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The Official TK NECA Godzilla Survey

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The Official TK NECA Godzilla Survey

Postby MM Raids Again » Sat Mar 04, 2017 1:29 pm

And with March, GigaBowserG and myself proudly open up the 2017 Fans Most Wanted Godzillas survey for NECA. This survey will act a lot like the previous one held for SH Monster Arts. If you wish to partake, all you have to do is send a Private Message to myself with your most desired Godzilla variants and why you want those specific ones. Additionally, if you don’t wish to send it via PM, you can E-Mail your votes to or directly to Josh Reynolds ( ).

Fans may vote for up to 8 official Godzilla designs that NECA hasn’t touched upon yet (such as Godzilla 1962, 1964, 1998, 2000, etc) or variants of existing sculpts they’d like to see (atomic blast Heisei Godzilla, explosion Meltdown Godzilla, “feeding” 1985, etc).

Additionally, fans can vote for up to five miscellaneous Godzillas that aren’t covered by Toho’s “only movie designs’ clause. Such Godzillas can include NECA remakes of classic figures (such as Trendmasters Power-Up Godzilla), video game Godzillas (Super Godzilla), concept Godzillas (the Marquette 1954), comic Godzillas (Dark Horse, Marvel or IDW designs), or cartoon designs (HB and 1998).

The survey will last for 30 days and we will then compile the Top 5 most wanted official Godzilla designs for NECA along with the Top 3 most wanted miscellaneous Godzillas. The results will then be compiled into an article that will be posted on the main site.

Please compile your votes as easily as possible. Example:

Official Designs

- 1962: Give reasons.
- 2000: Give reasons.
- 2004: Give reasons.
- Atomic Blast 1994: Give reasons.
- 1968: Give reasons.

Miscellaneous Godzillas

- Power-Up Godzilla: Give reasons.
- HB Godzilla: Give reasons.
- Shogun Godzilla: give reasons.
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