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Re: Godzilla: Destroy All Monsters SNES/SF

Posted: Mon Jan 14, 2013 11:36 am
by Goji
Correction, sir, Hedorah and Rodan not being playable characters is also a con to Kaijuu Kessen. :P

In all seriousness though, how the hell did Rodan not make the cut for the SNES fighter? It's skreeonking Rodan.

Re: Godzilla: Destroy All Monsters SNES/SF

Posted: Mon Jan 14, 2013 1:07 pm
by o.supreme
Goji wrote:Correction, sir, Hedorah and Rodan not being playable characters is also a con to Kaijuu Kessen. :P

In all seriousness though, how the hell did Rodan not make the cut for the SNES fighter? It's skreeonk Rodan.

I agree, but since they weren't in the SFC game at all, I didn't list them. I don't know what the deal with Rodan is. I still wonder what his self-titled NES game would have been like.

Re: Godzilla: Destroy All Monsters SNES/SF

Posted: Mon Jan 14, 2013 3:50 pm
by Godzilla6014
Living Corpse wrote:Well now I just feel like an asshole.


Ah your alright I've been feeling like that too, just so you know I hold nothing against you whatsoever so we're cool :P . As, Goji stated (Thanks.) has stated it's a legit download not an emulator, bootleg or whatever it is you call it. I'm aware of not discussing products that weren't legit and licensed by Toho Co. Ltd. I've rad Arbok's rules and guidelines before joining Toho Kingdom so, I'm aware not to bring up this things on the forums. Anyways, getting back to the game, I've really enjoyed playing this game it's a lot of fun. Funny I don't usally play any games outside of Godzilla because i find most other games kind of dull. But, yeah this is the best Godzilla game outside of the Atari game titles and Alex's GDKBR. Now a now there is a like of monsters in the game but still it's loads of fun. I love it, :D :g2k:

Re: Godzilla: Destroy All Monsters SNES/SF

Posted: Wed Jan 16, 2013 11:00 am
by Arbok
o.supreme wrote:Disadvantages of Battle Legends: 1. Point Based System boss -It is extremely diccicult to achieve enough points to reach Super MG as the final Boss. My friend only did it once, and the best I ever did was Mecha-King Ghidora 2. Godzilla is the only playable character in Story mode. 3. Biollante not playable character

I would add in controls as well. Destroy All Monsters for the SNES has a lot, lot better controls than the ones for Battle Legends. They make it easier to perform the attack you want, and feel much more fluid (not enough where it wouldn't get ripped apart by reviewers comparing it to Street Fighter and what not, but a lot better than Battle Legends).

Re: Godzilla: Destroy All Monsters SNES/SF

Posted: Wed Jan 16, 2013 7:13 pm
by SpaceG92
Living Corpse wrote:Well now I just feel like an asshole.


Just now saw this, no problem. I should have been more specific on the Supa Boy Handheld and yes these were made after the patent expired. Back to the topic. ... LKLwfzXd3r
I love most of the music, MG2's really sets the mood.

Re: Godzilla: Destroy All Monsters / Kaijuu Daikessen (SNES)

Posted: Tue Mar 05, 2013 12:59 pm
by Justemporary
I really wish I'd come here instead of the suggestion forum because I wanted the Kaijuu Daikessen section to be properly updated. Since that might never happen I thought this would be a fitting place to leave knowledge. Before I begin, here's a clip to whet your appetite: ...

You may notice Megalon's Jet Jaguar booting throw. You might notice I'm fighting the computer. Wanna know more? Read on.

I suppose I'd better start from the start. We all know the character codes right? During 1 player mode after you choose your character you have to select an opponent. Did you know you can press and hold select for it to randomly pick an enemy for you? Because I didn't.

