Colossal Magical Beast (Evil, Intermediate God, Shapechanger)

Hit Dice: 64d10+1088 (1440 hp)
Initiative: +4 (Improved Initiative)
Speed: 30ft., Fly 100ft (poor)
Armor Class: 33 (+22 natural, +15 deflection, +25 divine (profane), -8 size), Touch 42, Flat-footed 64
Base Attack/Grapple: +64 / +102
Attacks: Claw +79 melee (3d6+22)
Full Attack: 2 Claws +79 melee (3d6+22), Bite +77 melee (4d6+11), Tail Claw + 73 melee (2d6+11)
Space/Reach: 60ft / 30ft or 100ft (tail claw)
Special Attacks: Oxygen Destroyer, Horn Cutter, Improved Grab, Trample, Suffocating Presence
Special Qualities: Divine qualities, Energy Resistance (Acid, Sonic, Electricity, Radiation) 50, Aggregate Form, Cold vulnerability, SR 68
Saves: Fort +53, Ref +36, Will +24
Abilities: Str 54, Dex 10, Con 45, Int 3, Wis 12, Cha 45
Skills: Intimidate +33, Listen +17, Spot +18, Survival +17
Feats: Ability focus (oxygen destroyer), awesome blow, blind-fight, cleave, diehard, endurance, flyby attack, great cleave, great fortitude, hover, improved bull rush, improved critical (claw), improved initiative, improved overrun, improved sunder, iron will, lightning reflexes, multiattack, power attack, weapon focus (bite, claw)
Environment: Any warm land
Organization: Unique
Challenge Rating: 66
Treasure: None
Alignment: Always Neutral Evil
Advancement: -
Domains: Destruction, evil, hate, strength, war
Holy Symbol: A glass cylinder with a silver sphere in the center

        Destoroyah is one of the most vicious gods in existence. Unlike most of the other gods, Destoroyah's only motivation in his existence seems to be a seething hatred for all other things, be they living or dead. When he appears, he destroys everything in his path with sadistic glee, taking time to cause as much fear and despair as possible in his victims. Were he human, Destoroyah would probably be considered insane. Yet, such a definition can not be attached to an entity of such primal and ancient a nature.

        Destoroyah's primary form is that of a massive humanoid that combines the features of a reptile and a crustacean. His body has a thick carapace, with reptilian scales covering the sections that are not armored. His hands and feet are cloven, and his long tail ends in a crab-like pincer. His head has a large crest, and he sports a long horn from his forehead. A pare of massive wings sprout from his back, and despite his massive size, grant him the power of flight, even if its far from graceful. Destoroyah stands over 300ft tall and weighs over 80,000 tons.

        Clerics debased enough to worship Destoroyah can chose from the following domains: Destruction, Evil, Hate, Strength, War. His favored weapon is the greatsword.


Destoroyah is a god that even the other gods fear. He is ruthless, relentless and more belligerent than any of the other gods. When it comes down to sheer brute strength, few creatures can stand in Destoroyah's way. When opening combat, Destoroyah relies heavily on his Oxygen Destroyer and Horn Cutter until he can close in on his opponent and begin to tear at them with his claws and fangs. Destoroyah seems to enjoy toying with his foes, so as to prolong their suffering, and once melee has been joined, will use his claws and teeth preferentially to his oxygen destroyer and horn cutter. While he's not particularly intelligent, he is a cruel and crafty opponent.

Destoroyah's natural weapons are considered Epic and Evil for overcoming damage reduction.

        Oxygen Destroyer (Su): Once every 1d4 rounds as a standard action, Destoroyah can fire a blast of anti-oxygen from his mouth. This attack forms a line 300ft long and 10ft wide. All creatures in the stream's path take 16d8 points of disintegration damage. A successful reflex save (DC 72) reduces the damage to half. This save is Constitution based. Any creature reduced to -10 hit points by this attack is completely disintegrated, and can only be revived by a Miracle, True Resurrection or Wish spell.

        Horn Cutter (Su): Once every 1d4 rounds as a standard action, Destoroyah can create a beam of force from his horn, and use it to attack any creature within 300ft. To hit with this attack Destoroyah must make a ranged touch attack with a +2 bonus to hit. Should he connect, the beam deals 15d6 points of slashing damage. Because the beam disrupts the body when it hits, this damage is not susceptible to damage reduction.

        Improved Grab (Ex): To use this ability, Destoroyah must hit his opponent with his tail.

        Trample (Ex): As a standard action during its turn each round, Destoroyah can run over an opponent of Gargantuan size or smaller. Destoroyah merely has to move over the opponent.

