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Gotengo 轟天号 (Millennium)
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Length: 150 meters
Height: 38 meters
Mass: 10,000 tons
  Powers/Weapons: Flight; bow drill that allows the ship to burrow; deck cannons; can launch five missiles from either side of the ship
First Appearance: Godzilla: Final Wars (2004)
Series:  Millennium  


After the Self-Defense Force managed to lure Godzilla to Antarctica in the 20th century, their weapons were rendered inoperable by the monster's endless well of power. The ultimate war machine of the JSDF, Gotengo, was released in response to the dire need for assistance. The aerial battle cruiser sliced through a mountain of ice and quickly approached its quarry. As the crew overlooked the nuclear nightmare, the captain ordered them to fire their arsenal at the behemothic beast. The deck guns unleashed their ammunition on the creature, but to no avail. An atomic ray was launched at the soaring submarine, and the deck was illuminated with sparks. The Gotengo crashed into the icy landscape, and most of the crew was rendered unconscious. Godzilla trudged toward his immobile adversary, prepared to finish it once and for all...

Right when it appeared as though the situation was at its worst for humankind, the tables were turned on the lumbering leviathan. An earthquake shook the frosty terrain, and Godzilla began to fall deeper and deeper into a massive gorge. The captain of the Gotengo found his advantage, and gave an order to launch an array of missiles at a mountain behind Godzilla. The resulting avalanche sent thousands of tons of ice barreling down onto the now helpless dinosaur, freezing the monster in suspended animation. The world breathed a sigh of relief as the crew of the Gotengo celebrated! That malevolent menace was finally defeated, and the world was safe, at least for the moment...

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Gotengo (New)
Length: 150 meters
Height: 45 meters
Mass: 10,000 tons
  Powers/Weapons: Flight; equipped with the Zero Cannon that freezes to absolute zero; bow drill that allows the ship to burrow; can launch five missiles from either side of the ship; equipped with four Electronic Particle cannons; can discharge a maser blast from the front drill
First Appearance: Godzilla: Final Wars (2004)
Series:  Millennium  


Decades after its epic bout with Godzilla in the 20th century, the Gotengo was repaired and enhanced with modern weaponry. The newly advanced craft was sent to Great Britain, where it grappled with the mighty sea serpent, Manda. After a short battle, the constricting creature was frozen by the Gotengo's zero cannon and shattered by the versatile vehicle's giant bow drill.

The aerial battleship returned to Tokyo, where it became obvious that a major monster invasion was occurring across the globe. Suddenly, the monsters vanished, and an alien race called the Xiliens took responsibility for their defeat. However, once their plans for domination were uncovered, the monsters were unleashed on the world yet again, for they had always been under the Xilien's technological spell. In order to save the world, the Gotengo was piloted to Antarctica on a mission to free Godzilla from his icy prison. The Xiliens sent the savage cyborg Gigan to prevent the revival of Godzilla, but to no avail. Though Gotengo was pummeled by Gigan's cluster beam and buzz saw, it managed to fire 10 missiles, which freed Godzilla from his tomb. Two blasts of his atomic ray defeated Gigan, and the Gotengo proceeded to launch into the air. Godzilla trailed the battleship, for it thought that the battle from forty years earlier was still waging on! Those aboard the Gotengo used this to their advantage, and they began to lead Godzilla to Tokyo.

During the long voyage to Japan's capital, the evil aliens unleashed Zilla, Kumonga, Kamacuras, Rodan, Anguirus and King Caesar to fight off Godzilla, in hopes of killing him right away. Each one faired as well as the last: terribly. Godzilla was almost indestructible! When Gotengo finally reached the Mothership, the battle between humans and extra terrestrials was about to begin. Gotengo simply buzzed through the Mothership's preliminary defenses, and began to fire on the ship with its giant maser cannon. Unfortunately, it appeared as though a protective shield was protecting the entire ship from attack. The Gotengo launched its Dogfighter, which infiltrated the core of the battle station and destroyed the shield generator, at the cost of the pilot. The Gotengo utilized its drill to pierce through the hull of the immense vessel, and a long brawl ensued within.

When the Xiliens were defeated in combat, they initiated the Mothership's self-destruct sequence. The humans escaped into the Gotengo, and fled the dying Mothership. The explosion that followed caused the foe Godzilla was presently facing, Monster X, to morph into an entirely new creature: Keizer Ghidorah. This three-headed dragon began to quickly extract the life from the nuclear behemoth! It appeared as though the world was doomed, but those aboard the Gotengo had a plan. Using up nearly all of its remaining energy, the Gotengo transferred the power of Keizer into Godzilla. Supercharged with energy, Godzilla destroyed two of his adversary's three terrible heads. His hyper spiral ray finished the job, and Godzilla roared in success, for he had finally defeated his most powerful opponent yet.

Godzilla noticed the weakened Gotengo, and in his surge of triumph, began to contemplate the defeat of his old foe. An atomic ray was sent barreling into the ship, forcing it to crash into the ground. The battleship's electrical grid was damaged, and power was unavailable. Godzilla was about to finish the vessel when his son, Minilla, pleaded with him to spare the humans inside. Godzilla listened, and he respected his son's wishes. The two monsters began to swim into the distance, and into the sunset. The Gotengo had gone through a great deal, and if it weren't for this powerful ship or its courageous crew, the world may not have lived to witness another day.