Superhero Action Figure Spotlights of Spandex

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Superhero Action Figure Spotlights of Spandex

Postby Castellan Zilla » Sat Jul 09, 2016 9:45 pm

Alright, so we have multiple threads pertaining to Kaiju and Kaiju related accessories. I figured, why not make one in relation to other toku franchises and their characters, namely Superheros. And hell, not just Japanese heroes, but ones all over the world.

However, this thread will operate differently as not all of us have merchandise to other toku franchises (this is why I decided on the inclusion of East and West heroes). This will be one mega thread, but will still function on a weekly schedule. A character will be picked by me solely (but I will be open to suggestions, which will be welcomed in this very thread). I, of course, will have something in relation to the character I choose. If I decide on another member's suggestion, it will most likely be a character I feel has a very wide range (think Batman or Spiderman).

I hope to take more suggestions than posting my own stuff, I will start asking for suggestions by Thursday, with the decision being made on Saturday. And the post of the new chosen character being placed on Sunday. Working on a Sunday thru Saturday schedule. I will use this first post to keep track of characters already picked.

I'm hoping this will get others to try out new series as well as franchises. Spreading the toy love!

Some Rules:

    -In order to make a suggestion, you must own some kind of toy for that character (the more you have of the character, the better!)
    -If I feel your suggestion is worthy, I will let you know in thread.
    -If you've seen someone else suggest the character you originally wanted, put forth a different choice.
    -You must be willing to post photos of your toys of the character as well as some information about the toy and character.
    -When you are chosen and write up the description as well as have photos, I must approve it. This will be done through PMs. When I give the okay, you can make the post in this thread.
    -Please keep photos to a reasonable size. This is your responsibility, not mine. If the photos you show me are too large, I'll tell you to fix them. If you don't, you won't be chosen.
    -I got permission from Derzerb to place this thread within this section, if you have a problem with that, please take it up with him. Thanks.

    -BIG RULE HERE. I work a lot. If I get tied up with real life, I get tied up. If the thread has to be put on hold, I'll make sure to make that known.

I'll make the first entry as it's Sunday, and this will show you what kind of format I expect for future suggestions.


Entry #1: Kamen Rider Fourze (Base States)

A series brought forth by the Toei company, it celebrates the 40th anniversary of Kamen Rider. Hence the Rider's name being Fourze. It's the thirteenth installment of the Heisei series, while being the twenty-second of the overall franchise. The design of the Rider costume itself was derived from the standard suit that Astronauts use. Though, going as far as to make his helmet in the shape of a space shuttle, driving the space theme even more.

The hero would use Switches, which when placed and switched on in his driver belt, would grant him various powers. These modules would appear on his limbs, four limbs = four switches = four modules. Various combinations could be used to fight the enemies.

The show itself was centered around friendship and took place during the character's time in high school.


The FMCS Kamen Rider Fourze (Base States) with his Machine Massigler

S.H. Figuarts Kamen Rider Fourze (Base States)

All together!
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Re: Superhero Action Figure Spotlights of Spandex

Postby GIGAN05 » Sun Jul 10, 2016 3:11 am

If only that Figma Hentai Kamen were released already. Would contribute with that on the spot.
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