        The trample deals 4d12+11 points of damage. Trampled opponents can attempt to make an attack of opportunity, but these incur a - 4 penalty. If the opponent does not make an attack of opportunity, she can attempt to make a Reflex save (DC 67) for half damage. The DC is strength based.

        Suffocating Presence (Ex): Destoroyah's very presence causes the oxygen in the air to be destroyed, making it harder for living beings to survive in his presence. All creatures within 500ft. of Destoroyah that breathe become fatigued after five rounds. After another five rounds, the character becomes exhausted. Should she remain in Destoroyah's aura for another five rounds, the character begins to suffocate (treat as drowning). This affect only applies if the victim takes more than one standard or move-equivalent action per round. For every round that the victim takes no other action but catching her breath, reduce the round count by 1. Should the count drop below the number of rounds for an effect, that effect vanishes. For example, if a character performs a full rounds worth of actions for six rounds, she becomes fatigued. If she stops and does nothing for 2 rounds, she is no longer fatigued, but if she performs another full round of actions, she will become fatigued again.

        Aggregate form (Su): Once per turn as a full round action, Destoroyah can break down into a swarm of 2d4+6 aggregate Destoroyah. He can remain in this form indefinitely, or return to his giga form as a full round action by bringing all of the living aggregates together. Those aggregates killed turn to dust. When he returns to his giga form, he regains 3d6 hit points.

        Cold Vulnerability (Ex): Cold based attacks deal 150% damage to Destoroyah.

Destoroyah's Worship and Worshipers

        Destoroyah is often called the god of hate, which is an apt metaphor. Destoroyah hates all things, but he hates life in particular. He is savage, brutal and monstrous, as are his followers.

        Destoroyah has few informal worshipers. His nature does not lend itself to informal worship, for he demands too much emotion from his followers to allow for casual worship.

        Destoroyah's formal worshipers are a savage lot. Deranged at their best, and homicidal at their worst, Destoroyah's followers are a brutal, emotional and savage bunch, committing murder, rape and pillage all in the name of satisfying their lord's hate. These men and women tend to be misogynistic/feministic, racists and bigots. The only overriding emotion prevalent in all of their natures is an overwhelming devotion to the emotion of hatred. Even then, there are very few of them. Many philosophers often state that Destoroyah feeds on the hate and misery his followers cause, rather than just their worship. If this is indeed the case, Destoroyah may draw his power not just from the hatred of his followers, but of all living creatures on the face of the planet. This is a disturbing thought to say the least.

        Barbarians, fighters and rangers make up the majority of Destoroyah's worshipers, though he does have a small following of evil wizards, bards and rouges. Assassins are rare, but often chose a single group, and target them with ruthless abandon. Blackguards are slightly more common, but not by much.

        Destoroyah's clerics are a vicious lot, fanning the fires of hate and rage in his other followers until they explode in an orgy of rage and spite, slaughtering and destroying everything in their paths. These bloodthirsty priests are just as fond of venting their hate as their followers, and often can be found on the front lines, hacking at their opponents with their saw-toothed greatswords.

        Humans make up the majority of Destoroyah's worshipers, for they are know for their racial intolerance and quick judgments. Elves and dwarves vie for second place, as the elf's elitism and the dwarves isolationistic ways can both quickly lead to burning hate in only a few steps. Among the savage humanoids, Destoroyah is a popular deity, as his very nature lends justification to the wanton destruction of all things.

        Destoroyah's clerics prefer plate armor, often tinted the color of blood. Armor spikes are favored, and such armor is often enchanted to make it stronger. Clerics often wield massive, wickedly serrated greatswords, which are meant to represent the horn of their master.

        Destoroyah has few formal temples. When his followers gather, its usually in a secluded glen in the woods, or around small, shrines constructed of bone in the more desolate reaches of the planet. Often these places are surrounded with crude scaffolding, from which Destoroyah's debase worshipers hang captives to be tortured in the name of their god.

        Destoroyah's relationship with the other gods is not surprising: he hates the lot of them. He despises all of the gods of good with a passion, and would love to tear them apart with his claws.

        He hates all of the neutral gods, but bears a particular enmity towards Godzilla. The two gods have clashed in the past, and Destoroyah has usually been forced to retreat from such conflicts.

        Among the evil gods, Destoroyah seems to hate Iris the most. The calm, emotionless nature of the Assassin infuriates the god of hate, and the fact that Iris's followers are often the ones approached for quests of vengeance infuriates him to no end. Destoroyah also despises Legion, for she smothers all emotion, which Destoroyah cannot live without. Legion actively avoids conflicts with the more powerful Destoroyah, but should a battle between the two ever occur, Legion might lose more than the fight.