that comes with it. My son sleeps through the night.

But it hasn't been all bad, of course. My son is incredible; he's brilliant, perfect, and always makes me laugh no matter how utterly exhausted I am. My wife and I are truly blessed to have such an amazing child in our life. The Haunted House was very taxing on me, but incredible as always. I hope I'm able to crank it up for next year, but we'll see; I got an amazing reaction this year to my improved look so I may just keep it.

Music was good to me this year; I got to see the original Misfits reunite, Ghost twice, and I'm sure some other bands that I forgot were this year because of this weird Twilight Zone effect I have going on. Ghost's new album Prequelle has helped me so much, I can't even begin to explain.

I only saw one film in theaters this year (that's a very very long story) and it was Halloween, and what a treat it was to see Michael Myers return. I anxiously await to own the 4k.

2018 was interesting, indeed. But it laid some groundwork for an impressive 2019; a son who is growing every day, my own ways of coping with depression and anxiety with additional therapy, and hopefully my dedication to physical health as well.
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Re: 2018 Relfections and discussion

Postby SoggyNoodles2016 » Mon Dec 31, 2018 6:23 am

WARNING: Gonna probably get sappy.

Hoooo, boy.


This was a year.

For one thing, it felt both too short and way too long. Seriously, feels like it's been 5 years. It's also been a crazy year for me personally. I feel run ragged between work, family, and school. One of the main things that has been happening for me this year is the slow realization that poop, I'm an adult now. Like, I have an income, I have to make plans, just...wow. On the one hand, it's great to be free and able to do stuff. On the other.......

I've never liked change. It feels weird to suddenly be thrown in to this world of big decisionsand consequences (and trust me, some of the crazy poop going on today definitelyisn't helping that) and I know it's just my constant anxiety but I feel so stressed out about messing up at school, getting distant from my family, and so much other poop. Not the calmest of years.

But, honestly? The good beat bad.

There was a lot of stupid crap I laughed at, lot of good memories, I saw some things that changed my world, and finally started to step out of my shell. I've been inspired by media and by people I know. But to be honest, probably the biggest thing to happen this year to me was joining here. I'm gonna be real for a second. I have trouble being social. I worry about making friends and being hated. In my whole life, I've probably only had 4 people I could geuninely call friends. When I joined here, it was just because I wanted to spout off my stupid ideas and respond to comments, but I started to bond with people, I got excited seeing what came up on my notifications, and I slowly stopped being nervous and started being more open in my opnions. "skreeonk being rude, I gotta be real here." This site made my year.

So, in all, I gotta say thanks, TK. You gave me a great year. Can't wait for the next one.

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Re: 2018 Relfections and discussion

Postby G-Matt » Wed Jan 02, 2019 12:27 am

2018 was a pretty busy year for me.

I went to a bunch of conventions and other events, including a bunch of anime cons here in Finland, and of course G-Fest. Meeting Megumi Odaka and Kenpachiro Satsuma was a dream come true.

Of course, I saw a bunch of movies, both new and old. My favorite movies list even got three new additions: Luc Besson's Atlantis, A Silent Voice and Avengers: Infinity War (my pick for movie of the year).

Naturally, there was school as well. In August I started my third and final year at this vocational school where I've studied video, photography and now graphic design. Just before Christmas I managed to finish my own 2019 calendar, which was probably my best school project this year.
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Re: 2018 Relfections and discussion

Postby gvamp » Sat Jan 05, 2019 8:35 pm

Warning a long read ahead but any way, 2018 was probably the worst year of my life I was really hoping it was going to improve over the past few years but it sucked.

It started at the end of February/beginning of March. My parents and I went to visit my aunt and uncle down in Texas where they have their winter condo. It was a nice area right by South Padre Island. I got to spend exactly one day of a 10 day vacation there because we got word that my grandfather had to have an emergency surgery to remove 10" of dead bowel and they weren't sure if he was going to make it. Thankfully he did make it through that but his health took a slow but steady decline.

Fast forward to the end of March beginning of April where my work began the process of starting a remodel, if you thought Christmas was hectic for retail employees well a full store remodel is just as bad. It was very stressful because we where short handed in my department as well as all over the store but alas I survived that.

One good thing happend in March though we got a new puppy named Marley who was an amazing dog but I'll get to that later. In May we had to put our other dog down because her health was slowly declining plus she had lived a long life of 13 years. That kind of sucked for me because we had, had her for so long.

Then summer came at this point my grandfather's health had taken a turn for the worse, we knew his kidneys where failing so the doctor put him on dialysis but near the middle of June he decided to go off of it just because he couldn't take it any more. By the end of the month we got word from hospice that he would have any where from a week to three to live before his kidneys fully shut down. The last time I saw my grandfather alive was on July 4th at that point he was in such bad shape I knew he wouldn't make it through the end of the night sure enough on July 5th he had passed away early in the morning. That was probably the hardest thing that I had to deal with because I was incredibly close with my grandfather. Every Sunday I'd go up and visit him and my grandmother so when he passed it was very hard.

We finished our store remodel in August but we where still pretty short handed in my department and a little bit through out the store because another store in our Market went through a remodel right after ours. In September we had the 10th year anniversary of my cousin's passing so I got kind of stressed about that.

Flash forward to October 1st, I was working an early shift at work a 12pm-9pm rather than a closing shift and about half hour before my shift was supposed to end I went up to the front of the store and as I was taking care of a shopping cart I decided to check my phone and I noticed I had a couple of text messages from my sister. While I was at work there was an accident at the house involving the puppy and sadly she didn't make it. So I rushed home from work to be with my family when I arrived I found my mom sitting up in her bed balling her eyes out. The puppy's death was pretty hard on me as well because I had a close bond with Marley before I'd leave for work I'd hold her and let her sit on my lap until I had to go, then when I got home I'd do the same.

About three weeks later my aunt suprised us with a new puppy whom we named Gracie she's just as amazing a Marley was and I love her with all my heart. So there was some silver lining to this mostly shitty year.

Finally at the end of the year came the holiday season which this year was more stressful than any other year. I don't know if its because of all the shitty things that had happend or what but I just loathed December this year. I don't think I can do retail much longer I hate the stress it brings on me. I hate not having most holidays with my family. The only thing I like about my job is my co-workers but that's not enough to keep me there.

So now that its January I feel a slight bit of relief. This year I'm going to focus on improving myself in more ways than one, both mentally, physically (I've gained a lot of weight due to stress eating at the end of the year) and financially.

The way I look at it is 2016 bittered me, 2017 humbled me and 2018 broke me. So 2019 I'm going to pick up the pieces and rebuild myself.
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