Setting the difficulty determines the CPU's aggressiveness and . . . level of intelligence, which is rather good for this game I must admit. I don't feel like getting cheaped out. I'm mentioning this because it will amplify the fun for you in vs mode. This website mentioned a trick to allow you to fight the computer in vs mode by unplugging the controller. My success rate with this trick was horrendous and only got it to work once. Trying to slowly plug the controller back in would trigger the selection sound but reset me back to the start screen ._. Not giving in I kept trying every day whenever I got a chance to play this game. No such luck. That's when I started wishing there was an easier way. Without realizing it I found a way to actually exit out of Vs mode. Wait, what? By holding L, R, Select, and pressing start you'll be taken back out there. If you go back into vs mode all your power level settings, stage settings, time settings, heck even where your last cursor was on remains intact. With a little trepidation I discovered that this was how you choose an AI to fight against. Just hit A to select them instead of the start button when holding those other buttons and VOILA (hold select and choose)! Know what this all means? It means we don't have to lose in 1 player mode just to go zoom back into that area of Japan to fight that kaijuu. It means, we finally get to use Super Mechagodzilla and Gouten to fight against someone when we didn't have someone to fight with :shock:

So while I'm at it I'll be helping amplify your fun like no other because from the sounds of it, the people on this thread dig this game just as much as I do. So let's just lay out some trivia.

Godzilla - He's so standard. I really don't know how to play effectively with this guy. I suspect you can combo into other moves when you do your weak air atomic breath late on the ground. I'll be looking into that (research says no). His crouching X tail flail is a nice air counter and so is his command tail move. Lots of reach and ideal for hitting people when they've been knocked down. Surprisingly, it does no chip damage. When you've played this game as long as I have you see some crazy stuff done by the computer. With some proper timing using Godzilla's rage can plow right through projectiles from full screen WITH the pulse to begin with. The pulse acts as a physical attack and cannot be absorbed and serves as a potential air counter. It stuns the opponent quite a bit if you can connect with it. Dash forward and use a heavy tail swing for maximum damage if they've been knocked down. Not only is it fast, it possesses different properties than most fireballs. It's a five unit projectile but cuts through other beams with ease with 4 segments left. It is also capable of moving through Biollante's hyper spray attack. The computer did something funky. Normally after the shoulder throw you can't hit again. The cpu did a tail swing command, forced me to block but recovered fast enough to get a grab in. It uses other filler to land perfect grabs so you can't get away so easily. Godzilla's strengths rely in his fast standing normal attacks.

Anguirus - Nothing too spectacular. You can do his back slamming move repeatedly but that's mentioned on this website. He has two ways of using his rage move. One with the traditional inputs, and one holding "A" for a few seconds and letting go once you're in mid-air. There is a huge difference between the two although they look similar. The regular version like the alternate version can both be stuffed by regular hits. The regular version on the way down is fireball friendly. It just mows straight through it. Go have Mechagodzilla with all his fireballs pointed skyward and you'll see how useful it is in that regard. The alternative version is not fireball friendly :cry: However, it can be used in mid-air giving you angles not available before. It can be thrown upwards or while jumping back at a downward angle etc. It also possesses more range than the regular version. You can punish fireballs from full screen by releasing "A" at just before you reach the height of your neutral jump . One thing I learned off the computer is Anguirus' air somersault move. It looks like just any regular move until you realize it puts the enemy into a state of block stun that Anguirus gets dibs on grabs. Nasty. Weak version used and as a later jump in. The heavy somersault is best used for hitting the opponent once they've been stunned. It has incredible range but recovers later. One thing it is capable of however is that if you use it the second you jump off the ground the tail swing remains active behind your back once you land.

King Ghidorah - On the ground you can hold up or down to shoot lightning with the different heads. It can hit Anguirus :o That might seem pretty elementary. Ghidorah can also alternate his swoop dive kick move. You can hold left or right after the inputs. Still not really sure how to use this move effectively as it usually leaves you in a state for free grabs. The weaker version is the safest and has 3 versions while the strong version has 4, a slight movement back, a far movement back, neutral and far movement forward. Another move I have to look into but ultimately works as a way to land a solid hit once the enemy has been stunned. It's good for keeping distance though or getting out of corners. As for his rage move, you can guarantee landing it after you perform his most complicated throw where he chucks the opponent upwards. It's good damage and when you're getting hit while down you don't build meter. If you don't have meter for a rage attack just dash in and use a multi-head swinging move for a nice juggle. The X strength is preferable since it ends with the hard head thrust at the end. A better strategy might be to use this setup when you have your meter built up to knock them away for guaranteed chip damage. Another fun fact, the stomp gives you 1000 points for every hit you do. So when you defeat another kaijuu in one player mode you'll be able to do 10 stomps max for 10,000 points. A nice way to guarantee fighting Gouten.

