Comparing the Godzilla franchise to others

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Re: Comparing the Godzilla franchise to others

Postby Gojira-Fan » Sun Jul 01, 2012 7:10 pm

^Yeah, but the problem with adjusting box office figures for inflation is that ticket prices generally don't correlate to the inflation. Ticket prices vary from theater to theater anyway, so it can be difficult to gauge.

It would be so much easier if attendance records were kept (which the Japanese seem to do actually, just check the box office records on the main site). Then you can see how many people saw the movie out of the entire population. And you could then put that into a percent, and that is a much better means of comparing the success of older films to films today.

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Re: Comparing the Godzilla franchise to others

Postby Mincecraft » Sat Jul 14, 2012 5:08 am

Legion1979 wrote:
gatorzilla wrote:^Exhibit A of fans who treat the franchise with negativity

So what if us fans want it to become a big huge successful franchise? That just means more for the franchise and more for us fans and allows the Godzilla fandom to grow and expand so whats the problem with that? We all win

If it hasn't happened in 58 years it's not going to happen now. Even if the LP film is successful and makes decent money I don't believe for a second it's going to take the Godzilla franchise and elevate it to a level higher than it's ever been before.

It may not be important to you but its important to us fans who have grown up with it and would love to see our beloved monster and film series treated in the same light as these other franchises.

It won't be. There's too much baggage for this franchise to ever be seen in the same light as other, far more popular American franchises. I've grown up with Godzilla too, for over 25 years. It means a lot to me too. But I learned a very long time ago that the franchise is what it is. Even if the new film turns out really good I don't think the entire mainstream audience is just going to turn around and treat the ENTIRE Godzilla franchise as the greatest damn thing since sliced bread.

And what do you mean it wont become successful even if the movie turns out good? If they make a trilogy it could very well become a billion dollar franchise!

I doubt it.

As long as each movie grossed atleast 500 million.

They probably wont.

I dont understand that logic at all

And I don't understand your logic either, so we're even. Step out of your tiny fan bubble for a little while and observe the real world.

Ok, that was an extremely negative view. Even I have room for a little hope. Zilla was gonna be a hit until everyone started telling their friends that it really wasn't Godzilla. Legendary will fix that mistake. After all, miracles do happen (even in the weirdest cases). And observe the real world? No, because reality always kinda sucks.

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