War History of Men - Toho War Movies Soundtrack Collection
International Title

Music By: Various
Record Label: Toho Music

Running Time: 77:30/77:26 Discs: 2
Release: December 2005 CD Number: P-0001/P-0002
An ambitious two disc compilation from Toho themselves focusing on their huge library of War films. In total, there are 15 movies present with a vast majority of the music in this set having never been released before on CD, and what little has was featured in previous Masaru Sato compilations. Across the two discs there are several great themes present. The standout selection mostly comes from the Battle of the Japan Sea (1969) score, which was wisely chosen as the frontrunner movie in this set. Track 5 (M12) from this will be instantly recognizable too as the foreboding music heard during the Godzilla vs. Mechagodzilla (1974) trailer, while the rest of the selection from the movie is also enjoyable. Track 38 (M1) by Ikuma Dan is another winner, and a theme that clearly would be later used as the main title in The Last War (1961). Harumi Ibe's work for Zero (1984), while sounding very dated, is also pleasant to listen to, as is Toshiaki Tsushima's score for Zero Pilot (1976), although it's far from his best work. One track here that should be noteworthy to many is track 23 (M19) by Riichiro Manabe, a cue which is an early take on what would eventually be used as part of Godzilla's theme in Godzilla vs. Hedorah (1971). Some will also be surprised that Manabe's work on this set is mostly reserved too, lacking the more unorthodox approaches to scoring present on the composer's science fiction work. As for the second disc, it is comprised solely of work from Sato and Dan's scores. Unfortunately, the themes on this disc aren't very memorable in contrast to the first, which is also a problem with this set as a whole. For a compilation that spans across 15 movies, there aren't quite as many "great" themes present as one would have expected. Still, the set achieves its aim well. Given how most of this music can't be found anywhere else more dedicated soundtrack enthusiasts will still likely look to pick this up regardless. Sadly, one huge pet peeve about this set is the almost utter lack of track titles, instead opting for cue numbers on most of the themes, which just seems lazy in most respects. To that effect if anyone fluent in Hiragana/Kanji would be interested in creating a fan track listing for the set, that would be great and please contact me for more details.

It should be noted that this disc is sold exclusively online at Toho Music's site or Arksquare.net.
- Anthony Romero 
    Disc 1
    Battle of the Japan Sea (1969)
    Composer: Masaru Sato
  1. M1-T5
  2. M2
  3. M3
  4. Sea of Japan March
  5. M12
  6. M20
  7. M23
  8. Warship March
  9. M27-T2

    Siege of Fort Bismarck (1963)
    Composer: Hachiro Matsui
  10. M1
  11. M2
  12. M4
  13. M27
  14. M28

    The Imperial Navy (1981)
    Composer: Katsuhisa Hattori
  15. M7
  16. M8
  17. M6
  18. M23
  19. M26

    The Militarists (1970)
    Composer: Riichiro Manabe
  20. M1
  21. M2
  22. M12
  23. M19
  24. M22-T2
  25. M25
  26. M30
  27. M38-T2

    Admiral Yamamoto (1968)
    Composer: Masaru Sato
  28. M1-T2
  29. M2-T2
  30. M13
  31. M14
  32. M15-T2
  33. M20
  34. M21
  35. M33-T2
  36. M36
  37. M38-T2

    The Storm of the Pacific (1960)
    Composer: Ikuma Dan
  38. M1
  39. Shikijima March (M17B)
  40. Warship March (M17A)
  41. M19
  42. M24

    Zero (1984)
    Composer: Harumi Ibe
  43. M1
  44. M3
  45. M8
  46. M12
  47. M18A

    Zero Pilot (1976)
    Composer: Toshiaki Tsushima
  48. Theme (Watch)
  49. M4-T3
  50. M6-T3
  51. M6A
  52. Theme (Holding)
    Disc 2
    Zero Fighter (1966)
    Composer: Masaru Sato
  1. M1
  2. M2-T3
  3. M10
  4. M12
  5. M26
  6. M17
  7. M28A
  8. M29

    The Retreat from Kiska (1965)
    Composer: Ikuma Dan
  9. M1
  10. M3
  11. M4
  12. M15
  13. M20
  14. Kiska March
  15. Fog of Kiska

    Eternal Cause (1972)
    Composer: Masaru Sato
  16. M3
  17. M11-T2
  18. M14
  19. M18
  20. M24

    Attack Squadron! (1963)
    Composer: Ikuma Dan
  21. M1
  22. M12
  23. M14
  24. M15
  25. M22
  26. M23
  27. M26

    Battle of Okinawa (1971)
    Composer: Masaru Sato
  28. M1
  29. M?
  30. M2
  31. M6
  32. M19
  33. M23
  34. M31
  35. M35

    Submarine I-57 Will Not Surrender (1959)
    Composer: Ikuma Dan
  36. M1
  37. M4
  38. M22
  39. M25

    Japan's Longest Day (1967)
    Composer: Masaru Sato
  40. M1
  41. M4
  42. M7
  43. M12
  44. M14
  45. M15
  46. M18
  47. M25-T2