Gigan - His recovery ability is so strange. It takes a second to charge for "A" but once you have it you can keep doing it until something happens. When you take a hit you move back and land on your feet with a second of invincibility. So that's when your awesome rage attack happens. Only, your rage attack has full invincibility now since it was vulnerable to physical attacks like all rush type moves are. You can't be thrown during it so that means Mothra, Super Mechagodzilla are out of luck. Heck, even Biollante's tentacles move through you during her rage. Also, roars won't work on you so you won't lose your rage. Speaking of rage, Gigan's rage attack moves through fireballs during the dash but the startup he is vulnerable to getting hit or even stunned.

Megalon - His lunging drills move through fireballs, I think everyone knows this even if it's not mentioned on this awesome website. Which is hilarious when you use it on Super Mechagodzilla after he absorbs your shots because he's a sitting duck. A note about napalm bombs. The first hit is a physical one and cannot be absorbed. It negates one unit of projectiles and gets pushed back. The rage Napalm Bomb on the other hand doesn't stop moving forward once its been shot out until it hits the other player or the ground. The resulting pillars do not negate any projectiles either. Both napalm bombs can be comboed after with a grab whether the opponent is getting hit or blocking so that means you get free grabs and can do a nasty cycle like it was demonstrated in the video clip I posted. Theoretically it means if you grab them during the rage one and they break out they're just jumping back into the fire? That's just unfair. Biollante is capable of the same with her acid sap balls. Super Mechagodzilla theoretically can do this too if this principle makes sense . . . and Mothra? BLAH, thinking too much! For his 4th throw, the inputs once you grab them are : down, down forward, forward, back, down back, down, up+X. I learned this off a website which specializes in old instruction manual scans. Someone was kind enough to scan the Japanese strategy guide! Oh, and normally if you boot Biollante it kicks off a piece off them. If you finish them with the boot . . . . . let's just say I've never seen her move off the screen before BWAHAHAHAHA. A final random note is that his jumping fierce is capable of hitting twice but that is extremely rare.

Mechagodzilla - This walking artillery is nuts. The computer typically lands a throw and does the low angled volt attack or even its Rage move pointed down to land all the hits. Neat. While flying your stun doesn't go down but you stun like crazy with your rockets. Very particular rockets. So, when flying you have access to your rainbow beam and Y or X throws rockets. Y will always shoot the same rockets that move straight. X alone will do the same but you can hold forward to make it move up at an angle or hold back and fire to make it loop straight up. Good to know against Mothra. Holding X and releasing can let loose 1-3 rockets. These rockets are very special you see because the initial bounce (which can be absorbed by Super Mechagodzilla and build meter) won't do damage but the explosion from them does crazy stun especially in clumps. If someone jumps at you improperly they can be instantly stunned from 3 rockets. They're also what I like to call "type 2" projectiles. They're not negated by a single unit of a projectile like a beam let's say. If I drop these rockets down over Godzilla's projectile beam they will cut through until they reach the ground. Other characters like Biollante's acid balls also have the same properties. An advanced tactic to land his rage is to throw a single hand rocket. If the enemy jumps up or forward they won't be able to block as they land. You can apply this tactic with an eye laser beam instead of your rage as a substitution.

Biollante - Fun to learn, bottom tier. I think she might have the weakest roar, I'm not sure. Her tentacle grab (hold X and release) can be aimed forward, angled, or straight up. The damage like all multi hitting grabs (like bites) can be reduced so learning the vine grab toss is nice. Just press X AFTER the grab goes out to throw them forward. Back+X will throw them over her head behind. Sometimes her rage only has one tentacle spraying the acid if you're too close and activate it. If you want to learn her you must master the barrier. It lets you get your stun meter back but strangely it stops whenever something hurts the barrier. Nice attention to detail. Oh, before I forget, the ground needle (down down Y) does more hits the closer you are but does no chip damage. Also, if you do her heavy dash attack to get out of the corner you might end up stuck with the opponent in you getting free hits. Attempted grabs will force you out.

Mothra - Her rapid flapping wings attack breaks fireballs and so does her quick rise off the ground. She's actually invincible on the way up. Her rage with Battra moves through fireballs but can be stuffed by normal attacks although that's really hard to do. A fun glitch I came across yesterday can be seen here:

You can't block it or absorb it. You may contribute to the light show though. Her wing dive where she swoops down CAN crossup but there are a lot of times where it seems to be unblockable. Land her hardest throw (where she picks lifts them up), dash up at an angle towards your enemy and do the dive. It should be noted that you can grab at three points. Low, mid, and high. Sometimes the spot you pick to throw from alters the angle of your dive. Her seal rage attack should be mentioned a bit more. The damage it does is a roar from stunning and I haven't tested it out on everyone but it will stun Ghidorah in one go (not Biollante though .-.). An interesting note about it is that the lower you use it the more damage it will do as well as knock down the other monster faster and not giving them meter to work with.

Super Mechagodzilla - You can have a torpedo and Garuda fireball on the screen at the same time. The computer likes this trick sometimes. Not much to note except one thing about the Rage attack G-Crusher. For the longest time I couldn't figure it out. It travels full screen and is unblockable. Once it lands 6 forms of attacks occur: The eyes, the mouth, torpedo slots around the shoulders, the hips, the shock cable and Garuda's beams. If you plow through a fireball on the other hand, you'll get a slight upgrade with the plasma grenade added. You can see it in action from the clip I posted above. The regular Super Mechagodzilla rage attack does not go through fireballs and can be stuffed albeit with some difficulty. However, if you add the Garuda in to combo first and then land your rage you can pretty much roar and stun the enemy. Some of the torpedoes you send out can bait out a jump and have them land into your rage. Also, his shock cable throws differ depending on whether or not you have the Garuda on. Dashes and speed are also affected.

Gouten - I never took this guy seriously until lately. This ship does a lot of stun even when blocked and a lot of the projectiles are small and type 2 fireballs so one shot can take out 2 units or three? You can have multiple fireballs on screen and the stun shots are very fast. The command is qcb+Y/X and when done it shoots an angled shot by itself. You can hold left or right after the command to shoot horizontally or hold up to shoot directly over your head.

All right. I think that's everything (thinks*). :D

Re: Godzilla: Destroy All Monsters / Kaijuu Daikessen (SNES)

Posted: Tue Mar 05, 2013 1:06 pm
by Arbok
Hi Justemporary,

Don't worry, I didn't forget about your post... although it's harder to check this as all of my video game stuff is at my parent's house, so updates of this nature tend to take awhile to check and confirm (and probably still will going forward). GigaBowserG has been great at working on updating some of the older profiles, such as his great work on Super Godzilla and Godzilla Save the Earth, and might be a good source to bring this up to see about updating those sections (not to put pressure on him by suggesting this I hope).

Re: Godzilla: Destroy All Monsters / Kaijuu Daikessen (SNES)

Posted: Tue Mar 05, 2013 1:33 pm
by Justemporary
Your prompt reply assures me Arbok. So long as the knowledge is here, I won't have to think about it so much. Now there's only one thing in the game I don't understand and it's the plasma grenade and how it calculates the shots back. I hope everyone goes back to this game. The fact that you can't spam throws, not getting knocked down as much are some of the more subtle reasons I think people like this game. The commands are very easy compared to other fighters as well. Well, time to have fun in Vs mode because I don't ever need to go back to 1 player mode again ^_^

Re: Godzilla: Destroy All Monsters / Kaijuu Daikessen (SNES)

Posted: Tue Mar 05, 2013 2:23 pm
by GigaBowserG
No worries Arbok :P I've actually been interested in going back & checking out Kaijuu Daikessen a little more. I remember seeing one or two posts talking about it, and saying that TK was missing a few moves and the like. It's not very high priority right now; I've been keeping myself busy with classes and a couple other Big G games, but it's certainly on my to-do list.

Very interesting info, by the way, Justemporary! Going to have to read through more of it when I've got a moment. :)

Re: Godzilla: Destroy All Monsters / Kaijuu Daikessen (SNES)

Posted: Tue Mar 05, 2013 8:47 pm
by Justemporary
You guys just keep doing your thing. It's most of the obscure stuff I noticed. I think the current page is already very informative. All of the things I mentioned are supplementary but interesting to know when one takes the game a bit more seriously lol. I am very happy to have stumbled onto the in depth move descriptions and walkthroughs for the various games. Lots of good work being done.

Just wanted to let you guys know I was onto something for projectile types. Seems there is a definite tier list when it boils down. I took Godzilla and Gouten up against Super Mechagodzilla so he could absorb their fireballs and see what would happen. Each portion of a fireball seems to have a number assigned to it. One segment of Godzilla's breath from the air gives Super Mechagodzilla 2 plasma grenade shots while absorbing two will give 3 instead of the expected 4. Gouten gets even more complicated. I guess when it's in Sentry mode one of its fireballs offers 3 in return from the plasma grenade but its a class 6 fireball ..... meaning one fireball cuts through six segments of the plasma grenade. It's other dinky shots which shoot in multiple directions are class 2 a piece making fireball fights very difficult.

Several minutes later ....
Oakay,scrap the earlier paragraph. I guess it gets more complicated in general. From what I've gathered there should be three classes of projectiles. Namely, beam type, single types and breath types. The majority of the roster have beam projectiles and each segment like its single and breath counterparts have a general strength setting. Beam type segments cancel out one another. Singles operate differently and have their own set strength although it's hard to discern, same goes for breath types.

A simple experiment was conducted between Gouten, Godzilla and Super Mechagodzilla. While one of Gouten's sentry mode cannons could cut down 6 plasma grenade segments it could only cut down 2 of the 4 from Super Mechagodzilla's mouth beam. Against Godzilla's weak fireball it cut straight through all 3 segments of the beam but was unable to cut through the 4 segment version. So I guess this concludes that projectile strength types are a lot more subtle than imaginable.

Oh. I beat Gouten as he was digging into the ground. I guess he stays that way when he loses. I wonder if you can stun him with your roars when he's down there. Too many things to try.

Re: Godzilla: Destroy All Monsters / Kaijuu Daikessen (SNES)

Posted: Wed Mar 06, 2013 12:55 pm
by Arbok
Justemporary wrote:Now there's only one thing in the game I don't understand and it's the plasma grenade and how it calculates the shots back.

It sounds like you are already doing some research there, but any sort of conclusion you can come to in terms of how it absorbs various projectiles would be helpful and added to the site.

Justemporary wrote:I hope everyone goes back to this game. The fact that you can't spam throws, not getting knocked down as much are some of the more subtle reasons I think people like this game. The commands are very easy compared to other fighters as well. Well, time to have fun in Vs mode because I don't ever need to go back to 1 player mode again ^_^

I find the game to be one of the best Godzilla ones out there personally, aside from the Pipeworks titles (which I find to be the best). Even though the Turbo Duo fighter has a larger roster, I find the SNES fighter to be much more enjoyable due to controls and balance.

GigaBowserG wrote:No worries Arbok :P

Okay, glad to hear I wasn't tossing you under the bus by invoking your name there. ;-)

Re: Godzilla: Destroy All Monsters / Kaijuu Daikessen (SNES)

Posted: Wed Mar 06, 2013 7:33 pm
by Justemporary
I think with this post I'll record my findings and edit it if something comes up. Currently doing King Ghidorah's fireball feedback. I think in time it won't matter regarding projectile strength as opposed to making some sort of chart specifically for Super Mechagodzillla's plasma grenade feedback.

Air weak version, 1 gives 2, 2 gives 3, 3 gives 4.
Air strong version 1 gives 2, 2 gives 3, 3 gives 4, gives 5.
Ground weak version, 1 unit gives 2, 2 gives 4, 3 gives 6.
Ground strong beam 1 gives 2, 2 gives 4, 3 gives 6 and 4 gives 7.
Breath is hard to know. 1 small breath gives 2-10 or 2-16 from the stronger one :shock:
Rage ... 14 from the five units. This is probably the fastest fireball in the game. 4 for 13. This is a very special fireball because it breaks the beam cancel beam rule, which goes to show certain projectiles have hidden properties.

King Ghidorah
Air lightning weak strength offers one unit per unit so no weird inconsistencies at least for the weak strength. Once you use the strong version the first lightning unit gives 2 as opposed to 1. 2 gives 3 plasma units, 3 gives 4, and the full absorption of 4 gives 5 back.

On the ground 1 segment of a weak bolt offers 2. 2 offers 3 and 3 offers 5. For strong bolts, 1 segment gives 2, 2 is unknown, 3 gives 6 and 4 gives 7 (wow).
For the rage, landing it closer does more hits and can even do full stun if you catch opponents near the mouth in the air. However, the absorption remains the same at a solid 16.

This guys beams don't offer much because he's meant to fight up close.
Air weak beam 1 gives 2, 2 gives 3, 3 gives 4. Air strong is 1 gives 1-2, 2 gives 2, 3 gives 3, 4 gives 3-4 but mostly 4.
Ground weak beam is 1 gives 2, 2 gives 3, 3 gives 5. Strong ground beam is 1 gives 1, 2 gives 2-3 mostly 2, 3 gives 3-4, 4 gives 4-5.
Flamethrower is too difficult to know. You can give 1-5 with weak version or up to 16 for the strong version.

Air bolts give 3 or 4 and back. Can't think of a way to separate the segments but no biggy.
Ground bolts weak version 1 segment gives 2 back, 2 for 3 and 3 for 5. Strong beam is the same except 4 gives 6.
Weak napalm bomb can give 1-4 while strong version can give 2-6. Random trivia, it seems it can plow through Gigan's beams so they're actually weak projectiles?
Rage bomb .... 5-15 from what I could land. Once again it should be noted the pillars of fire are what can be absorbed.

Air weak eye beam 1 segment gives 2, 2 gives 3, 3 gives 4. Strong is 1 gives 2, 2 gives 3, 3 for 4, 4 for 5.
Ground beam weak 1 gives 2, 2 for 3, 3 for 4. Strong is the same except 4 gives 5.
Ground volt is too hard to separate and comes out in either 5 or 8 segments returned with 4 or 6 from the plasma grenade.
Flamethrower weak gives 1-6 while strong gives 1-13.
Supermechagodzilla can absorb the falling rockets from flight mode but he won't be able to shoot anything back :o
These rockets don't damage and can build meter as well as stun like crazy.

Weak beam is 1 gives 2, 2 for 3, 3 for 4. The strong 4 beam gives 5.
Dust can give anywhere from 2 to 10 I think.

Super Mechagodzilla
Air beam 1 segment offers 4 while strong gives 5.
Ground weak 1 segment gives 2, 2 gives 4, 3 gives 6 like Godzilla. Strong gives 7 back.
Laser eye weak shoots 5 while strong shoots 10. The feedback is 4 and 8.

Smoke gives 8, small lasers give one a piece, cannon in long mode gives 2 while sentry mode cannon gives 3.

Phew, all done for the energy work, now we need a chart. I wonder what his maximum charge is? One last note. And this might apply to everyone with segmented "beam" type projectiles. Super Mechagodzilla's strong beam (4 segments) can be negated by Godzilla's weak beam (3 segment) but ONLY when it's done late.

Last play I went and checked on some bubbling questions I had. For Gouten, you can reset his meter by stunning him beneath ground level but he just won't have his rage ready. Both Gouten and Godzilla have weird fireballs, namely Godzilla's rage. They don't act the way they're suppose to in terms of cancelling. An example would be Biollante's rage attack. It mows through fireballs and is considered a moving grab much like rush type moves. It breaks Godzilla's breath EXCEPT his rage version. It moves right through regardless. The same principle doesn't apply to either Gigan or Mothra's rush moves, they destroy fireballs. Speaking of rush moves, the only one I have seen consistently interrupt it is Megalon's drill dash. Everything else gets tagged unless it's done early before the rush begins. One final observation relates to Super Mechagodzilla's G crusher once again. It moves through energy but not acid and not missiles unlike Gigan and Mothra.

Re: Godzilla: Destroy All Monsters / Kaijuu Daikessen (SNES)

Posted: Thu Mar 21, 2013 8:44 am
by Beef Bigshot
Easily one of the best Godzilla games ever. The sprites look fantastic and the gameplay is fenominal. It is the best Godzilla game after battle legends, sadly I can't play BL because I can't find a rom file and I don't have the system. It's still a great game and I play it on my computer. Once I get my retro duo I'm going to buy destroy all monsters and play the crap outta it

Re: Godzilla: Destroy All Monsters / Kaijuu Daikessen (SNES)

Posted: Tue Mar 26, 2013 11:35 am
by Arbok
Justemporary wrote:Phew, all done for the energy work, now we need a chart. I wonder what his maximum charge is? One last note. And this might apply to everyone with segmented "beam" type projectiles.

If you can prepare this into a chart, be happy to add it in. The amount of work you are putting into the finer details of the game is amazing, frankly.

Re: Godzilla: Destroy All Monsters / Kaijuu Daikessen (SNES)

Posted: Tue Mar 26, 2013 2:56 pm
by Justemporary
The chart has to wait a while I think. I usually document my notes in small booklets so I don't ever forget these sort of things. My real ambition is to have some decent strategies down and see what the tier list is for fireball strength and whether or not the damage is consistent on all characters. If King Ghidorah gives 7 feedback from Super MG and his projectiles are the strongest regularly I'll have to praise the makers of this game once more. Thank goodness vs. mode gives percentages for health. I don't think it's worthwhile to look into exact damage percentages since that can change with the level settings but yeah. Twould be interesting to explore even more subtle details. I'll probably go and do a category of "strongest projectile", "strongest rage attack" (which is Mothra obviously), "strongest throw" etc. I'll just have to make sure I commit to these experiments as opposed to playing the game. It's too fun for its own good.

Oh, and Beef Bigshot, this game rocks hard. Always a treat to play it once in a while.

Just went and played again and noticed a very minute detail I think slips by most people's eyes. It's is another one of those Super Mechagodzilla subtleties. He only has two throws. The headlock crush and volt cable. While the volt cable leaves him in a better position for a follow up it doesn't deal much stun and sends blue shocks normally. With the addition of the Garuda he gets a stun increase and damage increase as well. I caught this because he would switch between sending blue shocks and yellow shocks during his throw. Just when I thought I knew it all.

Another update. I was messing around with Anguirus trying to learn the character better. Ideally I would like to land his rage ball attack but finding opportunities to do so are very lacking. Even if you wanted to punish projectiles from full screen it is very difficult so I just left him flashing red so he could get the damage upgrade. This led me to getting stunned often since he is such an aggressive character design albeit with what seems to be weak normal attacks. Still trying to find some sort of worthy way of using him but all I could come up with was after any of his throws jump back and do his rage to squeeze in the chip hits. The rage is generally safe I find unless they have some sort of dash move to tag you after or they just hit you out of the air when you begin your descent. All this nonsense let me stumble on a new technique though. Quite a few characters have a move where you need to hold a button, release to activate. Usually they get handicapped and can't do special moves. Gigan's recovery, Biollante's tentacle grab, Mechagodzilla's rocket drops from flight to be exact. Anguirus on the other hand can do his back thrust while you hold the A button. What's more, you can let it go, do a partial or back das, hold A again and still jump and do his faster rage attack. I guess the charge time is fairly short or there's something else to holding buttons I haven't found.

Another fun little discovery I found. This time with Mechagodzilla. I love his rage move but it isn't always easy to land but easier to than Anguirus. I accidentally pulled this on the computer. If you jump there is a small window of vulnerability before you can move again. This trait actually includes blocking. I was full screen away and fired a single hand rocket and fast as I could used his ultra ... Ahem, I mean rage. So as they jumped the first projectile the landed in time to get hit by the rest of the attack. The method also works for jump ins. I haven't tested it out but I think if they blocked the first rocket they have to commit to it because there's no time to jump. Next time anyone plays this let me know how well it works.

Another update will come up when my other research gets finished. If there exists a specific energy feedback there should be a projectile tier list. It can get confusing on how to classify projectile type moves though. You would think Biollante's rage is a long distance grab but Mechagodzilla can negate it with his shield. All fireballs bounce Megalon's napalm bombs back save for one, and it belongs to the character who I suspected of having the worst projectile, Gigan. Keep you guys posted. There's also another paradigm broken which is that special moves should do block damage but not all do so I will be looking into jotting that down as well. The one in particular that comes to mind is Godzilla's tail swing. I guess it would have been too good. That thing has quite a bit of range.

Re: Godzilla: Destroy All Monsters / Kaijuu Daikessen (SNES)

Posted: Sun Mar 31, 2013 11:47 am
by Beef Bigshot
Oh god, my eyes hurt^^

Re: Godzilla: Destroy All Monsters / Kaijuu Daikessen (SNES)

Posted: Sun Mar 31, 2013 8:07 pm
by Justemporary
Lol. "Eye" sorry. Due to the forum rules I can't double post so I have to resort to slowly adding in edits lest I forget stuff. I'll probably edit this post too when I get some new info in.

Anguirus rage notes: Complex input version seems to do more damage consistently than the more flexible version even when it hits a few times less. Seems the initial strike does a bit more damage and number of hits doesn't equal more damage. In terms of range the flexible version has more angles to work with as well as range. While the complex version can't punish projectiles from full screen the flexible version can at the peak of your jump reach the other side of the screen.

Toho Kingdom is missing a couple of normal attacks (they look the same really) from Anguirus' neutral jump where he sticks a paw up. Useful against Mothra and Gouten.

Messing Round with Mothra. The computer likes to do cross ups but I thought it strange I kept getting hit every time. Something smells fishy. Turns out there are unblock able setup a where you cannot block making her pretty top tier in this game. Also learned she has three different points to grab. The leg, the arm and the head. So pretty much low medium and high.

I figured I would look into her giant seal rage attack. It's interesting because it seems to do damage slightly different for many characters. This will definitely need a chart by the way. Some characters get out right stunned while there are others who take the same damage no matter what height you use it from. One would think the higher you use it the more hits you get. If you use it as low as possible you do more damage, knock them down faster and give less meter to them. A minor drawback is that knocking them down doesn't let you raise their stun meter. You also get to beat your wings like crazy to add damage but the only problem is finding a safe way to land this technique as well as drop the Battra move ...

Re: Godzilla: Destroy All Monsters / Kaijuu Daikessen (SNES)

Posted: Wed Apr 03, 2013 4:49 pm
by Beef Bigshot
im about to buy this game but i see two different cartridges. one has godzilla and mothra while the other, which is cheaper has just godzilla. wich one should i get cuz AVGN had the former (ya i know great source huh) any help or clarification would be much appreciated

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Posted: Wed Apr 03, 2013 9:34 pm
by Justemporary
One with Mothra and Godzilla on it.

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Posted: Thu Apr 04, 2013 5:36 am
by Goji
Two different cartridges? There should only be one, considering the U.S. release was cancelled.